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Alden Akaran

Alden Akaran

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Lost in the Mist

26 April 2019 - 03:35 AM



Location: Umgul

Tags: Scherezade deWinter | Ek Vilibro Griz




The chaotic racket of alarms and sirens ran rampant through the bridge of the Valiant as the ship's computer rang out in distress. She was dying and was making sure those she harbored were made well aware of that fact. She had held on for hours now, smoldering as fires reemerged; almost as soon as they were put out they'd spring back to life again. The Valiant was dying. She was on the last string of her life and too short that life had been. But . . . her story was not yet over. It couldn't, and wouldn't be until she no longer functioned in any form. A time that was all too quickly approaching for her.


It took about an hour, maybe more, for the blue and green orb to fill the transparasteel viewport of the cruiser as Umgul crept closer and closer. It's orbit was vacant; there was not a single ship that passed through the sector. It was as though life had come to a screeching halt in a moment's notice here. Like the prosperous life these people had once known was gone completely. Even if that were not the case, it's how it appeared on this day. Not one ship outside of the Valiant. Not a single one.


A moment longer passed and the engines sputtered and groaned on the cruiser and then finally ceased. They were dead. Their life had left them as the last of the fuel reserves had been expended following the breach that jettisoned the vast majority of what had once been there. The pale blue glow that once emanated from the four large mechanical constructs dissipated and finally vanished. Shields were gone. Hyperdrive was gone. The communications array was down. And now the life of the engines had fleeted from existence. It was a sad day and the crew braced for the worst. They braced for the end and among them was their Commander, a Colonel. He was sitting in his chair in the bridge, leaning forward, resting his head in hand with the elbow anchored to his thigh. He closed his eyes a moment and thought, letting his emotions swirl around like a vortex in his mind before bringing himself once more to the present. A new, more serious and determined expression came across his face and within a brief second, he'd sat up and thumbed a command to open the ship's intercom. "Today marks the end of a long journey and a journey well traveled. I couldn't have dreamed to have served alongside a more extraordinary group of men and women than I have with you. I challenge you this. Remember your families, Remember your homes. Remember what you've fault for. We will get back to those. We will survive and we will prove the galaxy wrong for we are not meant to die this day. We are meant for so much more." Alden paused a moment and wiped a tear from his eye as his thoughts not only fell upon his family and his home, but also to the one single greatest part of his life. But, he had to remain strong, if not for himself, for the men and women that served beneath him. He swallowed the lump in his throat and proceeded to continue. "I am ordering you now to abandon the Valiant and use the escape pods to seek refuge here on Umgul and make contact with the Confederacy. Make it home to your families. To your friends. To your loved ones and to everything you know and love. Do it all while holding their memory near and dear to your heart. You all came into the Navy for your own reasons, swearing you'd lay down your lives if you had to in service to the Confederacy, but I'm giving you another order. You said you would die for it; I'm asking you to survive for it. Serving with you has been the greatest of honors."


Speeches were not his thing, but still, he put his heart behind his words. And he meant every word that left his mouth. And even as the officers aboard the bridge evacuated, he solely remained. A Lieutenant turned in his direction as his was about to step foot into the turbolift to head for the nearest escape pod. Concern filled her heart and sorrow covered her face. "Are you not coming, Commander?" There was genuine concern in her voice as she asked her question, maintaining eye contact as best as she could as he awaited his reply.


Alden sighed, and stood from his chair. "Lieutenant, it's been an honor. Go, I'll be behind you in a moment." It was a downright lie as he voiced his reply returning her salute as she turned to enter the turbolift. He felt bad for it, but he couldn't stomach telling her his true intentions were to stay with the cruiser. That he intended to go down with it, but save as many men and woman as he could in the process. Leaving every last escape pod and shuttle for the crew. He would not take away from their limited options of escape. Too many had already been lost in the struggle. Too many dead. And their blood was on his hands. It weighed so heavily on his heart and he didn't know just have much longer he could carry that. He couldn't lose any more. That's why he'd ordered their evacuation. It was the only option he had left to save them and he was going to use that.


One by one the pods and shuttles launched, darting to the planet's surface below. Following their Commander's orders. They were going to survive. They were going to send a distress call to the Confederacy from Umgul’s surface. They were going to be rescued if nothing else. They would make it home, even if their Commander did not.


He returned to his seat not and sat once more. The fiery embrace of the planet's atmosphere caressed the Valiant as she descended for her final time. Her speed exponentially increased as the planet's gravity pulled harder and harder at her. Hull plating broke and cracked before being ripped away. Still the speed of the ship increased more and more, alarms and sirens continuing to sound endlessly. The fires spread and threatened to envelope the entirety of the ship and the outside sped by in a blue. The altitude rapidly decreased and with a thunderous crash the Valiant came to her final rest.


She hit hard and broke apart in two and then three. Shrapnel flung about in all directions and a trail of ember and flame drew a crude trail as she finally skidded to a stop where the planet’s famed mist would swallow her whole. She was nothing of her former glory. You could barely tell she'd once been a ship and it would be amazing to think anyone could have survived such a crash. It was a scene that screamed death and destruction. Agony and horror. The Valiant was dead. She met her end. She was no more.


Long live the Valiant.


An hour passed and nothing stirred at the scene. Then a second and a third. But as the fourth hour threatened to pass without a sign, something changed. On the bridge, Alden's eyes finally opened. He lay upon the durasteel floor, thrown from his seat on impact. Warm, red blood painted his head and face, and a splitting headache ravaged his skull. A flurry of emotions washed over him. The gloom and depression, but the relief and happiness too. By all accounts he should not have survived, but it seemed the galaxy had other intentions for him. It seemed his story had not yet come to an end. He eased himself to a seated position and reached a hand, open palmed, and touched it to his forehead in an effort to stimulate the pain that throbbed about his head. The blood smeared a moment and painted his hand now too.


He'd lived, but at what cost? How was he to survive?

Unexpected, but Necessary LOA

27 March 2019 - 03:03 AM

Sorry to anyone and everyone I am currently involved in a thread with, but I need to take a week away for personal reasons. I will pick up when I return sometime next week.

Alden Akaran's Lightsaber

12 March 2019 - 04:53 AM

Alden Akaran’s Lightsaber


IMG_6323-wm.jpg IMG_6340-w.jpg IMG_6341-wm.jpg


Out of Character Information:

Intent: The personal weapon of Alden Akaran

Image Source: {LINK}

Canon Link: {LINK}

Primary Source: Same as Canon Link


Production Information:

Manufacturer: Alden Akaran

Affiliation: Alden Akaran

Model: N/A

Modularity: Crystals/Circuitry/Components (Yes)

Production: Unique (one of a kind)

Material: Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone, Phrik (base metal), Krayt Dragon Bone (pummel)


Technical Specifications:

Classification: Lightsaber

Size: Average

Weight: Medium


Special Features:

Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone (enhances a user’s precognition of an event, allowing to them to see, predict and react to things before they actually occur)

Phrik Hilt (Because of the naturally resistant nature of Phrik, this weapon has higher than average protection against being sundered in two by a direct strike from an opposing lightsaber)




This is the lightsaber of Alden’s creation, and he has taken to the time to truly make it his own. Through his training under the Sith Lord and Confederacy Exarch, Adron Malvern, Alden has been able to slowly and methodically collect the various pieces and items needed to construct this elegant weapon.


The weapon produces an amethyst blade due to the crystal that more or less seemed to call to the weapon’s creator during an extensive training session which taught him the use of the Force ability, Tapas, and allowed him to search out, discover and attune a crystal with his own identity within the Force. Each aspect of this weapon had been personally identified and selected by the man, including the etching and engraving grafted into the various phrik elements of the hilt. With the combination of the rustic and ornate elements incorporated into the weapon’s physical presentation, it truly reflects upon Alden’s journey. Born in privilege as the son of a planetary governor, decorated and astute adherent of military life within the Navy’s (first with the Galactic Alliance/New Republic and later with the Confederacy of Independent Systems) and now as a student of the Force as an apprentice to the Exarch.


Blade Length: 40 inches (101.6 cm)

Hilt Length: 15 inches (38.1 cm)

Total Length: 55 inches (139.7 cm)



  • The Lorrdian Crystal/Gemstone elevates the wielder’s abilities of perception and precognition allowing them to better predict and react to any number of situations
  • Phrik Hilt makes the body of this weapon highly resistant to damage or destruction by means of another lightsaber, while not adding an excess of additional weight to the weapon to make it clunky or unwieldly
  • Lightsaber (behaves as a lightsaber to cut through most materials, deflect blaster bolts, etc)
  • Biometric Imprint allows this weapon to only be used by the individual it has been attuned to


  • Water will cause the blade to short out just as it would most other lightsabers
  • Cortosis in its raw form will short out the blade
  • Because of the innate fact that this is a lightsaber, the blade will have difficulty slicing through various resistant materials such as beskar, phrik, ultrachrome, etc
  • Whereas the biometric imprint can be viewed as a strength in keeping the weapon out of the hands of an enemy, it does not allow an ally to pick the weapon up to use in any sort of assistance should the scenario arise that such a course of action would be needed

LOA is Over! I am Back!

01 March 2019 - 05:21 AM

Just as the title says . . . 


Working way too much for way too little money is complete! I can now be back to active status with everyone here again!


22 February 2019 - 11:00 PM





Out of Character Information:

Intent: To create a quadrupedal species native to Rimos 

Image Credit: LINK | Resize by myself

Canon: N/A

Links: N/A


General Information:

Name: Axine (Singular and Plural)

Designation: Non-Sentient

Origins: Rimos (LINK)

Average Lifespan: 48 years

Estimated Population: Planetary

Description: Axine are large sized quadrupedal fauna native to the world of Rimos. These beasts are often seen in various shades of black and gray, with even carrying bluish hues. They have four eyes and one of their more unique features are the four horns that jut out in angles at the rear of their jawline. The Axine are generally docile in nature and are commonly domesticated by the local Rimans and used as mounts and companions.


Physical Information:

Breathes: Type I

Average Height of Adults: 1.8 meters

Average Length of Adults: 3.7 meters

Skin Color: Various shades of black and gray, some with bluish hues

Hair Color: N/A

Distinctions: Axine are large sized quadrupedal fauna that come in various shades of black and gray with bluish undertones. They are predominantly pack animals with an alpha male and alpha female that lead the herd. They communicate through a series of snorts and tones made from both their nostrils and their mouths. Axine reach adulthood in three years, growing an extraordinary amount in that time. Like many reptilian species, the Axine are birthed from eggs. The eggs are large and have a polished, stone-like appearance. They have pointed ears and talons that protrude from elbow/knee joints of all four legs. There are four talons that branch out from their feet.

Races: N/A

Force Sensitivity: Non-Sensitive



  • Strength in Numbers (the Axine are pack animals and rely on there numbers to avoid aggressive predators)
  • Strong Legs (they have strong legs to carry them about. They also will use this strength in the form of powerful kicks to defend themselves if necessary)
  • Stamina (their stamina has been heightened through years and years of evolution. Along with their strength, their cardio is their strongest physical feature. They are also moderately fast)
  • Utility (these creatures can be domesticated with relative ease and made into trusty mounts or steeds to use in a number of different areas, such as pulling trailer or plows)


  • Gentle (these creatures have a docile and trusting nature toward the unknown or the unaggressive. This could allow for the Axine to be the subject of a predatory ambush)
  • Alone and Afraid (when separated from their pack, or herd, these creatures are easily best and will seek out every opportunity to flee)
  • Diet (the Axine have a particular need for consuming massive amounts of food to sustain their high metabolism. Because of this, they are nearly always seen grazing in the wild)
  • Cold’s A Killer (the Axine have evolved for temperate to tropical climates. If brought to an icy environment, they would quickly wither away and die out.



Diet: Herbivore

Communication: A series of barks, yips and snorts

Technology Level: N/A

Religion/Beliefs: N/A

General Behavior: Axine are pack animals, communing of herds of up to thirty Axine adults and a number of adolescent offspring usually ranging from ten to fifteen young. The herd in led by the combination of an alpha male and alpha female (who are a mated pair). Within the herds, the animals form pairs which are together for life. They also are nomadic grazers that travel the lands in search of the next field to graze upon. 


Historical Information:

The Axine are a quadrupedal species native to only the planet of Rimos. They are various prominent in number, and can be seen spread across most of the planet’s more temperate regions. Within Riman culture, these creatures have been domesticated and turned into mounts and farm animals in recent years.


Because of the remoteness of the planet Rimos, the Axine have not been able to spread out into the greater galaxy and instead only can be found on the planet’s surface in great abundance. In theory, so long as the Axine has access to an adequate food supply for a herbivore diet, they would be able to travel and spread to any temperate planet as they would thrive in any environment with plentiful vegetation and moderate to tropical temperatures.