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Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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#1925003 A Signature

Posted by Alden Akaran on Yesterday, 04:22 PM

Alema Rol'za



I'll what I can throw together after work today

#1924260 Mandate Removal

Posted by Alden Akaran on 17 March 2019 - 04:55 PM

This exact thing was brought up not too long ago (here) and was shot down by Valiens. As much as I agree that a faction with fewer hexes than what would be allowed for a brand new major should not be allowed to regain their missing number of hexes, I can't see that there would be any change in the ruling from just a short time ago. However, I will not point out the flaw to this without at least offering my own opinion on how this Mandate could be tailored or authored to make for more balance overall. 



The strength can certainly remain the same, however, like stated by others previously, a Faction should not be able to increase their number of hexes simply for moving to another location. I would suggest that a moving faction should have their influence sphere (hexes controlled) halved (rounded down for odd numbers) at the time of the move. For example:


Prior to move: 6 hexes/After move: 3 hexes (6/2 =3)

Prior to move: 3 hexes/After move: 1 hex (3/2=1.5 rounded down makes it 1)


I believe this would force a Major utilizing this kind of move to be more careful in how they do so instead of falling into an example of abuse which is being pointed to in this thread. Furthermore, I believe it might be okay to make it so that if a Major only has one remaining hex, they are not allowed to use this Mandate since it would be impossible for their cloud of influence to shrink any further. So basically my rework of this particular mandate would state the following:



Strength: Once a month, this Major Faction may abandon their current Influence Cloud & Capital Planet and relocate elsewhere on the map; cannot be invaded for 30 days post move


Weakness: When moving, a faction's number of hexes is halved (rounded down to the nearest number for odd numbers). If a faction would have only one hex remaining at time of move they can not use this mandate. Further, 

The Major Faction may not use this Mandate's strength if the Major Faction is currently engaged in an incomplete Invasion, Rebellion, or Dominion.


#1923749 Reunion

Posted by Alden Akaran on 15 March 2019 - 08:01 PM

Location: Deep Space (near the Core)

Objective: Rescue Mission

Tags: Kei Raxis | Xobos Yakieer | Adron Malvern




Alden looked to Xobos and allowed a smile to carve its way across his face. How were they going to do all of this in the time allocated to them? Well that was only difficult if one overthought the process at hand. Truth was, the ship was simply too large to scour in all of 15 minutes. It meant that they were going to be able to be with each other the entire time. And that in this plan, he was putting a lot of faith and trust in this kid. However, if the Exarch trusted them enough, then he would give them the benefit of it.


A few more seconds passed before the shuttle made its way to the stagnated freighter. It somewhat rubbed Alden in the wrong manner to know that in order to pull this plan off, he was going to have to live a lie for the next little while. To front himself as a passing officer of the military he had once served in order to extract a man from the prison ship at the behest of the Exarch’s demands, but he knew he could not linger on those feelings. They would distract him and quite possibly lead to an outright mission failure.


“You really thing we’ll be able to pull this off without having to divide our efforts, kid?” He paused a moment, but not really long enough to allow any response from her. “No. You’ll be diving into the belly of the beast, but I’ll guide your way there.” Alden knew his words would put a lot of pressure on the young Miraluka, but if she was actually going to be a valuable part of this mission, she was going to have to be able to execute her duties and perform under pressure.


It was now time for action as the shuttle silently slid into position, just outside the port side hatch. Thankfully, this area would be quite close in proximity to the mechanical and control room Alden would need to get to in order to initiate the beginning steps of his plan. With communications and other systems jammed by the Winter’s Concord, the crew of the prison frigate, it would be near impossible to catch the moment the shuttle docked and the hatch came unlocked to allow the rescue operation to commence. A smile creased his lips once more as Alden stepped foot in the frigate. Memories of a time in his past where he commanded a vessel of the very same model flourished in his mind and it was just as he remembered it.


He turned about on his heel and his gaze met that of the Magna Guards that has accompanied them. Their presence wasn’t needed here, especially if all went to plan, and if anything, they would be more of a hindrance than an asset to the comprised team. But perhaps they had some use. They could be glorified guards to ensure nothing came over the shuttle. “Kid,” Alden said, his attention turning back to the Miraluka, “Let’s go. They’ll remain here and ensure our extraction point is still here.”


He stepped forward and proceeded down the hall, carrying himself in a manner reminiscent of a seasoned officer. Something he actually was. “We run into anyone, leave it to me.”


#1923313 The Heart

Posted by Alden Akaran on 14 March 2019 - 04:58 AM



Location: Ilum

Objective: Survive this insanity

Tags: Adron Malvern | Xobos Yakieer




The cold was bitter and fought with every fiber of its existence to consume him, only to inevitably be held at bay as it was thwarted by Alden’s new-found ability of Tapas. Even so, the ever present knowing of the sheer chill continued to linger in his thoughts, biting away at the strings that held his focus those very thoughts that had allowed him to discover this feat in the first place. There was the faintest fear the began to spurn from within and seemed to grow no matter his attempt to suppress it. This was insanity! Utter insanity. It didn’t make sense, but what had he really expected when he accepted the Exarch’s generous offer weeks ago back on Geonosis? Weeks before his new master had plucked this conflicted Miraluka from her exile on Roon. Had he really suspected it was going to be something different? After all, the Exarch had told him the training was to be long and difficult. That much pain – and even suffering – would accompany it. No. He knew very well what he had gotten himself into when he accepted, although at the time he felt words has come as an offer simply to resemble something reminiscent of courtesy. In truth, to him, the offer was a charade as it was not an offer at all. It was an order, or so he thought at the time. He continued to believe it, even now.


He grimaced as his grasp of Tapas slipped momentarily with Adron’s thunderous entry into his mind. His teeth grinded together heavily and his arms hugged his chest tighter than they already were. But this pain and shock were merely fleeting in nature as they were pushed away as he regained his hold of the ability he had only just learned. A comforting warmth came over him once more as his thoughts slipped back to what meant most to himself throughout this vast galaxy. Back to everything he loved and held dear to himself. To the very things that made him who he was today. It allowed his arms to loosen from around his chest once again and this time he would appear more relaxed than he had prior. Something that could have been chalked up to a number of different reasons, most notably his ever-increasing confidence in his own ability to use and execute the ability.


The trek across the frozen lake seemed to take ages and the ice blanketed cliffs and mountains peaks didn’t seem to be getting any closer. Alden shook his head, and the crescendo of his frustration with all of this began to appear across his face and his reactions. The exasperated sigh he released carried with it a heavy sense of suppressed anger. Of frustration and an underlying malaise. Doubt as to whether the cliffs and peaks that dotted the skyline were real or not began to surface. But again, these feelings were pushed from his mind for they were mere detractors from what Alden had found was adequate enough to fuel his ability to use Tapas. It was made an easier feat to accomplish as the trio came upon the ice laden obsidian structure. A door that barred them from an escape of Ilum’s unabating cold. A gate leading to another passage on their unnerving pilgrimage through pain and despair. A moment more would pass before the burning sensation would begin to take hold on his arm where Adron’s brand, which he called the Mark of Malphas, had been placed.


He grimaced and clinched his teeth as his left hand darted to caress the area which burned. To where the Sith brand had been placed. It held about it a discomfort that never seemed to fully go away. It was supposed to allow Alden to draw on Adron’s power, and perhaps it did, but the symbolism it represented to him was something of a demeaning nature. A longing reminder that he was below the Exarch. That he belonged to the man who had taken upon himself the title of his teacher. No, his master. Where Adron was the Master, Alden had seemingly become the slave and carried the brand to prove it. Though it may not have been intended to be seen as such, it is was Alden felt. In a sense, it aided him in reaching to the anger and hatred that Adron wished of him.


Passing through the blandness of the tunnels, a time passed before the three came upon yet another door. With it, there seemed to be a cold the Tapas he embraced could not stave off. Something fueled by more than just the planet’s volatile extremes itself. Something that seemed to be amplified by the power inert in the Dark Side of the Force and as the door opened, it revealed to them a room with striking columns the drove themselves from the floor through to the chasm’s roof. Ice continued to blanket everything in this hellscape that was Ilum, and this place was no exception. The way the dull light refracted through the walls and columns was peculiar and appeared almost supernatural to naked eye.


Then came the next oration of the Exarch, his words demanding an affirmation in response, to which Alden gave a nod of his head, tucking his chin down to his chest. When he spoke, his lips would not move. Instead, he reached out with the Force, a test he levied on himself to see just how much he could do before he lost the control he held over his very own abilities. <<Understood, Sir,>> he began, his military etiquette showing strongly, <<our passion can be forged into a weapon which we can control. Which I can bend to my very will.>> He purposefully neglected any mention of the Sith in his response for he whole-heartedly disagreed with the foremost tenet of their code. Peace and passion could be one in the same. He failed to understand why it was so inconceivable for the Sith to grasp that peace could be attained through passion. One could not exist without the other. To accept one yet deny the other was a fallacy in it own right. And one Alden would not fall into if he could help it.


Soon, their orders were given. Breathed from Adron’s mouth. So, this was a crystal cave and Alden was to use everything he’d learned and understood thus far to discover the crystal within the cave that resonated with him. An interesting proposition for sure. Even in his time before learning of the Force, he had heard rumor and legend of the sentience that was innate in crystals. They seemed to be imbued with the Force in a sense of speaking and held a will of their own in several cases. Should one be able to discover a crystal that was attuned to their very will, it would carry about it a different level of power over the crystal that refuted the will of its master. It seemed slightly farfetched, but it was a practice that had been done for ages. And it wasn’t only done for the Sith, but the Jedi as well. It was done by any of a number of different cults that delved into what the Force was.


He took a final brief look to Adron before turning his attention to the chamber in which they stood. It was only now that he could see it. Only now that he was able to notice the myriad of crystals that protruded through the ice and even the crystals buried beneath it. They were all around. The clung to the walls, stabbed through the various columns of pillars and fought to free themselves of the ice that blanketed them along the floor of this place. That is perhaps why this very room had that seemingly supernatural appeal that Alden had felt before. This cave was what people had come to call a crystal cave and this very cave, he could only assume that the Exarch had laid claim to years ago. Perhaps even having been passed down for generations.


He took a few steps forward and centered himself in the room as best as he was able, giving one final surveying glance around the area, taking it all in. He slowly lowered himself to the ice-covered floor, sitting into a cross-legged position. His hands were cupped on his knees, his head bowed slightly and eyes closed. A moment would pass before he fell into a deep meditation where he would attempt to fully immerse himself in the full grasp of the Force. Only at that point did he feel he would be able to fashion its power to his will. Deeper and deeper he dove as the world around him seemed to melt from existence, yet Adron, Xobos and the crystals all remained. The ice was gone. The stone, gone. Next Xobos would fade and Adron would become but a speck on the horizon of his conscience. A prism of color enveloped the area as his mind continued to dive deeper and deeper.


As he continued to further immerse himself in the power of the Force, his body began to lift though the sensation was unknown to him. However, when one levitated during meditation, it was often a sign that they achieved a truly deep meditation. To have reached this point at such an early stage in his training under the Exarch was not common, but it happened. And it all happened beyond Alden’s knowledge. The rune encrusted on his forearm even seemed to glow in a vibrant amethyst now in the physical world. However, in the deep state of meditation he had achieved, Alden saw something completely different. As he embraced the Force and what it allowed him to see, his vision brushed over a see of color. The very auras of the crystals were awash with a brilliance of color. Each crystal seemed to pulse in its own hue. The blues. The greens. The reds. The yellows and everything in between.


But after an instant more, those colors faded to a dull wash over the background and he reached out. Searching. For what? He didn’t entirely know yet, but he fully believed he would know it when he found it. And then there it was! Buried beneath the ice that wrapped the central column just behind him. A dazzling violet pulsed brighter than all the others. He found it, and he didn’t even know how he’d done what he’d done.


He reached out with the Force, and his body, still levitating spun in place so that he now faced the column squarely. His palms turned skyward, yet the hands still crested the top of the knees. The Force was channeled through him and he reached out, gripping at the ice the hugged the column and applying such a strength to it, that the ice faltered and cracked. It began to fall in small chunks, sliding away in various directions as it careened with the hard floor. Soon, the pillar was bare and the crystal breathed in the frigid air the filled the chamber for the first time in what one could only assumed was years. A smile carved its way across his face, but was short lived there as he too quickly sprung from his deep meditation. The levitation he had unknowingly accomplished slipped and he feel the foot to the ground with an audible thump coupled with a groaned with the impact. Still, though, he regathered himself and brought himself to his feet once more, stepping close to the pillar once he had. Reaching out, he grasped at the crystal, yet withdrew, caught off guard by its warmth. He didn’t understand why, but the crystal, once buried beneath a sheet of thick ice, was warm to the touch. It was unlike anything else he’d come across since his arrival here.


It forced him to regather his senses a moment before reaching out once more. He caressed the lustrous violet crystal in his hand a moment, closing his eyes as he did, before exerting a little extra effort to free it of the column. The smile returned to his face for a moment before it was pushed away once again with the realization that he’d stepped away from his Tapas in doing so. The cold chilled him to the bone and he jumped back with a start, quickly regaining his hold on the ability and then turning back toward the Exarch and approaching the man. He held his hand in front of him and turn the palm upward, opening it. In his palm, lay the splendid violet crystal. His eyes bore down own it a moment before they rose to meet those of the Exarch’s. He bowed his head, but this time did not speak. Instead, he simply awaited the Exarch’s next address.

#1923304 *Insert Shiny Clever Title Here*

Posted by Alden Akaran on 14 March 2019 - 02:53 AM

welcome to our dysfunctional family. nice to have you aboard

#1923143 GIF assistance

Posted by Alden Akaran on 13 March 2019 - 03:49 PM

can you further explain what you mean by "blinking loop"? Like just eyes blinking or overall avatar so it has that holoprojection effect?



#1922709 Alden Akaran's Lightsaber

Posted by Alden Akaran on 12 March 2019 - 04:53 AM

Alden Akaran’s Lightsaber


IMG_6323-wm.jpg IMG_6340-w.jpg IMG_6341-wm.jpg


Out of Character Information:

Intent: The personal weapon of Alden Akaran

Image Source: {LINK}

Canon Link: {LINK}

Primary Source: Same as Canon Link


Production Information:

Manufacturer: Alden Akaran

Affiliation: Alden Akaran

Model: N/A

Modularity: Crystals/Circuitry/Components (Yes)

Production: Unique (one of a kind)

Material: Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone, Phrik (base metal), Krayt Dragon Bone (pummel)


Technical Specifications:

Classification: Lightsaber

Size: Average

Weight: Medium


Special Features:

Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone (enhances a user’s precognition of an event, allowing to them to see, predict and react to things before they actually occur)

Phrik Hilt (Because of the naturally resistant nature of Phrik, this weapon has higher than average protection against being sundered in two by a direct strike from an opposing lightsaber)




This is the lightsaber of Alden’s creation, and he has taken to the time to truly make it his own. Through his training under the Sith Lord and Confederacy Exarch, Adron Malvern, Alden has been able to slowly and methodically collect the various pieces and items needed to construct this elegant weapon.


The weapon produces an amethyst blade due to the crystal that more or less seemed to call to the weapon’s creator during an extensive training session which taught him the use of the Force ability, Tapas, and allowed him to search out, discover and attune a crystal with his own identity within the Force. Each aspect of this weapon had been personally identified and selected by the man, including the etching and engraving grafted into the various phrik elements of the hilt. With the combination of the rustic and ornate elements incorporated into the weapon’s physical presentation, it truly reflects upon Alden’s journey. Born in privilege as the son of a planetary governor, decorated and astute adherent of military life within the Navy’s (first with the Galactic Alliance/New Republic and later with the Confederacy of Independent Systems) and now as a student of the Force as an apprentice to the Exarch.


Blade Length: 40 inches (101.6 cm)

Hilt Length: 15 inches (38.1 cm)

Total Length: 55 inches (139.7 cm)



  • The Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone elevates the wielder’s abilities of perception and precognition allowing them to better predict and react to any number of situations
  • Phrik Hilt makes the body of this weapon highly resistant to damage or destruction by means of another lightsaber, while not adding an excess of additional weight to the weapon to make it clunky or unwieldly
  • Lightsaber (behaves as a lightsaber to cut through most materials, deflect blaster bolts, etc)
  • Biometric Imprint allows this weapon to only be used by the individual it has been attuned to


  • Water will cause the blade to short out just as it would most other lightsabers
  • Cortosis in its raw form will short out the blade
  • Because of the innate fact that this is a lightsaber, the blade will have difficulty slicing through various resistant materials such as beskar, phrik, ultrachrome, etc
  • Whereas the biometric imprint can be viewed as a strength in keeping the weapon out of the hands of an enemy, it does not allow an ally to pick the weapon up to use in any sort of assistance should the scenario arise that such a course of action would be needed

#1922366 The Heart

Posted by Alden Akaran on 11 March 2019 - 05:39 AM

Location: Ilum

Objective: Survive the dastardly cold

Tags: Xobos Yakieer | Adron Malvern




The first thing that crossed Alden’s mind as the ramp descended to the planet’s icy surface and filled the once cozy cabin of the ship with its frigid caress was a string of incomprehensible curses and slurs. The weather here was miserable and if this was the way the Chiss liked to live, they must have been a race filled with masochists. They must have loved to just torture and torment themselves here. Ice, snow and rock as far as the eye could see. Thick clouds that lofted high above threated to extinguish the abysmal warmth the planet’s sun struggle to share with the surface. Times like this were what often caused Alden to seriously question his acceptance of the Exarch’s teachings. The lessons were often difficult and appeared almost spontaneous. And now his next lesson for them was for them to figure out without any kind of guidance the Force ability of Tapas in order to stay warm in these unbearably bleak conditions Ilum offered to them. The only words of wisdom that had been showered upon them was something about how everything was connected to the Force.


It was true though. In Alden’s limited time studying this Force that before a few weeks ago he didn’t even know he possessed, he’d come to learn a great deal about it. What he had chalked up to his own reflexes and instincts for years as a fighter pilot, had actually been strongly influenced by his unknown precognition of events through the Force. It was still astonishing to him that he possessed such a connection to the Force and his amazement often proved to be a small, yet noticeable distraction. That couldn’t be allowed to happen here. Not if he wanted to stay alive.


It wouldn’t be long before the temperature within the cabin had dropped enough to induce an uncontrollable chattering of his teeth. He tucked his fingertips beneath the pits of his arms and used that palms of his hands to rub his chest as he struggled to find warmth. It was proving increasingly difficult to concentrate on meditating in the Force to truly discover this ‘Tapas” Adron had spoke to the two of them of as the cold seemed to now seep down into his bones. However, he wouldn’t allow it to remain a distraction as he snapped toward his military bearing and focus. Within a few seconds he found himself in his meditative state, searching longingly for this barrier of warmth he had been told of. Somewhere in the Force, he would find this ‘Tapas.’ Somehow, he would learn to control his warmth. He would not die here. He could not allow it.


Finally! There is was! He’d found it, down deep in himself, his emotions driving him deeper and deeper into somewhat of a trance. Frustration, anger and pain were at the forefront early on, but those emotions had been taken over by a single emotion that was quite the opposite of what the Exarch had told him to exploit. It was love that finally allowed him to discover the talent amid the chaos. The love he held for his family and his friends. The love he held for life and for people. It invoked a deeply warm feeling from within him that seemed to combat the bite of the cold and push it away. A tear even began to trickle down his face, freezing as it made its way to the collar of his jacket.

#1922362 Reunion

Posted by Alden Akaran on 11 March 2019 - 05:08 AM

Location: Deep Space (near the Core)

Objective: Rescue Mission

Tags: Kei Raxis | Xobos Yakieer | Adron Malvern

Ship: Winter’s Concord/Boarding Shuttle




Fifteen minutes. Fifteen measly minutes is all they had been given to plan and execute this ‘rescue’ operation for a man they’d not even been given so much as a description of. However, with a rare as Force Sensitivity was through the greater galaxy, it wouldn’t be so likely that there would be that many of that kind aboard this prison freighter. One. Possibly two or three, but anymore than that was highly unlikely. That was good at least.


Alden looked over the datapad as it was handed to him, quickly identifying the class of freighter it was and smiled as it was one that he was actually quite familiar with. This one may have belonged to the Silver Jedi Order, but it was a common ship and one that for some reason was routinely made into a prison transport. Older, yet still reliable, Alden almost had a fondness for the ship in a way. Because of this, Alden quickly began formulating a plan, and one he hoped would prove to be full proof through its execution. Even as he turned and slipped his way toward the exit of the Winter’s Concord’s command deck, he kept his focus buried into the information displayed on the holographic display. Yet, he kept an attentive ear toward the Exarch knowing his word was law. When wasn’t it, really? The clanking of metallic feet against the durasteel flooring didn’t even distract Alden from his scheming and planning. Not even the static hum of electrostaffs as they were ignited pulled him away. Not the dull purple glow they cast in contrast with the blue-white light of the datapad.


Before long, he was off the bridge and into the turbolift, Xobos to his flank. She spoke to him, introducing herself and inquiring as to whether or not he had a plan, a comment he merely just smiled to and gave her a confident wink. “Just follow my lead, kid. We’ll bee on and off that.” Soon, the lift came to a grinding and abrupt halt, as it reached its destination near the port side hangar where a single, simple shuttle awaited the. Prior to entering the hangar, Alden reached into a case on a nearby wall and pulled two rebreaters from it, handing one to the younger Miraluka. “Here. You’re going to want this.”


No doubt, the comment coupled with the action would likely arouse either a suspicion or confusion – perhaps a combination of the two – but the feelings wouldn’t be allowed to remain unattended for long.


Boarding the shuttle would be a quick effort and it wouldn’t take long for the magna guards to follow suit, even though Alden really didn’t see use for them in his plan. Perhaps they could just guard the shuttle and ensure their escape was still a viable one as they gathered their query and quickly returned.


Alden quickly thumbed in a few commands and powered the shuttle to life, immediately running a preflight check. After all systems had cleared, they would be off and toward the helpless prison ship. In that time, Alden turned to Xobos and began to divulge what the plan was. “Plan’s pretty simple, kid. So, this is a prison vessel, right?” He wouldn’t give her time for any response before he would continue. “If it’s a prison ship, it’ll have some kind of automated riot suppression defenses. If we can get to a mechanical room, particularly the one here,” he said as he pointed to a room near a hangar, “I can pull a certain fuse and we’ll be able to activate them. Hopefully they are non-lethal defenses, likely a neural inhibitor or tranquilizer of some sort. With the crew of the ship incapacitated, it should be fairly easy to extract our man and get off and all in the time limit Exarch Malvern levied upon us.” It was true, if the plan went off without a hitch, they would be in and out in the blink of an eye. Even with the limited knowledge they both possessed of their target. He also grinned approvingly to his decision to wear his uniform today. With any luck, the crew of the freighter wouldn’t notice the slight differences between it and the older uniform he once wore in his time with the Galactic Alliance and New Republic, both having been allied with the Silver Jedi for some time. He could easily pose as an inspector or mechanic or something of that nature. “The name’s Alden,” he finally told her as he introduced himself.


Three and a half minutes had passed now and they’d left the hangar in route to the suspended prison ship.

#1921988 Smart Meetings [CIS Dominion of Tynna | T, 37 ]

Posted by Alden Akaran on 09 March 2019 - 11:18 PM

Objective: Ditch the Group

Location: Tynna (Planetside)

Tag: Keva




Tynna. It wasn’t a planet that Alden was particularly familiar with. Apparently, there was a stir here of late, though, and they apparently had begun to petition for a seat within the greater expanse of the Confederacy. Many did, but few with the wealth and luxury that Tynna’s citizens enjoyed. Hell, they didn’t even have to work here and that thought in its own right was more than enough to baffle him. Alden just couldn’t imagine what he’d do if he didn’t have to work. Most likely, go mad from boredom after he exhausted the majority of his bucket list.


Today, however, he found himself amid a gaggle of other Confederates, invited here to enjoy and structured tour of what the capital had to offer. In particular, these Tynna natives seemed to wave and boast of this former government complex that had since been turned into a museum to house various relics and artifacts. To collect and document their history. Interesting for a bit? Sure! But history wasn’t exactly one of Alden’s enduring fascinations.


He turned to the Chiss woman to his left and nudged her with an elbow. “What do you say we ditch the group? Go see what else the city has to offer?” His tone was hushed and whisper like, not wanting to catch the ear of their guide.

#1921829 THIS! IS! HUTTBALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! [CIS Dominion of Azterri | S-36]

Posted by Alden Akaran on 09 March 2019 - 07:07 AM


Starting Point: A12

Ending Point: C13

Objective: Lure the angsty teen

Tag: Allya Vi'Dreya | Kiff Brayde



Perfect! She took the bait just as Alden had thought that she would. She was a Mandalorian after all, she couldn’t afford to let anyone jeer at her and she not retaliate in some for or fashion. Her honor wouldn’t allow for that. Alden just hoped that Kiff Brayde was on the same page that he was. If so, it would very easy to use their numbers to their advantage and what better way to get a leg up other than to take out one of their opponents in the early goings of the game. Not only would it be embarrassing to be first blood, but the time you’d have to wait before you could actually return to the game would almost seems like anguish.


Alden reached out with the Force to touch Kiff’s mind, choosing not to speak openly as to not key the hard charging teen to any of their tactics. Alden was hoping to ensure they both saw the same play unfolding and there was no better way to do so than to simply talk. This was a team game, after all; those who lone wolfed it were doomed to fail. A lesson he hoped to teach Allya early on in this game.<<Kiff, we got a live one coming in. I’m going to bring her your way and them let’s go ahead and knock her out. Ready?>>


Alden spoke to Kiff through the Force and began to backtrack his steps, retreating at an identical pace to the young girl’s advance. If all when to plan, Allya would soon be caught in an ambush and hopefully overpowered and forced out of the match for a time. However, this all hinged on Kiff and what he was going to do.

#1921206 THIS! IS! HUTTBALLLLLLLLLLLLLL! [CIS Dominion of Azterri | S-36]

Posted by Alden Akaran on 06 March 2019 - 10:01 PM


Starting Grid: A-12

Finishing Grid: A-12

Teammates: Voph | Xobos Yakieer | Kiff Brayde

Opponents: Khyros Tani | Scherezade deWinter | Helly ReyneAllya Vi'Dreya

Post: 1



Finally! Some kriffing time to relax and just enjoy one’s self. It seemed like it had been an eternity since Alden had been able to do just that, going from skirmishes to all out invasions and everything in between. No, it seemed, he would get to just have a leisurely time for a change.


Huttball. It was game he was familiar with from his time in Hutt space prior to joining the ranks of the Confederacy, but had yet to play. He knew the rules vaguely and from the games he had seen, knew it was quite the brutal game at times. In some isolated incidents, people had even died playing it, but this danger was a lot of the fun in it. It fired up the competitive juices and really go the adrenaline going. The excitement was certainly something to be had and it drew a smile over his face. Looking around, he seemed to be mostly alone and isolated from the rest of his team, and that of the opponent, with the closest competitor being none other than the teen, Allya Vi'Dreya.


His gaze cast over to her direction. She was young, half his age, but this was just for fun and bragging rights if anything. And Force knew, he wasn’t about to allow himself to be beaten by a child. No matter whose kin they were. “Ready to lose, kid?!” His shouted was playful and aimed in Allya’s direction as simple jarring and smack talk before the game even began.

#1920899 Reunion

Posted by Alden Akaran on 06 March 2019 - 01:47 AM

Location: Deep Space (near the Core)

Objective: A mission of sorts

Tags: Kei Raxis | Xobos Yakieer | Adron Malvern

Ship: Winter’s Concord (LINK)


The confines of deep space were comforting to Alden as he stood on the bridge, his hands clasped behind him, eyes gazing out into the vacuum beyond the viewport. For the first time in a long time, Alden was more or less home. The familiar realm of the Core offered a nostalgia and his mind drifted into thoughts of his childhood. Of family and of the home he’d been raised within back on Rendili. He honestly never thought he would be returning to these parts of the galaxy, not after he deserted when the old government he’d served had fallen. Never as an officer in the Confederacy and an apprentice to one of its leaders. He was a melding pot of different emotions right now, yet even so, he found a strange comfort in being here.


His eyes were closed as he began to reach into the Force, still tying to further familiarize himself with it and what it offered. It was still strange to him; a foreign entity that for thirty years of his life, he had no idea that he even possessed. He’d manage to pick up a few things in his couple of weeks of training to this point. He could push, pull, grasp, and talk through the Force comfortably now, and even so, a lot of times those talents were even shaky. Beyond those abilities, only precognition had really come to him which is something he had unknowingly used throughout his life to this point, chalking everything up to instinct at this point. Strange, really, how so much could change in such a short period of time. It seemed that just yesterday he was graduating from the Academy on Carida, and now he was within a new government and serving a vastly different purpose. Where had the time gone?


As he opened his eyes, they came upon the tail of a distant comet as she ventured through the greater galaxy. It was a site that was a reminder of the natural beauty the universe offered, and that beauty brought an excitement to him, even as he fought back the smile.


Finally, after a moment more, he unclasped his hands and pulled on the hem of his uniform’s navy-blue jacket and patted down the legs simply trying to give it a sharper look. He turned and approached Adron, giving him a rigid salute, only moving to lower it once the sentiment was either returned or he was put ‘at ease’ with an order. Afterward, he would fall in line off kilter to Adron’s left where he waited for the arrival of the Miralukan he had heard of, but had yet to meet. As she entered, Alden couldn’t lie to himself; she certainly wasn’t what he was expecting. He couldn’t exactly put his finger on it, but she didn’t quite match what he was expecting. That wasn’t a bad thing, however. He offered her a smile and dipped his head slightly in a kind of bowing motion, as an acknowledgement to her.


Moments later, Adron would speak and Alden would listen. Apparently, they were venturing this far into the core to rescue a man. A man that must have meant a lot to the Confederacy, to Adron, or both. They were risking a lot for this one man in Alden’s opinion, but he knew better than to voice such things, especially in this setting since now was neither the time nor the place to do so.


After a moment to think, Alden finally spoke up. “What do we know of this ship, Master?” His question was straight to the point in a sense. He knew that they were going to do this, no matter what, but there was no sense in diving in blind. Perhaps this was just his heavily military background speaking, but details were necessary in his mind. You needed as much information as possible to draw up the optimal plan that would offer the chance for the fewest hiccups. 

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Congrats, Boo Heavenshield. Well Done

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