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Valad Yar

Valad Yar

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16 February 2019 - 10:19 PM



  • Intent: To create a new generation of the ancient Massassi for use in future threads.
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  • Name: Neo-Massassi, (Massassi)
  • Designation: Sentient
  • OriginsYavin IV Bestine IV
  • Average Lifespan: The average Massassi lives to be roughly forty years in age, with those that go beyond this considered to be ancients within their society. 
  • Estimated Population: Planetary
  • Description: The Neo-Massassi stand nearly two meters in height, and have skin colors ranging from bright crimson to lighter shades of pink. They have noticeable and visible muscles across most of their body. They have sharpened teeth that are almost always on display, and have long tendrils hanging from their faces which grow longer as the Massassi in question ages. Despite their height, most Massassi have a hunched posture, with their heads jutting forward and away from their bodies rather than directly vertical. 


  • Breathes: Oxygen 
  • Average Height of Adults: Two Meters
  • Average Length of Adults: One and a half meters
  • Skin color: Various shades of red
  • Hair color: N/A
  • Distinctions: The Massassi have various shades of red skin, and stand nearly two meters tall. They have tendrils coming from their chins, which vary in length depending on their age. Males are generally taller and broader than females, who tend to have the lighter skin colors in the family. 
  • Races: Neo-Massassi
  • Force Sensitivity: Rare, only a small group of Massassi are Force-Sensitive, bred carefully by the races elders to ensure their bloodlines remain pure. This process has led to a less in quality and quantity of such Force capable individuals, though they tend to live longer than their contemporary brethren. 


  • Strong: Neo-Massassi are extremely strong, being able to lift twice their own weight with ease, and able to carry on for long periods of time.
  • Cunning: The Neo-Massassi are brutal, efficient warriors and killers. In combat they are capable of using small and large group combat tactics with minimal communication between members of their warbands. 


  • Primitive: Despite attempts to introduce them to newer technology, the Neo-Massassi have a poor understanding and grasp of it. In combat, they shun all blaster time weapons to focus entirely on close range melee weapons. Only a small group of their population are capable of understanding and learning more advanced technology, though these members are regularly hunted and sacrificed by their own kind.
  • Force-Weak: While some members of the species are able to connect to the force, the few that can are extremely weak in the field, only able to do minor things. 


  • Diet: Omnivore: On their homeworld of Yavin IV, the Neo-Massassi survive through hunting and gathering lifestyles. On Bestine IV, they rely heavily on fishing and farming activities. 
  • Communication: Spoken Language, Massassi, Galactic Basic
  • Technology level: Primitive, relying largely on stone and basic metal weapons and tools. Some members of the species are capable of more advanced thought, though they are rare and still far below galactic standards. 
  • Religion/Beliefs: The Neo-Massassi worship the ancient spirits of the Sith, notably Exar Kun and Naga Sadow. They venerate them, and place them in a Dark Pantheon that they regularly make blood sacrifices to in the form of crippled and defective born Neo-Massassi.
  • General behavior: The Neo-Massassi live in a largely tribal form. Elders make up the leadership of each tribe, with the warriors serving them directly and enforcing their will over the rest of the tribe. Women are highly sought after among the Neo-Massassi, and often tribes will raid one another for the privilege of claiming a mate. Each warrior will only ever have one mate in their lifetime, as females will fight each other for dominance, often leading to lethal altercations. The young of each tribe are cared for by the Elders, who teach and train them for their respective tasks. Once they reach the age of maturity, they are divided based on their gender, with the males becoming warriors, and the females becoming farmer, crafters and builders. Neo-Massassi will attack and violently kill all other species they encounter, seeing everything else in the universe as mere tests of their strength. Most warriors spend their time hunting wildlife to feed their tribes, tough they regularly ignore such tasks for days at a time to take part in vicious raids against other tribes. 

The Neo-Massassi started out as simple survivors. Ages past, the Dark Lord of the Sith Exar Kun sacrificed all the Massassi on Yavin IV to give himself immortal life in the form of a Force ghost. However, not all members of the species were able to enter the temples on the moon to be sacrificed. Some had been wounded in the fighting leading up to the actions of Exar Kun, and survived when the rest of their kind did not. They continued on, surviving in the ruins of Yavin IV, and in deep underground tunnels and caverns. They repopulated slowly over the following centuries, expanding and reclaiming much of the world, though they rarely went above ground, only ever to hunt and farm. 


Roughly a decade ago, Valad Yar came to Yavin IV where he discovered the new Neo-Massassi, evolved and changed from their ancestors. After fighting off dozens of their warriors, he broke some of the tribes and bent them to his will, though he could not take all of them. What few he could he gathered to him and fled Yavin IV, taking them to Bestine IV where they would undergo genetic changes led by Valad Yar, enhancing their intellect and reasoning abilities. These Neo-Massassi are sent back to the rest of their kind, who recruit their more primitive brethren into warbands that they lead as Elders.


On Bestive IV, they live on a small collection of islands near the equator that are uninhabited by the local populace, where they have constructed simple villages where they have continued to grow.

Looking for Assistance

14 February 2019 - 05:56 PM

So this is a pretty straight forward little post here. I am working on a new project, and am looking to get some help. It is a long term task I have in mind, and there will be plenty of interesting threads along the way, character development, and credits for those interested. Looking for any people leaning baddie for this ladies and gents, as well as any Jedi or other light to grey individuals that might be interested in a little bit of a conversion. If you are interested please say so below or message me directly and I can fill yall in on the rest of the plot.


13 February 2019 - 11:11 AM

Any submissions that you are currently working on but are not finished yet you can post here, and even get some suggestions and help from other members.

Exarite Corporation

12 February 2019 - 03:27 PM




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  • Corporation Name: The Exarite Corporation
  • Headquarters: Bestine IV
  • Locations: Bestine IV, Oroaturoo, Chazwa 
  • Operations: Medical Equipment, Medical Supplies, Cloning, Ship Building


The Exarite Corporation is a company focused on the production of Medical Supplies and Equipment for worlds across the galaxy, cloning workforces for various worlds, and the construction of vessels of various sizes. However, the Exarite Corporation also does less publicly known deals, including the cloning of military forces for private investors, and the construction of warships for various pirate and criminal organizations. A large majority of their income comes from these lesser public deals. 



Valad Yar created the Exarite Corporation years ago upon settling down on Bestine IV. He knew he would need a stable source of income for him to accomplish his goals around the galaxy, so using his alchemic knowledge began to create various medicinal items that he began to sell, building up a sizable bank before creating the Exarite Corporation, and moving his work across the galaxy and widening his income base, as well as expanding the Corporation's operations to include Cloning and Ship Building. While a majority of the proceedings from the Corporations deals go back into the company itself, a small portion is taken by Valad Yar himself to focus on his own work and goals across the galaxy.


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Uncovering the Past

10 February 2019 - 01:45 PM

Ruusan. A barren, blasted waste of a world that had been destroyed in wars long past. People still lived on the rock, though they did not live in vast metropolises, and in luxury. A single city was on this world, built by the Jedi to help those that lived on this world, provide for them, make their lives better. Such things were a wasted thought to Valad Yar. The people of Ruusan were strong, far stronger than those that lived across the galaxy in comfort. They struggled to survive, to build a home for themselves, and to defend themselves against the rest of the galaxy that had always seemingly been against them. The Jedi's act of kindness was in truth a death sentence for the people of Ruusan. Not now, but eventually the Jedi would be gone, the city would wither, and the people of Ruusan would once again be forced to survive on their own. When that time came, Valad Yar suspected they would not be able to do so. The Jedi's kindness would make the people of Ruusan weak and subservient to them. When it was time for them to stand alone again, they would perish. Such thoughts were of minor concern to Valad Yar though. He had another reason for coming to this world than to simply find fault in the methods of the Jedi.


He currently stood next to the small ship he had brought to the world, his customary black shirt and pants pulling at him as wind rushed across the barren hilltop he was on. He had come to Ruusan to uncover an ancient relic, an object that had decided the course of an ancient war, and tipped the balance of the galaxy towards the light side. A disappointing development, but one that brought a chance for discovery and empowering to those of the present. Only problem was, he had no idea where it was. Records of its exact location were well hidden, and many records were destroyed outright by the Jedi of old to keep it out of the eyes of the galaxy. It made his task here much more difficult, but luckily he would not be doing this alone. He had contacted experts in the field of tracking and smuggling, skills he expected would be incredibly useful for the mission ahead. 


He had sent coordinates to each of them to meet him on Ruusan, and now, he waited. With their aid, Valad Yar could finally begin the task he had been given so many years ago. Finally, he would be able to do what he had been destined to, since the moment he had been born.


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