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Valdus Bral

Valdus Bral

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In Topic: A Forgotten World: Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Nellogant

21 March 2019 - 02:42 AM

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Location: Surface of Nellogant - Traveling towards the Canyons
Valdus looked around at those who were gathering and watched them as they asked their questions and made their comments. He stayed quiet for a while as they watched and tested their surroundings. " This ice runs deep enough in most areas to cover the largest buildings on Mandalore and what isn't that thick is capping lakes of liquid nitrogen. Where we are right now is safe." He paused, waiting to see if he had everyone's attention before he continued. " You're wondering what is here and where it is? My vod and I found large deposits of Iron and some veins of Tydirium ore. According to some of them there were geological markers that show the planet is capable of containing Zersium and Phyrikite. If you don't know the importance of those then let me quickly explain." He looked around once more, gathering his thoughts. 
" Tydirium is an essential component that is used in combination with Phyrikite to create the valuable metal Phrik. The presence of both materials on one planet is extremely rare and, while they may not be present in the same amount, there should be enough to boost what is available to the Clans." He then turned from them and looked out towards barren land shrouded in a hailstorm. " As for where these materials are ... it's down. The fissures in the ice lead to a place that defies my understanding. A forest with scarce amounts of life. Of course that is a long journey down. We have previously marked the way we had taken with specialized beacons. With the use of my modified electrobinoculars -" Tapping the helmet mounted binoculars." -I can see the path as thin pillars of light. I am not sure how many beacons are still functioning nor how stable the ice bridges and caverns will be or if we will stumble across any of the animals. I do know that if any of you wander off too far, you may be lost to us.
He then turned back to the group before continuing, " You are following a man you may not know into a frozen abyss with the promise of a land pulled from a legend. This is your last chance." He then turned from the group once more and began to walk out into the shadowy hailstorm. The large boots cracking ice beneath him as he strode from the light.

In Topic: Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

20 March 2019 - 09:16 PM

Valdus watched her as she continued to eat. Her reaction to his comment about her blushing was exactly what he expected and wanted. His smirk grew, " Perhaps." Was his short response to her comment about the heat. When she agreed she'd join on the expedition he nodded slightly with his grin still there. " Good. Your enthusiasm will be needed." He then tilted to his right, put a hand on his knee, and began to hoist himself into a stand. Towering over her now he kept his eyes on her's if he could. " Seems that I have already found my quarry. The others may be jealous." He teased her, knowing what he was insinuating and doing so on purpose. " I cannot stay any longer, I need to make ready for the expedition. Don't be late." His voice was only half teasing this time. 


He then tilted his head forward, " We'll see each other soon." A wink followed his final word and then he turned to leave and unless she stopped him, he would do so.  


Beth Cadera

In Topic: Eu, Sir! On the Explosives Crate! Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalo...

20 March 2019 - 08:13 PM

Valdus watched as his large ship descended to the mouth of the cave, repulsor lift engines firing off to slow the descent of the ship. Loud mechanical sounds began as the landing gears deployed in the form of several pillar-like legs. The front of the ship opened and out came a slowly deploying ramp to the ground. Valdus began walking towards his ship as fast as he could, responding quickly to @Yasha Caldera " The ship isn't designed for speed or precision assaults. It has two ARC-170r heavy fighters in the hangar. It can be auto-piloted by droid brain, so don't worry about piloting it. They can fit three in each - that should be plenty. That will keep the Tracyn ship stable for the wounded and get the rest to the bomb as fast as possible. I'll have my vod bring them out." He then switched coms to his ship, " Deploy the ARC's to the Mand'alor's position - empty." A short delay before the loud sounds of hangar doors began. Then out came two roaring ARC-170r's who made a large circle that double backed towards the Mand'alor. They stopped and slowly descended to the ground as doors opened for a rear gunner, co-pilot, and pilot position in each. The fighters were spacious enough to accommodate even Valdus, there would be no issues getting large and heavily armored Mandalorians into the seating.


As Valdus closed the distance to the loading ramp he finally responded to Beth Cadera , not knowing if she was still conscious or not. " I'm fine. We'll get you patched up." He said confidently, though he really didn't know. His crew had medical supplies such as bacta, splints, slings, and other sorts of basic first-aid, but there was nothing besides scalpels and saws for more intense procedures. He then clanked up the metal ramp and then into the holding room where Beth Cadera would be taken either by Sterling Kinslayer or by Valdus' clansmen. In that room two of the crew with field medical knowledge would assist Beth as much as they could, though she would need to talk them through it if there were anything too severe. If fractures and broken bones were all, his crew would begin to lift her into position to begin to set her bones if needed before splinting her limbs.


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In Topic: Hi I'm new and I have questions

20 March 2019 - 07:44 PM



Awesome. So you see the bars under people's names? You have "Writer" - you can add 3 more beneath those. To do this you go to your profile and at the top right you will see "Edit My Profile". You will be taken to a page with a trio of drop-down menus. Pick some ranks/titles from there that you believe describe your character - there's also Major Factions listed there so you could have "The Sith Empire" as a rank bar as well. It's by no means mandatory, but it can help present your character.

In Topic: Hi I'm new and I have questions

20 March 2019 - 07:17 PM



I see that you have "Sith Empire" in your signature. There's a group known by that name as "The Sith Empire". There are no "true" or claims to be the "only X" faction - there are several Sith Empires. Currently the most active is the TSE (The Sith Empire), there's a Sith element in the CIS (Confederacy of Independent Systems), etc. However, if you want the most pure form of Sith experience I would recommend the TSE. 


Darth Carnifex would be the one to talk to, I believe.