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Valdus Bral

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#1941331 The Gathering(Open to all mandalorians)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 05 May 2019 - 01:00 AM


A sound of humming motors and the rattling of chains on metal heralded the Alor of the Bral aliit's entrance. A hulking figure as he was, trimmed in scuffed but highly reflective golden embossing on his worn and gashed obsidian colored beskar'gam as he came into light. As the towering Manadlorian continued forth his helmet came into the light. There was a glint of metallic gold paint as stylized Jaig Eyes he had earned from his service in the defense of Eshan came into the rays. The irony that he may be face to face with some of the same dar'manda that took part on the opposite side of this battle was palpable. However, he had joined not to reignite the embers of a battle fading into the memory, he joined in an attempt to mend a fracture culture, a culture he had devoted his very existence to for decades. He kept his expectations low and in check, the schism would not be mended this night, but it may be the first step to reunification. 


Valdus was flanked by two of his clansmen, one on each-side, representatives of the Bral clan most likely. He was intent on making a good showing of his aliit, to prove that the rumors that the Clans were losing their culture were just that - rumors based in malice. One would assume that the Alor would immediately seek out new Mandalorians to converse with on this historic event, alas that is not where Bral's priorities lay at the current moment. The three Brals imperiously made their way to an unlabeled wooden barrel that lay on its side and hung over the edge of the table it rested upon. After getting himself a large durasteel mug full of the brew Valdus looked around for the organizer of the event. After several seconds of scanning the crowds he saw Strider Garon and then approached him. " Su cuy'gar. I'm the Alor of Bral, Valdus Bral." Turning his head away from Strider for a moment as he said, " I've heard little about you ..." he turned back to Strider, looking down into his eyes, " ... though I know you are a man that seeks the thrill of dining with Rancors." The growling, canid voice hinting towards Valdus' internal predictions about what would end up happening tonight.

#1940045 (OOC) Mandalorian Summit (OPEN to all Mandalorians)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 01 May 2019 - 07:56 PM

I'm interested.

#1939255 A Forgotten World: Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Nellogant

Posted by Valdus Bral on 29 April 2019 - 07:36 PM

Valdus continued along with the group, rather silently now that they had gotten near the bottom. He turned his helmeted head left and right within the deep socket created by his large, protective neck guard. He thudded forward as Yasha Cadera and others spoke about a large heat signature. Valdus had saw something large in his previous expedition, though he wasn't able to get a good look at it due to it blurring past him into the dark. However, this time he saw nothing, his infrared also was not picking up anything in the immediate area. " Some kind of large reptile." He snarled out, " Four legs and quick. Saw it once before, i've no idea what it is though." The growling canid voice drifted off as he drug his shield upwards in front of him. " This may be the beast spoke of in the missive for this expedition."


Valdus knew that he had the best defenses of the current group, a hulk of beskar, mechanically enhanced movement, and wielding the masterwork shield - Darasuum Morut. At this point his slow trudging would carry him past the front of the group once more, shield at the ready, bracing himself for what may come and hoping that he wasn't getting all worked up over a flock of insects or something equally unglorified. " Hukaat'kama. [Watch my back]." There was a faint glow that permeated the landscape now, moss and fungus of a variety of colors and densities gave off a subtle luminescence. There were small crystalline formations embedded beneath rock and the patches of ice that faded into barren dirt, some of these crystals seemed to glow, though if any would examine them they seemed to be of unknown minerals, perhaps valuable, perhaps not. 

#1927480 Palace of Ascensions (ME & CA)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 27 March 2019 - 09:02 PM


Valdus watched the reactions of those at the table from his more distant seating. It seemed that what he had to said went over well enough, so much so it seemed at least one of the delegates were interested in his offer. He gave a slight tilt of his head in response to Dezoti . " Close enough." The short comment aimed at her attempt at the Mandalorian word. Valdus couldn't hope to pronounce the language of the Chiss, not that he could if he wanted to as he was physiologically incompatible with proper recitation of the Chiss language. A promising turn , he thought to himself.


Once again Valdus took to being a silent observer. The comments from Thorne caused him to become more hopeful for an eventual alliance. He had read and told stories about the martial and tactical prowess of the Chiss and their fleet. Skilled though many of the Mandalorians were at commanding fleets and piloting, the Chiss regarded naval expertise as highly as Mandalorians regarded personal combat ability and undoubtedly their best fleet commanders were unrivaled. 


#1927474 A Forgotten World: Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Nellogant

Posted by Valdus Bral on 27 March 2019 - 08:45 PM

Post: 3
Location: Nellogant - descending the Frozen Divide


Valdus came to a stop and turned to face the group. He was about to respond when suddenly one of the party vaulted across the chasm and then landed on the other-side. Valdus turned slowly back to face the opposite end of the chasm, boots lifting and coming back down on the crunching ice as he did so. " While impressive ... what you all have seen so far is the only sight you will see on the surface of this planet. The deposits and life are far beneath the ice layers." He then turned back to the main party, now addressing the voiced concerns and questions about the direction and how to descend, " Many of these formations are brittle and will not hold the heaviest of us. The wind is almost too powerful to use jets, repulsors, or rockets effectively. The tactic that worked for my vod previously was to descend in pairs and to stick close to the chasm walls - the ice is thinnest in the center. Unfortunately, it is not possible to completely descend along the wall and you will be forced out into the center a few times. While I cannot promise safe passage to the very bottom, it would be a wise decision to pick a partner with some form of propulsion." As Beth Cadera spoke he waited until she finished, " That too is a good idea." He then addressed the group again, "In the case that you do fall, do not attempt to avoid the bridges; the pain and injury will be far less lethal." 


He paused and turned to face the chasm, scanning the darkness with his electrobincolars. " Most of the beacons have been dislodged or covered. I will go first." He then turned to Beth Cadera , " You will be my partner. My beskar'gam is too weighted for many others and I do not have any propulsion myself." His voice was matter of fact. He should have asked or at the very least counted to make sure everyone could have a partner. However, he did none of those things. Valdus' shield was now securely latched to his back so that both his hands were free. Lifting his left arm he motioned to Beth Cadera to come with him. Regardless if she did not he would take the first step out onto the nearest ice bridge near him. The ice gave a disconcerting crack at the Mandalorian's weight. Pausing, Valdus looked left and then right. Was he planning his eventual fall or was he simply looking ahead for what bridge he would take next? Most likely both. He took another step and now fully placed his weight on the bridge; more crunching and cracking, but the bridge held. He made his way down the length of the bridge as hail and wind caused even his normally stable body to take a sidelong step towards the edge of the ice bridge before he could right himself. The winds were the most dangerous part in this fissure; a natural wind tunnel where the only surfaces were slick and covered in rounded ice chunks that fell from the sky. After several seconds Valdus had reached the end portion of the bridge that had yet another bridge overlapping it at about his stomach height. Putting both hands on the bridge he hoisted himself upwards onto the ice, forcing him to be on his hands and knees as he began to stand upright on the second bridge. All went well, so far. It as on this second bridge that he waited for the rest of the group. 


If the rest followed him across the first bridge and onto the second one, he would continue down the second bridge; descending deeper into the canyon. So far, so good, but how long would that last? As he had mentioned previously, the climate grew warmer at the bottom of the chasm. It was a safe assumption that the bridges near the top were more structurally sound than those nearing the bottom. 





#1927352 Eu, Sir! On the Explosives Crate! Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalo...

Posted by Valdus Bral on 27 March 2019 - 01:14 PM

Post: 6
Location: Valdus Bral's ship
Valdus watched Beth Cadera , though due to his helmet she couldn't see his face nor his expression. He seemed calm and in the standard Valdus mood. By the looks of it, it seemed as if Beth was going to be fine and that there wasn't anything for him to worry about. Not until she started to slur her words like the village drunk, that is. An audible sound as Valdus cleared his throat was heard when Beth called him pretty and started to mention his lips. A few, long seconds passed before he responded, " Likewise." His gruff tone didn't sound insincere, though there was an awkward sort of drawn out length to his comment. In the background some of his clansmen were scoffing and cracking jokes under muffled voices.  
As Taozi Fuyuan entered the room and said that she'd be taking over, Valdus' medics looked over their shoulders to Taozi Fuyuan and then to their Alor. Valdus gave them a shallow, confirming nod to the medics. The pair then moved away from Beth Cadera and began to busy themselves with other tasks; such as joining in on the verbal jabs with the other Bral members. He was going to be hearing this for awhile and even if he didn't hear it in the open, he knew they would be talking about it for at least the next several weeks. Valdus spoke up again, " This...is only temporary, right?" His head still facing Beth, though addressing anyone who could provide him with the answer.

#1925191 A Forgotten World: Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Nellogant

Posted by Valdus Bral on 21 March 2019 - 02:42 AM

Post: 2
Location: Surface of Nellogant - Traveling towards the Canyons
Valdus looked around at those who were gathering and watched them as they asked their questions and made their comments. He stayed quiet for a while as they watched and tested their surroundings. " This ice runs deep enough in most areas to cover the largest buildings on Mandalore and what isn't that thick is capping lakes of liquid nitrogen. Where we are right now is safe." He paused, waiting to see if he had everyone's attention before he continued. " You're wondering what is here and where it is? My vod and I found large deposits of Iron and some veins of Tydirium ore. According to some of them there were geological markers that show the planet is capable of containing Zersium and Phyrikite. If you don't know the importance of those then let me quickly explain." He looked around once more, gathering his thoughts. 
" Tydirium is an essential component that is used in combination with Phyrikite to create the valuable metal Phrik. The presence of both materials on one planet is extremely rare and, while they may not be present in the same amount, there should be enough to boost what is available to the Clans." He then turned from them and looked out towards barren land shrouded in a hailstorm. " As for where these materials are ... it's down. The fissures in the ice lead to a place that defies my understanding. A forest with scarce amounts of life. Of course that is a long journey down. We have previously marked the way we had taken with specialized beacons. With the use of my modified electrobinoculars -" Tapping the helmet mounted binoculars." -I can see the path as thin pillars of light. I am not sure how many beacons are still functioning nor how stable the ice bridges and caverns will be or if we will stumble across any of the animals. I do know that if any of you wander off too far, you may be lost to us.
He then turned back to the group before continuing, " You are following a man you may not know into a frozen abyss with the promise of a land pulled from a legend. This is your last chance." He then turned from the group once more and began to walk out into the shadowy hailstorm. The large boots cracking ice beneath him as he strode from the light.

#1925121 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 20 March 2019 - 09:16 PM

Valdus watched her as she continued to eat. Her reaction to his comment about her blushing was exactly what he expected and wanted. His smirk grew, " Perhaps." Was his short response to her comment about the heat. When she agreed she'd join on the expedition he nodded slightly with his grin still there. " Good. Your enthusiasm will be needed." He then tilted to his right, put a hand on his knee, and began to hoist himself into a stand. Towering over her now he kept his eyes on her's if he could. " Seems that I have already found my quarry. The others may be jealous." He teased her, knowing what he was insinuating and doing so on purpose. " I cannot stay any longer, I need to make ready for the expedition. Don't be late." His voice was only half teasing this time. 


He then tilted his head forward, " We'll see each other soon." A wink followed his final word and then he turned to leave and unless she stopped him, he would do so.  


Beth Cadera

#1925099 Eu, Sir! On the Explosives Crate! Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalo...

Posted by Valdus Bral on 20 March 2019 - 08:13 PM

Valdus watched as his large ship descended to the mouth of the cave, repulsor lift engines firing off to slow the descent of the ship. Loud mechanical sounds began as the landing gears deployed in the form of several pillar-like legs. The front of the ship opened and out came a slowly deploying ramp to the ground. Valdus began walking towards his ship as fast as he could, responding quickly to @Yasha Caldera " The ship isn't designed for speed or precision assaults. It has two ARC-170r heavy fighters in the hangar. It can be auto-piloted by droid brain, so don't worry about piloting it. They can fit three in each - that should be plenty. That will keep the Tracyn ship stable for the wounded and get the rest to the bomb as fast as possible. I'll have my vod bring them out." He then switched coms to his ship, " Deploy the ARC's to the Mand'alor's position - empty." A short delay before the loud sounds of hangar doors began. Then out came two roaring ARC-170r's who made a large circle that double backed towards the Mand'alor. They stopped and slowly descended to the ground as doors opened for a rear gunner, co-pilot, and pilot position in each. The fighters were spacious enough to accommodate even Valdus, there would be no issues getting large and heavily armored Mandalorians into the seating.


As Valdus closed the distance to the loading ramp he finally responded to Beth Cadera , not knowing if she was still conscious or not. " I'm fine. We'll get you patched up." He said confidently, though he really didn't know. His crew had medical supplies such as bacta, splints, slings, and other sorts of basic first-aid, but there was nothing besides scalpels and saws for more intense procedures. He then clanked up the metal ramp and then into the holding room where Beth Cadera would be taken either by Sterling Kinslayer or by Valdus' clansmen. In that room two of the crew with field medical knowledge would assist Beth as much as they could, though she would need to talk them through it if there were anything too severe. If fractures and broken bones were all, his crew would begin to lift her into position to begin to set her bones if needed before splinting her limbs.


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#1924821 A Forgotten World: Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Nellogant

Posted by Valdus Bral on 19 March 2019 - 08:41 PM

Post: 1
Location: Surface of Nellogant - The Heart of Fire and Iron
Valdus' right hand gripped the inside of a ring that hung within the airlock, alone among his thoughts while the others were getting ready to depart. He had been standing in the airlock for almost an hour before their arrival. Was he excited to get back onto Nellogant? What was he contemplating? Nothing could be shown by the all concealing helmet. As the ship began to shutter and shake from reentry his grip tightened. He heard the warning, his heart beat increasing, his fist on his shield clenching. He could see on a panel next to the door that read out atmospheric conditions: 
Type III - Nitrogen Rich
Temperature -209C below zero. 
Precipitation - Positive: Hailstorm
Then the hatch clicked loudly as the latches unfastened, then the motors brought down the large door. The faint lights of Nellogant and the reflection of the ship's spotlights illuminating a sliver of his helmet before scanning down the rest of his body. Rolling his shoulders and dropping his right hand he lifted his left arm to activate the suit heaters and to keep the servomotors constantly in motion - regardless of his movement. The large Mandalorian descended the ramp into the hailstorm, chunks of nitrogen shattering against his beskar, blowing his Kama to the left as if it were to rip it from the belt that held it on his hips. The lamps on Valdus' helmet switched on and he turned to face the rest of the expeditionary force that would soon follow him out. 

When those that would attend finally reached the end of the ramp he'd begin to speak over his comlink , " Undoubtedly some of you have heard about the monster that calls the under layers its home. If any of you seek personal glory over the benefit of the Clans, you will not be let back on my ship. We all work together or we will die on this ice planet." His growling canid voice had no shortage of challenge to it. He would rather get the glory hounds out of the party now before they got the rest of them killed. Nellogant would not be as forgiving as places they had been before. " The planet has no love for life nor do I have any for those that seek to aid it in its goal of ending mine."

#1924587 Eu, Sir! On the Explosives Crate! Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalo...

Posted by Valdus Bral on 18 March 2019 - 09:32 PM

Valdus was still a good bit dazed from the earlier explosions. As of right now he was mostly ducking behind his shield, closing distance, while his back-mounted rotary droids rained down blaster bolts on their enemies. One could say that Valdus had it easy and that he wasn't actually fighting - however, he would respond to that person with a gloved smack to the dome. After the sounds of explosives and firearms were subsiding Valdus peered out over his shield and took stock over what was going on. It seemed there were only a few injuries, no reported death's yet on their side, overall it was not as bad as it could have been. 


Speaking over his internal comlink to his clan that were waiting aboard the Te Kar'ta be Tracyn bal Beskar [The Heart of Fire and Iron] " We've been attacked, there's a few wounded - land as close to my beacon as possible - kill whoever attempts to fire upon you." There was a voice that came through amidst a momentary static that responded, " Ru'suvarir, Alor. [Understood, Chief.]" Satisfied with his aliit's response Valdus dropped his right hand to his belt packs and twisted the top of a oblong cylinder that was clipped to the belt. When he twisted the Jur'kad Beacon it started to blink with a faint blue-ish white light at the very top as a trio of lights arranged in a triangle activated. He then activated his mission wide comlink to speak to the others, " My ship will arrive soon. Pack what you need, I will not wait for the enemy to come back with reinforcements. There is more moss just over here." Lifting his free hand towards the patch of moss amount one meter squared that he had 'saved' from the collapsing rocks.As far as Valdus was concerned, Moss was not worth the life of Mandalorians nor the Mand'alor. As if on cue the extremely loud rumbling of Valdus' forge ship rocketed into the atmosphere and towards their location like a meteor descending. The ship would not be in view for the next several minutes, but it would eventually land at the mouth of the cave - firing all weapons at whoever tried to obstruct its path. 



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#1924567 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 18 March 2019 - 08:21 PM

Valdus was almost done with his slab of meat, the fangs slices through the cooked meat with almost graceful efficiency. When he did finally finish his meal he looked back up to her as he sat his plate to the side on the grass. He caught the tint in her cheeks, causing him to grin a little, " You're blushing." He commented shortly. He then looked over towards the meat cart and lifted his plate so that the cook could see that he was finished. The cook came around lazily and picked up the plate, Valdus added on some credits for the meal and a bit extra for the quality. 


He then turned back to Beth Cadera , " If you find time you should show me around the capital." He'd leave out the fact that he wouldn't pay for a tour of any Mandalorian city out of principle and instead leave it as an invitation. " I will be departing for an expedition in another week or two to a planet called Nellogant. My talks with the Mand'alor about what I have seen there when I first went there years ago has her curious and willing to finance some support." He looked around to see if he could glimpse Yasha Cadera but it was only shortly before he turned back to Beth Cadera , " It'll be a very harsh journey, it is a planet without love for living things. My clan are not known for medical knowledge, the success of the expedition may depend on that however. I want you to join us when we go as part of the expedition. Perhaps we may find some fantastic beasts for trophies." That's about as romantic as he could get, he even added in the lowering of his eye lids, giving her his most piercing look. Man he really liked to talk about the conquest of new planets and the expansion in the name of the Mando'ade. 

#1924100 Palace of Ascensions (ME & CA)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 17 March 2019 - 05:15 AM

The green eyes slid back and forth, back and forth, as the delegates continued to feel out each other verbally. Valdus' eyelids lowered as the talk about razing one of the planets including hospitals. There was little patience that he afforded to such acts, especially those that were done on purpose or without remorse. Had the talk continued on drinks, then he may have interjected to speed things along and get to the heart of the meeting - but he was not required to. Just then the Mand'alor began speaking about the benefits of an agreement between the Mandalorians and the Chiss. He agreed with her. Valdus picked up the single chip on his left and then put it into his belt, when his hand returned there was a five credit chip and he handed it to his sergeant on his right. Then the two ten chips were returned to their owners. 
Valdus leaned off his fist and spoke in the growling, bassy monotone, " Finally somethin meaningful. If I may..." He rumbled, though he did continue, before anyone could say otherwise. " It's widely known that The Sith Empire assisted in the freeing of your people. While I dislike the thought of working with the darjetii [Sith] there are few options and it isn't in my power to change that." Taking a breath and sitting straight, causing the motors to hum quietly. He then started again, "My own beliefs aside, the Clans have a defense pact with the darjetii. Should you - " He looked towards the Chiss delegates in turn, paying no particular mind to any one specifically. " -make an effort to join in a defense pact with Mando'ade or work towards one, then there may be steps to a tsad [Alliance] between all three of our people. It would be a powerful alliance, unrivaled I'd say. "
His monologue continued, his tone going lower and more deliberate, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings ... to break from those that would rule you as slaves is admirable; but tenacity and a will to be free do not keep a people free. There will come a day when the Chiss Ascendancy will stare at their own destruction; it may be the Confederates or the Jen'ari, or another, but that day will come, just as it will come for the Mando'ade. When your people call for aid, do not let it echo into the void. " He paused if only to breathe, " I can't promise a defense pact or any form of political agreements with your people for the entirety of the Clans. However, as Alor of Bral [Cheif] I speak for the Bral aliit [Bral clan] , we will fight by your side - unto the death if that is what Kad wills - when that day comes, if you pledge to do the same for us and as long as you have not dishonored yourselves before then." He then leaned back into his chair. He did not intend on bringing himself into the diplomacy, only to observe, but he grew tired of talk of drinks. He rested his cheek back on his fist that rested itself on the armrest of his chair, "...but I know there are some sort of small steps in making these commitments, more talking, and more signing, or something." As he looked around, expecting to have glares coming from every angle, growled out " You invited me." He said defensively before going quiet. To his credit he did leave out the talk about merciless retribution should they agree to his offer and then decline to act on it in the future.

#1924090 CIS Invasion of Eshan Rewards

Posted by Valdus Bral on 17 March 2019 - 03:41 AM

Thanks a ton, that looks really amazing! I'll see to it that it's put on the workshop page soon. 


Edit: Oh wait all those pictures are mine, thank you!

#1924021 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 16 March 2019 - 09:37 PM

Valdus's eyes looked away from Beth Cadera 's momentarily due to the constant staring. He wasn't a shy man, but it felt like it may be too forward to look at her back in the eyes. As he eat the freshly cooked meat he heard her offer about giving him the tour of Sundari, more or less, " On you? Is there some sort of toll for looking at the capital?" He blinked a little taken aback by the apparent arrogance of the city. Who would pay to just walk around? The concept escaped him that tours were often paid for. " I could show you around my home, though it's no where near as large and wealthy."
He then looked up to her as she leaned forward, his eyes meeting her's. He was thinking about what to say, though he had mostly said his piece already on the goals and aspirations of his company. Then the conversation went back to Eshan and he grinned as she spoke, it wasn't feigned this time. " A hero, eh? I wonder if that comes with benefits." He teased. He didn't expect much of any recognition for the battle of Eshan, they had ultimately lost, and while he and his fought valiantly, it was still a loss. 
Valdus refrained from eating now as he listened to her speak while she cut her food. His eyes widened a little bit, " A combat medic? That's a very impressive role to play." He looked back down at his food briefly then decided to wait as he continued, looking up at her again, " So you are studying in Sundari while also going on missions? That must be difficult to manage and a testament to how smart and capable you must be." Giving her a grin before going back to the savory meat.