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Rikaelyr Ragnos

Rikaelyr Ragnos

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Valkyrie Squad

14 March 2019 - 05:38 PM

Intent: to create a unique squad under the command of Darth Malice (Rikaelyr Ragnos) and the TJE Emperor


Image Credit: here 

Role: Protective detail for Rikaelyr Ragnos

Links: TJE , Darth Malice (Rikaelyr Ragnos) -


General Information

Unit name: Valkyrie Squad

Affiliations: Rikaelyr Ragnos, TJE

Classification: Bodyguards


E-11s Sniper

Valkyrie Armor -

Description: A squad consisting of 4 members out of 100 'volunteers' of mixed races that survived been worked on by Darth Malice. Created with a combination of Cybernetics and Sith Alchemy they are undyingly loyal to Darth Malice and TJE Emperor. The members consist of a Chiss Sniper, a pureblood vanguard, a Zabrak Marauder and a human Sorceress.

Their armor consists of a mixture of Phrik plating and some cloth woven with some cortosis threads for protection against lightsabers


Combat Information

Valkyrie Squad are heavily trained soldiers  in ambush tactics and close range combat. All members have knowledge to basic force abilites such as  telepathy, force heal and some sith alchemy shared by their master.

Unit Size:  Small

Unit Availability:  Rare

Unit Experience: Elite

Combat Function: The Valkyrie Squad are bodyguards to Darth Malice and escort her into battle whereever she goes. They use lightsabers and one uses a sniper to attack from any distance required to complete the task provided to them by their master.  They use their internal cybernetics to communicate over a distance and can react quicker than most common soldier. The sniper tends to scout ahead whilst the Sith Sorcerer afflicts enemies and heals her allies.


Strengths: Mixed areas of expertise allows them to adapt to almost any situation.

Improved thinking and communication time due to cybernetics

Increased mental shielding due to sith alchemy to help resist mental invasion or persuasion.


Weaknesses: Force lightning and other similar attacks short circuit their cybernetics and stun them until they can 'reboot' themselves.

Undying Loyalty will cause them to step in direct line of fire if Darth Malice of the Emperor were at risk. Will even continue to fight if missing a limb


Historical Information: These are the surviving four test subjects out of 100 that Darth Malice experimented upon on Guduma in the lab there. She created them via experiments using cybernetics and sith alchemy. She uses them as her private attack force.

A squad consisting of 4 members out of 100 'volunteers' of mixed races that survived been worked on by Darth Malice.

The Zabrak female, Theta was a survivor of the Shadows of Cyron Dominion and was found dying and surviving off the force alone when Darth Malice found her.

Phi (Human) and Tau(Chiss) were subjects worked on during stages of development which Malice continued to upgrade as her skills improved.

The Pureblood female was the last she worked on and was someone who volunteered herself on Guduma to undergo the process so she could serve the Dark Lady. This got her the name Omega

Valkyrie Armor

14 March 2019 - 05:31 PM

Valkyrie Armor



Intent: To create a semi-unique armor for Valkyrie Squad of the Jen'ari Empire

Image Source: here

Primary Source: Medium Armor



Manufacturer: ArmaTech Combat Systems

Model: MK 1

Affiliation: Valkyrie Squad

Modularity: Yes; utility belts allow personal weapons, inventory and/or accessory-type equipment

Production: Semi-Unique


Phrik plating - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Phrik/Legends

Cortosis weaved Clothing - https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Cortosis/Legends



Classification: Anti-force wielder

Weight: Medium


- Blasters: High

- Kinetic: High (upper body); Average (lower body)

- Lightsabers: Very High (upper body); Average (lower body)

- Vibro: Average

- Sonic: low

- EMP/Ion: Very Low

- Environmental: Average





- Breathing assitance in difficult terrain and voice modulator

Torso & Back:

- Phrik Armor Plating

- cloth combat suit with a Cortosis thread weave


Left Gauntlet:

- Extra ammo storage (Sniper only)


Right Gauntlet:

- Integrated Datapad with onboard communication relay



- Magno-Grip Soles



- Lightsaber clip/

- Anti-security blade & Medpacs

-Stealth field generator (Sniper only)



The Valkyrie armor was designed to be used alongside cybernetics  to improve overall combat effectiveness against lightsaber and force users. The way the armor is designed allows the user to take damage whilst also remaining mobile in combat. by mixing phrik plating with a combat suit underneath with a cortosis weave built into the fabric.


The armor was not designed however for protect against force lightning and in doing so created a weakness for its user, more so for those with cybernetics.


The data-pad and comms gauntlet was created for quick information exchange between users of the armor and for forward planning purposes allowing it to be used as armor for a scout unit. The scout varient comes with a stealth field built onto the waist however this is thrown off by lightning or other sudden spikes in power outage.



Strong Plating: Phrik armor plating over vital areas of the upper body provides excellent protection from most sources of direct attack.

Weight Balance: Because of the heavier armor on the upper body, but the lessened armor on the lower body, this has resulted in a balance of protection with mobility, effectively becoming medium armor in terms of overall weight and movement restriction.



Resistant Not Impervious: Even phrik plate can be damaged from repeated strikes to the same location, such as lightsaber attacks, so regulation of damage dispersion is prudent.

High Caliber: The armor is still vulnerable to high caliber slugthrower rounds, such as armor piercing types, which can crack and damage the phrik plating, lessening its effectiveness until repaired out of battle.

Heavy Repeaters: Despite phrik plating, the armor is vulnerable to heavy repeaters, and sustained fire should be avoided.

Segmented Armor: Due to the focus of phrik plating on the upper body, the lower body remains far more vulnerable to attack due to balancing protection with mobility.

Delicate Systems: The comms systems are vulnerable to strong EMP and Ion damage, which would disrupt the functionality for a several minutes until they could restart.


Guduma: Lords and Ladies and Slaves. Oh My!

12 March 2019 - 10:53 AM

Guduma.Home. New planet of Pureblood Sith. To Darth Malice this was her new home, it was a 'clone' of Korriban and it reminded her of times growing up on the cold, dry sands as a child and then as a young acolyte undergoing her Sith trials.


Rika awoke in her quarters 20 meters under the Sith Consortium, her Valkyrie guard stood exactly where she had lerft them the night before. Two had remained in her room and the others were just outside her door. Getting up instead of wearing her black and red armor, she opted for a more black and gold piece that showed her position on this planet.


Today was the day the next batch of slaves would be arriving at the planet and she wanted to look them over. She had heard one of them was a young Zabrak that had killed her last master using the force, this one might be able to be trained as an apprentice, if not she could always use another 'volunteer' for her experiments.


Rika arrived at her office at Naefas and sat by her desk, picking up the data-pad from her desk and looking it over. "Valkyrie Squad I want you to go collect this Zabrak girl for me, escort her here from the starport. Make sure she doesn't try and make a run for it. She could be of use to me."


The squad bowed to her and all in unison replied "Yes My Lady." They then turned away and exited the door to head off to the starport, their positions quickly replaced by TJE Imperial guard.



An Old Sith Relic

24 February 2019 - 06:01 AM

Rika couldn’t tell how time has passed, her memories played through her mind as she slept in her cryostasis tube. Her mind turned to her lover, his scarred face, his determination and power. Her mind flashed to the birth of her son, how she felt the force flow through him at such a young age. Jumping forward she could remember boarding the ship with her son and her most trusted companions in search for an ancient sith relic.


The details of the planet had become lost to her in time but she could remember a ship waiting for her arrival. It had fired upon them almost immediately forcing them to take evasive maneuvers in order to escape down onto the planet. She had hidden the ship in an alcove and upon activating the distress beacon. She and her crew had jumped into their cyropods and patiently waited rescue.


The ship and the crew had becoming lost in time, the ship conserving the power on minimum life support, slowly directing power from other systems to keep the crew alive as long as possible before eventually switching off life support for the crew to keep Rikaelyr alive over everything else. The planet itself swallowed the alcove and buried the ship in a now underground cavern. Echoes of the past can sometimes be seen playing out amongst the ruins of the ship, giving an insight into the events that happened. The source been one still running cryo-pod housing the still sleeping Rikaelyr Ragnos.


What draws you to her? A strong dark side pressence or is it the low power readings on a dying ship?