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Gregor Yoor

Gregor Yoor

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NAME: Gregor Yoor
FACTION: Poor Protectors of the Light and the Temples of the Force
RANK: Grandmaster
AGE: Looks 32 (Frozen in Carbonite in 1003 BBY)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'3" (191 cm)
WEIGHT: 216 lb (98 kg)
EYES: Bright Blue
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: Dark Caucasian 
[+] Military Strategist
[+] Master Counter-Force Fighter
[-] Confident
[-] Paranoid
-- Standing tall and with a powerful presence, he has long blond hair that falls down to his shoulders and past his back. His piercing blue eyes cut through any facade of personality and let off an aura of respect and authority. 
-- A human born on the skyscraper planet of Denon in the later years of the New Sith Wars and was chosen at an early age to join the ranks of the Jedi Order. With no memory of his family before and his training speed up to fill the quickly dwindling ranks of his brothers and sister that went off to fight the Sith. He was trained by a Master in a class of several others instead of one on one like he had heard was the normal methods. Looking back at those moments he would see nearly all his fellow students die at the hands of the Sith Forces.
-- He quickly rose to the rank of Jedi Knight and along with his Master, his fellow classmates, and a small number of other Jedi follow a man known as Master Talmat Tye. Master Tye followed the Councils Decisions on nearly all maters until he and his followers took a mission as peasekeepers on a planet recovered from the Sith that the team hear of the outcome of Operations: Influx and the death of a friend of Master Tye. It was there that the two Master and their following broke ties to the ineffectiveness of the Jedi Order to form a new group.
-- The Poor Protectors of the Light and the Temples of the Force, or better known as the Templar Order of Light.
-- They as a group took on many missions but made a core code to protect the people that were evacuating from Sith Controlled Space. Even thought they were small, they made a name out for themselves as protectors of refugees. Gregor rose quickly to become the bodyguard of the Deputy Grandmaster, his old teacher. The Order quickly took on a religious context for those that they saved and quickly gained a following that organized themselves as the early precursors of the Church of the Light. The Order saw much action through out the Wars between the Republic and the Sith Brotherhood. It was when the Battlemaster, Master Hoth created the Army of Light that the new Order started to loose the support within their ranks. The Order had to do something or they would not be able to protect the people fleeing the battled Army of Light and Brotherhood.
-- Each member had to make a pilgrimage to Tython to bend the knee to the Force and take a new oath. It was while Gregor was on his pilgrimage that his old teacher and the Deputy Grandmaster was struck down while evacuating during the Battle of Korriban. Gregor would never forgive himself for the leaving his masters side but found a new fire in his chest to bring about the end of the Long Darkness. Over the next year, Gregor would go through significant genetic modification to gain strengths over his weaknesses. For his faith in the Order he was granted the rank of Deputy Grandmaster and Grand Strategist of the Templar Order.
-- To put his skills to test, he and his order were offered to join the Battle of Denon. It was here that Gregor was connected to a battlefield, his homeworld.
-- During the battle however, he and four of his Knights along with the Grandmaster, Master Tye were trapped in the depths of the mega city under tons of rubble. With no other choice the Grandmaster ordered his knights to undergo Carbanite Freezing in order to survive. Hoping that when the battle was over they would be recovered they slept till they were needed again. Kneeling before their Grandmaster in a carbon stone armor that mimicked statues.