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Sandrius Draclau

Sandrius Draclau

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#1918865 Save Me: Coming Back Into the Universe (Alwine Lechner)

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 27 February 2019 - 06:25 PM

'Shi'ido' She had said that word before, though its meaning was lost on Sandrius. It almost seemed like some sort of threat or insult, or perhaps an expletive. Between that, the fact that she didn't seem to understand what he said and the fact that she seemed to think that he had asked her for help made him think she had him confused with someone else. Surely she would have no reason to continue treating him the way she was if that wasn't the case.


Having decided that she was, indeed, confusing him for someone else he slowly stood up while keeping his hands raised above him and began to speak, choosing his words carefully, "I apologize. I seem to have done something to wrong you or upset you in some way. I am Sandrius Draclau and I did not ask for your help. The only person that has ever told me I need help is the white man. I thought he was your friend since you were the one who took me. I know only you and the white man. You ask of my intentions, and if I understand it correctly, I have none. Why did you take me? Why did you hurt me? Where is the white man?"


Alwine Lechner

#1914892 Save Me: Coming Back Into the Universe (Alwine Lechner)

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 16 February 2019 - 04:27 AM

"Shi'ido," Alwine growled


Sandrius was not prepared for a mental attack, nor was he prepared to defend against a mental defense on a mind he didn't even know he was trying to probe. All he knew was the woman had suddenly become hostile. Jumping back and up he shifted back into the male form he'd taken and found himself clinging to the corner of the hangar bay's ceiling. He didn't even realize what he was doing until it happened, as if his body reacted before he did.


The other voice in his mind reacted before he did, as well. Feeling the presence of danger from deep within the confines of his mind, another consciousness lashed out, one much more in tune with the force and with the powers that dwelled within him.The same face Alwine had seen in her dreams lashed out with a growl of his own, "Enough!" This time sending out the thought through the force like a powerful sonar blast.


This startled Sandrius and caused him to drop to the ground, this time putting his hands in front of him in a gesture of peace.  "Please, don't hurt me.I don't know what I've done to you!"


Alwine Lechner

#1914864 Save Me: Coming Back Into the Universe (Alwine Lechner)

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 16 February 2019 - 02:43 AM

"We are in Confederacy space," she said at last, "en-route to Geonosis, the capital planet. I am Alwine. What are you doing here? What are you? What is the last thing you remember before I found you? Do not doubt that I can use this sword and will use it if I come to suspect you are dangerous to me."


Sandrius took in the young girl. She was smaller than he was and quite different, though oddly similar. He could see the force emanating from her though it was quite different from the things he was used to seeing, planets and stars and the such. The closest he could remember was a starship he'd caught a glimpse of. He remembered it because it was similar to the planets, it had a certain life and energy. This energy was different though, almost chaotic.


Rising to his feet Sandrius gave her a curious look. She'd answered his questions but she had used words and phrases that meant very little to him.Furrowing his brow in thought a fuzzy picture of Geonosis came into his mind, though it didn't help him at all as he couldn't remember anything useful about it.That and he had no idea what a "Confederacy space" was or how it was different from normal space.Then she'd asked him questions that he had clearly just answered and it was apparent that he was talking to her here, so why she had to ask what he was doing he was very unsure.


He opened his mouth twice before actually making any words, still unsure of how to proceed, "To answer your questions, I'm clearly talking to you here.I would assume you knew that as you brought me here and helped the white man save me.As to who I am, I definitely answered that.I am Sandrius Draclau.The white man said it too, would you listen?I have no clue what I remember.I remember you and the white man and the stars but that's about it."Seeing as how his words were obviously not helping the situation he gave an exasperated sigh."Maybe this will help you feel better?"As he spoke, he shrunk.His body collapsed in on itself, his features shifted, some body parts disappeared and others grew.After only a moment, he looked the spitting image of the woman in front of him, including sword in hand.With no knowledge of it being something separate from her, he simply believed it to be a part of her body and copied it as such.


"Now, maybe you could answer me," she now said with a smile on her face."What's a Confederacy space, why's it different from normal space and why is Geonosis the capital of the universe?"


Alwine Lechner

#1913950 Save Me: Coming Back Into the Universe (Alwine Lechner)

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 14 February 2019 - 01:33 AM

Alwine Lechner


Sandrius' body had never actually shifted.Instead, it was an almost shapeless mass that barely resembled the natural Shi'ido.In his progress to create a better body, he had twisted it into something unrecognizable.It was easy to see why they thought he was dead.Inside, however, his consciousness had whirled.The man that had once been Sandrius Draclau, Sith Lord had been eaten away by the nothingness of space.In the end, after all the years alone only a few aspects of his old life remained latched in his mind.He had had no one but himself and what he eventually came to call the voices of the universe, though it was actually the echoes of planets carried by the force.In the end, he needed little more than a glimpse of his own identity as he needed no one to share it with.


When she had appeared it had jerked Sandrius "awake".It had been years. 'Years, right? Or was it days?Oh, hours wasn't it?!' Drifting weightless, alone.  'We aren't alone now, dummy!Wake up!' Sandrius jerked, his body giving a sudden by almost violent shake as it began to "thaw".Cracks and pops along with hisses started sounding as he woke up, reaching out, finally feeling and moving.He was cold and his body didn't want to move. 'Heat yourself up, dummy!'  "Oh yeah!" he thought, "I know what to do."


Reaching out, he connected with the force.He focused and pictured fire and heat encompassing his body, filling him with heat and strength.As he did this, he slowly took control of his new body and lifted himself off the floor, rising up toward the ceiling he began to shift for the first time.This was new and slightly different than before.The shift felt different as if what he was becoming had already been there all along."But who am I?" He thought as his frame molded into that of a bipedal human while being engulfed in flames 'Why silly, you're me of course!'


With a gasp, Sandrius' eyes flew open, the flames extinguished and he was no longer an ugly mass but rather a rather normal looking "human" male with white skin and brown hair.Looking up at his rescuer the only thing that might give him away as the man from her dream was his dazzling cyan eyes, almost glowing.  'Hey moron, you're alive.Get up and thank the girl, without her I wouldn't have been able to bring you back!'


"Thank you.I am supposed to thank you right?"Sandrius looked around, his eyes taking in his surroundings and the ship around him."I'm very sorry, but could you perhaps tell me where I am.Oh and while you're at it, who are we?"  'You're Lord Sandrius Draclau, now act like it!'  "I'm sorry, I meant who are you?I'm Sandrius Draclau?I think that's right, that's what he said anyway.But, yeah, who are you?And where are we?"

#1912778 Save Me: Coming Back Into the Universe (Alwine Lechner)

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 11 February 2019 - 05:20 AM

The Gulag Virus had changed everything. There had been death everywhere and it didn't seem to matter where you were. Even deep in the unknown regions of space, when they had taken every measure possible; they were decimated. Sandrius Draclau, Master of the Force and Prince of Lao-mon had spent many years studying biogenetic engineering and attempted to find a cure for it. He was certain that the shifting abilities of the Shi'ido were the key to stopping the virus. Surely a species capable of becoming plants and rocks could hold the key to the virus that was decimating every species it touched. Having learned previously how to transfer his life force into a willing host, he had already lived several years in a cloned body that had been designed to further the natural abilities of his species. Now, he created a new host body he was sure would be able to withstand the virus. This body was not just one that had been created by science but had been imbued with the force as well through his father's spells.


There was only one problem. When he transferred his consciousness to the new body, he became trapped. His father's spells had been more than he had expected, separating the mind from the body. It left him waiting for another to reach out and jump-start the connection.Since those that had been working under him in this project were not particularly force sensitive themselves, when they found his previous body dead and his new one unresponsive they assumed incorrectly that he'd died. In a futile effort to slow the virus on his planet, the living began dumping the dead into space. In this case, they dumped their own prince trapped to float in darkness until the end of time.


Or rather.... Until now.


Sandrius had drifted close to a registered hyperlane and had been passing the time passing his mind through the various hulls that passed by. Usually, the brief glimpses he caught of the ships left the passengers with no knowledge of his presence. Today however, the passenger aboard the passing ship was different. It seemed she was a wolf, but he could see the force emanating from her. Reaching out, he slipped into her mind as she slept. It was not something that he had intended but soon he was enveloped in her dreams. 


The wolf was there, slipping in and out of his vision, seemingly running from him. Chasing after her he wasn't sure where they were or what they were running through but soon it seemed to be just the wolf her and except it was no longer a wolf. It was now a young woman, the force emanating off of her the same way it had the wolf in the ship. Stepping forward and reaching out a hand he had time to get one word out before their connection faded.


"Save me."

#1912773 Hello there!

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 11 February 2019 - 04:05 AM

Damsy Callat Thank you very much!


Scherezade deWinter Hello you fantastic beast!


Asaraa Vaashe Thank you I hope to have a great time as well!

#1912740 Hello there!

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 11 February 2019 - 12:05 AM

General?No, I'm a Prince.It'd be Lord Draclau.


Kimiko Taiyō

#1912718 Hello there!

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 10 February 2019 - 11:23 PM

Allya Vi'Dreya


Thank you for the offer, I do believe that Scherezade deWinter has already done me that great favor as well as suggested I join CIS

#1912696 Hello there!

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 10 February 2019 - 10:49 PM

Katarine Ryiah


No, that's Sandrius Draclau:P

#1912688 Hello there!

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 10 February 2019 - 10:44 PM

Nvm, Katarine Ryiah told me now.Anyway thank you for the welcome, Mariya Fleischer and Rianna Organa-Ar'klim

#1912679 Hello there!

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 10 February 2019 - 10:33 PM

Yes, I'm Malice's chosen son.Chosen in that he adopted me (IC).Used to run The Draclau Clan when we had our own board.As of now I have no clue how big the family has gotten or where any of them are.

#1912666 Hello there!

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 10 February 2019 - 10:10 PM

Coming back to roleplaying after about 7-8 years.Know a few people here so thought I'd join.


Anyway, I've started my character creation (I'll update the bio once I know a bit more how he's gonna fit in here) and I'm looking forward to getting started.

#1912661 Sandrius Draclau

Posted by Sandrius Draclau on 10 February 2019 - 09:59 PM

NAME: Sandrius Draclau



RANK: Force Master, Prince of Lao-mon


SPECIES: Shi'ido Sithspawn


AGE: 1204


SEX: Male, fluid (ability to shift between either, both or no sexual organs)


HEIGHT: 6'-7'5" regularly


WEIGHT: 450lbs


EYES: Cyan/Red/Cyan(glowing)/Red(glowing)


HAIR: Brown/White


SKIN: Caucasian/White to Ashen White








  • Natural abilities, including
  1. Ability to shift into organic and non-organic materials.
  2. Telepathy - including the ability to trick bodily senses into deceiving themselves
  3. Augmented strength and speed
  • High knowledge.Sandrius has spent much time studying genetics, bio-engineering and the force
  • Force Sight - Through attempts to become closer to the force itself, Sandrius has learned to "see" through the force
  • Riding the line - Sandrius doesn't see the force as having a light or dark side, but rather as intentions being good or bad when using the force.Because of this, he has learned abilities on both sides of the force, being able to harm and heal




  • Sandrius is arrogant, due to his status as royalty and the son of Malice Draclau he believes he is beyond the measure of all but his father
  • Sandrius' abilities and augmented natural body come at a cost.He burns energy rapidly and must replenish it regularly in order to survive
  • Sandrius, being one to believe heavily in personal and family honour, is ready to take people at their word much more frequently than not



Sandrius has two "regular" appearances.When going about his day to day activities and existing alongside the rest of the galaxy he appears as a tall humanoid male.He has white skin and brown hair.During royal appearances and fights, Sandrius lets his hair down.He has long flowing white locks that flow down his back, he wears a black battle cloak and lengthens and thins his features.Sandrius also regularly sprouts wings, though he has the ability to "fly" without them


From: 15s2bmw.jpg

To nmxnyt.jpg












None yet, will be updated