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Valad Yar

Valad Yar

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#1950984 Abducted By Destiny

Posted by Valad Yar on 04 June 2019 - 10:04 AM

Valad Yar took a step backwards as two of the group seemed to suddenly lose their focus. Like a wave in the Force emotions began pounding at his mind, pure uncontrollable desire and rage beyond reason. A second later Valad Yar threw up a protective barrier around his mind, a practice taught to him by a small coven of witches on Dathomir. With the barrier up in his mind he took a step towards the downed two, confident that his shielding would protect him from whatever was affecting the others. He reached his hand out to Kitty to try and rouse her, just before he made contact with her shoulder...


Valad Yar jerked back, suddenly finding himself in the Nadariga back on Corellia. But it was not how he remembered it. The walls were covered in rich tapestries and inlaid with numerous different colored gems. The blaring music of the speakers had been replaced by a beautiful symphony orchestra playing on a hovering stage at the back of the Main Hall. Everywhere he looked Valad Yar saw the fruit of his labor. Years of effort and sweat poured into the Nadariga to ensure that it prospered, and brought back plentiful return to Valad Yar. Everywhere he looked Valad Yar felt pride at all he had accomplished. All he had succeeded at. All things that only he could do.


"Sin of Pride."


Osiren Clarmore Curtis Learchin


#1950803 Nadariga Killers [Corellian Underworld OPEN]

Posted by Valad Yar on 03 June 2019 - 06:07 PM

Nadariga: Sub-Station


Valad Yar had been enjoying a rather pleasant drink with one of his business contacts in the Corellian dockyards when one of his staff approached their booth. The female Rodian bowed her head briefly at the seated group before leaning forward and whispering a few words into Valad Yar's ear. Nodding his head, he waved her away before turning to the three men, two humans and a Trandoshian, still looking at him expectantly. He forced a smile across his face as he rose from the booth, placing a few credit sticks on the center of the table. "My apologies gentlemen, a matter of importance requires my attention. Please have a drink on the house while I take care of it, and I will return shortly." 


Turning away, Valad Yar made his way out of the Private Club and down the staircase towards the Main Hall of the Nadariga. The music blasting across the speakers drowned out the singer and small band on the stage towards the back, though their motions, and that of their back up dancers were the main reason they had gathered a crowd around them. Valad Yar weaved his way through the busy crowds before getting to another staircase towards the back of the Main Hall, nodding briefly at the large brute he hired to keep the respectable people out of the Sub-Station. Walking down the stairs carefully, Valad Yar stepped out onto the railing running along the second floor of the Sub-Station, his eyes taking in the room in an instant. 


The crowds were bigger than usual down here tonight, but surprisingly subdued. Most people were busy at tables in small groups, though a few were making their way around the number of shops and booths the Sub-Station had to offer, and a small crowd had accumulated around the three dancers near one corner of the bottom floor. Even before the second staff member approaching Valad Yar could point out Anaximander he was moving towards her. He descended the small spiral staircase connection the upper balconies and the bottom floor of the Sub-Station, walking towards the person who had come to be known as 'Red'. In contrast to her attire Valad Yar wore almost entirely black clothing. A loose shirt hung across his chest, open partially down his chest to reveal the hint of tattoos and scars beneath. A matching pair of black pants finished out the look. 


Coming around the bar, Valad Yar waved off the bartender, finishing pouring his guests drink for her. "My name is Valad Yar, owner of the Nadariga. Heard you were asking for me. Might I know who you are?"


Voska Naudir

#1950164 Sith Seeking Scoundrels and Criminals for Illegal Fun Times

Posted by Valad Yar on 01 June 2019 - 02:29 PM

Could certainly work. I had thoughts that maybe a larger local gang is already operating in the area and they have been making moves against the Nadariga and my much smaller operation. Perhaps our groups team up to take down and take over this larger group, which is what you are wanting to do I believe, benefiting us both and establishing the ties you are looking for. As for line of fire, I would be up for the Nadariga itself being a warzone for a bit. We can always rebuild with the spoils if we win.


If you have other plans I am all ears, this is your plan.


#1950150 Sith Seeking Scoundrels and Criminals for Illegal Fun Times

Posted by Valad Yar on 01 June 2019 - 01:19 PM

Well Valad Yar has a club on Corellia already, the Nadariga, submission pending where he is trying to get a little organization of his own off the ground. Your character could potentially meet with Valad Yar there and from there start your little operation, with Valad Yar becoming somewhat of a near or full equal partner. Never hurts to have some heavy and scheming back up. 


Oh and do not worry about an ice queen, Valad Yar has grown quite a thick skin. 



#1950133 Sith Seeking Scoundrels and Criminals for Illegal Fun Times

Posted by Valad Yar on 01 June 2019 - 12:00 PM

I have a Sith attempting to do something roughly similar Anaximander . If you would be up for working with a partner, I would love to help you out in this endeavor. 

#1949912 Abducted By Destiny

Posted by Valad Yar on 31 May 2019 - 03:57 PM

Valad Yar paused for a moment, his saber dipping slightly as he glanced around the room once again. Sighing, he deactivated his blade, connecting it back to his hip as he folded his arms, taking a few steps closer to the podium in the center of the room. The evident disinterest in each other from the assembled group seemed to imply that everyone here was as confused as he was, and the disunity in their grouping implied they did not know each other. So, they were all victims of the same kidnapping. This day was just getting stranger and stranger.


"A question, could I be correct in assuming that none of you know where we are?"


Kitty Curtis Learchin Osiren Clarmore

#1948929 Abducted By Destiny

Posted by Valad Yar on 28 May 2019 - 09:45 PM

Valad Yar smiled as he watched the last patrons of the Nadariga exit the building, one of his big brutes locking the doors behind them and heading home for the night. It had been another successful day at the establishment, both up front and behind closed doors. It was everything he could have hoped for and more. The work he had put into this place, the connections he had forged, and the power he had begun to accumulate in such a short time. Even the voice at the back of his mind agreed Valad Yar should feel pride in his work here. He made his way to his personal quarters, and in short order laid down and fell asleep in his own large, very comfortable bed.


At least, that is what he thought. 


When he opened his eyes again, he was no longer in his room. The cold rock beneath him and the stale air flooding his nose were the first signs something had changed. A quick observation of the room confirmed his initial thoughts. He pushed himself to his feet slowly, glancing down to see his lightsaber on the ground before him. A frown crossed his face as he extended his hand, not even watching as the lightsaber shot up and into his hand as he glanced around the room he was in now. No visible exits were present in the nondescript chamber, and only a single large platform in the center of the room marked any kind of difference. He spotted a book on its surface, his archaeological interests immediately coming to the fore as he took a few steps towards it. The snap hiss of an igniting lightsaber snapped him out of his brief moment of thought.


His eyes snapped across the room to the other figures present, including one standing with lightsabers ignited. He let a smile cross his face as he twirled his lightsaber, the two blue blades erupting to life before the second rotation of the blade was complete. He supposed this person was one of his kidnappers, though the others with her did not seem to be wearing any distinguishable uniform or even seem to be together. His black shirt hanging open down the front, revealing numerous scars and tattoos and his similarly colored pants were his usual attire, but at the moment he wished he had some of his combat armor with him. Trapped in an unknown location with unknown hostiles was not quite the place to make a fashion statement. 


"I hope you have back up on the way young lady. Otherwise, I am afraid whoever sent you here is going to lose one of their precious little puppets." The smile never left his face as he assumed a combat position, preparing to defend himself. 


Kitty Darth Morbus Osiren Clarmore Curtis Learchin

#1948593 Corellian Delights

Posted by Valad Yar on 28 May 2019 - 10:43 AM

Valad Yar leaned back in the chair of his private booth, situated on the third floor of the Nadariga, the bar and tavern he owned in one of the nicer areas of Corellia. A large central ring dominated the center of the massive structure, with the bottom dedicated to a full circle bar, and on several elevated platforms above that were dozens of females of just as many species dancing to the cheers of the crowds below. The rest of the first floor was dedicated to other tables and booths lining the walls around the central area, with stairs leading up to the second and third floor, dedicated to gambling and pleasure respectively. They had some of the best food on Corellia as some patrons bragged, and prices that were immensely better than some of their rival competitors. It was a wonderful little place Valad Yar had built, and he was quite proud of it. 




Especially since he hadbegun to build a criminal empire out of the backroom. 


Valad Yar turned to glance across the round table of his private booth at the nervous looking Rodian, his eyes constantly darting around at Valad Yar, everything else going on in Nadariga, and then to the two brutes standing nearby. The bright flashing lights of the dancing stages and rest of the bar cast dozens of lights across the Rodians face every few seconds, highlighting the frustration and fear he was feeling. Valad Yar said nothing for several more seconds before finally turning his attention back to the Rodian, enjoying the feelings of dread the man was radiating. 


"The shipment will be delivered on time, correct?" Valad Yar had to raise his voice quite a bit to be heard over the music and voices in the building, though careful control of the force ensured that no one beyond their booth would hear anything. The Rodian nodded his head quickly, a nervous smile flashing across his head briefly. The Rodian was in charge of supplying one of his primary smuggling groups with their cargo. Valad Yar had been getting reports that those shipments had been late on the smugglers arrival on two separate occasions now. Such sloppiness annoyed him, so he had brought the handler in. After a few drinks, a bit of talking, and the breaking of one or two limbs, negotiations could be considered a success. Smiling, Valad Yar waved for the two brutes nearby to lead the Rodian out of the building while he turned to look back across Nadariga. He watched as dozens of his staff rushed about the various floors to begin cleaning up and preparing the place for the coming evening rush. 


Everything was business as usual.




This is an open thread to any member of the Corellian Confederation or anyone else that just so happens to want to come and enjoy a drink or gamble a bit.

#1948221 Gang of Sith anyone?

Posted by Valad Yar on 26 May 2019 - 09:13 PM

I agree, let us get the party rolling.

#1947604 Gang of Sith anyone?

Posted by Valad Yar on 24 May 2019 - 04:07 PM

If you are still looking I am up to talk.


Curtis Learchin

#1918333 Rebirth

Posted by Valad Yar on 25 February 2019 - 09:49 PM

Valad Yar was silent as the ships began to arrive to his small island on Bestine IV, each one carrying the newest members of the Reborn Brotherhood of the Sith. Others were allies and comrades Valad Yar had encountered, and hoped they would become good comrades in the days to come. There weren't many of them, at least not yet. A few Valad Yar had sent word to personally, while others were coming over their own volition. Whether they came knowing what they were to become part of, Valad Yar was certain that today would be the beginning of a glorious new age. 


Behind him, the large metallic structure that was a small branch of the Exarite Corporation rose from the beach, the sudden change irregular and stark. Within, numerous rooms had been prepared for the gathering, as well as halls for food, entertainment, and learning. Knowledge was always a driving focus of the Reborn Brotherhood of the Sith, and all members would have equal access to the knowledge that Valad Yar had spent the past decade carefully gathering. 


Stepping off the porch of his small wooden hut in front of the metallic structure, Valad Yar walked to meet his new comrades. 


Darth Rage

Aren D'Shade

Darth Kentarch



#1918048 Dark Dawn

Posted by Valad Yar on 24 February 2019 - 08:55 PM

"If you have no business with Sith, then perhaps you will do business with an archaeologist. I want what is in that temple to benefit not only myself, but everyone. The knowledge stored there could help cure an ailment, provide understanding of the nature of the universe in a brand new way. Look beyond your preconceptions of Light and Dark, Jedi and Sith and think of the good we could do if we uncover all that is within that temple." To an extent, Valad Yar was being honest. The knowledge that could be found in the temple could benefit more people than just himself, though whether or not he would actually spend the extra effort to do it would be another story. Still, he could cross that bridge if they eventually got there. 


The first step would involve surviving the next few minutes.


Stardust Solus Skirae

#1918037 Dark Dawn

Posted by Valad Yar on 24 February 2019 - 08:01 PM

"Well, given your preconception of Sith, would you have honestly allowed me to come to this world if I had asked? And as for this temple, the knowledge held within could prove to be greatly beneficial, both for you, and for myself." He paused for a brief moment as the wall of flame erupted before him. It was an impressive feet of Force ability, though it wasn't directed at him as a weapon. It was a show of strength, and warning that she would not be taken lightly or by surprise. Valad Yar let a smile cross his face as she let the fire fall, beginning to approach him now. Coming to a halt, he folded his hands behind his back, looking up at the Queen. 


"I come with this offer, without desire to fight."


Stardust Solus Skirae

#1917982 Dark Dawn

Posted by Valad Yar on 24 February 2019 - 04:58 PM

Valad Yar smiled as Stardust Solus Skirae confronted him, barely paying attention to her daughter as she rushed inside the small house. Valad Yar extended his hands out in front of him, and with a simple use of the Force he tossed his own lightsaber across the ground, out of arms reach. Effectively disarmed, Valad Yar began to slowly walk forward, keeping his hands out and visible. It would not be much of an issue for him to call his lightsaber back to him, but he hoped the thought would count here. He would defend himself if necessary, but combat was not his goal here today. 


"Your Majesty, I have no interest to quarrel with you, I have come merely to speak with you. I seek a temple that ancient texts tell me is located on this world. With your permission, and hopefully your company, I wish to seek it out. You will be welcome to anything I find there as well."

#1917980 Journey to the Darkest Heart

Posted by Valad Yar on 24 February 2019 - 04:49 PM

Valad Yar walked down the ramp of the ship, wrapping the cloth around his face once. He felt the difference immediately, the change in the air, the coldness at the edge of his mind despite the heat of the world. The presence of those long since dead was overwhelming. He felt...powerful. The fact that most of those spirits here would consider him a false Sith, a failure to the so called "superior" teachings of their kind bothered him little. He would do what he wanted, how he wanted, and when he wanted. He had the knowledge, the power, and the understanding of how and when to use both. Whether the spirits liked it or not, Valad Yar was a true Sith, and he was going to prove it. To them, and to the rest of this bloody galaxy. All it would take is time. 


Looking around at the complex of ruins and tombs spread out around them, Valad Yar pulled a small device from his belt, flipping it open. After several seconds of peeping a holographic display appeared above the device. It showed a full three hundred and sixty degree layout of the terrain around them, including the vast caverns deep beneath the surface of where they stood. The device was an old archaeologists tool he had kept and improved since that time in his life. He was certain the device would come in exceptional use now. Turning to Orex Mauda and Ronak, he glanced up at them briefly before returning his eyes to the device. 


"Where would you suggest we begin?"