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#1916602 The Imperial Meeting (TJE & FE Only)

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on Yesterday, 08:25 PM

As Adenn sat next to Harris, he suddenly felt death at the door, and a coldness and darkness unlike any other pervade the room. This immediately set him on edge, it meant that a very powerful sith was nearby. Looking up, Adenn realized it wasn't just a powerful sith, it was the powerful sith lord. Adenn tilted his (helmeted)head to the side and looked at the emperor curiously. The sith had just apologized for being late and usually they simply said that the others were early. Deciding to be relatively polite, Adenn stood up at the same time that the Premier did. He then saluted the emperor, perhaps to garner favor, solidify this alliance or something else, none but Adenn knew. Though his motive was not known, his action was, as with a resounding clang, his fist clenched over his heart.


With that little matter settled, Adenn watched the Premier. He watched as the Premier introduced himself to the emperor. Staying on guard, Adenn gently ran a finger along a small leather pouch on his hip. The pouch was designed to keep the object within it safe, and so that it couldn't affect anyone. Because that pouch contained insurance, just in case things went badly and Adenn had to get members of the Fel Empire out quickly. It would certainly mess with the force, to say the least.


Adenn was sure that if things went bad, he could get himself out of the building. However, the contents of the pouch would certainly help him. Then Adenn noticed that his action had been one of the more conspicuous actions. Shrugging to himself, Adenn sat back down. Looking to his left then, Adenn noted the relatively calm comment of Jairdain. So, they knew one another. Adenn quirked an eyebrow at the thought, before turning his thoughts to the rest of the room. He looked at all of them and watched their reactions. They were all rather interesting and offered no small amount of amusement to Adenn, amusement he didn't even try to hide.



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Darth Necrin

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Nicole Callix

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Demitry Draskovits

Lakura Salim

Premier William Harris I

#1914457 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 15 February 2019 - 08:58 AM

Objective: Attack and destroy or drive off the CIS fleet

Allies: Mandalorians and allies,  Premier William Harris I | Vanessa Vantai | Flash Australis

Enemies: CIS and allies Amelia von SorennCaesar Kenway | Alden Akaran | John Locke | Voph

Opponent: CIS Fleeters

Location: Aboard the Aegis Eternum, in a hex near Eshan. Then enroute to Eshan



When the Super Star Destroyer(SSD) had arrived, Adenn simply grinned. Now the CIS were really screwed, however, they still had to show it to them. Thankfully though, that mission was now much easier for them. Then a single call came through to them about the medical shuttles. and Adenn sneered. Those medical transports where marked, it would simply seem that the CIS pilots were blind. All the better for him then, that video evidence could be shown to the GNN and other news networks. Then Adenn watched as the fighters attacking his shuttles broke off and were given the time to leave or be destroyed. At that, he heard some laughter from his bridge crew. Retreat? Mandalorians don't retreat, they fight and die to protect their vod, and the Eshani were currently their vod.


One of the comms officers opened a call line from the flight leader of all the shuttles.

Alor, with your permission, we'll continue to the planet. Those people down there need our help, whether Eshani or our fellow Mando'ade.

Adenn smiled grimly, he knew what they were asking. They were asking to fly through hell to help the Eshani. So he gave it to them.

You have my permission flight leader. Get down there, set up medical stations, supplies and help any Eshani you see. At the same time, help out the Mando'ade. Disrupt supply lines, harass their troops and cause as much havoc as you can.

Wilco alor! Flight lead, out.


And with that, all of the shuttles dived towards the planet. They charged through any fire that would come at them, past the missiles and the fighters. Some most likely would be shot down, others damaged, but the majority made it past. Once they were down, they headed to the edges of the city to set up medical camps. The troops would disperse, using the shuttles as anti-air against any fighters that may follow them. They set up medical camps, clearly marking them with medical symbols, and the troops went out to bring any Eshani to them. There, they would receive medical attention and other help they needed. Other troops went towards fighting, to do what they had been told to do. Some shuttles went in the air again to provide air support.


While all that was happening, Adenn had already turned away to look at the battle before him. As he watched, he saw the mass shadows appear, 2 in front, and 8 behind. Oh, whoever that fleet commander was, was a fool. They should have put them all in front, since they wouldn't retreat. Adenn began issuing orders.

Bottom left prong, move down below the mass shadows. Bottom right prong as well, you two will meet up below them and shoot up at the CIS ships. Weapons free. Fighters, deal with any CIS fighters that come at you. Keep a lane clear for the bombers. Bombers, continue hitting your assigned targets. Adenn watched in slow motion as several dozen shots were fired at him. Get ready top prong. Enemy fire incoming. We'll roll out of the line of fire in 3, 2, 1. NOW! With that, all the ships activated their side thrusters and rolled to port. With that simply maneuver, they avoided most of the enemy fire. Several shots hit them, but the shields held, if only barely.


At the same time, the carrier came out of its dive roll only to go right into the proton torpedos. At the same time, it came up right in front of the unicorn cruiser. It had come straight into the fire of oneIt shook from all the fire, before suddenly a massive explosion ripped through it. The shield generator had just blown up and ripped a hole into the side of the ship. People were torn out of the ship before the gap was closed using shields. It was too damaged to continue, but too slow to get out of the line of fire quickly. Knowing full well his predicament, the captain of the carrier had everyone evacuate his carrier. He left one final transmission before doing something drastic.

Vod, it's been an honor. But my time has come, I'll be sure to take as many of them out with me as I can.


With that said, the captain cut the call before pushing his ship forward. He put all power into the engines and went straight for the nearest ship. He was sacrificing himself to take out one of their ships. Tanking all of the shots that would be fired at it, the carrier kept shooting forward and firing its own weapons. Eventually it was close enough to the Ascensoriel Destroyer. Once there, the captain of the cruiser activated the self destruct device. It would blow up right next to the targeted ship hopefully destroying it, but it should at least take out the shield and some hull.


At the sign of the explosion, Adenn gave a salute to the captain of the ship. not wanting to waste the sacrifice, Adenn had his prong all open fire on that same ship(Ascensoriel Destroyer). Several bomber wings even dived towards the ship to shoot their proton torpedos at it. Hopefully they'd be able to destroy it. However, they had lost the first ship in this battle.


Along with that. The other 2 prongs had met up. They opened fire on the Nessius. They fired all batteries, from the smallest to the largest, only things not fired at it were the anti-fighter weapons.


Fleet Actions




I will be going on vacation tonight. So, if I cannot post anymore to this, then Quoron Cadera will be taking over my fleet. Sorry for any inconveniences, but I have to go. If I can post, I will. 

#1913649 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 13 February 2019 - 08:57 AM


Objective: Attack and destroy or drive off the CIS fleet

Allies: Mandalorians, Quoron Cadera , Premier William Harris I

Enemies: CIS, and allies

Opponent: CIS, @Amelia von Sorren , John Locke , and other fleeters

Location: Aboard the Aegis Eternum, system of Eshan

Fleet: Mors Classemque (Death Fleet)

As Adenn stood aboard the bridge of the Aegis Eternum, he had a feral grin on under his helmet. He had made the first move, and now his enemy had finally responded. Damage to them was negligible, but it mattered little to Adenn. He had their attention, which meant they wouldn't be able to focus on other things. While Adenn was looking out across his little fleet, he noticed that a large part of their fire went towards the escort carrier. That was a shame, they should've focused on bigger prey, not a simple escort carrier. After all, it may take a few hours, but by the end of this fight, his star fighters would be able to fix themselves up on Eshan.


It was a shame though, his fighters and some of his bombers would be severely depleted. Already, torpedos and missiles were exploding amongst them. Mainly it was the fighters, since the bombers were a bit back and separated, but they were both still hit. Already 1/5th of his fighters had been damaged, and many within that 1/5th were destroyed. Adenn snarled at the thought, he didn't know all of them personally, but they were his men, and they would be avenged. Many bombers made it through thanks to sheer luck, but were immediately in the fire of the corvettes. They managed to avoid those shots better, simply because of the distance; though several were still hit and/or destroyed.


At the same time, Adenn ordered the escort carrier to flip and dive(like a dive bomber). After receiving confused questions from the Captain of the ship, it did as ordered. During the dive, it took several hits to the lower part of the ship, and its shields were overloaded and several shots hit the underside before it managed to pull out of the line of fire. The captain of the ship was noticeably angry, but continued in his duty; deploying even more fighters and bombers. Adenn turned to his destroyers next.

Return fire in kind. Three Mandalorian Destroyers(MD), focus fire on that ship(1 of the Melabranches). Hammerheads and the other MD, fire on that ship(closest Ascensorial SD). Concentrate fire together, shoot missiles as well. Adenn then turned to his Kanjiklub Deceivers. I want you 3 to drop all pretenses. Let them see the full might of our fleet. I want the Deceivers to fire on the last two ships(Hermes and Piranha). Also, get those fighters up!


With his ships in position, Adenn suddenly received a flurry of calls from the shuttles. They were under attack, and several of the medical ships had been shot down along with normal ships. Adenn smiled grimly, let the galaxy see the CIS for what it really was. He then opened an open call to the CIS.


Look at the damage you've done you fools. This city will be rubble thanks to you, and many of my medical transports have been damaged. Yet you still claim to fight for peace, and the liberation of an already free people. Look at the city you are destroying! There was almost nothing damaged before, and now I see rubble where CIS troops march. You are fools, all of you. You say you know war, yet you face only a small part of our might. We shall destroy you, you and your pitiful fleet.


Fleet Actions


Damage Taken


#1913493 The Imperial Meeting (TJE & FE Only)

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 12 February 2019 - 09:29 PM

Adenn had remained standing close to the glass but at the edge of the wall. He didn't know who else would show up, so best to remain aloof of them all and still have a quick exit handy. Then the Premier walked, Adenn nodded to him in greeting. At first, Adenn was going to move forward to see what the Premier would want to discuss in this meeting, but then he spoke with one of the Sith there so Adenn stayed where he was. He simply observed who else came.


Due to this he saw a woman he'd only heard of so far(Jairdain), though he didn't move to talk with her. Perhaps he could do so later, it would be an interesting conversation. Next arrived someone who was undoubtedly on the Dark Council, when he came in, Adenn tilted his head forward to him. It was more to see the reaction than anything else. Next came in someone who was probably an acolyte, or some other such lower rank. When that acolyte came over to introduce himself, Adenn merely looked to him not saying anything. That might come later; though Adenns hypothesis that he was an acolyte was confirmed when he stood to the side of the room. Kalic as well came in, and a small smile appeared under Adenns helmet but it disappeared just as quickly, he nodded to Kalic as well.


After that, what could've been another Darth or Council member arrived, didn't matter, Adenn simply nodded to her. The lady that followed the prior person in was most likely the apprentice, Adenn did the same thing to her that she did to him, which was essentially nothing. It took a few more moments, but it seemed like nobody else would be coming in.


Adenn shook his head to himself. He was always ready for anything, but he was also partially here to protect Harris. Head of Security and all that, wasn't always fun. Here, if things went south, it would be hard getting Harris out. Regardless of that, Adenn simply walked over to Harris and sat down next to him. Let the others think what they may, Adenn didn't care. He'd killed many of their kind before, and could do it again. It may seem smug and overconfident, but that's what he was. He can't change that, so Adenn didn't really do much to hide his confidence(in the force). After sitting down, Adenn nodded to Harris and Jairdain, he didn't say anything, that would be for later.


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#1913224 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 12 February 2019 - 08:56 AM


Objective: Attack and destroy or drive off the CIS fleet

Allies: Mandalorians, Quoron Cadera

Enemies: CIS, and allies

Opponent: CIS, Amelia von Sorenn John Locke and other fleeters

Location: Aboard the Aegis Eternum, system of Eshan

Fleet: Mors Classemque (Death Fleet)


More and more ships had constantly arrived, ships from both sides. Adenn was rather surprised, he didn't quit understand why so many people had taken an interest in Eshan, but it didn't matter in the end. There would be those who would fight him, those who would help him. Either way, Adenn and his fleet would destroy the CIS. So far there had been very little opposition to them, nobody had directly attacked them with an entire fleet. Just a few ships here and there, but they were quickly swept aside.
Adenn stood on the bridge of the Aegis Eternum, he looked out at his prong of the attack. It was a beautiful choreography of war; and it was all under his command. Then he looked to Eshan, the fires of war were already evident. The CIS had decided to attack not only the Mandalorians, but the Eshani as well. Adenn scoffed, they claimed to come to free the Eshani from the "tyrannical" grasp of the Mandalorians, but they themselves were killing the people they claimed to save. This proved an opportunity though, so Adenn ordered cameras to start rolling, they'd record this battle and the atrocities of the CIS. Then he had them active on the bridges of his ships, let the people of the galaxy see the Mandalorians for who they were here. The helpers of the Eshani.
The comms officer opened a line for Adenn to his fleet.
Alright listen up. The CIS claim to be "saving" the Eshani, but look. They're burning it down, and slaughtering the people there. This will not stand! I want drop pods to land on the outskirts of the cities, avoid damaging property as much as possible. First priority is to get the Eshani out of there, second is to kill all those CIS buggers. The Eshani have suffered enough as it is. Ease their suffering, provide medical aide to the wounded and get them out of the line of fire. As well, repaint some shuttles to have medical symbols on them. Send those down with medical supplies and other aid, get them to the medical camps. Set up some of our own as well. We need to get damage control going, protect those sites, but keep the Eshani safe. Adenn Kyramud out.
With that said, Adenn turned to begin his own fight. He watched as the shuttles began to stream out from the ships, the would head down to the surface and do what they'd been tasked with. At the same time, fighters did final checks before setting themselves for attacks. The biggest and most obvious target was their flaship, but at the same time, the CIS had received more reinforcements. There were many targets, and not as many means to kill them. Adenn then looked out across the void and saw the locations of his two other prongs. They would attack once the word was given, already they had to fight off some CIS ships.
Then Adenn turned back to the front, thankfully his ship didn't look like a flag ship, it was only a small ship. Adenn then realized something, the debris from the ships could land on Eshan, and that just couldn't happen. So turning back to this comms officer, he gave another order.
All ships, move accordingly to the following orders. Fire so that no stray shots could hit Eshan, make sure that debris cannot hit Eshan, and if some debris heads down to the planet, send some bombers to destroy it before it can hit the city. Do NOT, I say again, do NOT bomb the city. NO orbital bombardments of any kind. That's all. Let's get down to it. Attack these CIS di'kuts.
With that said, the prongs adjusted themselves accordingly before attacking en force. At the moment, the prongs still looked to be smaller forces than what they really were, but that would change eventually. For now though, they would fire according to what the CIS would see in the field from the Kanjiklub Deceivers.
The fire from their ships began to shoot towards the CIS fleet. All the other ships started shooting, they'd try to hit the heavier ships first. As well the bombers began to move out. If all went well, they would hit the shields and hangers first. Fighters shot out from the group in small groups, they would do their best to keep any vultures and other fighters at bay.
Ships: Hitting heavy hitting ships and the CIS flag ship
Fighters: keep vultures and bombers at bay
Bombers: hit hangers and shields
Shuttles: those filled with medical supplies headed to medical camps. With troops headed to the city to assist with fighting.

#1913055 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 11 February 2019 - 09:23 PM


Objective: Attack and destroy or drive off the CIS fleet

Allies: Mandalorians and allies

Enemies: CIS and allies

Opponent: CIS Fleeters

Location: Aboard the Aegis Eternum, in a hex near Eshan. Then enroute to Eshan


We Are Warriors (song)


It was a peaceful day out in the void, and for that Adenn was happy. Well, it wasn't the only reason, but it was part of it. The main reason why he was so happy was because he'd recently been given access to some new ships. Not just some, but a small fleet of them, enough to burn a world to the ground if need be. The small fleet had been named the Mors Classemque(Death Fleet). A rather fitting name for the fleet. It was death incarnate, and Adenn was in command of it; and Adenn wished to see his fleet once again. Thus, it wasn't long before Adenn found himself on the bridge looking out across the void, and towards his many new ships. They gleamed in the faint light of the nearby sun. It was an impressive display of technical engineering. Though the view that Adenn had was interrupted by a message from one of the bridge crew.


When Adenn read the message, he very nearly crushed the datapad in his hand. On the screen one could see, CIS attacking Eshan. Sensors tripped, troops deployed, fleet damaged. A few moments ago Adenn had been happy,now he was furious. The CIS had decided to attack Eshan, whatever reason they had for attacking a part of the Mandalorian Empire, they would pay for it. Turning towards his bridge crew, he spoke to his little fleet.

Listen up everyone. Red Zero, Red Zero, Red Zero. Eshan is being attacked by the CIS. We're close by, so we're heading there to destroy their pitiful fleet and kill their soldiers. They will regret the day they decided to attack the Mandalorian Empire. Today the scrap heap has come to us. So let's not let it go to waste. Everyone get your weapons ready, I want boarding pods prepped, drop pods ready. Get the AT-ADs and Titan Tanks prepped. We will make them pay for this transgression! Oya vod!

A similar message was sent to nearby Mandalorian outposts and ships. That message read "To all nearby Mandalorian troops, ships whatever. The CIS is invading Eshan. I repeat, the CIS is invading Eshan! These scrap heaps are asking for a thrashing, so let's give one to them."


With that said, Adenn cut the transmission. He turned to his bridge, they were already in a flurry of activity. Coordinates for Eshan were set, and after a few minutes calls from the other ships in the fleet came through. They were all ready, just waiting for the command to jump. After checking to make sure everyone was ready one last time, Adenn ordered his fleet to jump to Eshan. Thankfully, the fleet was near Eshan, so it only took a few minutes to get there. Once they arrived at the edge of the system, they saw war, and a fleet of CIS ships. Adenn growled at the sight, these aruetiis would learn the errors of their ways soon enough.


Since they were at the edge of the, no one should be able to detect them. So Adenn ordered the Kanjiklub deceivers to cause some havoc. Said havoc was in the form of them displaying more ships than were there, as well as make themselves appear bigger. At the same time, the other destroyers deployed their fighter complements. Soon enough the area around the destroyers were filled with fighters. It didn't seem like much, but it was. As well, within each of the ships that had hangers. Drop pods had been prepped and were simply awaiting their drops, shuttles had been filled with AT-ADs and Mandalorians.


Each and every single one of them was more than ready to defend Eshan. It may seem like an invasion force, but it was a defense force. They were all ready to jump straight into the fires of war. They had all done their pre-war rituals, prepared themselves to the best of their abilities. Calls of "oya" were heard all around.


Meanwhile on the bridge of the Aegis Eternum, Adenn was pacing back and forth. He was debating what to do, he had many ships, yes, but not enough to single handedly do anything against the CIS. He knew more people were there, and coming, but that didn't take away from the fact that in the end, it would still be a slugfest with tactics. It took a minute, but he had a plan. Adenn had the fleet split into 3 prongs, with 1 Kanjiklub Deceiver in the middle of it all. The deceivers had their holo projectors active to display weaker ships than what was really there. All the fighters had been deployed, so they were kept close to the fleets, well within the projectors range. They wouldn't be seen until it was too late. As well, the bombers were sent through routes not filled with ships from his fleet.


Adenn snarled out an order
Move the fleet out, let's show these CIS fools the meaning of war.


3 prongs were headed towards the CIS fleet from the edge of the system. 1 would come from the "top", the 2nd would come from the "left bottom", and the 3rd would come from the "right." The bombers themselves would go in the gaps between each prong, ready and waiting. They had a good mix of ion torpedoes, and proton torpedoes.

#1912675 The Second Collapse

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 10 February 2019 - 10:29 PM

Adenn had begun to make his way towards the queens side when Alexander stopped him short with his words. Deciding not to be even ruder than he had been, Adenn stopped and listened to what he had to say. Adenn let his impassive helmets face plate greet Alexanders words. It seemed rather pompous to Adenn what he had said. After all, this meeting hadn't even started yet, he still only ruled over one people, one group, not multiple. Instead of saying anything to his first line, Adenn merely tipped his head slightly forward. Then he straightened it fully while listening to the rest of his little speech. He very nearly scoffed, but kept himself in check.


"Respectfully sir. I'm no war hero, I simply did my job. And that's all anyone can and should do, the best for their people." With that said, Adenn began to turn away from Alexander, but then he noticed his outstretched hand. It seemed almost like a plea, as if he wanted him to accept him for who he was. Adenn turned back towards the new Emperor, and noted fully how he was acting. He waited a moment or two before slowly reaching out his hand and shaking Alexanders hand. In the handshake, Adenn gave a little more pressure than what was needed, simply to show that he didn't quiet trust or believe him, but he was getting there. Then Adenn let go, nodded his head and walked towards the other end of the table with the queen.


There he stood as still as a statue, it seemed even as if he weren't breathing. Adenn was there to ensure everything went A-OK, but he would still keep an eye on Alexander. He wanted to see what the kid would do.


Premier William Harris I Kalic Daws Alexander Fel II

#1912647 The Second Collapse

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 10 February 2019 - 09:30 PM


1 & 3


When Adenn had heard the King had died, he was shocked. He didn't really know the King that well, but he seemed nice. This new "Emperor" was a new factor, one that Adenn didn't trust. When he had heard that there was an Emperor, Adenn had scoffed. He didn't believe it until he'd seen it. Adenn didn't judge a book by its cover, but someone who had just become the leader, and immediately named themselves Emperor, didn't sit well with him. So, when he had been offered the chance to accompany him to a meeting with a queen, Adenn had accepted. So, that's how he ended up here, in Tantorous.


Adenn had arrived some time before the scheduled meeting and been in the castle. He'd asked that he be informed when the new leader arrived, but that message had come a bit late. Thus Adenn found himself speed walking towards the meeting area. He didn't know what to expect, who, or what may come, so he had brought 2 squads and 2 AT-ADs with him. After all, one never knew what may come. It took a few moments, but eventually they got the meeting room. There, Adenn had 1 squad remain outside with one AT-AD, while the others would enter the room with him. That's how they entered, with Adenn at the front, the squad of Mandos behind him and the AT-AD forming up the rear.


With a quick head movement of Adenn, his men spread out across the room, with the AT-AD remaining near the door. Adenn himself walked towards the Premier and Vickers. At the same time he noted the new leader, or the Emperor as the presumptuous person called himself. Looking towards the Premier and Vickers, Adenn realized what this could look like, but frankly he didn't care. Instead he walked towards the Premier and said.

"Hey there Premier, Vickers. Good to see you both again. And this is the new Emperor." At that Adenn turned towards the man. "Hello there, sir. I'm just here to help protect the Premier, and I suppose yourself. I'll leave you to the talks."


With that said, Adenn turned on his heel and walked back towards one end of the table, said end just so happened to be opposite of where the Emperor sat. If questioned, Adenn would simply say it was to ensure the delegation didn't do anything, but he and his men knew, it would be to keep more of an eye on the Emperor than anything. But thoughts aside, Adenn simply stood and waited, along with his men. He did note the others in the room, but payed them little mind. None would be a challenge to him, should any need arise.


Premier William Harris I Alexander Fel II

#1912613 Dead trial

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 10 February 2019 - 08:33 PM

When Deadeye spoke up, Adenn had to force himself to calm himself. He centered himself, but placed a hand on his westar, and another to his lightsaber. Then he turned around slowly and menacingly.

"We are not friends aruetii. You are a traitor, a coward and deserve death." Looking to Star and then back to Deadeye. "Dar'manda is fine and all, but I think after all he's done he deserves a step up. He is in my eyes, dar'ali. No longer of the Mandalorians. You have done more harm than good to anyone here. I'd consider anyone here my friend, except you." He walked took a step towards Deadeye, but then stopped. He was out of reach of Deadeye, but was ready for anything. Adenn had a snear under his helmet, but he wouldn't do anything until approved.


Stardust Australis Skirae Deadeye @Skorvek@Mig Gred 



Dar'ali- No longer a Mandalorian, cannot become a Mandalorian again. if seen by a Mando'a, they can and should kill the person who is declared dar'ali. (Broad generalization, from what I remember)

#1912558 Dead trial

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 10 February 2019 - 06:26 PM

When the Mandalorian council member finally arrived, Adenn stepped away from Mig. He had a feeling he would be called forward first, after all, he had witnessed most of what Deadeye had done so far. Speaking of which, he turned his head towards him and gave a glare under his helmet. But before he could do anything else, the council member spoke. Then Adenn was called forward, so he went forward. He went to the middle of the chamber, and in front of the council seats. There he gave a quick salute, chest clenched and slammed against his chest piece, with that resounding clang, Adenn bowed his head forward before straightening and speaking.


"First of all, I wish to say thank you for coming and hearing this. So, let me start from the beginning. This hut'uun here has committed several crimes against not only fellow vod, but against an allied faction. That faction is the Fel Empire. There, he started a coup and attempted to assassinate the Premier, murdered citizens of the Fel Empire. He also captured and tortured soldiers of the Fel Imperium, stole property of the Fel Imperium, and destroyed several buildings on the capital of Osseriton." Adenn stopped and took a breath, it was a lot to say, "That's only what he has done against one of our allies. The following that he has done, not only shows him as a hut'uun, but as an aruetii. On the world of Hapes, he hid fugitives of the Fel Empire there, smuggled aruetii onto the planet. On to other things, he started the firefight on Hapes against myself and my clan, injured several of my clan members(Clan Mortui), not only on Hapes, but above Osseriton as well and killed many more, or had them killed."


Adenn stopped for a moment, took another deep breath. Then he sighed, looked around at the others present before beginning again.

"That's what he's done so far. Again, not only against the Mandalorian Empire, but an ally of ours, the Fel Empire. Deadeye there is a hut'uun and an aruetii. I hope that answers some questions, though I know it probably raises many more."

With all that said, Adenn turned his head slightly to look at the others behind him. After glancing at them, he turned his attention back to the council member.


Skorvek Deadeye Mig Gred Stardust Australis Skirae

#1912440 Ghost Fleet (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-46)

Posted by Adenn Kyramud on 10 February 2019 - 03:20 PM



Adenn had been contacted by the Jen'Ari Empire to find and explore a ghost fleet. Said fleet had gone missing thanks to some strange creatures, creatures that Adenn and his men had never seen. The only images that were of the creatures were most peculiar. When Adenns "medics" had seen the image, they were impressed. Their prognosis was as follows. A large creature, designed to hunt. The teeth indicated that it could be good for ripping, possibly even strong enough to get through armor. The color of the skin indicates that the creature could be very stealthy, especially in dark spaces.


That information was distributed to all of the troops aboard the Aegis Eternum. Many scoffed at the thought, which creatures could be strong enough to get through Beskar. Everyone else though, they were wary. The possibility was there, and if they could get through their armor, they'd have to fight twice as hard, at least. Adenn himself was skeptical of the information, after all they could only see the mouth. However, the possibility was there. So Adenn would take the information, after all, it was the only info they had. With that in mind, Adenn found himself in the armory, along with his men. He ordered his men to get some heavy weapons, such as DLT-19s and A1 Vulcan rotary guns. Several also retrieved rocket launchers, grenade lanchers and thermal dets. Some even got flash bangs, others mocked them for it. After all, what could some light do against these creatures. They were silenced though when Adenn himself grabbed some. He also had his men grab some kinetic weapons. Who knew what these things were resistant too.


With all that in mind, Adenn made his way back to the bridge while his men made themselves to the hanger and drop area. Adenn arrived on the bridge just in time for them to come out of hyperspace. A quick scan of the system revealed not only their current allies, it showed the Ghost Fleet. It was massive, 14 star destroyers just hung in space. The sight was impressive, and Adenn idly wondered if he could keep one of the star destroyers once the mission was completed. He shook himself out of his thoughts, then he looked at the fleet and noted that some shuttles were headed towards the first star destroyer. Then Adenn looked at all of the Star Destroyers himself.


After careful consideration, Adenn decided to have his troops board the last star destroyer, Star Destroyer number 14, nicknamed the Archangel by the bridge crew. Adenn smiled at their antics, it was as good a name as any. Now though, he really hoped he'd be able to keep it. Ordering them to remain close by and ready with support. Then on his way down, Adenn remember something. The special boarding shields of Clan Mortui had just recently arrived aboard the Aegis Eternum. Quickly heading back to the armory, Adenn grabbed one for himself and had so more of his men come back and get some.


A few minutes later, Adenn found himself on board a shuttle headed to the Archangels main hanger bay. Looking around the shuttle again, Adenn noted the 2 squads of Mandalorians with him, as well as the 2 AT-ADs at the front of the shuttle. Alongside the Mandos were soem "medics," they had been given free reign to experiment with any creatures captured. This view was in all the other shuttles as well, except one. That one shuttle was filled with several AT-ADs. Adenn didn't know how well they'd fit in the corridors, but it could never hurt to have some with them. Turning away from the view, Adenn looked down at the datapd. The information from the scan was there, it was inconclusive, but better than nothing. There were signs of movement, but life signs were inconclusive. But movement signs, hopefully they were faulty, or else they would be in for one hell of a fight.


Once they finally reached the main hanger bay(MHB), the troops immediately spread out into the gloom. They exited the shuttles and entered the gloom of the Archangel. It was pitch black, with the only lights coming from the helmets of the Mandalorians and spotlights of the AT-ADs and shuttles. Adenn looked around before sighing to himself. This mission would be interesting to say the least. With his men looking around, the lights never fully stayed in one spot for long. That was until they heard a hiss. At that sound, nearly every single light went towards where they thought it had come from. Only to reveal nothing. Adenn shook his head before calling out

"Come on boys, cheer up. Whatever was here is probably dead. So let's get a move on and start searching this ship." After receiving several calls of "Yes sir!" they began to head out into the gloom.


As they walked towards the corridors, they spotted skeletons and bodies in several locations, and blood everywhere. It was disturbing to say the least. Once they reached the corridors, the AT-ADs and Mandos with shields took point, everyone else spread out behind them. Adenn himself was on point, with his helmet light on, his shield was attached to the shield of the man next to him, and his westar carbine was resting on the firing slit. The 2 squads from the shuttle were behind him, with one AT-AD at the back and one directly behind the shield wall. The AT-ADs had to crouch walk, but they managed, if only barely. It would help prevent any ambushes, hopefully. Though, throughout all this, Adenn was painfully aware that anything could be hiding in the dark. The lights only went so far, and night vision didn't quite do the job in this gloom. With his men and the AT-ADs behind him and next to him, Adenn should have felt like he could take on anything, instead, he only felt a sense of impending doom.



Boarding shield

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#1911882 The Imperial Meeting (TJE & FE Only)

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When Adenn had received the call to come to a meeting in the Fel Embassy, he had chuckled. They were in luck, he was in the military base for his clan on the planet. Though this may be the case, Adenn knew that he didn't have to get there immediately. So, he took his time on the trip. Rather than simply fly directly towards the embassy, Adenn flew his speeder around the city. He looked out across the place, it was raining, as per usual, and was dark and gloomy. Adenn noted that activity still continued undiminished, not unusual considering everyone was used to the rain by now. Though, many had open speeders, and now armor on. Adenn did have an open speeder, for quicker exits if need be, he didn't need a closed one. His armor more than easily enough blocked all the rain out. He was perfectly fine and warm within the confines of his armor.


It took a few minutes thanks to his detour, but eventually Adenn arrived at the embassy. He parked his speeder near the front entrance before walking in. Upon entering, Adenn noticed the receptionist and the stormtroopers. He walked over, but before he could say anything, she looked up and asked him how she could help. Adenn explained why he was there and was directed towards the meeting room. He entered the turbolift and went to the designated floor. A short walk later, and Adenn was standing in front of the conference door. Chuckling to himself, Adenn opened the door and walked in.


Upon entering, Adenn saw that he was the second person to arrive, the first being some sith lord. Adenn didn't let this bother him though, he had taken his time arriving, yet was still early. This either spoke of laziness, or sloppiness on the other participants part. Adenn walked in and uttered a simple greeting to the sith. He then positioned himself near the front, but didn't seat himself. Adenn much preferred standing in such situations. One never knows what could happen, and standing would give him more chances to evade any attacks.


Darth Pyktis 
Kalic Daws
Darth Animus
Darth Aegis
Darth Rowe
Darth Necrin
Kao Xusros
Nicole Callix
Jorus Dane
Demitry Draskovits
Lakura Salim
Premier William Harris I

#1911517 The Oyar'u Experience (M.E. Only)

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When Kylo called to his cousin, Adenn didn't bother turning around. He still had his helmet on, so he simply looked at them through his helmet. Adenn decided not to comment on that, let the man do what he wished to do. Then he thought about it for a moment, the things A'den could offer him, and what he could offer him.


"Well, where to start. There are several things I can offer. I have old and new plans of several things. Ships, you name the class, I have schematics for it. There are droids, some specs for Basalisks, the originals basically. My engineers can also merge designs and specs. So, if you ever wanted say, a, basalisk made specifically for sieges, we could do it. Just some stuff I can offer."


Lao Tzu Kylo Kyr'am Talimet Garon Beth Cadera

#1911024 The Oyar'u Experience (M.E. Only)

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As sat down, he noticed the 2 black troopers that approached before being waved away. He was sure he could handle them, but it was nice to not have to fight. Then he chuckled at his comment. Oh the irony of the situation.


"Bravery isn't always the reasons behind what someone does. And good thing I'm not like most, eh vod. As to what I want, I simply wish to meet and speak with the one who makes some of the best weapons I've ever seen. Along with that, I wish to possibly make another ally from a fellow vod. After all, those who make weapons will be needed in the future. I wish to see those that make good weapons, such as yourself and your clan, remain around for long. I don't mean to say you can't look out for yourselves, quite the contrary." Adenn sighed, and chuckled a bit. "My clan has some minor vehicle and weapons production. I would propose an alliance of sorts."


Talimet GaronKylo Kyr'amBeth Cadera

#1910668 Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

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Looking forward to this fight. I kind of want to do some fleeting(if agreed to even happen). Would prefer some fleeting, for the experience stuff, but, if it doesn't happen, I'll be glad to fight anyone on the ground.


My first big battle, hehe. Let's have fun:)