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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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In Topic: Ghost Fleet (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-46)

Today, 05:55 PM


Adenn kept walking shoulder to shoulder with his men, his shield up. They were moving slowly, their guards up because of that feeling of being watched. None of them could explain it, but looking out from their formation, they saw movement. He didn't even know why he had made them take up this formation, after all, everything here was probably dead. He had even said that; but then again, better safe than sorry. However, when something screeched in the darkness, everyone was on edge. Using night vision, Adenn couldn't see anything down the hall, just what could've been movement. Deciding to disrupt the slight fear that was there, Adenn ordered his men to turn their lights on the max.


The lights flooded the corridor showing everything in the light. It showed the bloody corridor, a skeleton half crushed next to a doorway and finally the light showed it. Now it was some creature; the creature was black, blending in with the darkness, but not so much the light. It was tall, bipedal in nature and had sharp claws.


Once the creature was revealed, it hissed at them in the most terrifying way imaginable. Then it charged them. Adenn didn't even need to order his men to do anything; they all opened fire at once. The Mandos and the AT-ADs fired as one, with Adenn in the mix. As their shots flew down the corridor, the creature screeched again and another one emerged from a doorway screeching as well. Half the troops and one of the AT-ADs shifted their fire to the 2nd creature, while the others kept firing at the first one. Then, their shots hit the creatures. Most of the shots hit them, and it hardly affected them. Half the shots hit the head, and those shots just bounced off or were absorbed, leaving almost no mark to show the creatures had been hit. The rest of the shots hit the creatures in the body. Those shots that hit the body had more of an affect. Slowing down the creatures, and causing some bleeding.


Once the bolts hit, the creatures screeched again. They were not pleased. The first one jumped up towards the ceiling before pushing off down towards the shield wall. The second creature simply ran straight toward the wall. They both hit the shield wall at the same time, the entire time taking fire from all the troops. Adenn had the distinct displeasure of having one of the creatures slam against his shield, the other one hit the shield wall at the end of the formation. Combined, they knocked the entire wall back by a foot; that's how hard they hit.


Grunting from the exertion, Adenn pushed back yelling at his men.

"PUSH! Hold them back!. Shoot these things!"

And with that, they stopped the creatures from pushing them backwards. Sadly, this didn't stop the things from trying to attack. The creature pushing against Adenns shield tried to bite him. Not in the traditional sense, no, a little head popped out of the things mouth and attacked Adenn. The attack was so sudden that Adenn couldn't even try to dodge. Thankfully though, the creatures little mouth thing only bit onto his helmet. There, the attack simply skidded off. At that, the creature seemed confused, tilting its head to the side and looking at Adenn quizzically.


Adenn for his part didn't give the creature a chance to do anything else, instead punching it straight in the nose, right above the mouth. The creature reared back on its feet howling. It was immediately shot once more, prompting it to hiss. It was bleeding profusely now, both of the creatures were. Suddenly, they both screeched before running back down the corridor, blaster bolts chasing them all the way. Shocked by the encounter, the troops didn't chase them. Instead, they stopped and those with shields placed them in fixed positions so that they could be used as cover.


Adenn looked around at his men; they all seemed fine, a few scratches here and there. By far, his "scratch" was the worst thing that had happened to them. The shields had done their job, the beskar having held well. Scratches were criss-crossed across the surfaces of the shields. Adenn peered at the new scar on his helmet. It went from right above his T-visor, to the middle of the cheek on the right side of his helmet. Then, looking at his men, Adenn saw the scars on the other shield bearer that had also taken the brunt of the attack. He had some scratches on his shoulder pads, along with a similar scar on his helmet.


Turning to his men, Adenn spoke up. They were all shaken, and looked like they could use a little pep talk.

"Listen up men." They leaned forward expectantly while keeping a wary eye out to the darkness. "We just beat back some creatures we've never seen before. Sure, we didn't kill them. But we sure as hell bloodied them. Since they bled, that means they can be killed. Now that we have seen what we are facing, we know what to expect. So, let's go kill us some critters. Be ready for anything, if those 2 survived, more probably did as well. You never know. Besides, at the end of this all, we'll all have some more trophies to show to our kids." A cry of "Oya" went up from them before they turned back getting ready to move out once more.


Before turning back to his shield as well, Adenn sent the video of the attack to the rest of his forces. Along with them, he had his shuttle pilots send the videos to the others boarding the various other ships. Along with the video came the caption, Be ready for them, for they are ready for us. With that done, Adenn turned around and picked his shield up. Then, they all started their march once more.


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In Topic: The Second Collapse

Yesterday, 10:17 PM

Adenn sighed to himself at the Premiers answer, then shook his head to himself and muttered Knew I, I knew it. Of course he has to go and play hero. However, not wanting to be stopped by that, Adenn straightened up and was right behind Harris when the door opened. Already they were being shot at, not only from the artillery but from ground troops. Sighing once more, unheard by all but himself, Adenn got to work.


He began his work by jumping in front of the Premier and taking 3 bolts meant for him. Turning to the Premier, with his armor now smoking from the blaster bolts, Adenn spoke.

"You see Premier. At least go and get some armor before you get yourself killed."


And with that, Adenn spun on his heal and stalked off. He hadn't walked more than 2 steps before he had already fired 3 bursts, each aimed for a different soldier hidden in buildings, windows and stands. Each burst hit the intended target while Adenn kept walking. Turning back to the Premier and his guard, he spoke up once more.

"If you insist on coming, then best keep up sir. Wouldn't want to be left behind. Now then, earn those drinks like you said. Oya."


After saying that, Adenn turned and jetpacked away without waiting for a reply. He jumped up towards the top of a building before glancing down towards the Premier. Again, he gave him a mock salute(Jack Sparrow style but with close fist and 2 fingers out). Then he turned and walked along the top of the buildings while shooting at other targets. At least I'll get my exercise in, thought Adenn to himself. He didn't consider these troops a challenge, in any way shape or form. So, sighing again, Adenn got back to earning his paycheck.


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In Topic: First Order.... I want Endor

Yesterday, 09:52 PM

I'm interested now. How would this work, and if I went to help one side or the other. What could I get from it. xD. Honestly, this could be fun if done right.


In Topic: Omnitimeline Chaos Dueling Arena

Yesterday, 09:44 PM

I'm interested in this. So, sign me up for a fight. Sorry if I do this wrong, just what I imagine.



Skilled non-force sensitive

Mandalorian training. Lightsaber training. Extreme weapons training.


Armament is in my BIO.


To whoever wishes to duel with me, good luck.


Let's have fun. And either way, looking forward to see what happens. Best of luck to all


Lucius Alexandros

In Topic: A freighter, a bar, and a pretty girl

Yesterday, 08:38 PM

Surprised that Hawk hadn't tried to get the price lowered, Adenn had merely shrugged to himself. Then after he got her answer, he let a smile cross his features before he schooled it again. Thankfully he had his helmet on, so no one would notice, but better safe than sorry. He then turned to both of them while they spoke, merely listening. Adenn had nothing to say, so stayed quiet. Then when Hawk took out a holodevice, Adenn nodded his head before turning to the ship. He'd give him the privacy to give her whatever info he would, wasn't his business so he didn't want to intrude. Then, deciding to take a walk around the ship, the same way that Achilles had done, he did exactly that.


It took him a few moments, but Adenn walked around the entire ship, looking at all the details. The ship seemed to be well intact, if aside from some scorch marks here and there. Nodding to himself again, Adenn rounded the corner of the ship again and neared the other two once more(after any info is given). It seemed the two were done, so Adenn spoke up once more.

"Not bad of a ship. I can certainly see it has the potential to get some vultures strapped on, but you'd have to be careful with it all."


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