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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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In Topic: The Mighty Don't Kneel - The Return

Yesterday, 09:31 PM

Adenn had been invited to a meeting, one that would hopefully strengthen bonds between Clans and let deals be made. This meeting had been organized, or at least called, by Kaine Australis. Having decided to go to this meeting, Adenn had gone to Mandalore in the Aegis Eternum(see BIO). Once in system, Adenn truly realized how big some of the ships of the ME truly were. In comparison, his little Arquitens was tiny, but at least it packed a punch. The thought comforted Adenn, and the fact that he knew each of the people on his ship and knew they were all extremely skilled.


After arriving in system, Adenn hadn't immediately made his way towards the meeting area, instead he chose to look the place over. It was all very impressive and Adenn let it be shown in the way he walked, and talked. If anyone could've seen his face, they also would've seen the slight smile on his face, but his head was covered by his helmet, as per usual.


When Adenn was ready, he was escorted to the meeting room. He entered the room boldly and without hesitation, leaving the escort at the door with a slight wave of his hand, and a thank you. Adenn immediately noticed the other two Alors in the room, Kaine Australis and Mig Gred. He had met Mig several times and respected his fellow crazy Alor, but Kaine he had hardly truly met, and he had only heard rumors. However, all things considered, he respected this other crazy Alor as well, and could possibly even come to like him.


Grinning to himself, Adenn walked up to the two Alors until he stood even with both, before crossing his arms across his chest. It was just his normal pose of standing, and the way he stood showed that he was completely at ease with everything around him, and everyone. Grinning slightly behind his helmet, Adenn spoke up while observing the area.

"Su cuy'gar vod, glad to see you both here."


Kaine Australis Mig Gred

In Topic: Slaver Fleet (ME Faction: Allies welcome, please ask to join though) :)

23 April 2019 - 09:11 PM

Adenn watched silently as Kaine Australis and his fleet joined up with his own. The ships that Kaine had were impressive, and Adenn wished to get some of his own, they would most certainly prove useful for him. Sure, most of his current ships also came from that man, but more never hurt anyone. He turned his attention back to Aditya Fitz Kierke and grins behind his helmet. She did love saying his name for some reason, even if she butchered it half the time by elongating it.


Then she started speaking about engineers, and Adenn was thankful for his helmet, for it hid the grimace well. Not betraying anything in his posture, or at least trying to, Adenn simply listened and nodded. Focusing on her, Adenn speaks then.

"Well, maybe you could train them, make them real engineers. Train them properly, and fully." He sort of regretted saying that, but it was true, they hadn't been fully trained. But the reason for that, that reason was a Mortui secret, one they would take to the graves with them.


Then they're moving on and she's talking about murdering people, before she punches his shoulder.Smiling behind his helmet, Adenn half heartedly dodges some while turning to the comms officer. They had just started getting confirmation in from everyone that they were all ready to leave. Still grinning, Adenn was about to reply when Aditya kept talking. Nodding his head along he's only half paying attention to her then, but suddenly she says she's pregnant.


Full stop, everything on that bridge stopped, and it was so quiet that one could hear the soft thrum from the consoles. Eyes wide, Adenn turns slowly to Aditya, staring deep into her eyes, trying to see if she was lying, joking, or something else. Seeing that she's as stopped as he is, no doubt because she didn't plan to let this come out so soon, Adenn looked her up and down, head tilted quizzically. With an almost imperceptible motion from his hand, everyone goes back to business as usual, except Adenn.


He's standing there, quietly, watching Aditya, expectation on his face, but not shown in his body language. Suddenly he's in front of Aditya, hands on her shoulders, staring down at her. He still hasn't said anything, just watching her. Then he drags her into a hug, engulfing her before picking her up and spinning around once. Then he lets her down, but still keeps holding her. Looking down at her, a smile is evident in his voice, he speaks softly to her.

"That's amazing Aditya, just... just amazing." He Keldabe kisses her then, lost in the moment. "How many, and since when do you know?" Adenn patiently waits for her. Once he has it, and whatever conversation they may have finishes, Adenn would turn back to the communications officer.


Still keeping an arm around Aditya, gently stroking her shoulder, he sent a message out to everyone. Each message was sent so that it could be read or heard, but no video footage would be available.



"Understood ZFR-9EI, any ship you or yours choose to board are yours to have. Should you require backup on any ship boarded, you need but ask and it shall be given. We will be leaving shortly, prepare yourself please."


To Garryn Kilstor and Stardust Solus Skirae

"Glad to hear it, I do hope you'll enjoy those fighters. For now, head back to the ship and stay docked, we're about to leave soon. For now, you have no definitive target, just an overarching objective. That is to take those starfighters to the limit, and cause as much damage to either the slaver fleet, or slaver base as you can. You're free to do so how you want to, it's up to you. Good hunting vod."


To Kaine Australis

"Welcome to the hunt vod, glad to have you here with us. We'll be leaving shortly, so prepare yourself, this'll be a ride. If you ever need some assistance, you need but ask. We're all looking forward to the vod, so let's hunt."


Once all messages were sent, and any responses received and responded to, the fleet set out. In one seemingly unanimous wave, Adenns fleet set out first, with the ships of other allied clans close behind(NPCs). They were already facing the correct direction for the jump, right now they simply needed to get a bit further from the planet. Once they were far enough away, a warning was sent out that the jump was going to commence. Coordinates had already been sent with the prior messages, and everyone should thus already have that information. One moment the fleet was there, the next it was in hyperspace, enroute to a pirate base, ready to kill and rend and destroy the enemy.


The trip to the pirate base hadn't been long, but in that time Adenns men had been hard at work, making sure everything was ready for the moment they dropped out of hyperspace. Five minutes before they exited hyperspace, everyone received a notification of that, and those who chose received a timer in their HUDs as well. When the five minutes were up, they exited hyperspace on the edge of the system.


Looking into the system, one could see a completely normal star system, regular sun, regular planets. But there was one difference, there was only one inhabitable planet, and there was a lot of traffic there. Above the planet there were approximately 60 ships of all makes and models; there were old Imperial star destroyers, corvettes, frigattes; even older Republic Venators and Acclamators; other smaller ships, popular with smugglers, such as the YT-1300, the Dynamic class, and many more.


Within the system, but not near the planet were another 20-35 ships flying around. They were doing anything from entering the system to leaving it, getting supplies, trading with one another, or just floating around. That all didn't matter though, because the second the Mandalorian fleet appeared, all hell broke loose within their ranks. The Mandalorian fleet was around 25 ships all in total, but they were all new and top of the line, not old run down ships. They were also crewed by some of the best ship goers in the galaxy, and these pirates didn't have anything on them.


Upon entering the system, Adenn smirked to himself. Standing once more upon the bridge of the Aegis Eternum, he felt confident that these pirates wouldn't last long. Looking over the holo table on the bridge, Adenn noted that several ships near the edge of the system were already jumping away, hoping to cut their losses and get away with their lives. That was all good and well for him, let them run and spread what came for pirates in these parts. Because once the interdictors of the Mandalorian fleet were charged up and ready, they emitted their interdiction field.


That simple act forced all the remaining pirates to stay in the system, lest they be destroyed while trying to escape. Smiling to himself, Adenn ordered those under his command forward, and for all fighters and bombers to launch. They'd destroy this pirate base completely and utterly, leaving nothing behind. These thoughts and more ran through Adenns head, while his fleet began its advance upon the pirates. They weren't in range yet, but that would come in time. When they were, all hell would be unleashed upon the pirates, with them not having any prisoners yet, Adenn and the others would have no fear of accidentally killing innocent bystanders. That fact had been told to them as well; they could go nuts against these pirates, let loose and murder indiscriminately.


That was how this would start, with an inexorable march towards the base, not stopping, not slowing down. Battle hadn't been entered, yet, but it would be soon, oh so soon. Adenn spoke quietly then, loud enough so that his fleet would hear it over the comms, and perhaps the others, but mainly his fleet.

"Unleash the hounds of war, and let these fools learn the meaning of death. Oya vod, oya."


ZFR-9EI Tarjik Darkin Stardust Solus Skirae Aditya Fitz Kierke Garryn Kilstor 

In Topic: Mandalorian Tournamentarium: Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Velmor

23 April 2019 - 06:41 PM

Allies: Tyran Numeck

Enemies: Noah Corek Alexandra Feanor


Turning his head to gaze at the King quizically, Adenn shook his head in reply to Tyran Numeck 's question. He had never been snapped at, especially not this way. It was a rather strange place it seems that they snapped at others, but in a nice way. Then they were off, and Adenn was running full tilt towards the flag. Suddenly it developed legs and started running, letting out a weary sigh, Adenn slowed down. If it was running around, it'd go more into the open or into cover, exposing him to his enemies. Enemies that hadn't done much so far from what he could see.


Shaking the thought from his head, Adenn slid neatly into cover. He was still far enough away from the little flag thing, but also close to his ally. Listening to what the man said, Adenn chuckled aloud before speaking.

"Perfect. I think they know me, so they might prefer to hit me harder than you; I've been somewhat of a nuisance to them before." Adenn chuckled again, remembering things. "I'll play bait, and if they start shooting, you can hit them back."


He was about to rush out and draw attention to himself when he received the information from Yasha Cadera. So, they had to keep some Sith lady calm by not causing chaos, and those in the arenas had to entertain the onlookers to keep the mood going. Adenn could do that, he could do it very well. Smirking behind his helmet, Adenn turned his focus to his ally.

"Well, things just got interesting. If we need to put on a show, why don't we do it in style?" He laughed then, looking around the arena, already planning things. Turning towards Tyran, Adenn grinned, this would be fun. "So, let's get down to it."


With that said Adenn was off, he charged out into the open, parallel to where the flag thing was currently running. He was hoping that something would happen, but either way, once he reached the short wall he had been aiming for, Adenn jumped onto, then off of, the wall. Using the momentum, he propelled himself forward and towards the flag, using his jetpack to help him pick up speed. He wouldn't land close to it, especially with it now running away, but it would look flashy and no doubt got the crowd up in excitement. Smiling behind his helmet, Adenn kept flying forward, ever closer to the flag, waiting for something to happen.

In Topic: A Familial Eve (ME/NR)

21 April 2019 - 09:01 PM

Smirking to himself as Aditya went further into the kiss. He enjoyed the moment, but it wasn't to last. They had to get to the house, and before long they were there. Adenn merely observed what was happening. He does find Adityas Mando drawl rather interesting though, it sounds like a spacer taught her, but he can't quite be sure. Knowing this is more of a family matter though, Adenn turned his focus elsewhere, and observed the decorations of the room.


Out of the corner of his ear, Adenn heard Aditya Fitz Kierke tell Kaine Australis he'd have to fight for Yasha Cadera. Turning his head to observe them again, Adenn felt a pang of jealousy go through him as he watches her sip from Kaines flask. Then he remembers what had recently happened, and the jealousy was gone, and a wry grin had taken its place. Turning away, Adenn walked towards a decoration on the wall and looked it over.


He doesn't know how much time passed, but suddenly he hears his name. Turning back to Aditya, he smiles behind his helmet. Cake sounded nice, and he'd gladly accompany Aditya there. As she walks to the kitchen, Adenn follows closely behind her, observing his surroundings. Then he sees the blood, immediately his mind goes into combat mode, and he's scanning the surroundings more carefully, with one hand straying to his blaster pistol, until he sees the person with the dustpan.


Stopping instantly, Adenn shakes his head to himself, this wasn't combat, and that blood was from a cut. Frowning slightly, Adenn looks over the remains of the mug and begins pondering who could have broken it. Resolving to find out later, he turns his attention to Caz Australis, and gives her a respectful nod. So, that's the wife of the Mand'alor, helpfully identified by Aditya. Smirking behind his helmet, Adenn lets her keep talking and walks near the door to the outside. There he sees the Mand'alor taking comfort from Darlyn Excron and Noah Corek. Mentally shrugging, Adenn sees the mortal side of the Mand'alor in that moment, and it intrigues him.


He turns back to Caz and tils his head questioningly.

"If I may be so bold, what happened here? And why is the Mand'alor crying outside, and who's blood is this on the ground." At the blood bit, Adenn motions with a hand towards it, head still tilted questioningly.

In Topic: Vanquishing Vigorous Vanquo

20 April 2019 - 09:06 PM

Vanquo, a rather nice looking planet, one that wouldn't remain that way for long. It was a shame really, but some fool had decided to say they'd attack the place; the home of Clans Solus and Cadera. That's why the planet wouldn't remain as beautiful for long, because of war, always war. Now, Adenn loved war, but when you brought it home, and to a Mandalorians home, then you simply had a death wish. That was irrelevant now though, someone had that death wish and had challenged the Mando'ade.


Upon hearing that information, Adenn had offered his services to help defend the planet, and had been readily accepted. That's why he found himself on Vanquo now. He and his men(30 Mandalorians) were spread out in the forest near the main compound. They were hidden in the trees, the ground, and the brush in general. They were waiting calmly, in perfect silence, keeping an eye out for anything.


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