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Valad Yar

Valad Yar

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In Topic: Uncovering the Past

Yesterday, 02:55 PM

Valad Yar smiled at the simplicity, yet accuracy of the words Ronak spoke. "You are correct, it was a Sith creation, but the Jedi of that time were much different from what they are today. They were much less peace keepers and more warlords and planetary governors. Jedi Lords they called themselves. But a small detail, the Thought Bomb was a weapon created by the Force, that when released, consumed the life energy of all Force-Sensitive for many kilometers in any direction. The destruction it brought to Ruusan when deployed by the ancient Brotherhood of Darkness was extreme. Hundreds of Sith and Jedi were killed, and many thousands more others were lost. An added side effect was the spirits of those Sith and Jedi caught in the blast were trapped within the Thought Bomb, which as far as I know still exists, waiting." Valad Yar fell silent for several seconds as the pair continued to walk, shaking his head briefly. 


"I plan to find that device, in truth. The spirits of the ancient Sith held within interest me greatly, the knowledge and power they hold could be beneficial to me and the future of the galaxy. But it does pose risks..." He fell silent again as he continued along, his shoulders sagging slightly as he looked off into the distance. Perhaps he had spoken too much, but Valad Yar was putting faith in the fact that perhaps Ronak could be trusted with some of the inner workings of his plans. It would be a great boon to have him as an ally for those things yet to come. 


Domino Gray Venasir

In Topic: Journey to the Darkest Heart

Yesterday, 02:48 PM

Valad Yar barely paid the dock official any mind, glancing at him only briefly. The mans eyes went pure white as he stumbled backwards, his weak mind overwhelmed and broken with a mere thought from the agitated Sith. The dock official simply stood in place as Valad Yar ascended the ramp, heading back into the hold. He secured for himself a small spot in the vessel, unloading his bag on a crate and spreading the books out across them. With little time to waste he opened the first one and began to read, his mind devouring the information within the pages of the book as he closed himself off from the rest of the world around him, focusing all his effort on the task at hand. 


Each book he had taken was a script written by ancient followers of Exar Kun, the original Sith that created the Sith Academy on Korriban. They were largely ignored by the modern Sith, but to Valad Yar, they were priceless. They would go a long way to educating Valad Yar and those that he would gather in the future, and begin the process for which he would rebuild the ancient legacy of Exar Kun. Perhaps he could find more allies on this mission, perhaps not. But at the moment, he already had aquired something worth the trip alone. Halfway through one of the books though, something caught Valad Yar's mind. It spoke of an ancient holocron stored on Korriban, an ancient one that supposedly Exar Kun himself had created and passed along to his disciples. It had come to Korriban, and had been lost to time. Even better, the last known location was near the site the expedition was travelling to already. Valad Yar would find this holocron, he promised himself as he kept reading, hoping to find more secrets. 


Orex Mauda Ronak

In Topic: Journey to the Darkest Heart

18 February 2019 - 10:22 PM

Valad Yar was surprised by the arrival of the student, and he began to reach out with the Force to dominate his mind when Oren Mauda acted, brutally finishing off the student and then hiding the body. It was an effective solution,though perhaps not the best given the circumstances. They could have dealt with the student much as the guard outside, buying them time and covering their tracks. Now with a dead body in the equation, they were on the clock. Eventually the body would be found, and then not only would they be barred from the Academy, they would be hunted across Korriban. This recovery mission had suddenly become a possible close combat operation as Valad Yar saw it. He was glad he had decided to bring his lightsaber with him. 


Moving to follow the others, he briefly glanced at Ronak, a prickling interest at the back of his mind drawing attention to the wolf warrior. Something was there...Valad Yar was certain of that. He did not have time to concentrate on it now, but he would deal with the matter later. First and foremost they had to escape this Academy before the the body was discovered, and they needed to be a long way outside the range of the cannons scattered through the valley before they were hunted. It was certainly going to be a very interesting trip.


Luckily he had already found what he had been looking for.

In Topic: Uncovering the Past

18 February 2019 - 01:13 PM

The obvious place to look for the item Valad Yar sought would be in the Valley of the Jedi. It was a massive place, with numerous different cave entrances and locations to explore, but Valad Yar couldn't be entirely certain. He wanted to first ensure what he sought was not anywhere else before he entered that dark place. It could have been moved since then to another location for all he knew. The stories he had heard of what happened there...the destruction the device he sought had caused was something even he was nervous about. The mere name brought goosebumps to his flesh as he scanned the horizon, looking for some other place it might be as he and Ronak made their way down the river. As their journey continued, Valad Yar began to dread more and more, coming to be certain he knew where it would likely be...


Shaking the thoughts from his head, Valad Yar turned his gaze to the city in the distance, visible but not entirely so. The Silver Jedi Order would have the location heavily defended, no doubt. And it was likely he would not be able to get anywhere near it in his present state. However, should the mission at hand be successful, he just might be able to achieve a goal he had believed to be a mere fantasy, a goal he couldn't quite grasp. The thought of that event brought some warmth back to his body and he turned back to the search. 


Grimacing, Valad Yar turned to Ronak, his voice quite and withdrawn as he spoke to the warrior. "Tell me, have you heard of an object known as a Thought Bomb...?



Gray Venasir

In Topic: Journey to the Darkest Heart

18 February 2019 - 11:23 AM

Valad Yar was silent as he moved through the archives, his eyes taking in the vast amounts of information and knowledge that was kept here. The sheer amount of it was almost daunting, though he kept himself in check as he inspected a small collection of scrolls detailing one of the numerous Sith civil wars in the past. However, he put them down when he felt a pull at the back of his mind, a siren call to a shelf halfway across the room. Here, a small collection of ancient books were haphazardly stacked, as if discarded for countless years. Valad Yar picked up the first one, running his hand across the dusty surface of the book to reveal the title. The moment he read it, Valad Yar opened the book and began reading through the first few pages at a fast pace, consuming all the knowledge within. 


Looking back at the shelf, Valad Yar began to inspect all the books, stacking them neatly together as he looked around the room. He spotted a small bag laying on a table, likely left by a student after his studying session. Valad Yar extended his hand and the bag shot to him, and he began to put the books within the bag. He glanced around to ensure no one other than his companions were watching, before walking back towards the table, the full bag making a resounding thud as he placed it on the table. He then extended his right hand, placing two fingers on the top of the bag, while bringing his left hand underneath, forming a small diamond with his fingers. He spoke several words in the ancient language of the Sith, as well as other, harsher words. When he was done, a brief flash of purple flame shot from his fingers to seemingly consume the bag, burning it away to nothing. Finished, Valad Yar reached down and picked up where the bag was, tying it around himself. 


It was a simple spell he had learned a few years ago. The bag was hidden from the eyes of most, but if someone took the time to focus and reach out with the Force, they would be able to see it. Valad Yar just hoped no one would be that bothered. Moving back through the library, he began to look for anything else of value.


Ronak Orex Mauda