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Har'xa Escala

Har'xa Escala

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Today, 03:46 AM

Har'xa Escala, Fleet Admiral

Equipment: Uniform, Code Cylinders, Blaster Pistol

Location: Aboard a survey vessel, Polar Zone, Byss, Deep Core

Status: Annoyed, and disgusted with the amount of snowfall in the Polar Zone
Interacting with: Cynthia Alucard

Allies: Tanomas Graf | Max Fel | Zesiro | IC-104




It was with narrowed eyes that the noble stood before the viewport of the survey vessel he found himself on. Spread out before his gaze was a vista of immaculate white.


Resting lightly by his thigh, his right index finger twitched faintly, the only hint of annoyance that the older Escala allowed himself to indulge in. To the rest of the officers and crew that accompanied him, the tall male appeared to be his usual calm and stoic self.


With the limited vision caused by heavy snowfall, the vessel was reliant on its sensors to advance through the treacherous zone. Even then, as the weather continued to deteriorate, the accuracy of its sensors will be compromised. But the Epicanthix was not about to let the scouts and pilots assigned to the stations be stranded, especially not when the reports from his battlegroup confirmed that the conditions will only worsen in the next hour. There was also a very real risk that the remnants of the opposition would scatter to the winds if they were about to lose and attempt to overtake the stations to protect themselves from the blizzard.


Perhaps someone of his rank and stature could have left this job to one of his many aides, but considering he was also en route to the base camp located at the edge of the region, it did not make sense for him to expend twice the resources when he was perfectly fine with being slightly delayed by a few detours. Just two more stations, and then they can retreat from this thoroughly unpleasant wasteland.


As the vessel began to lift, the click of a new set of footsteps against the durasteel panels caught his hearing. Har’xa Escala turned to regard the officer standing before him. Unlike his youngest son, the Admiral was more severe in demeanour, and sparks of his rare humour hidden from all except those closest to him. He waited for a moment after the young woman own greetings before he returned it, his own salute precise. “Welcome aboard, Wing Commander Alucard. Please feel free to make use of what little amenities that is available on the vessel. We have two other stops before we journey back to Base Senth.

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14 February 2019 - 04:11 AM

Less than ten minutes in, and discontentment was already brewing.


How droll.


It was good to know that everyone still possessed a fire within their soul. Because they will need the resolve and tenacity if they were to reform. And a small amount of disagreement and competition has never hurt anyone.


While the presence of the armoured male beside the imperator was suspect, Har’xa was willing to extend a small amount of goodwill to the other. But he definitely did not trust him, not just yet. Keeping his features impassive as the contingent began to move towards the temple, the Epicanthix gave a twitch of his index and middle finger as a silent signal for Corvus to draw close to his side.


When the mercenary entered within hearing range, the brunette leaned down slightly, his lips barely moving as he spoke. “I want you to keep a close eye on the man that is accompanying the Imperator.” His dark eyes moved from Corvus to the unknown figure to indicate exactly who it was that Har’xa was referring to. “If anything happens, my safety comes second.



Interacting with: Varian Alaric

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11 February 2019 - 05:17 AM


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07 February 2019 - 12:52 AM

While his keen eyes continued to sweep through the area, pausing and alighting on a familiar form every once in awhile, Har’xa allowed his mind to meander. His thoughts went first and foremost to his dominion on Bunduki, where his clan and family members resided. He knew that they would follow his lead if he decided to shed the mantle of Grand Margrave and retake his position as Fleet Admiral, even if it meant leaving behind their home and abandoning their world.


His true worry, however, rested on his youngest.


Despite his disapproval, he had allowed Kou’ha to carve his own path. But perhaps, he has indulged his son for far too long. For while he remained proud of him for his achievements, Har’xa felt that his son has been given far too much responsibilities given his inexperience and was thrown into a battle he was not prepared for. Despite his stoic silence, he noticed the stark difference in his scion when he had returned to Bunduki for a visit. Even with him standing here on the soil of Byss, his wife and his remaining sons were probably trying to talk sense into his youngest. No longer will Clan Escala allow one of theirs to be so neglected.


The hushed whispers that has been drifting even to the inconspicuous corner he was secreted in fell into revered silence. Taking his cue, the Epicanthix stepped out into the area, a mere face in the sea of people. Standing taller than most people, it made it even easier for his dark eyes to alight on the charismatic figure that stood before them. He inclined his head out of curiousity, as it did not escape his notice that the man he once served looked much younger and filled with vitality. It was clear that something has happened, but whether the Imperator would be willing to satisfy their unvoiced queries… Now, that was another matter.


Har’xa remained a distance away, but still close enough to listen to the condensed report that was being delivered by Morcus, mentally taking notes and filling in the gaps in his own understanding. He merely contented himself by greeting the Imperator with a nod and the faintest twitch of a smile, deciding to withhold his own well-wishes until the furor has subsided. 

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In Topic: Impenitence

04 February 2019 - 09:23 PM

It was curiousity that drew him to Byss.


Perhaps one would question if mere curiousity was enough for a Grand Margrave to leave his dominion and brave the journey through the maze of anomalies that riddled the Deep Core.


But one did not serve for as long as he did only to ignore his instincts. Even on the soil of his beloved homeworld, he had felt the subtle change rippling across the space that the First Order claimed for their own. Out of respect, Har’xa has maintained his silence and observed as changes were wrought. As the passage of time continue its advance, what were once concerns slowly grew and morphed into discontent. And while it was still tolerable, it also meant that the retired Fleet Admiral was more amenable to accepting an invitation from an old acquaintance despite the risks it entailed.


Though it has been a long time since he donned the colours of the Empire, his uniform still fitted his form like he had last worn it yesterday. Standing in a discreet area away from most of his colleagues, the Epicanthix watched the pomp and procession with a half-lidded gaze as they all awaited the arrival of the Imperator.