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Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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12 June 2019 - 06:07 AM


Location: The Desert Rose (6th Floor; Conference Room)

Wearing: Service Dress Uniform

Tags: Scherezade deWinter | Srina Talon | Darth Metus | Voph | Derek Dib | Luna Terrik | Veiere Arenais | Aida Aquila | Pom Stych Tivé | John Locke | Jessica Med-Beq | Gir Quee | Josh Dragonsflame | Atlas Drake | Peyton Steele | Adron Malvern | Anyone else - sorry if I missed you


Geonosis. It was a planet the High Marshal, Alden Akaran, had not stepped foot on in some time. And that time dated back to an undisclosed summit that had brought him face-to-face with one of the Confederacy’s very own Exarch’s, Adron Malvern. Back then, he’d only been a Major in the Confederate Navy - a far different time than now. However, in all honesty, the man wasn’t disappointed his visits to the capital of the Confederacy had been few and very far between. It was hot, sorbidly so. It was dry. And it lacked the appeal of life. The lush green nature of thriving vegetation would never find a foothold here for it was too hot and water was far too scarce a commodity to support it.


The sun had already crested the midday point by the time Alden had arrived in orbit and he had wasted no time in boarding the shuttle that had taken him directly to the capital city. He’d landed a few clicks from the Desert Rose, but thankfully he’d managed to arrive within the climate control sector of the planet. Even so, the sun somehow managed to seem blistering hot, with its intensely bright rays forcing the man to shield his eyes for a time until they could finally adjust. Well...at least as best as they were able.


Here, it seemed such a task never got any easier.


The hour was approaching 1600 by the time he’d managed to arrive at the Desert Rose and, again, he wasted no time making his way toward his final objective and quickly clearing through the initial security checkpoint. The elevator would speed him toward the sixth floor where this summit, of sorts, was supposed to occur, his directing to be here, simply being a result of his rank now. Something about it being one of the responsibilities innate in being the commanding officer one of the Armada’s sworn toward the protection of the Confederacy and in so being the appointed protector of a sector. That and holding the second highest official commissioned rank within the Confederacy Defense Force, second to just the Grand Marshal, Genesis Rostu , and above him, the governmental Minister, Caesar Kenway. Needless to say, promotion had meant more responsibility and more mundane meetings to attend.


The elevator doors slid open and he stepped forward to where he was greeted by two security personnel that each rendered him a salute which he returned before they began the processing of ensuring he was exactly who he appeared to be. They performed the verification against his identification which he’d given them found that everything checked out and returned it to him.


“Sir, if you have any communications or electronic devices, please secure them in the safe on the wall to your right. You will be able to retrieve them once the session has adjourned. Thank you.” The lead security officer had spoke up with a rehearsed perfection with his oration, obviously having already said it a number of times before. “Also, if you are carrying any force of weaponry, those items will also be required to be secured outside here and you may retrieve all possessions after the session has concluded, Sir.”


Alden simply nodded to the man as he reached into his pocket and pulled the lone comlink from it, before stowing the singular device in the safe as instructed. Afterward, he proceeded forward and entered the room which opened up to reveal a number of people which had already arrived. Many of the faces gathered here were unfamiliar to the man, however there were a few that were recognizable to him. And of those faces, there was only one face he actually knew on a personal level, Scherezade deWinter. Of course he knew of others here and the positions they held, such as the Exarch, Srina Talon, however, of those currently gathered, Scherezade was the only one he actually knew and so he approached the group she appeared to mingle with which seemed to include the Exarch and a Miralukan (Voph).


“Exarch Talon,” he said with a slight bow of his head. He then extended his hand in the manner to offer her a handshake. For him in his military mind, it was only proper to acknowledge the Exarch first as in this case she carried the highest rank among them.

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12 June 2019 - 04:47 AM

updated storylines/role plays and awards/accolades

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09 June 2019 - 02:59 AM


Planet Name: Rimos

Link To Approved Codex Planet Entry: Rimos

Precise Description Of Where The Planet Goes: S38

Your requested planet locations are not guaranteed.

Added to Map: Irajah Ven


I apologize, I didn't realize until now that i hadn't had the planet added to new map yet

In Topic: Giving the Givin [CIS Dominion of Yag'Dhul]

06 June 2019 - 04:31 AM


Location: Yag’dhul Orbit (Fortressa)

Attire: Service Dress Uniform (LINK)


Objective: I. Death in the Skies

Tags: Voph | Julius Rhein | Keira Cerdulan | Scherezade deWinter | Srina Talon


Chaos and death had erected a monumental image of brilliance in orbit above the desolate rock that was Yag’dhul. It was as if one was looking through a prism which accented every color and streaks of vibrant colors ran seamlessly across the canvas of the planet’s orbit. Smoldering plumes of thick smoke the lay idly adrift in the weightlessness of open space Flames of orange and yellow danced from breaches in hulls among stations and ships alike. And if the skirmish had not already been weighed heavily in the favor of the Confederate Forces, it certainly would soon.


A brilliant flash of blue-white light was quickly extinguished above the planet’s northern pole as the massive Fortressa descended toward the engagement below. Squadron upon squadron of fighter and bomber alike flooded out into the fabric of open space, flocking with a rehearsed symmetry toward the enemy, with targets already pre-designated in route to this very engagement. Landing craft followed shortly after, descending toward the planet’s surface below, each carrying a contingent of droids to aid in the surface battle occurring simultaneously with that of the orbit.


Not all of the landing craft would make it to the surface as several would undoubtedly be intercepted by the orbiting stations or surface to orbit fire, however the loss of a few droids was a small price to pay in return for the thousands, if not millions, that could be saved with a swift end to this skirmish. After all, this is why he’d been sent with the Fortressa. A quick end to this would likely be the simplest way to ensure the minimal amount of life lost here. The more lives that could be spared, the better.

In Topic: Alden Akaran

06 June 2019 - 03:11 AM

Role plays updated