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Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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In Topic: A Signature

Today, 04:41 PM

and by that I mean gif-wise 

Alema Rol'za

In Topic: A Signature

Today, 04:40 PM

As I have been working on this, do you have any particular request as to if you want it animated or anything?

In Topic: Hey

Today, 04:34 AM

Also, the whole image thing could just be a hiccup caused by trying to do things through mobile even if you are not using the mobile version of the site. I know the site behaves very differently for me between the phone vs the PC

In Topic: Hey

Today, 04:33 AM

The acts finicky sometimes and does multiple posts if you accidentally click the "submit post" more than once. 

In Topic: Smart Meetings [CIS Dominion of Tynna | T, 37 ]

Today, 04:24 AM

Location: Tynna (Planetside)

Objective: Explore the ‘other’ parts of the city

Tags: Keva




 With the confirmation from his Chiss counterpart, Keva, Alden smiled. He didn’t particularly know why, but he was in an unexpectedly good mood today. Maybe it was the fact that he wasn’t going over various military planning maneuvers or writing mundane personnel reports, but whatever it was, he was in high spirits for sure. His gaze cast out over the market area, just trying to pick up and something that at least resemble a kind of cantina. Surely this place had one. Right? It would just be a travesty if they did not.


Strange. There was nothing the screamed out that it was a cantina. Nothing that said Satisfy Your Hunger and Drink Away Your Memories around. At least not that his eyes were able to catch. Odd. Really odd. What was it these people did? Was there any kind of night life that happened here? Something that at least catered to what the rest of the galaxy deemed to be fun? Perhaps not. What a shame.


His smile turned to a frown at his lack of discovery and he started forward, hoping that he’d at least find something he hadn’t seen in his first scan of the surroundings.