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Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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Alden Akaran's Lightsaber

12 March 2019 - 04:53 AM

Alden Akaran’s Lightsaber


IMG_6323-wm.jpg IMG_6340-w.jpg IMG_6341-wm.jpg


Out of Character Information:

Intent: The personal weapon of Alden Akaran

Image Source: {LINK}

Canon Link: {LINK}

Primary Source: Same as Canon Link


Production Information:

Manufacturer: Alden Akaran

Affiliation: Alden Akaran

Model: N/A

Modularity: Crystals/Circuitry/Components (Yes)

Production: Unique (one of a kind)

Material: Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone, Phrik (base metal), Krayt Dragon Bone (pummel)


Technical Specifications:

Classification: Lightsaber

Size: Average

Weight: Medium


Special Features:

Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone (enhances a user’s precognition of an event, allowing to them to see, predict and react to things before they actually occur)

Phrik Hilt (Because of the naturally resistant nature of Phrik, this weapon has higher than average protection against being sundered in two by a direct strike from an opposing lightsaber)




This is the lightsaber of Alden’s creation, and he has taken to the time to truly make it his own. Through his training under the Sith Lord and Confederacy Exarch, Adron Malvern, Alden has been able to slowly and methodically collect the various pieces and items needed to construct this elegant weapon.


The weapon produces an amethyst blade due to the crystal that more or less seemed to call to the weapon’s creator during an extensive training session which taught him the use of the Force ability, Tapas, and allowed him to search out, discover and attune a crystal with his own identity within the Force. Each aspect of this weapon had been personally identified and selected by the man, including the etching and engraving grafted into the various phrik elements of the hilt. With the combination of the rustic and ornate elements incorporated into the weapon’s physical presentation, it truly reflects upon Alden’s journey. Born in privilege as the son of a planetary governor, decorated and astute adherent of military life within the Navy’s (first with the Galactic Alliance/New Republic and later with the Confederacy of Independent Systems) and now as a student of the Force as an apprentice to the Exarch.


Blade Length: 40 inches (101.6 cm)

Hilt Length: 15 inches (38.1 cm)

Total Length: 55 inches (139.7 cm)



  • The Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone elevates the wielder’s abilities of perception and precognition allowing them to better predict and react to any number of situations
  • Phrik Hilt makes the body of this weapon highly resistant to damage or destruction by means of another lightsaber, while not adding an excess of additional weight to the weapon to make it clunky or unwieldly
  • Lightsaber (behaves as a lightsaber to cut through most materials, deflect blaster bolts, etc)
  • Biometric Imprint allows this weapon to only be used by the individual it has been attuned to


  • Water will cause the blade to short out just as it would most other lightsabers
  • Cortosis in its raw form will short out the blade
  • Because of the innate fact that this is a lightsaber, the blade will have difficulty slicing through various resistant materials such as beskar, phrik, ultrachrome, etc
  • Whereas the biometric imprint can be viewed as a strength in keeping the weapon out of the hands of an enemy, it does not allow an ally to pick the weapon up to use in any sort of assistance should the scenario arise that such a course of action would be needed

LOA is Over! I am Back!

01 March 2019 - 05:21 AM

Just as the title says . . . 


Working way too much for way too little money is complete! I can now be back to active status with everyone here again!


22 February 2019 - 11:00 PM





Out of Character Information:

Intent: To create a quadrupedal species native to Rimos 

Image Credit: LINK | Resize by myself

Canon: N/A

Links: N/A


General Information:

Name: Axine (Singular and Plural)

Designation: Non-Sentient

Origins: Rimos (LINK)

Average Lifespan: 48 years

Estimated Population: Planetary

Description: Axine are large sized quadrupedal fauna native to the world of Rimos. These beasts are often seen in various shades of black and gray, with even carrying bluish hues. They have four eyes and one of their more unique features are the four horns that jut out in angles at the rear of their jawline. The Axine are generally docile in nature and are commonly domesticated by the local Rimans and used as mounts and companions.


Physical Information:

Breathes: Type I

Average Height of Adults: 1.8 meters

Average Length of Adults: 3.7 meters

Skin Color: Various shades of black and gray, some with bluish hues

Hair Color: N/A

Distinctions: Axine are large sized quadrupedal fauna that come in various shades of black and gray with bluish undertones. They are predominantly pack animals with an alpha male and alpha female that lead the herd. They communicate through a series of snorts and tones made from both their nostrils and their mouths. Axine reach adulthood in three years, growing an extraordinary amount in that time. Like many reptilian species, the Axine are birthed from eggs. The eggs are large and have a polished, stone-like appearance. They have pointed ears and talons that protrude from elbow/knee joints of all four legs. There are four talons that branch out from their feet.

Races: N/A

Force Sensitivity: Non-Sensitive



  • Strength in Numbers (the Axine are pack animals and rely on there numbers to avoid aggressive predators)
  • Strong Legs (they have strong legs to carry them about. They also will use this strength in the form of powerful kicks to defend themselves if necessary)
  • Stamina (their stamina has been heightened through years and years of evolution. Along with their strength, their cardio is their strongest physical feature. They are also moderately fast)
  • Utility (these creatures can be domesticated with relative ease and made into trusty mounts or steeds to use in a number of different areas, such as pulling trailer or plows)


  • Gentle (these creatures have a docile and trusting nature toward the unknown or the unaggressive. This could allow for the Axine to be the subject of a predatory ambush)
  • Alone and Afraid (when separated from their pack, or herd, these creatures are easily best and will seek out every opportunity to flee)
  • Diet (the Axine have a particular need for consuming massive amounts of food to sustain their high metabolism. Because of this, they are nearly always seen grazing in the wild)
  • Cold’s A Killer (the Axine have evolved for temperate to tropical climates. If brought to an icy environment, they would quickly wither away and die out.



Diet: Herbivore

Communication: A series of barks, yips and snorts

Technology Level: N/A

Religion/Beliefs: N/A

General Behavior: Axine are pack animals, communing of herds of up to thirty Axine adults and a number of adolescent offspring usually ranging from ten to fifteen young. The herd in led by the combination of an alpha male and alpha female (who are a mated pair). Within the herds, the animals form pairs which are together for life. They also are nomadic grazers that travel the lands in search of the next field to graze upon. 


Historical Information:

The Axine are a quadrupedal species native to only the planet of Rimos. They are various prominent in number, and can be seen spread across most of the planet’s more temperate regions. Within Riman culture, these creatures have been domesticated and turned into mounts and farm animals in recent years.


Because of the remoteness of the planet Rimos, the Axine have not been able to spread out into the greater galaxy and instead only can be found on the planet’s surface in great abundance. In theory, so long as the Axine has access to an adequate food supply for a herbivore diet, they would be able to travel and spread to any temperate planet as they would thrive in any environment with plentiful vegetation and moderate to tropical temperatures. 

LOA Possible due to work

22 February 2019 - 07:22 AM

I hate when I have to put this kind of message in here, but here it goes. My activity around the site will likely be extremely limited because of work from 23 February to 1 March, give or take a day. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but I definitely look forward to getting back here as soon as I can.


22 February 2019 - 03:04 AM





Out of Character Information:

  • Intent: To create a planet outside to be used in a future dominion, as well as to provide a new world to create new stories on.
  • Image Credit: LINK, Resize done by me/snip taken from chaos map, red dot placed by me
  • Canon: N/A
  • Links: N/A


General Information:

  • Planet Name: Rimos
  • Demonym: Riman
  • Region: Inner Rim
  • System Name: Rimo System
  • Special Features:
    • Rimo – Subgiant star that serves as the center point of the system. It supplies life and energy to the planet of Rimos and is where the system’s name derives from.
    • Pern – System’s largest moon. It possesses an atmosphere and the ability to sustain life, but currently holds no form of “intelligent” life.
    • Bredon – Rimos’ second largest of its four satellites. It, too, possesses an atmosphere and the ability to sustain life, but like its larger sibling, contains no “intelligent” lifeforms.
    • Hythe – The third largest moon in the system. It is rocky and barren with very little gravity.
    • Haran – The smallest moon of Rimos. It is believed to have originally been an asteroid that somehow got caught in the planet’s gravitational pull to become on of its satellites. Like Hythe, it has no atmosphere with a rocky and barren surface.
    • Rotational Period – It takes 38 hours for the planet to perform a complete rotation.
    • Orbital Period – A single orbit around the system’s star takes 374 days.
  • Coordinates: [S38] Inner Rim (see spoiler for exact location)
  • Major Imports: None (further explained in Government & Economy/Military & Technology)
  • Major Exports: None (further explained in Government & Economy/Military & Technology)
  • Unexploited Resources:


Geographic Information:

  • Gravity: 105% Standard (5% more than Earth/Standard)
  • Climate: Temperate (varies by region)
  • Primary Terrain: Varied
    • Plains (10%)
    • Mountains (10%)
    • Volcanoes (2%)
    • Oceans (41%)
    • Forests (12%)
    • Rainforests (8%)
    • Tundra (6%)
    • Ice Shelves (8%)
    • Deserts (3%)
  • Atmosphere: Type I


Location Information:

  • Capital City: None (there is no singular governing authority of Rimos. Instead the world is divided into countries with competing governments. Each country has its own capital)
  • Planetary Features: The planet of Rimos is a rather remote world shrouded by a thin, blue nebula, often causing the system’s start to cast an azure glow upon its surface. It is a world of varying landscapes, broken only by the scattered cities and settlements that dot its surface. There are architectural, stone monuments that can be seen from orbit which are scattered chaotically across the world. It features five continents that offer the majority of the planet’s landmass with various islands sprinkled throughout.
  • Major Locations:
    • Adoel – A land to the Northwest of the planet’s largest continent, the place has been dubbed “The Perilous Lands” but the indigenous species that occupy the planet. Something long ago caused this island to break off from the main body of the continent, leading it to be made into a land barren of all life and blanketed in ash. There is an abandoned fortress along the eastern coast of the island and a massive, super volcano at its center.
    • Arilia City – The largest city on the planet, Arilia offers a wealth of activities for one to occupy their time with. Some of these activities include: gambling, racing, sprawling parks, theatres, a gladiatorial arena and more. If someone wanted to dive into the cuisine the world as a whole had to offer, they would need to venture no further than Arilia.
    • Ediach – A land situated in the northern hemisphere of the planet, on the second largest of the continents, it is a land of sprawling glaciers and ice-capped mountains. There is a rather large indigenous population that has taken to calling these lands their home, however, and have carved out great cities within the mountains themselves.
    • Keakath – Situated on the smallest of the planet’s continents, and in the southern hemisphere, the entire land is vastly untouched and unsettled. It teems with various forms of life, though, and offers a very diverse ecosystem to include: jungles, forests, deserts, plains and mountains.
    • Rilla  The ruins of an ancient civilization are scattered across the entirety of the small, island continent. The world has reclaimed these lands and many of the ruins have been overtaken by mosses and other vegetation. It is unknown as to whether the people that once lived in these lands were driven into extinction or simply moved on, but they did leave their mark in the various crumbling ruins here.
    • Noren – An island off the western coast of the largest of the five continents, the prominent features Norin are simply four unreasonably large monuments which have been carved to resemble shapes similar to dragons. Aside from the four large monuments, the island is covered in various kinds of flora to include the Norris Root.
    • Toeni – A massive fortress by the norther shore of the largest continent, Toeni is still heavily occupied to this day. It overlooks the blackened sea that separates the main lands from the lands of Adoel.
    • Cendari Isle – A strange fog veils this small island from the rest of the world. More myth and legend that actual fact as told by the planet’s indigenous people, an ill fate awaits any who would dare to venture into the shroud. Many having gone out in search of the isle, yet few have returned and those who did, are not the same. In actuality, the reasoning behind this phenomenon is that the island swells in the Dark Side of the Force having been corrupted eons ago.
  • Force Nexus: N/A



  • Native Species:
    • Vornskr (LINK)
    • Ysalamir (LINK)
    • Various Avians
    • Various Mammals
    • Various Reptiles
    • Various Amphibians
    • Various Insects
    • Various Aquatic Creatures
  • Immigrated Species:
    • Humans (Dominant Species)
    • Duinuogwuin (LINK(only 4)
  • Population: Moderate
  • Demograpgics:
    • 100% Human – Humans of Rimos possess a nationalistic pride in themselves depending on which respective country of the planet they are a citizen of. Furthermore, personal wealth and success play a role in the inward division within countries.
  • Primary Languages:
    • Assorted languages native to Rimos. (they are majorly untouched by the major galaxy and common Galactic Basic Standard died on the world long ago)
  • Culture: The people of RImos are not a united people. It is a mix of various competing political powers between the countries which can sometimes lead to wars and civil unrest. However, the people all seem to have come to a single theological belief system centered around four dragon-esque creatures [Duinuogwuin] that they revere as Gods or Deities. Their moons were given their names based off the names of their ‘Gods” that arrived a millennium ago: Hythe, Pern, Bredon, and Haran. Much of each of their societies revolves around one of the four, often favoring one to be their patron deity. Because so much of their society revolves around this theological belief, many of each of the countries’ political maneuvering is heavily influenced based up which deity they revere over the others. In addition, Riman as a whole are prideful and often stubborn as well as being highly spiritual.

    The Force to them is unknown, opting to view it as magic gifted to a chosen few by the deities they worship. Their overall knowledge of it is limited and is often dictated by their emotions. Force-sensitives are often viewed as favored in the eyes of the Gods and their position within society is often elevated above even the ruling authority in the country unless the leader of said country is also Force sensitive.


Government & Economy:

  • Government: Varied (Rimos has no planetary government and is still broken into politically competing countries)
  • Affiliation: Independent
  • Wealth: Low (Rimos is not a united world and does not over any interstellar trade. All wealth accrued is internal to Rimos and its inhabitants)
  • Stability: Low (War is always on the precipice of breaking out between the rival countries due to conflicting interests. Outside of individual countries there is no unity on Rimos)
  • Freedom & Oppression: Varies and is dependent upon where you go within Rimos. Some countries here still endorse slavery, whereas some offer freedom and equality to all of its citizens. Of the eight major countries of Rimos, slavery still remains legal in two, indentured servitude prominent among another two and actual freedom within the remaining four.
    • The eight countries and their stances are as follows:
      • Anion – Free
      • Etoas – Free
      • Caewyn – Free
      • Tenyth – Free
      • Larom – Indentured Servitude Prominent
      • Rherit – Indentured Servitude Prominent
      • Lieloth – Slavery Legal
      • Yeswen – Slavery Legal


Military & Technology:

  • Military: Planetary wide, the military in not strong as each country sports its own with certain countries having much larger and/or much stronger militaries than another. Various fortresses dot the landscape of each country though few remain consistently occupied. If one were to invade, the world would be easily taken.
  • Technology: Technology on Rimos is far less advanced than the greater galaxy as Rimos has yet to even develop repulsor technology. Therefor, travel on the surface is either done by plane, boat, wheel-based vehicles, animal mounts or by foot. There is no means to travel in an interstellar manner here, but space is not completely unknown. A couple of the countries have developed their very first space fairing vessels though it would take weeks for them to even reach one of Rimos’ four moons.


Historical Information:

Rimos has never interacted with the greater galaxy, laying hidden by the veil of an azure nebula. All life of the planet evolved as the planet did, somehow falling in line with the blueprint that brought about the life that teems upon its surface. Sometime after the fall of the Old Republic and the formation of the Galactic Empire under the notorious Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, the first intelligent lifeforms in the race of humans arrived on Rimos. However, their arrival was not of their own volition and thus their ability to return to their homes was denied to them. They were the first, and only, settlers of the planet. Slaves dropped here and left to their own devices to somehow survive.


Over the next several decades, the men and woman spread out across the world and formed several villages and settlements where they hoped to build families and eventually prosper. But, with human nature, not all would go smoothly. People wanted what they did not have and wars and raids using primitive tools such as spears broke out. It was common place in the early times as people spread out hoping to establish themselves. Thus, the first kingdoms were formed. Kingdoms which eventually became sprawling countries.


The countries existed in peace for a time until the four Star Dragons arrived on the planet.


Their arrival brought about a series of events and their display of power paved the way to their being worshipped as deities. They destroyed the country of Rilla with savage displays of the Force and by bathing the land in fire before turning their eyes to the north where, through a combined effort, they brought another land to complete and utter ruin, going so far as to tear it asunder from the mainland of its continent. It didn’t take long before the primitive humans began to revere the four fiends as Gods, even electing to name Rimos’ four satellites, or moons, after their newfound deities: Hythe, Pern, Bredon and Haran.


Soon after, the countries that remained began to go through changes. Theological beliefs began to shape their actions and a once peaceful planet found itself thrust back into war on a global scale. The devastation through this forty-year war saw the fall of five countries that had once been a part of this world. The surface became scarred and cracked for years before nature finally gathered a foothold once more. Of the remaining eight nations, they rapidly began to expand their borders and their influence.


Afterward they seemed to settle into an uneasy peace for a time. That was until the four Star Dragons stirred once more. This time, however, they came upon the small isle that lay in the center of the planet’s largest ocean. Where once the isle teemed of the living, now it oozed death. Everything among the isle seemed to rot. It all cried out for a death that it would never be given. Forever in anguish and suffering. A foul air that never seemed to get swept away. From the isle a strange mist filtered outward, a shroud to veil the island from ever being reached again.


Something about the isle bred uneasiness among the people of Rimos, even though its grasp could never hope to reach lands where the living yet remained.


So, further into their cultist worship of the four, the Rimans fell, each country electing a single of their believed Gods to be their patron deity. The varying beliefs was surprisingly evenly split, with two countries selecting each of the four. This was, however, the last any of the four Star Dragons was seen, yet the cultist reverence of them remained. Even since, the countries have remained at an uneasy peace – a Cold War of sorts. The occasional skirmish is aroused from time to time, but the lack of a true conflict has allowed the people of this world to advance technologically. In recent years, they have made their first excursions to Riman’s two larger moons, though they were simple overpasses as they did not attempt to land on either moon’s surface.