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Rikaelyr Ragnos

Rikaelyr Ragnos

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In Topic: Ghost Fleet (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-46)

16 March 2019 - 06:05 PM

Darth Malice continued deeper within the halls of the Chimaera, occasionally the troops would branch off and check side rooms and check for anything of use, data-pads of what happened or any possible research material that they could save to use later. Malice turned around quickly as she felt something zip past quickly behind them. Using her assassin skills she used the force the muffle her footsteps and slowly and carefully went to the source of the sound. It was then that something small with multiple appendages came flying out at her. Using the force she quickened herself and held the creature in the air in front of her suspended in the air, the appendages and tail on it whipped about frantically. It was then she heard gunfire and screams coming from her soldiers in the other room. She tightened her outstretched hand into a fist and watched as the creatures cracked and started to fold in on itself before she released it and let it drop to the floor. Carefully she noticed the creatures blood had caused the hull of the ship to erode away "The reports were right, its blood is highly corrosive."


She went back to rejoin her team but found one of the side rooms covered in blood, the pain they felt as they died hit her like a brick wall and she exhaled in excitement. What ever it was on this ship, it was an efficient and beautiful killer. She wanted this creature so badly to use toi experiment on.

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In Topic: Guduma: Lords and Ladies and Slaves. Oh My!

16 March 2019 - 05:52 PM

Darth Malice nodded to Darth Pyktis as he entered her office."The pleasure is all mine Darth Pyktis, please take a seat and make yourself comfortable. If you wish a drink please feel free to help yourself. The same goes to you Grand Admiral." She got up from her desk and passed him a data-pad. "On here are a few ideas I have come up with that might in future prove to be of some use to our empire. Feel free to look them over in your own time and get back to me on what you think." She returned to her desk and got comfortable in her chair once more "So what is everyone's plans now we are in this time of quiet? I personally will be looking into ways on improving my Vakyrie squad or perhaps even creating a nano-virus we could maybe unleas on other groups across the galaxy."

In Topic: Alchemy physical transforming

16 March 2019 - 05:40 PM

Darth Malice watched as Ashara Evanaris prepared herself, she watched almost intently, taking in the girls form before the change. When Ashara had laid down she smirked as she strapped her down "You look delicious now, imagine how your going to be when the change is complete." She made sure the straps were nice and tight and looked over at Vyrassu. "I do enjoy strapping people down. You want to come over and make sure they are secure enough?" she teased. She had been tempted to just punch Ashara across the face whilst the girl was strapped down but using her will alone, she refrained from it. Didn't wish to ruin the girl before the pain really started.

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In Topic: Shadows of Cyron (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-44)

16 March 2019 - 05:33 PM

Darth Malice looked at the medic who seemed to question her reason for keeping the zabrak girl alive. "Don't worry about it, she will be of use to me one way or another. Only time will tell if you get to meet the finished product or not." she chuckled and went to join up with the other sith lords. She walked over to Ashara, noticing the girl was waning she reached out her hand and using the force, forced her body to recuperate itself quicker. "No time to slow down now, we have cleaning up to do. Anything we can use we should scavenge. We might find useful tech lying around somewhere?"

In Topic: Guduma: Lords and Ladies and Slaves. Oh My!

16 March 2019 - 01:42 AM

Darth Malice nodded and signalled to a chair opposite her "Grand Admiral Kalix, please take a seat. That is unless you wish to stand during out meeting?" She looked at the Valkyrie Squad and signalled for them to leave the room, which they did without hesitation "So to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit, Grand Admiral?" She had to admit she probably wasnt as intimidating without her armor on but in this moment she had no need to strike fear into anyone, let alone the people of Guduma. 

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