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Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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General Feedback

12 January 2019 - 01:46 PM

Hey.....just wanting to see if I can get some feedback on both my character sheet and my writing since I'm still fairly new to the site and just now started this character's adventure here.


Character Sheet (Any feedback you want to give me here will be greatly appreciated)


Post (just ass with character sheet, any feedback here will be greatly appreciated.)


Thanks in advance as this is the only way I will get better.

Another Time, Another Life

12 January 2019 - 10:07 AM

Location: Thyferra


Principal Writers: Alden AkaranRhea Io (If you are interested in joining this storyline, contact, either of the two listed here)


Purpose: The Galactic Alliance cruiser , The Valiant, has been heavily damaged and struggles to stay in flight as she shudders and trembles beneath her injuries from a battle long past. Stranded and without communications nor a means to jump home, the crew straps itself in for a long journey ahead, completely unaware of their Factions dissolution at the hands of the First Order.

Alden Akaran

10 January 2019 - 07:28 AM

Alden Akaran


"There is not greater adversary than the man who fights for what he believes in. What he's passionate about.

Make that man you and you will see you are capable of far more than you dreamed possible."






~ Appearance ~


Species: Human


Age: 32 Galactic Standard Years


Height: 6 ft (183 cm)


Weight: 186 lbs (84.4 kg)


Build: Athletic/Toned


Eye Color: Blue


Hair Color: Dark Brown


Skin/Complexion: Caucasian/Fair



~ Affiliation ~


Faction: The New Republic


Force Alignment: Non-Force User


Birthworld: Rendili


Homeworld: Carida


Occupation: Commander; New Republic Navy


Allegiance: The New Republic (Navy)



~ Personal Equipment/Property ~







~ Spacecraft/Ship ~


Type/Model: Republic Industries/Cypress-class Hammerhead Cruiser (Destroyed - Crashed on Thyferra)



~ Character ~


Strengths (Include, but not limited to):

  • Loyal to a Cause (One of the greatest traits of the Naval Commander is his loyalty to his men, and to his service, The New Republic Navy. He would do anything to serve and protect the men under his command and serve as an example for the Republic)
  • Ace Pilot (Alden can fly with the best of them and continues to maintain and hone his skills even as he rises through the ranks)
  • Marksman (Even though Alden has spent his career in the cockpit, it has not stopped him from honing his skills with both a rifle and sidearm)
  • Hardy and Headstrong (Alden has a constitution that has never been broken. He is the embodiment of resilience and has an incredible strong will and does not easily crack while being tortured. It is difficult to pry secrets from the naval officer)


Weaknesses (Include, but not limited to):

  • Punching Bag (Although Alden may be a skilled marksman, that combative prowess had not translated into the melee arts. His fighting abilities are comparable to that a bar brawler.)
  • Better Watch That Ego (Is that confidence? No, that's an ego. Alden is an all star pilot and he knows that and because of such, he has developed a bit of an ego. It is not helpful that he has also made rank in the expedient man that he has, which he uses to validate his reason for the ego)
  • Stubborn Fool (Though it can be a good thing while at the mercy of a captor, his stubborn nature and unwillingness to change at times, can hinder and take away from overall productiveness)