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#1923011 Above the treetops [SJO Exploration]

Posted by Ronak on 13 March 2019 - 03:54 AM

As Bekk Mag'ra asked him about his senses' capabilities, the wolfman found himself grinning inspite of himself baring wolfish teeth while doing so. This was a question he had never been asked before. "I'm a scout and forests are my home territory. I can track by sight or even sniff our way back blindly, if the need arises", he growled with humour playing in his voice.


Ronak's ears twitched, as he perceived the sounds of foot stepshurrying on the muddy terrain and straigthened up quite delighted to see Sabine Galen approaching them. Confirming that she still had the receiver was a great relieve for him. Now, worrying about losing Milla Ordo , as it had already happened to him once, would not be that much of a worry anymore.


Something potentially dangerous was acting out there, some of their crew members in those escape pods were missing and would have to be brought in in joint efforts. "Even if we would be more efficient when splitting up, we do not know what is out there and we have to bring back our comrades in the escape pods who might be injured and would have to be carried. It is probably better to go out there as a single group. The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack, my people say. We better not weaken that strength", the Shistavanen suggested looking from Audren Sykes to Bekk Mag'ra to Sabine Galen and finally with a reassuring smile to Milla Ordo .


Gazing towards the dense jungle which surrounded their crash site on all sides where the trees had not been smashed by the crashing craft, he took stock of his equipment. His belt pouches held basic first aid material, dried meat and multi-purpose knife, attached to the belt he had a rope, vibroknife and blaster pistol. Those should suffice for their current situation, there was no time for gathering material now, when their stranded fellows needed their aid. Not being a Jedi padawan himself, Ronak wore his leather vest, breeches and boots for protection and a shawl around the neck.


Cassius Droma

Cyrus Nova

#1922759 Above the treetops [SJO Exploration]

Posted by Ronak on 12 March 2019 - 11:02 AM

That Sabine Galen still had the receiver sounded fitting for the bad lcuk they had today. Following Milla Ordo after her good suggestion about having the others at the ship scan the environment first, the wolfman stood a step behind the girl when she turned to the Jedi. Being not one of their ranks, he treated them with respect, but thought that it was up to their members to speak up first.


"I'm not a minder, but it looks like she already knows this one. I think I'll go with you actually, two pairs of eyes are better than one and we don't know the local fauna situation." Ronak's ears picked up the words, but unlike many mentionings of him he had heard before, they held no derisive undertone. "I am Ronak. I worked as a scout for Master Galen and his team on a previous mission", he decieded to introduce himself to ease things up. In slight suspicion, he glanced at the droids. Even if they were useful, he just could not bring himself to put trust into metal things as much as into living creatures.


As Audren Sykes tilted his head, the wolfman pricked his ears in trying to detect any possible indication of what the man had picked up. Being neither as sensitive nor finely attuned with the force, the wolfman did not sense the soft disturbance, but his sensitive ears picked up a rustling in the trees, not too close by to be in direct visible range. Also something had changed in the environment: many birds were soaring and flying, maybe fleeing in one direction. Something was off, this much he could sense.


"The birds behave strangely, as if something disturbed the wildlife around here, many leaving this direction", Ronak pointed in the direction where the animals had come from, "and going in this one. Should we check out what disturbed them?" Turning to @Bekk Ma'gra he added: "Can your sensors pick up anything in this direction."


#1922141 A Spark of Hope [Rebels!]

Posted by Ronak on 10 March 2019 - 03:37 PM

It had been a while since Ronak had joined the meeting of rebels and received the device connecting him to the rebel network. Months of silence had made him think that they had no use for a youngster with little skill and less social standing, but then the Frielle Kinniak had called anyone to action who was willing to help. Willing he was, but a ship he did not possess and a secret rebel place was not a place to easily get to by hitchhiking. Luckily, the device connected him to some other rebels and one had reacted to his call for support: Eliza Steele . When the Corellian had picked him up, the wolfman had been quite surprised but also more than grateful for the help.


Now, he was sitting behind her and her Wookie co-pilot and admiring their skill in maneuvering their swift freighter. "We've arrived, kid. Should only take us a bout ten minutes to get down as we already have a clearance code to land at the rebel base. You're not the only valuable asset we two are transporting" , the smart woman told him with a smirk. What that was supposed to be Ronak had no idea, but she had been friendly enough to help him out, so he had no reason for distrust. "Tell me how I can help!", he growled in a friendly way to offer his help. The Wookie Rahl roared something the wolfman failed to understand and glanced towards Eliza Steele in a way of asking for a translation.



#1922078 Calling all Rebels

Posted by Ronak on 10 March 2019 - 12:14 PM

Greetings, fellow rebels!

I am looking for someone who could give Ronak a ride along to the rebel base gathering, as he has no ship of his own and no piloting skills, even if he had a ship. Someone from the first gathering would be fine, a newcomer or old acquaintance as well. Any help or suggestions are welcome.


#1921916 Above the treetops [SJO Exploration]

Posted by Ronak on 09 March 2019 - 05:08 PM

Asking the Jedi to give him a ride after having joined them on an exploration mission had sounded like an innocent request and a good idea at that time. Naively, the Shistavanen had thought that a ship the size of the exploration vessel would not crash as easily as some of the badly patched up ships he had served before as a crew member to earn his passage. How could he have been so wrong? The thought still bothered him, when he tried to get an overview of the "landing site", if you could call it such - crash site more likely.


Repairing ships or machinery was none of his expertise. Although he had helped out several times in such situations, he could mainly follow orders like "press this button, when I tell you so" or "Bring this tool to this location", but had no detailed knowledge of what he was doing. Thus, he rather wished to get outside of this metal cage of a ship which always felt constringent for him independent of its size.


At least, when he could get out of the ship and the planet turned out to not onyl be habitable but also have a jungle forest which greatly improved Ronak's spirits. Just having trees around him, hearing the whisper of the wind in the foliage above, smelling the scent of blossoms and green leaves calmed him down. To focus on the forest, the wolfman had to consciously blend out the sounds from the crew members trying to assess the damage to the vessel as well as the smell of burnt rubber and overheated metal, but that was mainly a matter of concentration. Nevermind how bad that crash was, on a planet like that he could find means for himself and the others to survive - water and food could be found aplenty in a forest according to his experience as a scout.


The sounds of feet jumping in the mud made him turn around and focus his attention on Milla Ordo . The girl was the main reason why he had wished to stay with the Jedi a while longer except for the convenience of getting a safe passage. The two of them shared the urge for exploration driven by mere curiosity. In addition, he felt a need for watching out for her in an older brother way since having been made responsible for her once which reminded him of his younger siblings he used to watch over back home on Uvena Prime.


The colourful insect she had been after soared into the canopy. "Don't rush off alone!", he growled in a friendly way. "Will you join me in getting to know our location?" If he did not offer her to come with him, he knew her to rush off all by herself which would be much worse. His intention was to find out whether any creatures lived here that could be dangerous for the ship or crew members and to sate his own curiosity in getting to know the planet's wildlife.


Before actually taking her along, the wolfman took a look around the camp to see whether anyone else had similar intentions and might wish to join them. To Milla Ordo he growled: "Do you still have that tracking necklace? Who has the tracker now?"


Bekk Mag'ra

Audren Sykes

#1921617 Rinn Tin-Tin (PM for invite)

Posted by Ronak on 08 March 2019 - 12:55 PM

"Are you planning on getting rid of me as soon as you find them? You do realize that attempting to do so would be very harmful for your health, right?" Ronak heard Kay Arenais speak via the comm link she had left open. Things started to get dire, if she had to fear for her life by now and try to threaten the treacherous droid HK-51 . Treason was among the crimes the wolfman despised the most coming from a pack where loyalty mattered above all else for survival. He kept his ears pricked for picking up the droid's answer, if it came. Unfortunately, he had no chance of finding them in the maze which were the underground tunnels of Rinn. The Tin-Tins which were so many and had taken these tunnels for flight were still detectable for his nose, but without any clue, where the woman and the droid had entered the tunnel finding the proverbial needle in the hay stack was a comparably simple task.


As he made his ways through the tunnels, he eyes could at best make out blurry shapes in the darkness, but his ears and sense of smell started to increase in comparison to cope for the loss of sight. The ceiling which had still been quite high at the beginning of the maze became lower and lower, such that the wolfman had to turn to running on all fours instead of his hindlegs only which did not hinder him. After what felt like hours, the wolfman's ears started to pick up sounds - very soft at first, then increasing in their tone: the shuffling of small feet. Someone was coming, someone small and light - likely a Tin-Tin. But he was in a tunnel with no way of hiding from who would enter it surely in a few moments, as Ronak's eyes could already make out a soft shimmer of light in the distance.


Running toward the junction where the Tin-Tin was about to enter his tunnel the small scout had only a second to give a shrill cry, before he was grabbed by the Shistavanen who tried to keep him from shouting. "I am on your side - here to help you and protect you from the slavers", he growled softly into the shivering creature's ear. "I am with Lady Kay." At her name, the small rat-like creature pricked its ears and fixed its black beady eyes on the wolfman blinking in surprise. "Don't shout, or the slavers might find us", Ronak warned with a snarl, before letting go of the small Tin-Tin and putting him back on the floor. As soon as he had some ground under his feet again, the Tin-Tin rushed off a few metres to put some distance between himself and his assailant, before turning around and eyeing him suspiciously again.


Keeping his hands in the air, Ronak still tried to negotiate: "I really want to help you. But Kay has been captured and slavers are possibly on the way here to find and capture you. We need to help each other!" At his leading tone the Tin-Tin fixed him again with an intense stare, before giving a nod cheeping briefly and then turning around and disappearing into a tunnel quickly, but not quick enough that the wolfman could not follow.


Orex Mauda

Lev Orlova

Darth Zurvan

Priscilla Utorna

Harli Hayes

Darth Harbinger

Lao Tzu

#1921588 Sun and Shadow [SJO Exploration]

Posted by Ronak on 08 March 2019 - 09:31 AM

The darkness was starting to fill Ronak's mind, while he was trying to block the whispers of "Kill her!" or "Take her life!" out as well as the shady cries for help, the desperate echos of others who had perished under this darkness before. The closest he had ever felt to this darkness was when he had joined a friend to retrieve an ancient artifact from Korriban, homeworld of the Sith. Back then, he had first felt the temptation of darkness, but also learned that his way was not there. A lone path those darksiders walked and his was a different one. Yet, something still called out to him, calling for the wolfish nature, where the strong predator feeds on the weaker prey. But this was not nature's cycle at work, it was far more sinister - not natural, but evil- and this he wanted to resist. Milla Ordo was pack for him now, a pup he was charged to protect - he would not go against his nature to violate that!


Clinging to the girl for dear life, as she was his strongest anchor for keeping his sanity right now, he tried to get backwards, but stopped suddenly and with a flinch which could also be felt by the girl, as his back impacted against a wall. In the storm, they had completely lost any orientation and idea where they or the others were. Now, they had been backed into a wall and could only hope to escape sideways. Not caring about which side, Ronak moved to the left and could take another three steps backward, before running into another wall. They were cornered! Cursing in a series of snarls and growls in his native Shistavanen tongue, he was lucky that the wind would drown out most sounds anyways and Milla Ordo would not be scared too much by his outburst.


How should they continue? Comms were unusable, as they could neither hear nor be heard properly in this storm. Trying to continue along the next wall was his only option left, as the shade and the darkness connected to it grew stronger with every moment and he felt his own resolve start to weaken. Another step, a second a third one and then there was no wall behind his back anymore, whether it was a doorway, niche for statues or hole the wolfman did not care at all. To just get out and away was his main concern. Once they had escaped the shade, they could start worrying how to reach Cassius Droma or Sabine Galen , or possibly even Kiran Arlos or Sky'ito Yumi who were at some other part of the temple with Master Yves Galen.


Ronak stumbled backwards, until his back connected not with a wall, but another being. As he turned around, the horror readable in his eyes, he came face to face with ... Master Galen.

#1921568 The Sounds of Anvil

Posted by Ronak on 08 March 2019 - 06:22 AM

As Kurenai Yumi told of her family, her husband and youngest child she wanted to give the blade to, Ronak bared his teeth in a sympathetic, yet sad smile. Family, pack was important for the Shistavanen. As his travels continued, he sometimes forgot the original reason for leavin his home, but not it was back in his conscious mind bringing the pang of sadness with it.


Things worked well, once he had grasped that forming metal with the hammer was not completely unlike forming wood with the blade of a knife - the method of hitting the metal with the hammer was completely different, but the basic idea of how something emergedfrom basic material without any form yet was similar. Turn his eyes away from observing the master's work by Kurenai Yumi who was so focussed that she did not notice anything except her work, he observed the other students.


Mariya Fleischer sighed loudly behind him. From her look that she shot at the dagger, she seemed at bit frustrated, but he was definitely no expert in reading human emotions. "Mine is not working at all like the design either", the wolfman decided to try and cheer her up. "It's not symmetric, but there nonsymmetric blades as well. 'Always use the shape your stone or log provides you, don't try to enforce you own', a friend told me when he showed me crafting from stone and wood. This is similar, but it's metal. But even metal has a will and shape of its own. It's better to go with it than try to enforce your own will, unless you're as good as the masters." Baring his wolfish teeth in a smile which often looked frightening to humans unacquainted with the Shistavanen, he hoped that this would have encouraged her.


"You said that you were stranded here. Were there any others with you?", Tyra Ashen asked him, while she still kept her eyes focussed on her shield. Ronak hit the metal piece which finally turned more and more into something akin a curved knife's blade without the edge, before responding, while a reheated the steel. "Some smugglers who owned the craft I was flying on. They assumed that they would be ready with repairs within a few hours, so they should be leaving the planet soon", the wolfman responded calmly. "They were no friends, just people I hired with to earn my passage from one planet to the next and do some odd jobs for." Observing the work on the shield develop, Ronak tried for building a bridge with a friendly comment: "This looks quite good. It really lets you see the shape of a shield already." Unable to contain his curiosity much longer, he also asked the question: "What brought you to this place?" With a smile, he added panting from the heat: "You seem to dislike the hot place as much as I." Cocking his head, he waited whether she would respond, before taking his steel work from the forge again once it looked reddish glowing enough to be moldable again.



The sounds of hammers hitting steal hid most other outside sounds from Ronak and gave him a slight headache after a while, but a ship landing was still hard to be missed by his sensitive ears. Pricking his ears, the wolfman growled for anyone closeby to hear: "I think a ship has landed or something with engines loud enough to be heard beyond the hammering."


Caedyn Arenais

#1921562 Lady Moon

Posted by Ronak on 08 March 2019 - 05:40 AM

For a brief moment, Ronak thought that Jairdain 's appearance had changed from human to something different with pointed ears and canines. These injuries must be worse than I thought, I am starting to hallucinate - the thoughts passed through his mind, as he closed his ears and shook his head to try and clear it. Walking towards the house was definitely the best thing they could do now - he really longed for that treatment by now. Hopefully, that would help with regaining a clear head.


Ronak was no expert for buildings and building styles, but he had seen what the buildings in the city where he had landed looked like and the house they approached now looked nothing like it. For him, any house not located in a forest and integrated into the trees looked strange and felt cold and slightly unattractive, but the cities in his home held enough houses of that kind as well, so it accepted the architecture and was by now used to living in strange surroundings which felt quite unlike his home.


"The King here does not allow slavery of any kind. If he did, he would be in serious trouble", Jairdain explained to him. Who he would be in serious trouble with, she did not add and Ronak assumed that the people living on this planet were against slavery and would revolt which he could perfectly understand having stood up against slavers in the past. "Even is it is officially prohibited, some criminal organisations do not care and might still keep people like slaves", he growled his a sad expression in his eyes. Some things in this galaxy he wished he had never seen or experienced. Drug addicts being forced into doing whatever their drug dealers asked for with the fanaticism of a sick mind was among these things.


"I have no idea where to look and whether this information was true at all, as the ones who gave me the info tried to assault me", the wolfman snarled, some of his anger sounding in his voice. "Probably, you know this world much better to know whether this is possible at all", Ronak added in softer tone, while he observed Jairdain 's movements when preparing his treatment.


#1921557 Journey to the Darkest Heart

Posted by Ronak on 08 March 2019 - 05:16 AM

As the lever finally moved into place, all hell broke lose. And that at the time when Ronak had thought that things could barely become worse. While the terentatek roared in an obviously infuriated way and flung itself in Orex Mauda 's direction, Ronak could hear with his currently enhanced senses the slithering movements of the many bodies of the Sith snakes and sense their stirring in the force. They were whispering mainly in a language he did not understand, but one part he did understand: "Prove your worth."


If they would fail this fight, there would be no way of fleeing. The snakes would get them for being unworthy. Valad Yar prepared to take his stand with the light saber, while Ronak knew perfectly well that now was not the best time to try and get acquainted with the training sabre. The wolfman was no sabre fighter, no expert of the force, but he was a scout and experienced hunter. Taking down beasts was his expertise. The terentatek's hide was extremely resistent, trying to shoot there would be useless. But like any other beast and humanoid, its eyes were its most vulnerable part followed by its mouth. In addition, it moved on its hind legs- Binding those would make it less agile and increase their chances to strike a vulnerable spot. "Distract it, I try and use my rope to get its legs entangled", Ronak growled in whisper into Valad Yar 's ear, as he removed the syntherope from his belt.


One of the ancient pillars proved to be an excellent place for fixing the one end of the rope. A loud bang made him turn around and see Orex Mauda get flung against a wall. From the looks he was dazed and injured and needed help immediately. Valad Yar would realise the same and distract the monster's attention from its current opponent by drawing it to himself. This was Ronak's chance of darting behind the beast, the rope in his hands, and spinning less than a metre between himself and the frenzied terentatek which now turned against Valad Yar. Darting behind the Sith, Ronak shouted "Jump backward!", while he spanned the rope. His hope was the the other was quick to react to not be entangled with the terentatek which would be quite deadly.


Circling the beast another time, he increased his entangled web around the creature's legs until the terentatek finally became aware of this annoying presence at his third round. Trying to jump forward while Ronak jumped back, this was exactly the movement necessary to make the ropes tighten around the terentatek's legs and midair the scope of movement left ot it ended, bringing it down to the floor on its belly, while knocking its snout hard on the ground. Cracking sounds speaking of breaking bones Now, it was truly enraged, as its own blood dripped from broken jaw which still looked dangerous though. A roar filled the whole cave area and would be audible in quite spme distance. Hopefully, this would not attract the attention of pursuers and other beasts lurking in these caves.


While trying to stay out of the beast's range which was limited by the rope around its legs, Ronak tried to get an overview of the situation and see whether Orex had recovers from the first assault and how Valad Yar would act now that the creature bound but more dangerous than before due to its murderous frenzy.


#1920634 Ronak

Posted by Ronak on 05 March 2019 - 12:26 PM



First steps in the galaxy


The first ship he hired on as a crew member was a smugglers' and hunters' vessel bound for Seelos on the long run, stopping in some locations along the way, among them Coruscant (Coruscanti Blues) where he met two people his path would cross with more than once, The Wayfarer and Orex Mauda .

Different ports along the way, gave him the chance to meet a variety of people, learn about the ways of the Sith (Streets of Paradise) and how they were not a way he would wish to choose. More than once, he would cross the paths of criminal inspite of not being one himself and even ally with them in the face of a common enemy (Coruscanti Blues, Narshadda Nights). Asking questions about his family members and looking for sources of information was his main way of getting into trouble in these days.


Finally, his hunters' vessel would arrive on Seelos and his travel with them would end abruptly with the appearance of an old ally (Surviving on Seelos) and a new offer being made (A common delivery). The surrounding events led him to consider Harli Hayes and Jashin Vycarion as friends from then on.


Travelling on ships was not among his most enjoyed pastimes. Part of this was that he simply could not afford the passage or saved the money for paying informants rather than travel tickets and thus often served among the crew as one of the unskilled crew members helping out wherever a hand was needed. Part of it also was that these travels did not all pass peacefully and slavers or pirates ended up raiding the very ship he travelled on trapping him in fights for his own and others' life and death more often than not (War's bitter fruit, The raid of the Tython Pearl).



Joining the rebels


When hearing about the threat for another race treated like beasts by many a human, he finally took the call to arms out of his own accord and not in self-defense feeling the need to defend others who were unable to do so themselves. (Rinn-Tin-Tin) This experience along with the call of his old acquaintance The Wayfarer finally led him to dedicate himself to the rebels' cause, if his help was needed (Can't hold us down).


A spark of hope


Following the path of the force


In spite of all involvements his main aim still remained the search for his family which drove him from one edge of the galaxy to the other and also stranded him on Lothal to receive a special lesson in life (Lothal's lesson) meeting life in all forms and crossing his paths with different creatures.


Meeting new friends, allies and acquaintances of all direction of use of the force, changes his ways in the days to follow. While Oda The Wayfarer had told him about his force sensitivity, he had not much time to pass on knowledge, before they would be forced apart by fate again.


Although not wishing for darkness and brutality, he had been met with it more often than once and made his acquaintances. Being tolerant towards all sides although more suspicious towards dark siders than others Ronak met with an old acquaintance Orex Mauda and a new one Valad Yar to join them on a very special expedition on the heart of darkness Korriban (Journey to the darkest heart).

Valad Yar and Ronak would meet again for another exploration on Ruusan where Ronak was forced to make a fateful decision (Uncovering the past).


At a different time one a different planet, he would meet the fascinating seer Jairdain Ismet (Lady Moon).


His second meeting with the side of the light (Sun and Shadow) brought him together with members of the Jedi order first the first time in his life and a special girl Milla Ordo for the third time - a connection which should not easily be forgotten.

Crashing with them in the jungle (Above the treetops) ended him up with @Millo Ordo and the Jedi longer than intended and with new perspectives to gain.


Going on the hunt again for his lost family members and trying to find a hold in his old motivation to keep him from thinking too much about his decisions and his being torn between light and darkness and the force disciplines, joining Theide on a great hunt turned out to be a relaxation. (A Hunt to be remembered)


But things cannot be easy for long. Without a fresh trail for his family, the force would be his guide in his lost state, leading him to the forge of Tem (The sound of anvil) and the members of the Je'daii order - a more balanced group of force users than dark siders and light siders.

#1920012 Journey to the Darkest Heart

Posted by Ronak on 03 March 2019 - 05:22 PM

"You better be good with that bow", Orex Mauda answered half in jest half dead serious. Their lives possibly depended on that shot and Ronak was perfectly aware of that fact.


The battle of force between Orex Mauda and the Terentatek was tangible for him, while he prepared for his own part in this death match. This beast would not be manipulated by the force, much stronger users of the force had been unable to do that. Breathing through several times to gather his concentration before taking the arrow from the quiver and stretching the bow string to give it a first try without actually firing the weapon, he focussed his own force abilities on himself, his perception, his hand-eye coordination, his ability to aim at that target and intutively calculate the ballistic curve required for the arrow the strike the lever with enough force to move it.


"Ronak, whenever you're ready", Orex said expectingly. They had faced danger and death together before, now their cooperation would be put to another test - hopefully not their final one. Breathing out one last time, much calmer and focussed than before, Ronak gave a short nod to indicate for Orex Mauda and Valad Yar that they should make themselves ready to buy him the time for the shot. Again he drew the bowstring, this time not to relax it again, but to drive the arrow towards its target. The terentatek, his comrades their fight and moves were irrelevant now - only the bow and his target were important and his focus. As never before, he felt the connection between himself, the weapon and his target. Trusting his intuition guided by the force, he released the arrow which flew at full speed not even following a parabola at such close range, but flying rather straight.


As it connected with the lever, the arrow's tip got stuck in the lever, its momentum moving the lever which so long had been stuck in place - moving it, but not enough. Too long the lever had not been moved and stuck in its position, dust and sand grinding it to a hold, as the arrow's shaft splintered, before the mechanism could fully turn to open their door. But now there was no turning back. The other's were out there risking their lives, he had to live up to that trust. The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. Without thinking, he drew the next arrow from the quiver and in a single fluid movement drew the string. Now, he took no time for aiming carefully - he did not need to. The connection with his target was already there.


As the second arrow found its aim, it split the remain's of the first arrow's shaft, its tip striking exactly where the first tip had struck, adding the final push the lever needed for last part of the way. The grinding sounds of gears moving, the shrieking sound of hinges which had not been oiled in centuries spoke most clearly of their success.


Only now could Ronak find the time to check how his comrades were faring in their fight against the terentatek. Although the whole episode had not taken longer than 25 or 30 seconds, half a minute felt like an eternity, if you fought a terentatek.


#1919609 Lady Moon

Posted by Ronak on 02 March 2019 - 05:39 PM

Mister Ronak. Those words sounded most strange in his ears. Never had he been addressed like that - never would it even have occurred to him to use such a form of address. Probably, that was the polite form of address among her people - Shistavanen cared little about such formalities in their native tongue and were quite unused to it in standard. The wolfman did not wish to commit another faux pas like the one with providing a name however and did not comment on it. His uneasiness also felt strangely relieved by a deep feeling of comfort.


As Jairdain stopped walking to face him, so did he in spite of his wish to get treatment for his injuries. "I am unsure honestly. I do not know what kind of people yours are." Now, he actually was surprised. Quite obviously he was not human or Zabrak or even close to be mistaken for them. But he had been mixed up with other from canid races before. Once someone had even thought him to be a Loth wolf. So this might actually need some explanation. "I am Shistavanen. The ones I look for would likely not have moved here out of their own wish, rather against their wish." For a moment, he hesitated, before continuing: "I look for my mother, brother and sister. If they are here, they are here as slaves or something, but not out of their free will. They would have notified their family otherwise." About the last part, he felt absolutely sure, unable to think of any possible reason why they would not call or return home, if they were free to do so. The strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack after all.



#1919295 Sun and Shadow [SJO Exploration]

Posted by Ronak on 01 March 2019 - 04:56 PM

Ronak's mind was racing with horror and close to panic. Lost without his trusted senses - sight, smell, hearing - the Shistavanen scout had only the perception in the force left and that sense was screaming of danger and darkness approaching. As he scrambled away from the body, thing he had touched briefly he bumped into another body - this one smaller, younger and now that they were so close the names Milla Ordo was screaming were could be heard even among the loud howl of the sandstorm. Eager to not lose her again, Ronak just grabbed her shoulder or upper arm he was not so sure which. Darkness was coming and he would not let her be separated or come to harm, if he could do something about it which did not really look promising at the moment.


Then, as they thought things could barely become worse things turned to the worse. Something was approaching them, something dark, something growing in strength with every moment. Although he could not hear any footsteps beyond the storm's howling, it felt like he did, as a shadow formed out of the shades in the collapsed part of the temple. The form without any clear features turned into a more a more clearly discernible figure with every moment. As a face formed out of the smoky shades, Milla and Ronak finally broke the paralysis which had clasped their bodies until now. Dragging Milla Ordo along with him, the wolfman shuffled backwards away from the dark figure without caring where to just to get space between them and the shade.


Sabine Galen

Cassius Droma

Kiran Arlos

Sky'ito Yumi

#1919215 Journey to the Darkest Heart

Posted by Ronak on 01 March 2019 - 09:59 AM

Orex Mauda suggested that the lurking creature he smelt and felt might be a Terentatek, yet for a Sith tomb a Tuk'ata was not unlikely either, as the Sith hounds guarded the tombs of Sith lords, and none of the two species was one he really would enjoy encountering. Both were resisteant to force usage and would have to be killed in order to survive the meeting. Still the curious part of him somewhat relished in the possibility.


Keeping his blaster pistol in hand and the other hand, Ronak took his steps carefully like the trained scout his was treading in dangerous and unknown territory where a trap might spring any time or a lurking beast might attack from unseen corners of its home territory. His heightened senses caught the slithering sounds of scales rrubbing on stone, the hisses like those of snakes. In the musky air his nose caught the scent of creatures - more than one - closer and fresher than the scent of the strong predator he had caught before. As he closed in on the holes smeared with blood it did not take a survivalist to realise that the creatures were lurking there. As Orex Mauda announced the creatures Ronak's sharp eyes saw more in the darknes than just the red glimmer of eyes, he saw the outlines of their entire bodies slithering among each other and curling up in a stance ready to strike, if they wanted to. As he carefully took step after step, the Shistavanen kept his blaster trained at the closest creature's eye - the one part where every beast was most vulnerable no matter their force affiliation. "Move on!", he heard the voice in his head, as the snake he threatened eyed him coldly. "You may pass - for now."


Holding the gaze steadily and with an effort to shield his mind from unwanted invasion, Ronak took side step by side step to pass the holes. The sounds Orex Mauda 's boots made a few steps ahead of him told of the change of environment, before it could be seen. A path opening to a set of stairs leading deeper into this tomb, a stone shielding a door way and passage to a small room with little echo were presented to them. While Orex turned to the room, Ronak took a look throught he door to the stairway. Gazing down the stairs revealed little but their turn around a corner some twenty stairs downward. Most definitely he had a bad feeling about the place. Was there a trap hidden on those stairs? Would they collapse, release stones making one lose his grip or trigger some force trap?


Before he could muse about this any longer, Orex' words caught his attention and drew him back to small room. The Shistavanen's natural ability to see in the dark as good as in day light allowed him to make out the Terentatek's shape immediately. Its dark scaly skin allowed it to blend in with its environment quite naturally and lurk waiting for its prey. As Orex Mauda spoke, the beast turned its head in their direction obviously having noted their presence, yet it made no move to go after them, but took a threatening stance in front of the lever instead. Apparently, he was right and the beast was a guardian for the lever - one which only death could remove, as it was far too resistant to force manipulation.


However, there was one other option coming to Ronak's mind. The shortbow he had been given by his Ewok friends before leaving his home was always well-kept among his things, wrapped in a blanket and sleeping back which were attached to his backpack. "If you can distract it long enough, I might a be able to turn the lever with the impact and momentum of an arrow or two. That way we do not have to get too close and in reach of the Terentatek. Could you do this?" His gaze turned questioningly from Orex Mauda to Valad Yar , as he stringed the bow the make it ready for the shot.