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#1925191 A Forgotten World: Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Nellogant

Posted by Valdus Bral on 21 March 2019 - 02:42 AM

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Location: Surface of Nellogant - Traveling towards the Canyons
Valdus looked around at those who were gathering and watched them as they asked their questions and made their comments. He stayed quiet for a while as they watched and tested their surroundings. " This ice runs deep enough in most areas to cover the largest buildings on Mandalore and what isn't that thick is capping lakes of liquid nitrogen. Where we are right now is safe." He paused, waiting to see if he had everyone's attention before he continued. " You're wondering what is here and where it is? My vod and I found large deposits of Iron and some veins of Tydirium ore. According to some of them there were geological markers that show the planet is capable of containing Zersium and Phyrikite. If you don't know the importance of those then let me quickly explain." He looked around once more, gathering his thoughts. 
" Tydirium is an essential component that is used in combination with Phyrikite to create the valuable metal Phrik. The presence of both materials on one planet is extremely rare and, while they may not be present in the same amount, there should be enough to boost what is available to the Clans." He then turned from them and looked out towards barren land shrouded in a hailstorm. " As for where these materials are ... it's down. The fissures in the ice lead to a place that defies my understanding. A forest with scarce amounts of life. Of course that is a long journey down. We have previously marked the way we had taken with specialized beacons. With the use of my modified electrobinoculars -" Tapping the helmet mounted binoculars." -I can see the path as thin pillars of light. I am not sure how many beacons are still functioning nor how stable the ice bridges and caverns will be or if we will stumble across any of the animals. I do know that if any of you wander off too far, you may be lost to us.
He then turned back to the group before continuing, " You are following a man you may not know into a frozen abyss with the promise of a land pulled from a legend. This is your last chance." He then turned from the group once more and began to walk out into the shadowy hailstorm. The large boots cracking ice beneath him as he strode from the light.

#1925121 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 20 March 2019 - 09:16 PM

Valdus watched her as she continued to eat. Her reaction to his comment about her blushing was exactly what he expected and wanted. His smirk grew, " Perhaps." Was his short response to her comment about the heat. When she agreed she'd join on the expedition he nodded slightly with his grin still there. " Good. Your enthusiasm will be needed." He then tilted to his right, put a hand on his knee, and began to hoist himself into a stand. Towering over her now he kept his eyes on her's if he could. " Seems that I have already found my quarry. The others may be jealous." He teased her, knowing what he was insinuating and doing so on purpose. " I cannot stay any longer, I need to make ready for the expedition. Don't be late." His voice was only half teasing this time. 


He then tilted his head forward, " We'll see each other soon." A wink followed his final word and then he turned to leave and unless she stopped him, he would do so.  


Beth Cadera

#1925099 Eu, Sir! On the Explosives Crate! Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalo...

Posted by Valdus Bral on 20 March 2019 - 08:13 PM

Valdus watched as his large ship descended to the mouth of the cave, repulsor lift engines firing off to slow the descent of the ship. Loud mechanical sounds began as the landing gears deployed in the form of several pillar-like legs. The front of the ship opened and out came a slowly deploying ramp to the ground. Valdus began walking towards his ship as fast as he could, responding quickly to @Yasha Caldera " The ship isn't designed for speed or precision assaults. It has two ARC-170r heavy fighters in the hangar. It can be auto-piloted by droid brain, so don't worry about piloting it. They can fit three in each - that should be plenty. That will keep the Tracyn ship stable for the wounded and get the rest to the bomb as fast as possible. I'll have my vod bring them out." He then switched coms to his ship, " Deploy the ARC's to the Mand'alor's position - empty." A short delay before the loud sounds of hangar doors began. Then out came two roaring ARC-170r's who made a large circle that double backed towards the Mand'alor. They stopped and slowly descended to the ground as doors opened for a rear gunner, co-pilot, and pilot position in each. The fighters were spacious enough to accommodate even Valdus, there would be no issues getting large and heavily armored Mandalorians into the seating.


As Valdus closed the distance to the loading ramp he finally responded to Beth Cadera , not knowing if she was still conscious or not. " I'm fine. We'll get you patched up." He said confidently, though he really didn't know. His crew had medical supplies such as bacta, splints, slings, and other sorts of basic first-aid, but there was nothing besides scalpels and saws for more intense procedures. He then clanked up the metal ramp and then into the holding room where Beth Cadera would be taken either by Sterling Kinslayer or by Valdus' clansmen. In that room two of the crew with field medical knowledge would assist Beth as much as they could, though she would need to talk them through it if there were anything too severe. If fractures and broken bones were all, his crew would begin to lift her into position to begin to set her bones if needed before splinting her limbs.


 Laandur Solus Mig Gred Sterling Kinslayer Beth Cadera Stardust Solus Skirae Adenn Kyramud Yasha Cadera Jade Solus Skirae Taozi Fuyuan



#1924821 A Forgotten World: Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Nellogant

Posted by Valdus Bral on 19 March 2019 - 08:41 PM

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Location: Surface of Nellogant - The Heart of Fire and Iron
Valdus' right hand gripped the inside of a ring that hung within the airlock, alone among his thoughts while the others were getting ready to depart. He had been standing in the airlock for almost an hour before their arrival. Was he excited to get back onto Nellogant? What was he contemplating? Nothing could be shown by the all concealing helmet. As the ship began to shutter and shake from reentry his grip tightened. He heard the warning, his heart beat increasing, his fist on his shield clenching. He could see on a panel next to the door that read out atmospheric conditions: 
Type III - Nitrogen Rich
Temperature -209C below zero. 
Precipitation - Positive: Hailstorm
Then the hatch clicked loudly as the latches unfastened, then the motors brought down the large door. The faint lights of Nellogant and the reflection of the ship's spotlights illuminating a sliver of his helmet before scanning down the rest of his body. Rolling his shoulders and dropping his right hand he lifted his left arm to activate the suit heaters and to keep the servomotors constantly in motion - regardless of his movement. The large Mandalorian descended the ramp into the hailstorm, chunks of nitrogen shattering against his beskar, blowing his Kama to the left as if it were to rip it from the belt that held it on his hips. The lamps on Valdus' helmet switched on and he turned to face the rest of the expeditionary force that would soon follow him out. 

When those that would attend finally reached the end of the ramp he'd begin to speak over his comlink , " Undoubtedly some of you have heard about the monster that calls the under layers its home. If any of you seek personal glory over the benefit of the Clans, you will not be let back on my ship. We all work together or we will die on this ice planet." His growling canid voice had no shortage of challenge to it. He would rather get the glory hounds out of the party now before they got the rest of them killed. Nellogant would not be as forgiving as places they had been before. " The planet has no love for life nor do I have any for those that seek to aid it in its goal of ending mine."

#1924587 Eu, Sir! On the Explosives Crate! Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalo...

Posted by Valdus Bral on 18 March 2019 - 09:32 PM

Valdus was still a good bit dazed from the earlier explosions. As of right now he was mostly ducking behind his shield, closing distance, while his back-mounted rotary droids rained down blaster bolts on their enemies. One could say that Valdus had it easy and that he wasn't actually fighting - however, he would respond to that person with a gloved smack to the dome. After the sounds of explosives and firearms were subsiding Valdus peered out over his shield and took stock over what was going on. It seemed there were only a few injuries, no reported death's yet on their side, overall it was not as bad as it could have been. 


Speaking over his internal comlink to his clan that were waiting aboard the Te Kar'ta be Tracyn bal Beskar [The Heart of Fire and Iron] " We've been attacked, there's a few wounded - land as close to my beacon as possible - kill whoever attempts to fire upon you." There was a voice that came through amidst a momentary static that responded, " Ru'suvarir, Alor. [Understood, Chief.]" Satisfied with his aliit's response Valdus dropped his right hand to his belt packs and twisted the top of a oblong cylinder that was clipped to the belt. When he twisted the Jur'kad Beacon it started to blink with a faint blue-ish white light at the very top as a trio of lights arranged in a triangle activated. He then activated his mission wide comlink to speak to the others, " My ship will arrive soon. Pack what you need, I will not wait for the enemy to come back with reinforcements. There is more moss just over here." Lifting his free hand towards the patch of moss amount one meter squared that he had 'saved' from the collapsing rocks.As far as Valdus was concerned, Moss was not worth the life of Mandalorians nor the Mand'alor. As if on cue the extremely loud rumbling of Valdus' forge ship rocketed into the atmosphere and towards their location like a meteor descending. The ship would not be in view for the next several minutes, but it would eventually land at the mouth of the cave - firing all weapons at whoever tried to obstruct its path. 



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#1924567 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 18 March 2019 - 08:21 PM

Valdus was almost done with his slab of meat, the fangs slices through the cooked meat with almost graceful efficiency. When he did finally finish his meal he looked back up to her as he sat his plate to the side on the grass. He caught the tint in her cheeks, causing him to grin a little, " You're blushing." He commented shortly. He then looked over towards the meat cart and lifted his plate so that the cook could see that he was finished. The cook came around lazily and picked up the plate, Valdus added on some credits for the meal and a bit extra for the quality. 


He then turned back to Beth Cadera , " If you find time you should show me around the capital." He'd leave out the fact that he wouldn't pay for a tour of any Mandalorian city out of principle and instead leave it as an invitation. " I will be departing for an expedition in another week or two to a planet called Nellogant. My talks with the Mand'alor about what I have seen there when I first went there years ago has her curious and willing to finance some support." He looked around to see if he could glimpse Yasha Cadera but it was only shortly before he turned back to Beth Cadera , " It'll be a very harsh journey, it is a planet without love for living things. My clan are not known for medical knowledge, the success of the expedition may depend on that however. I want you to join us when we go as part of the expedition. Perhaps we may find some fantastic beasts for trophies." That's about as romantic as he could get, he even added in the lowering of his eye lids, giving her his most piercing look. Man he really liked to talk about the conquest of new planets and the expansion in the name of the Mando'ade. 

#1924100 Palace of Ascensions (ME & CA)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 17 March 2019 - 05:15 AM

The green eyes slid back and forth, back and forth, as the delegates continued to feel out each other verbally. Valdus' eyelids lowered as the talk about razing one of the planets including hospitals. There was little patience that he afforded to such acts, especially those that were done on purpose or without remorse. Had the talk continued on drinks, then he may have interjected to speed things along and get to the heart of the meeting - but he was not required to. Just then the Mand'alor began speaking about the benefits of an agreement between the Mandalorians and the Chiss. He agreed with her. Valdus picked up the single chip on his left and then put it into his belt, when his hand returned there was a five credit chip and he handed it to his sergeant on his right. Then the two ten chips were returned to their owners. 
Valdus leaned off his fist and spoke in the growling, bassy monotone, " Finally somethin meaningful. If I may..." He rumbled, though he did continue, before anyone could say otherwise. " It's widely known that The Sith Empire assisted in the freeing of your people. While I dislike the thought of working with the darjetii [Sith] there are few options and it isn't in my power to change that." Taking a breath and sitting straight, causing the motors to hum quietly. He then started again, "My own beliefs aside, the Clans have a defense pact with the darjetii. Should you - " He looked towards the Chiss delegates in turn, paying no particular mind to any one specifically. " -make an effort to join in a defense pact with Mando'ade or work towards one, then there may be steps to a tsad [Alliance] between all three of our people. It would be a powerful alliance, unrivaled I'd say. "
His monologue continued, his tone going lower and more deliberate, "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings ... to break from those that would rule you as slaves is admirable; but tenacity and a will to be free do not keep a people free. There will come a day when the Chiss Ascendancy will stare at their own destruction; it may be the Confederates or the Jen'ari, or another, but that day will come, just as it will come for the Mando'ade. When your people call for aid, do not let it echo into the void. " He paused if only to breathe, " I can't promise a defense pact or any form of political agreements with your people for the entirety of the Clans. However, as Alor of Bral [Cheif] I speak for the Bral aliit [Bral clan] , we will fight by your side - unto the death if that is what Kad wills - when that day comes, if you pledge to do the same for us and as long as you have not dishonored yourselves before then." He then leaned back into his chair. He did not intend on bringing himself into the diplomacy, only to observe, but he grew tired of talk of drinks. He rested his cheek back on his fist that rested itself on the armrest of his chair, "...but I know there are some sort of small steps in making these commitments, more talking, and more signing, or something." As he looked around, expecting to have glares coming from every angle, growled out " You invited me." He said defensively before going quiet. To his credit he did leave out the talk about merciless retribution should they agree to his offer and then decline to act on it in the future.

#1924090 CIS Invasion of Eshan Rewards

Posted by Valdus Bral on 17 March 2019 - 03:41 AM

Thanks a ton, that looks really amazing! I'll see to it that it's put on the workshop page soon. 


Edit: Oh wait all those pictures are mine, thank you!

#1924021 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 16 March 2019 - 09:37 PM

Valdus's eyes looked away from Beth Cadera 's momentarily due to the constant staring. He wasn't a shy man, but it felt like it may be too forward to look at her back in the eyes. As he eat the freshly cooked meat he heard her offer about giving him the tour of Sundari, more or less, " On you? Is there some sort of toll for looking at the capital?" He blinked a little taken aback by the apparent arrogance of the city. Who would pay to just walk around? The concept escaped him that tours were often paid for. " I could show you around my home, though it's no where near as large and wealthy."
He then looked up to her as she leaned forward, his eyes meeting her's. He was thinking about what to say, though he had mostly said his piece already on the goals and aspirations of his company. Then the conversation went back to Eshan and he grinned as she spoke, it wasn't feigned this time. " A hero, eh? I wonder if that comes with benefits." He teased. He didn't expect much of any recognition for the battle of Eshan, they had ultimately lost, and while he and his fought valiantly, it was still a loss. 
Valdus refrained from eating now as he listened to her speak while she cut her food. His eyes widened a little bit, " A combat medic? That's a very impressive role to play." He looked back down at his food briefly then decided to wait as he continued, looking up at her again, " So you are studying in Sundari while also going on missions? That must be difficult to manage and a testament to how smart and capable you must be." Giving her a grin before going back to the savory meat.

#1923203 GIF assistance

Posted by Valdus Bral on 13 March 2019 - 06:36 PM



That's clear enough to me, I wish I could help more. The resident photoshopper in the ME is pretty booked, but you have the discord so you can Cynthia if she would do that for you.

#1923198 GIF assistance

Posted by Valdus Bral on 13 March 2019 - 06:25 PM



You should also show your old one for reference. 

#1922909 Evaar Buycika New Cradle (ME & Allies Social)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 12 March 2019 - 08:27 PM

The corners of Valdus' lips turned up into a slight smile as she spoke about the Mand'alor and then began to compliment him. While he wasn't one to seek out compliments, he did not dislike them either, especially when he felt that the compliments were aimed at something he deserved to be complimented for. His head tilted to the right slightly, " Sundari must be rather expensive to live in." Then as she asked him about Bral Metal & Engineering he nodded and sat a bit straighter. " High quality weapons, armor, custom airspeeders, starfighters, ammunition development, and so on. I've a few plans in the making for large vehicles but the factory doesn't have the space and I don't have the funds for such large machines." Shrugging a little, " Eventually we'll get there I'm sure.
Whens he spoke about Eshan his smirk faded and fell entirely with the mention of Tathra. " In total, including those put into bunkers beforehand, roughly two to three hundred civilians. As for the Confederates, they were arrogant that day and suffered greatly for it. Unfortunately, the battle for the planet was ultimately lost. I do not deserve that title." His voice was somber and drifted off as he thought over the battle. There was not much more he could do in that situation, but the general defeat did not sit well with him. 
He then forced the grin to return, " So you're a surgeon? Impressive." They were then joined by the meat stand's cook who gave them metal plates with a slab of cooked and steaming meat on it; joined with forks and knives. Valdus took his plate with the near hand and then set it on his lap. It smelled like smoke and herbs, he could still hear the sizzling of the fat and juices. It didn't take long before he cut himself a slice and put the steaming steak into fanged mouth. 

#1922838 Eu, Sir! On the Explosives Crate! Mandalorian Empire/Clans of Mandalo...

Posted by Valdus Bral on 12 March 2019 - 04:28 PM

Valdus' head leaned up off the rocky wall cave wall covered in moss that he had been using for a pillow. When he did he saw Sterling and then his helmeted head leaned back against the ground. He could hear the sounds of battle, but he had known previously that his rest would not last. Once the heaviest of the boulders were removed Valdus bent his legs and moved his torso forward. This caused a cascade of dinner plate and smaller rocks to rolls down the pile of rocks; which was significantly smaller now due to the help from Sterling. 
As he got up some of his motors flung sparks from their durasteel frames. He could move rather well, but he knew that the durasteel had been minorly to moderately deformed in the cave-in, which caused the servomotors to grind internally. This put him on a clock and Valdus knew that he did not have all day to waste inside this cave. " Vor,e, vod. [Thanks, brother.]" His gruff voice sounded over the helmet's output speaker. As Valdus came to a stand, throwing particles of glowing hot metal like a sparkler from his joints, he uncovered a square meter of perseved, though mostly flattened, moss. The moss near his neck was had been saved and totally fine besides covered in a thin layer of dust with some pebbles nestled among the glowing tuffs. 
He heard Beth's voice ring out then, smirking a little, " I look forward to it."There was a crash and a sound of familiar motors. "Swoops." He growled lowly, fangs baring behind his helmet. While Valdus enjoyed his oversized swoop bike on occasion, he despised the subculture around them. Pompous miscreants that were less ambitious than standard thugs, but more dangerous and brazen due to their mode of transportation. Valdus began walking, though maybe he was attempting to jog, towards the sounds of engines until he saw the mercenaries. The rotary blaster droids on his back spun up, locking onto a group of them for a brief two to three seconds while they spun up. There was a click as the recoil mechanism was engaged on both back-mounted droids before the doubled up sound of rotary blasters started - sending a hail of high powered bolts at the mercenaries who just entered the cave. As his droids began their firing Valdus raised his massive shield in front of him, creating a Beskar bulwark that covered all but the slim profiles of the B-3 droids that were peaking out over his shoulder and around the upper cutouts of his shield corners. 

#1922617 Palace of Ascensions (ME & CA)

Posted by Valdus Bral on 11 March 2019 - 10:07 PM

Valdus continued to look on as the Chiss delegation made small talk and exchanged pleasantries with Adenn Kyramud and the other Mandalorian delegates. Valdus' eyes searched over Dezoti for several long seconds before the gaze lazily slid over Thorne . This type of verbal testing and preparing the waters was reminiscent of physical battlefields. Sending in commandos to soften enemy strong points or remove weak opposition defenses in order to clear a staging ground before the inevitable offense. So who would start this battle? Would the Mandalorians make demands of the upstart Chiss Ascendacy or would the Chiss Ascendancy prove to be ambitious and forthcoming towards the Clans? Valdus leaned back and as he did so his left hand slipped down to his belt. There was a barely audible snap as the pouch was opened. When his left hand came back up a physical 10 credit chip was placed on his right side. His two Sergeants looked at the chip, then at eachother and then they too repeated the process. One sergeant put their chip on the left and the other sergeant put his chip next to Valdus' . Valdus returned to his previous posture. It would be easy to miss this gesture since he wasn't in the focus of the summit, but if someone were to be looking over at him he'd make no attempt to hide these actions.


#1922355 Cin'cerar "White-Mountain"

Posted by Valdus Bral on 11 March 2019 - 04:10 AM



  • Intent: To create the personal beast companion for Valdus Bral.
  • Image Credit: "Gaint Polar Bear (Concept Art 2)" - Vindictus (video game)
  • Role: Cin'cerar will play the role of beast companion and war mount for Valdus Bral . He will also serve as a guardian for the Bral clan compound on the planet Mandalore. Additionally, Cin'cerar will be the alpha male of the Orar'uram.
  • Links: Orar'uram , Genetically modified growth precedent [ X ]


  • Age: 5 Months (Aged to full-size, physical age is more around 5 years)
  • Force Sensitivity:  Force User - The Orar'uram have the Vornskr style passive hunting sense that uses the force. Beyond that, he does not have control over the force or any other force ability.
  • SpeciesOrar'uram
  • Appearance: [ Describe the appearance of the creature. How big or small are they? Fur or scale colour. Any distinguishing marks such as scars, tattoos, or other markings. ]
    • Height: 11 meters
    • Length: 17 meters
    • Weight: 40.8 metric tons


  • Name: Cin'cerar, "White-Mountain"
  • Loyalties: Valdus Bral and the Mandalorian clan Bral. 
  • Notable Possessions: N/A -May have equipment (armor, augmentations, etc.) or accessories (trophies, banners, etc.) added at a later date.
  • Personality: Cin'cerar has a dignified and confident air about him, as he is the uncontested alpha male of the Orar'uram. Even with those that he trusts and recognizes, he demands respect in both handling and on approach. He is very territorial to those who are unfamiliar and extremely aggressive to those who are threatening in posture, tone, or unfamiliar. He holds unshakable loyalty to Valdus Bral. There is a strong bond between the two, manifested as Cin'cerar becoming extremely aggressive and violent towards those that he sees as antagonistic to Valdus or other Orar'uram.
  • Training: [ If your beast companion has been trained to perform special tasks or follow certain commands, list those things here. ]


  • Combat Function: [ Combat is difficult to avoid -- after all, this is Chaos.  Should your NPC wind up in combat, what would they be good at?  How would they work alongside you, or would they be a liability?  Remember: An NPC is weaker than a PC of an equivalent level, and will not match them in power, skills, or abilities. ]


  • Behemoth: The Orar'uram are a species with densely packed muscle, Cin'cerar is multiple times larger and stronger than the standard Orar'uram. This not only gives Cin'cerar titanic strength, but his muscle also provides a dense organic barrier to his vital organs that is very difficult to get through. This fleshy bulwark means that Cin'cerar has extraordinary durability. Cin'cerar is capable of flipping over heavy transports such as the MTT , UA-AT while moving in the bipedal fashion. While on all fours he is capable of pushing over an AT-AT from full charge (see Sluggish Start).
  • Dense Fur: This species' fur has high resistance to infantry portable blasters, disruptors, plasma weapons, as well as lightsabers. However, Cin'cerar's fur is extremely dense and much longer, allowing for overlapping layers of the resistant fur. This allows Cin'cerar to remain nearly impervious to artillery grade blasters, disruptors, and plasma weaponry. Additionally Cin'cerar has extreme resistance to lightsabers. However thick the fur, this trait does not stop physical weapons from piercing through the fur such as slugthrowers or thrusts from standard blades/arrows/spears or thrusts from vibroblades. His fur is also fire resistant, however flame throwers have a detrimental effect still listed under: Heat Intolerant.
  • Force Hunter: From the genetic material of the Vornskr , the Orar'uram have inherited the ability to detect the force presence of individuals to a high degree. Cin'cerar uniquely has a high degree of accuracy up to 3km away for an extremely strong force presence or 2km away for an average force presence. Ysalamir fields, Void Stone, and Arikyrzium Crystal can negate or drastically reduce the accuracy and range of this ability.
  • Volcanic Torrent: From the genetic material of the Fire Breather , the Orar'uram have inherited the ability to eject a highly flammable chemical akin to napalm from a special organ within their body. This organic chemical is ejected through the mouth in a line up to 10 meters from the Orar'uram, however Cin'cerar's range is 30 meters with a width of 2 meters. Additionally, the thicker consistency version of the flammable chemical is highly corrosive to metals; the combination of extreme heat and highly corrosive chemical (to metals) easily maims vehicles, defenses, and armor. The consistency of this chemical can be dictated each time it is used; from a low impact but high temperature, hard to remove napalm-like consistency, to a more liquid mist composition that covers a much larger area, roughly 4m wide x 8m long cone. However, due to Cin'cerar's increased size, he has more chemical stores and a much larger ejection gland. Cin'cerar can use the mist to create 12m wide x 24m long cone. This consistency does not leave burning remnants behind. Due to the limited volume of the organ, this ability can only be used 4 times in combat. 

    Note: Lack of oxygen means that the chemical will not burn, however in both forms of the chemical's consistency it is highly caustic and hard to remove from whatever surface it has been put onto. Normally the mist would burn up totally, but if it cannot burn then it will not be burned up, thus making the mist a less powerful version of the standard thicker consistency formula that is naturally supposed to erode metals. Additionally, the liquid is not water soluble, but it cannot ignite underwater and water will douse the flames, but not stop the caustic properties.
  • Bones of a Titan: The teeth, claws, and bones of the Orar'uram are exceedingly dense and strong. The teeth and claws of Cin'cerar can puncture up to heavy durasteel plating, medium Duranium plating, and act more like spikes than blades. The claws are used to puncture then rip plating asunder with their incredible physical prowess. The claws can be sharpened if a rider wants, however the claws cannot hold an edge well and will quickly dull.
  • Insulated: The Orar'uram have very dense fur which allows their relatively low fat content bodies to keep warm in extraordinarily cold temperatures.
  • Keen Senses: The Orar'uram have vision that is extremely acute and able to see normally in low-light situations. The Orar'uram have a sense of smell that is in the upper echelons of organic beings and can differentiate beings on smell alone as well as sense the presence of those by their scent.


  • Keen Senses: Due to the increased sight and smell of the Orar'uram, weapon systems or effects that target these senses are highly effective.
  • Heat Intolerant: Due to the thick, protective fur of the Orar'uram they are unable to survive on planets or environments that exceed temperatures of around 25C for an extended duration. Sheering their fur to only a few centimeters is one way to help alleviate this. However, at that length their fur is unable to protect them against extreme cold and provides only minor resistance to infantry standard blaster weaponry. The use of flamethrowers, while not likely to ignite the Orar'uram, are extremely uncomfortable and will cause the Orar'uram to become moderately uncontrollable as it tries to either remove the flamethrower user or fallback away from it if the source is unreachable or there are simply too many sources of opposition fire aimed at the Orar'uram in the same area.
  • Huge Target: The Orar'uram are the size of most battlefield vehicles and as such they are very easy to point out and to target. It would take a very large obstacle to be able to hide an Orar'urm. Due to Cin'cerar's size he is unable to hide behind many obstacles besides the largest of siege equipment or buildings.
  • Sluggish Start: Cin'cerar can reach top speeds of up to 105kph (~65mph) . However, this takes an average of 40 meters of relatively straight movement to achieve and cannot be sustained through turns on unstable or slick surfaces such as sand, ice, polished stone, or 
  • Organic: The Orar'uram is not a machine. It can tire out, it cannot 'reload' it's natural weapons, and it needs to eat and breathe in order to survive. While the Cin'cerar takes his place among the same category as heavy tanks and heavy transports, he cannot battle tirelessly as a machine can.
  • Larger Than Life: Cin'cerar is an absolutely massive creature, as such he is extremely heavy. Due to his size and weight special transports are needed to accommodate him. Otherwise, Cin'cerar is stuck on whatever planet he is currently on until a transport can pick him up. On the battlefield it is difficult for Cin'cerar to be among allies as he is capable of a mass amount of devastation around him.


[ Include a description of the history of this creature and how it came to be a companion to your character/involved in your character’s story here. ]