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Adenn Kyramud

Adenn Kyramud

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  • Name: Chulan
  • Designation: Sentient
  • Origins: Tracyn
  • Average Lifespan: 1,000 years
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: At first glance, one notices that these are tall, taller than most humans. They are also well armed and armored, having a range of weapons from close quarters to long range. If you see one without the helmet, they have razor sharp teeth and 4 mandibles surrounding the mouth. Each mandible has 1 sharp tooth. If they have the helmet on, then one can only see the black braids hanging from the side and back of the head.


  • Breathes: Type 1 and 2
  • Average Height of Adults: 2.0-3.0
  • Average Length of Adults: N/A
  • Skin color: Black, Dark Brown, rare Light Brown
  • Hair color: Black
  • Distinctions:
  • Tall- All specimens of this species are very tall compared to normal humans. With most them towering over most humans.
  • Strong- Overall, the species is at least 3 times as strong as a regular human. This is not taking into consideration any armor that they may wear, which would increase their strength once more. Strenght transfers to the lower body, and thus can jump 3 times their own height.
  • Infra-red eyesight- They can see in infra-red and normal light waves.
  • Tough skin- The skin is so tough that they can shrug off low caliber slug thrower rounds.
  • Braids- The older one of the species gets, the longer the braids grow.
  • Races: N/A
  • Force Sensitivity Rare



  • Incredible Strength
  • Great agility
  • Advanced technology
  • Infra-red and normal light eyesight


  • Honor system. Will not hunt/fight someone they see as beneath them
  • Can be blinded by flashbangs longer than humans without their helmets on
  • Hubris, believe that those not of equal skill to them cannot beat them


  • Diet: Omnivore
  • Communication: Main language is “Naluch” ; consisting of clicks and barks of the mandibles and mouth. Have learned to speak Galactic Basic and Mando’a
  • Technology level: Above the Galactic Standard
  • Religion/Beliefs: The hunt is everything. To get anywhere in their society, one must have completed hunts of worthy prey. Along with this, the strong lead the weak and those who are weak are cut out. Another distinguishing feature for them is ritualistic mutilation of prey. They do this to those they deem "unworthy." The way the leadership is comprised is below.
  • Leadership Tree:
  • Clan Leaders- Lead the clan and are the most powerful warrior in the entire clan.
  • Ancients- Directly under the clan leader, or the clan leader. Almost at the end of their lives, but still very skilled in combat.
  • Elites- The best warriors in the clan. Directly under the ancients and sometimes even ancients themselves. Elites are often specialized in a specific way of hunting. IE: Longer range or short range.
  • Blooded- Have participated in some hunts or many, and killed at least 5 truly dangerous enemies.
  • Un-blooded- Usually the young, have not been on any hunts or simply haven’t killed anything of note yet.

General behavior: The Chulan are a warrior people. Their young are brought up in the warrior ways of the old. The Chulan behave honorably, only fighting those that they consider worthy. They do not attack those who do not fight them, or have no weapons on them or nearby.

None of the Chulan know from whence they came before Tracyn. They only know that Tracyn has become their home. Throughout their history, they have advanced from simple spear and sword wielding savages, into honorable warriors fighting with blasters and advanced tech. The first truly notable thing to happen to them was the partial destruction of Tracyn. A portion of the planet broke off from the main, in doing so, it killed many Chulanis. However, this also brought to them a deep sense of unity. As all who survived the “Breaking” went on to become Clan Leaders. These were the first of their kind, and led through survival of the fittest. That survival of the fittest led to all future generations growing the strong, and cutting out the weak.


After those events, the Chulan faced problems, their planet could not support them the way it had. Thus, they had to grow and find new sources of food. Eventually they did, in the form of space travel. The exact date is unknown because until recently, the Chulan did not track time the way the rest of the galaxy did. When they began traveling to space, they traveled to other planets. First contact with other species never went well. In fact, some went so horribly that the Chulan decided to never announce their presence. Instead, they created stealth technology and used that to land on different planets. All other species are treated with hostility, only those showing warrior ways are treated with respect (IE: Mandalorians, etc.).


This hostility that they held to others came also to those who tried to visit their planet. Such as Clan Mortui did. When the Mandalorians of Clan Mortui landed on Tracyn, they encountered clan leaders of the Chulan. The Clan said they were warriors, and the Chulani wanted to see the proof. Thus, the Chulans champion Clan Leader confronted the Alor of Clan Mortui and challenged him to a fight; to prove who was the better warrior. It took a long time, longer than any of the Chulan had expected, but eventually the Alor beat the champion of the Chulan. Upon seeing this outcome, the Chulan realized the prowess of the Clan and pledged loyalty to them. The majority of the Chulan accepted this and did the same.


Today, 03:35 PM




  • Planet Name: Tracyn
  • Demonym: Tracynians or simply as Mando'ade
  • RegionUnknown Regions
  • System Name: Omni
  • System Features: (all the info is in “Planetary Features”)
  • Contritione Pervalida (shard in Latin)
  • Collapsed planet
  •  Here you may list suns, moons, other planets, important asteroid belts, spatial anomalies, or other features of the star system. You may also include orbital position, rotational period (length of day), and orbital period (days in a year) in this section. if you have submitted Astronomical Objects for this system, you may link them here, and if you would like to expand on the system in more detail, you may use that template to do it at your leisure. ]
  • Coordinates: J, 17 (idk if that 100% right, so. In the empty hex above Bintir)
  • Major Imports: Beskar’gam is sometimes brought in. Very small amount, only on ships approved by Clan Mortui.
  • Major Exports: Skilled warriors. No supplies exported due to the discreet nature of the planet.
  • Unexploited Resources: None


  • Gravity: Standard
  • Climate: Humid all around. Hot around the cracked portion.
  • [ Temperate is Earth-like. Make notes of anything substantially different yet similar to Temperate. Add Controlled for when most of the climate is controlled by technology. Use words such as Arid or Frozen to describe single biome worlds. ]
  • Primary Terrain: Jungle and fire plains (thanks to the part of the planet broken off)
  • Atmosphere: Type 2


  • Capital City: Oriya be Tracyn

Planetary Features

Collapsed planet

  • Within the system, and most prominently around Tracyn, is wreckage and debris. The wreckage/debris acts as a natural barrier to Tracyn. To reach Tracyn, one must pass through this wreckage. There is a specific route that changes little, though only members of Clan Mortui know the way through. Those who do not know the way must attempt to fly through the wreckage, which is filled with various destroyed vessels and asteroids. Alongside this, on many asteroids are laser turrets designed to shoot down ships.

Moon Base(s)

  • These bases are simply that, bases. Nothing special here, just some more anti-air and anti-ship weapons. Standard sensors and comms. Nothing as advanced as the FOB, though each base acts as area denial. They are meant to prevent ships from entering orbit in their immediate areas.

Contritione Pervalida (shard in Latin)

  • The Contritione Pervalida(Contri for short) is the shard of the planet floating above Tracyn. The shard was quickly noted for its strategic value and a FOB was set up on it. Other than the FOB, there is nothing else on the contri.
  • This FOB was created once Clan Mortui arrived at Tracyn. The FOB has the best sensor and comms arrays the Clan has, along with several anti-air and anti-ship weapons. It was designed to be a semi forward warning base, and area denial base. Forward warning because the sensors can scan throughout the entire system, and will immediately alert the clan if anyone jumps in system. It is area denial because it prevents anyone to be able to remain in orbit, or even near orbit, on that side of the planet.

Oriya be Tracyn

  • The city of fire. This is the main base of operation for Clan Mortui and the capital of Tracyn. Built where the member s of Clan Mortui first landed, the city of fire is named so due to the amount of fire there. In the center of the city is a literal geyser of fire shooting up from the ground. When Clan Mortui first landed, they were attracted to the geyser and made their city around it. The city is expansive and spreads out from the geyser in equal proportions. There are weapon smiths, armor smiths, bars and other shops spread throughout the city.
  • Within the city, there are no allied factions, no other mandalorians. To be in this city, or even in the system, one must be of Clan Mortui. Thus, all who walk the streets have Clan Mortui markings.

Beskar Mine

  • Beskar, one of the rarest materials in the galaxy, and one of only a few found in select locations. The greatest deposits of Beskar are on Mandalore and her sister planets. However, Clan Mortui struck gold, ahem Beskar, with Tracyn. There is a cash of beskar within the core of Tracyn. The only reason it was found is because part of the planet is in orbit of the planet, and not attached to it.
  • Upon discovering the cache, Clan Mortui immediately set up a mine on the planet. They have not extensively used it, as beskar is rare, and they wish to use it when it is necessary, until then take/buy from Mandalore.


  • Native Species: Chulan
  • Immigrated Species: Mandalorians (Humans, some xeno)
  • Population:Moderate
  • Demographics: Half and Half. Half the population is human, the other half are aliens. From those aliens, the majority are Chulan.
  • Primary Languages: Mando’a ; Naluch
  • Culture: Mandalorian culture. Overall a warrior culture; one of the hunt.


  • Government: Dictatorship. Alor of Clan Mortui has the final say.
  • Affiliation: Clan Mortui. Semi allied with the ME, though the planets location isn’t known to them.
  • Wealth Medium.  The wealth is distributed to all members of society that contribute. 
  • Stability Medium: Between one another, the people are calm. There are occasionally fights to reaffirm or prove ones honor. Aside from that, the populace lives prepared for war, but living in peace. Outsiders are looked down upon unless an ally, or someone who wishes to join Clan Mortui.
  • Freedom & Oppression: All the populace is free, 100%. No fear of the ruling body; people happy. Illegal items are frowned upon, but then again, what is legal and illegal is relative to the times.


  • Military: Extremely militarized, the entire populace has weapons. Could be considered a fortress world.
  • Forces: 100 active AT-ADs. 1000 deactivated AT-ADs, take several minutes to activate
  • 100 Titan Tanks. 300 in reserves
  • 10k Mandalorian troops from Clan Mortui; not counting the general populace
  • Technology: Slightly above the Galactic Standard

During the times of the Galactic Empire, Clan Mortui left civilized space. They decided to travel to the Unknown Regions and find a new place to call home, and they found that home, in the form of Tracyn. Upon arriving in the system for the first time, the members of Clan Mortui were astonished. There floating before them was a massive debris field, and within that field was a planet. It had gone through some cataclysmic change because a piece of it was floating in orbit.

After several attempts, Clan Mortui eventually made it past the wreckage and towards the planet. Once they scanned the planet, they discovered a deposit of beskar in/near the core. This solidified the belief of not only the Alor, but the clan members that this place should be their new home. So, with all due haste, Clan Mortui set down near a geyser of fire to begin building their city.

 However, upon landing they came across the Chulan. The semi-native race of the planet.

It took several years, but eventually a city took shape around the geyser. From there, the Mandalorians spread out across the planet and built other things.

At the same time, bases were established on the planet piece and the moons. These bases had the most advanced tech at the time, and they still do to this day. Each base receives new tech every 5 years which allows them to remain ahead of the game in the tech department.


All Out War

14 February 2019 - 09:01 PM

Just a little idea that has been spinning around my head for a while now.


What if we had a galaxy spanning free for all, everyone vs everyone. No factions, alliances, friends. Just the player, vs everyone else. I know this may seem a tad far fetched, but I'll list some of the rules I thought of.

  • PvP, PvE allowed. Write your own story
  • Entire galaxy is open, anyone can travel anywhere, to fight, or bargain, etc
  • No factions, at least not the way they are. People can still be Mandos, or Jedi, or Sith. etc. Just, factions as a whole would just not be there.
  • Everyone starts out with a single small ship. No larger than say, idk, 1k meters. Each ship can't have over a certain number of everything(weapons, shields, hyperspace. etc.) Needs to be approved



This is only a random idea, can't get it out of my head so I wanted to see what people would think about it. See if it'd be worth it to actually do it. Maybe talk about it, flesh out the idea and maybe get staff approval if it's needed. IDK really, xD. Just an interesting idea that sounds cool in my mind. So yeah, if you have something to say, by all means say it! :)


09 February 2019 - 09:10 PM

Apologies, please archive this. I posted it into the wrong section. My sincerest apologies, sorry for the inconvenience. The proper topic will be up soon :)

Adenn Kyramuds Armor

06 February 2019 - 07:33 PM



  • Intent:  Describe the personal armor of Adenn Kyramud
  • Image Source: N/A
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Primary Source: Heavy Armor


  • Manufacturer: Mandal Arms
  • Affiliation: Adenn Kyramud
  • Model: Beskar armor
  • Modularity: Yes
  • Production:  Unique
  • Material: Armorweave, Duraplast, Plasteel, Beskar



  • Resistances 

- Blasters (And other plasma type weapons):  High

- Kinetic: Low

- Lightsabers: Very High

- Other:  Slugthrower: Average

- Other:  EMP/Ion: Low

  • Classification: Multi-purpose
  • Weight: Heavy


  • HUD(Heads Up Display)
  • Jetpack, has a rocket in it
  • Wrist Weaponry (rope, flamethrower, small weak blaster)

This armor has been within Adenn Kyramuds clan since the time of the ancient sith(SWTOR times, and before). The armor is built with the finest beskar that money can afford. Said armor is black with red accents, along with the Mandalorian symbol on it. On the helmet is Clan Mortuis clan symbol; while on the left vambrace, near the wrist, is the inscription "T'adyc at naasad" meaning "Second to none." While this armor is rather heavy due to all of the components in it, it is very durable and has been in some very intense fighting, evidence by all of the scarring all over the armor.


  • Highly Resistant to blasters
  • Can shrug off weaker Slugthrower hits
  • As all beskar armor is, extremely lightsaber resistant, almost impenetrable
  • Detachable jetpack


  • Heavy from the beskar, 
  • Vulnerable at the Joints
  • Limited Fuel
  • EMP and Ion vulnerable