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Rikaelyr Ragnos

Rikaelyr Ragnos

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#1923452 Valkyrie Armor

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 14 March 2019 - 05:31 PM

Valkyrie Armor



Intent: To create a semi-unique armor for Valkyrie Squad of the Jen'ari Empire

Image Source: here

Primary Source: Medium Armor



Manufacturer: ArmaTech Combat Systems

Model: MK 1

Affiliation: Valkyrie Squad

Modularity: Yes; utility belts allow personal weapons, inventory and/or accessory-type equipment

Production: Semi-Unique


Phrik plating - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Phrik/Legends

Cortosis weaved Clothing - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Cortosis/Legends



Classification: Anti-force wielder

Weight: Medium


- Blasters: High

- Kinetic: High (upper body); Average (lower body)

- Lightsabers: Very High (upper body); Average (lower body)

- Vibro: Average

- Sonic: low

- EMP/Ion: Very Low

- Environmental: Average





- Breathing assitance in difficult terrain and voice modulator

Torso & Back:

- Phrik Armor Plating

- cloth combat suit with a Cortosis thread weave


Left Gauntlet:

- Extra ammo storage (Sniper only)


Right Gauntlet:

- Integrated Datapad with onboard communication relay



- Magno-Grip Soles



- Lightsaber clip/

- Anti-security blade & Medpacs

-Stealth field generator (Sniper only)



The Valkyrie armor was designed to be used alongside cybernetics  to improve overall combat effectiveness against lightsaber and force users. The way the armor is designed allows the user to take damage whilst also remaining mobile in combat. by mixing phrik plating with a combat suit underneath with a cortosis weave built into the fabric.


The armor was not designed however for protect against force lightning and in doing so created a weakness for its user, more so for those with cybernetics.


The data-pad and comms gauntlet was created for quick information exchange between users of the armor and for forward planning purposes allowing it to be used as armor for a scout unit. The scout varient comes with a stealth field built onto the waist however this is thrown off by lightning or other sudden spikes in power outage.



Strong Plating: Phrik armor plating over vital areas of the upper body provides excellent protection from most sources of direct attack.

Weight Balance: Because of the heavier armor on the upper body, but the lessened armor on the lower body, this has resulted in a balance of protection with mobility, effectively becoming medium armor in terms of overall weight and movement restriction.



Resistant Not Impervious: Even phrik plate can be damaged from repeated strikes to the same location, such as lightsaber attacks, so regulation of damage dispersion is prudent.

High Caliber: The armor is still vulnerable to high caliber slugthrower rounds, such as armor piercing types, which can crack and damage the phrik plating, lessening its effectiveness until repaired out of battle.

Heavy Repeaters: Despite phrik plating, the armor is vulnerable to heavy repeaters, and sustained fire should be avoided.

Segmented Armor: Due to the focus of phrik plating on the upper body, the lower body remains far more vulnerable to attack due to balancing protection with mobility.

Delicate Systems: The comms systems are vulnerable to strong EMP and Ion damage, which would disrupt the functionality for a several minutes until they could restart.


#1923295 Shadows of Cyron (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-44)

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 14 March 2019 - 01:55 AM

Darth Malice and her squad soon arrived at the entrance to the citadel as she felt the emperor fall in battle. She looked up towards the source of it before returning her focus to the battle. As she got closer she could see what had caused the large boom that was also made not so long ago "People and their toys." she chuckled and followed the path to within the citadel, feeling out in the force for anyone still alive or on the brink of death she could potentially use as a 'volunteer' for her experiments.


As she walked through the dead or dying she came across a zabrak female, still clutching her lightsabers and forcing herself to life even though she had already been cut in half and was missing part of her face. Darth Malice looked down at her and signalled for a medic "Stabilise this one, she is strong and will be of use to me. I want her alive." She then walked off to continue her search whilst striking down any that attempted to kill her.


Jack Anderson
Darth Vyrassu

#1923079 Guduma: Lords and Ladies and Slaves. Oh My!

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 13 March 2019 - 11:25 AM

Rika was pleased at the girls response and put her back on the ground. "Then rise, my apprentice. You are no longer a slave, however for now you shall continue to wear your collar. Consider it a precautionary method." She looked towards a door at the side of the room "Go get changed into something more suitable. Don't think of running though, I will know if you do." She waved Raria away "You now serve the governess of the planet, so make sure you look the part at least. Do not disapoint me."

#1923006 Guduma: Lords and Ladies and Slaves. Oh My!

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 13 March 2019 - 03:19 AM

Darth Malice gaze didn't move from the girl as she explained her past. She raised her hand and using the force used it to force Raria to stand before suspending her into the air. She didn't care if it hurt the girl, it looked like she could take more than a little pain. She got up from her desk and walked over to her. "We will see about getting those bruises healed up but only because over time of serving me you will end up with much worse. You used the force and killed your previous master. Understand that you try that with me. If you are weak I will give you a fate worse than death."


She gripped Raria's chin "Should you raise your voice against me or speak against me, I will take your jaw. Raise your hand against me and I will remove it. You will give me your every last breath or I will replace your lungs. Do you understand what I am saying? Serve me, learn from me and you will become no ones slave ever again. Fail me and you will become my next experiment. Do you pledge yourself to my teachings?"


A sound bleeped at her desk drawing her attention away for a moment "Ah that must be Grand Admiral Callix." she walked over to her desk, leaving Raria suspended in the air to respond to her. She pressed the intercom to her receptionist "When Callix arrives, see that she is allowed straight in, I am just finishing off her."


"Yes Ma'am, Understood" came a reply from her receptionist.

Nicole Callix

#1922999 Shadows of Cyron (TJE Dominion of Hex AI-44)

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 13 March 2019 - 02:36 AM

Blaster bolts flew past her and impacted repeately into the soldier that had caught her shoulder with his blaster, leaving his only just breathing on the floor.Darth Malice walked over to him and knelt down beside his body. Chuckling she reached out with her hand and placed it againsty his face and started to drain what life force he had left causing him to cry out in agony. 


The soldiers escorting her watched on at her show of power. One was about to speak but was distracted by the sound of a high pitched howl close by. Malice just looked towards the source of the sound "Let's move out, we are already falling behind, we need to reach the citadel quickly.


Darth Malice and her escort started making their way to the citadel, ambushing any stragglers that were caught retreating or patrolling alone.

#1922870 Korriban Road, Take Me Home

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 12 March 2019 - 06:04 PM

"A shame so many claimed to be of such, it would seem that after I vanished, any Sith tried to claim to be me. On a more positive note, it made tracking me down so much more difficult over the years. I worked for Darth Nox as their contact within the Empire, once they left I was given the seat so that I could continue their work. Darth Marr was aware of this." she was angry that everything she had done in the past was now obselete to these new Sith. She was glad not to be joining them as she would have meant so little to them. 


In that moment she wanted nothing more that to let loose a giant wave of dark side energy and drain every last person there of their miserable existance. "Then I guess this planet no longer has need of me and I no longer requrie it. I will have to find somewhere else to call my home."

#1922861 Guduma: Lords and Ladies and Slaves. Oh My!

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 12 March 2019 - 05:44 PM

The Zabrak member of the Valkyrie squad walked upto Raria, it's cybernetic eyes glowed red as it looked at her "You are coming with us, Our Master awaits your arrival."

The Chiss took the slaver's controller for the collar around Raria's neck as the other two restrained and dragged her to follow them as they made their way to the Governess Office.


The zabrak member looked at the slaver "Take these ones to be analysed. The Governess wants those able to work the mines. Any Force Sensitives are to be sent to be trained."


Darth Malice was finishing up a call as the Valkrie squad turned up with Raria " Kneel! So you slave girl are known as Raria." she looked over at a data-pad on her desk "It says here that you killed your previous master? Is this true?" she questioned as the Valkrie squad replaced the guards that had kept her company during their absence. 

#1922852 Korriban Road, Take Me Home

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 12 March 2019 - 05:23 PM

Rika was a little annoyed to leared that most of the knowledge had been moved off world. The ragnos tomb had been ravaged over the years. however it did seem like some of the hidden passages her lineage knew about had been untouched. "Let me guess that planet is under the control of your empire?" she asked calmly. She had to remain calm and nto let any of her feeling give her away. Last thing she needed or wanted was to end up fighting Kahlil. 


"Ah so scheming but narrow minded individuals, it seems nothing changes over the years. Perhaps they should do their research. I was a memeber of the Dark Council a while back."

#1922755 Guduma: Lords and Ladies and Slaves. Oh My!

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 12 March 2019 - 10:53 AM

Guduma.Home. New planet of Pureblood Sith. To Darth Malice this was her new home, it was a 'clone' of Korriban and it reminded her of times growing up on the cold, dry sands as a child and then as a young acolyte undergoing her Sith trials.


Rika awoke in her quarters 20 meters under the Sith Consortium, her Valkyrie guard stood exactly where she had lerft them the night before. Two had remained in her room and the others were just outside her door. Getting up instead of wearing her black and red armor, she opted for a more black and gold piece that showed her position on this planet.


Today was the day the next batch of slaves would be arriving at the planet and she wanted to look them over. She had heard one of them was a young Zabrak that had killed her last master using the force, this one might be able to be trained as an apprentice, if not she could always use another 'volunteer' for her experiments.


Rika arrived at her office at Naefas and sat by her desk, picking up the data-pad from her desk and looking it over. "Valkyrie Squad I want you to go collect this Zabrak girl for me, escort her here from the starport. Make sure she doesn't try and make a run for it. She could be of use to me."


The squad bowed to her and all in unison replied "Yes My Lady." They then turned away and exited the door to head off to the starport, their positions quickly replaced by TJE Imperial guard.



#1922679 Korriban Road, Take Me Home

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 12 March 2019 - 02:07 AM

Rika nodded in understanding but was paying more attention to the old parts more than anything. "Good to see the acolytes get the bare minimum, maybe their displeasure with it will fuel them to perform better. I just hope that the holocrons have been well taken care of. There is a lot of knowledge in them, plus I never did get to finish learning from them all."


She continued to walk around with Kahlil Zambrano, they both got some looks from those around them but she paid them no mind. "Such curious little ones, Perhaps they should be paying more attention to their tasks rather than us. Such things could get them punished. Wouldnt you agree?" she said loud enough for all to hear

#1922484 Korriban Road, Take Me Home

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 11 March 2019 - 03:36 PM

Rika gave Kahlil Zambrano a smile and a quick nod of her head. It was intriguing to see what changes had happened over time to her homeworld, but in all honesty she hated how easily she had got onto the planet and the fact her allegience to those that now ruled over it was non-existant. "We are a warrior race with centuries of fighting amongst ourselves and other races. It is a habit that many cannot get past. Hell even I am not the biggest fan of humans or Twi'leek but we have to deal with it. I can understand that it costs so much though. To think though that it was the Jedi exiles long ago that came to this planet and shared their knowledge on the force that made us all into what we are today. Everything stems from the Jedi's narrow minded view on things. They create their own enemies where there isn't any. Keepers of the peace and Justice. I've never heard of so much bullpoodoo in all my life." her face and voice showing disgust to the jedi.

She cleared her throat and regained her composure "But I digress. You wanted to show me around the hold. Then please lead the way." she took his arm but remained wary of him. This would take her deep into the lions den and in her still weakened state she would have to be very careful.

#1922474 Korriban Road, Take Me Home

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 11 March 2019 - 03:13 PM

"I guess you have that then at least. I remember the Emperor's children of my day. I heard a Jedi knight dealt with a few, or at least that is what my contacts told me back then."
She continued to walk on "So where is it you wish to show me first? The shuttle off world or the interior of the Academy?"

#1922336 Korriban Road, Take Me Home

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 11 March 2019 - 02:10 AM

Rika shrugged "You know if I wanted to attack you I would have done it straight away, plus I remember the old rules of this planet. Attacks on others are not sanctified on Academy grounds. Acidents can happpen though." She bowed her head in respect to Kahlil Zambrano upon hearing his name "I hope you dont mind me asking but is that a direct decendant or one of those created via sith Alchemy? If you don't wish to tell me, I wont force it out of you. I am here on a bloodless trip. Should you wish I leave the planet I will do so without any issue. I will make you aware though, I am not entirely happy how my Homeworld has turned out.Korriban sticks out like a sore thumb in the galaxy now. It was better when it had less. Just my personal opinion."

#1922179 Korriban Road, Take Me Home

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 10 March 2019 - 05:33 PM

Rika kept her eyes on him, noticing Kahlil Zambrano running his hand over the hilt of his sword. "Do I make you uneasy? I will admit I am at a disadvantage, I still dont known the name of the man who rescued me from suffcating to death in my cryo-pod. Do I get the curtesy of finding out his name or will I have to look through every possible database I can crack?" she stopped and crossed her arms as she faced him.


"You can put your weapon back to sleep, I have no reason to attack you or anyone on this planet. So relax a little will you."

#1922007 Korriban Road, Take Me Home

Posted by Rikaelyr Ragnos on 10 March 2019 - 01:21 AM

"Fair enough." Were the only words she spoke to him. It was true her connection to the darkside of the force was indeed strong. More so than most of those she sensed on Korriban, the only one there that was even worth her time was Kahlil Zambrano She hadnt even bothered to mask her pressence, though she was glad that her force mask ability was still holding. If it had faded over time, her beautiful, deep red skin would have been very pale and withered due to how far she had dived into the dark side of the force. She coouldn't have that showing for her missions, it would make her stand out like a rancor in a Rakghoul next. "I serve my own interests. Where that takes me is of no interest to you."