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Gregor Yoor

Gregor Yoor

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#1930244 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 04 April 2019 - 04:41 PM

Objective: Ride the planet of Propaganda
Location: Capital Building
Enemies: Scherezade deWinter + CIS
Post: Five
-- Ground shook, lights became hazy as the world around his focus began to fade. He was lost in the moment as he was built in an era of utter chaos and friction. This environment was his home. The body weighted down by the half ton armor answered and reacted to the commands sent from his head. If such a muscle refused to let the order flow through it, it was pushed through with the constant flow of the Force like a river flooding a dam.
-- His first strike was blocked, the cross section of her blades was effective against his attack and he only continued to take in the information of the defense. She was quick, very quick to say the least. He would only have to meet her. He felt the rumble, though ignored it, his prey would not have the chance. Her comment of the destruction of what was once the Republics could only be answered by his understanding. If they could not have it, then why should the Sith. He would make that painfully aware to the women before him.
-- The Templar knew the call and reaction of the fighter he was facing and would not allow the women a moment to gain her ground. As his saber bounced from the block he did not even allow his foot to touch the ground. Focusing on the air around him he used the Force to curculate the flow of the wind and concentrate it into a near solid block of matter. Using that momentary second of focus and pressure he pushed off it with his foot and continued to pressure the Sith. He ignored the threat he was in. He welcomed his body open to the onslaught that the blades around him threatened. However, as he pushed himself and opened new channels to allow the Force to work through him. It was now as if the friction of the wind and air around him passed through him as he attempted to match the women's speed.
-- Gregor used the momentum of the blocked attack last time to swing the blade at an angle and twist and turn in his hand. Grasping it again after a split second of releasing it he was now holding the blade backwards. With that momentum of the block and his power armor he would again attack the women with a brutal strike against her chest once again.
-- To the other Jedi near him, the man would also seem to disappear and reappear in front of the Sith Warrior. The blades still very much following him as if they were tuned into his position.

#1928911 Pilgrimage of the Faithful

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 01 April 2019 - 02:46 PM

-- "Daughter of the Father, the Seeker of Balance and Fortunes in the Values of the Force, She who reflect the light through the shrouds of darkness and chaos, Thee who's name is lost to the ignorant in the sands of time and remembered by your faithful, Goddess of Light, I ask for your forgiveness in my failure, in the Protection of those who sacrifice so much in defense of your teachings, and with all my being I ask that you allow your most stalwart follower to walk beside you on the path of light and guide us all."


-- Before Cedric Grayson knelt a man in a tunic that bared the Red Cross of the Templar's, before him was a metallic sword that was stabbed into the ground. Both hands were rested on the hilt of the blade and the man tilted his head to the ground. His golden locks of hair draped to cover his face, though he spoke in Galactic Basic. Kneeling on one knee and the right leg bent though still support him from falling over. His words that were nearly a whisper came to a conclusion a little louder.


-- "In the name of the Holy Text, In the name of the Father, and of the Daughter, Ashla be praised."


-- With his prayers finished he stood up, lifted the sword from the stony ground and lifted his head. His back was towards the Jedi Master while he prayed. He faced the Light Moon of Tython and with his task finished he turned to face the man who now arrived.


-- "I am of acceptable in physical body and in spirit Master Grayson, I had hoped my wave through the Force would allow us to speak for a bit," He lifted the blade and placed it in its respective sleeve. "If you would allow me?"

#1928893 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 01 April 2019 - 02:16 PM

Objective: Ride the planet of Propaganda
Location: Capital Building
Enemies: Scherezade deWinter + CIS
Post: Five
-- Time froze for the Master Jedi, his thought process exceeded time itself as he thought this all out. As the knifes left the sheaths using the power of the armored women, he closed his open palm. He had been in this position more times then he cared to count, and he knew they were never one to let a good fight go unfinished. As such, when he closed his palm into a fist, a overwhelming power was crushed before his grip and entered his fingertips. From there an electrical current of power jumped from one nerve end to the next that started at his finger tips and ended towards his feet in a fraction of a second. The man could feel his muscles tighten around his bones, the vessels in his circulatory system widen, and his brain racing with increased reactions. He felt all his Enhanced Attribute that were granted to him through the Force Body that the Daughter had blessed him with. 
-- In the blink of an eye his mind returned to real time, and he exhaled after holding his breath for what seemed like hours. He moved his now gripped hand over to the lightsaber hilt and moved his shoulder towards the opponent instead of showing his chest. Bending his knees slightly to give him a lower center of gravity, yet not low enough to be off balance. He made himself a smaller target and quick to dodge an incoming attack.
-- Gregor nodded slightly after listening to the small pokes at the Jedi's honor as she taunted about killing a Jedi. He did not know that Jedi and one who was killed in honorable combat with a Vial Heretic of the Light walked the path with the Goddess. His body and parts remained, but his soul was beside the Daughter, nothing to be missed. As for the comment about the length of his blade he did not react, instead with his increased mind processing, he focused on the crystal within his lightsaber. When he did this the blade tip decreased in size and became more like a Shoto, as his eyes were still glued to the women before him. 
-- He looked to the Jedi beside him and answered her as she mentioned they work together, "Understood."
-- With those words leaving his mouth he used his lowered center of gravity and his increased abilities to leap the short distance between him and the Dark Sider Women before him. The short lightsaber blade allowed him to move quickly and get within close range of the women. He only hoped he was quicker then her reaction to his attack. She was truly powerful and he wanted to test her a little. With a quick movement of his blade he attempted to strike center mass of the chest. 

#1928558 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 31 March 2019 - 04:09 PM

Objective: Ride the planet of Propaganda
Location: Capital Building
Enemies: Scherezade deWinter + CIS
Allies: Abigail Meredydd 
Post: Four
-- The two knights that were following Gregor stood back to where they ordered by their Master. If things got a little too difficult they would jump in to help Gregor, but held their ground in case others approached from behind. A buffer of comfort to the Jedi Master as he could rely on them to watch his back. This planet was being besieged and the invaders could come from the ground for all he knew, this new era was still new to him, he could not let his guard down for a second.
-- He walked up beside Abigail Meredydd, his Lightsaber in his left hand and thumb on the ignition switch knowing that this would spiral in a second or two. Without breaking eye contact from the Armored women before him he knew now with serenity that this was a Dark Sider. "She must serve these Separatist you had spoke of Ms. Meredydd, I sense she is touched by the Son,"
-- The Jedi Master did not wait for her to take the first move. Using Force Speed he activated his lightsaber and brought the hilt of the blade just under his chin perfectly horizontal with the tip pointed at the armored women. His right hand free, extended at her as well, palm open and the armor slide on top of one another as the plates scratched like a faint nail dragged across a durasteel plate. The blade hilt was moved to behind Gregors head still pointed at her, where the gold blade lit up the helmet of the Templar. The gold gilded trim on the helmet glowed and hits of purple under the black paint could faintly be seen.
-- "Surrender now and your conversion to the Faith of Light will be painless," He paused for a second, "Resist and you will die a Heretics Death."

#1928529 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 31 March 2019 - 02:35 PM

Objective: Ride the planet of Propaganda
Location: Capital Building
Post: Three
-- The ground clanked as the plated armored individuals of the Templar Order walked up to the steps of the Capital Building. The two knights behind the grandmaster readied their shields. These shields were special designed technology that was developed to withstand fighting Force Users. The shield was made of blaster resistant metal and mounted a energy shield projector that was mounted on the center where it was attached to the wrist on the opposite side. This was complemented with the red cross that replicated their tunics that they wore.
-- Gregor did not hold a shield, instead he left both of his arms free and his left hand hovered near the Lightsaber that was on his belt loop. He was here to purge the Heretics and show them the errors of their way. 
-- As he turned the corner to finally see the steps of the capital building he again saw the same armored individual that was at the Republic Camp. She must have been here to do their Republic things, and he just stood their thinking if this women would cause more trouble then he needed. The Master for Order raised his hand at his waist height to stop the knights behind him. He felts something strange in the air. The Darkness was more previlant at the Capital Building, he knew this, but their was a shift in the air that he could not explain. He looked around the area with his scanners and using the Force as a Radar as he pushed the energy around him outward and saw who attracted the energy like a magnet. This was a skill that his Master taught him, a user could mast their ability of using the Force or even cause a shroud of darkness to dull the senses, but the energy in the air could clear the direction of the danger.
-- It was then that he saw the women stepping down the stairs and a chilling vibration ran down his entire body starting as his neck and ending at his toes. He reacted quickly by grabbing at his lightsaber and motioned his men to step back. They were not up for the task that stood before him. Gregor was unclear on weather she was a Force User, but he got the Bad Vibe he felt as if she was stronger then she let on.

#1928048 Pilgrimage of the Faithful

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 29 March 2019 - 06:28 PM

Location: Ancient Temple

Planet: Tython

Time: 1400 GST


-- The planet had a calm feeling to those that walked it surface with a connection to its environment such as he did. Plant growth was natural and though there was many stories of the attacks on the planet from the forces of darkness, there was still life thriving. In the center was a man sitting in what must have been a garden from ancient times but turned into a thriving ecosystem. He wore a simple white tunic with a mystical chain-mail sparkling off the spurts of sunshine that broke through the barrier of the roof of tree tops.


-- Gregor closed his eyes and felt the waves of energy that was before him. It was not as through he could see the ocean of energy. Instead he could feel the energy as if he placed a piece of himself within it and felt the flow. Here was like no other, as if you placed yourself in the middle of a never ending lake. The piece of himself was floating.


-- No, that was wrong... He felt as if he was one with the lake.


-- He used his mind to turn that piece of himself redirect the flow through that figurative bond he had. It did not cause the calm and peaceful, but allowed the new flow to join in the rest of what it called natural movement. This new source of the Force he found was wonderful for his new experiments. He could hear the echo of his Goddess. This planet was full of Light Side Energy with the ever presence of the Dark Side as well. The Daughter was very relevant to this planet and evidence of her touch was prevalent. He just continued to sit there and continue to speak to his Goddess through prayer.


-- The Grandmaster of the Templar Order was here in search of the Chosen One, the being that can comunicate with the gods and speak the answer to their prayers. From there he could bring back the Church of Light and rally a new army to fight the darkness of the Sith that still remained many years after he fought the war that was suppose to end it all.


-- Currently he was here to meet with Cedric Grayson, a man he heard stories about from the congregation of Kuat. Though the son of a Jedi Master turned dark, he was powerful and some even considered the soul of the dead Sith Lord to be risen to God Status. Being the son of a God, some said he was able to speak with them, and such he was the only connection to the Chosen One his master spoke of nearly two thousand years ago.


-- To get the mans attention he traveled a planet many saw him visit. He used the redirected flow of the Force to act as a beacon of his location for those closely attuned to the Force. With this all he could do was wait for the man to arrive to him.

#1927433 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 27 March 2019 - 06:19 PM

Location: Capitol Building, Kuat City - Kuat
Objective: End the Blockade and protect Civilians
Enemies: None, at the moment
Tags: Alkor Centaris, Alden Akaran, Shakti Sweet, Scherezade deWinter, Adron Malvern, Xobos Yakieer, Sankt Yora, Kaden Farr, Ephraim (May have missed people at the Kuat Capital Building)
-- From the shadows of an alleyway blackened by the oversized structure that stood on either side emerged the three knights in black armor. The middle figure was Gregor, his helmet still off and looking around and seeing the Capital Building before him. The large structure gave off a feeling of power and respect. Though in Gregors mind he knew that this was little more then a palace for the ruling families to look down at the civilians from their high tower. He would see those who invite such chaos into the realm of civilian life toppled and shown how it was to live without greed to cloud their judgment. By the power of the Light he would see this building crumble under the weight of their combined sins.
-- His eye was caught by an elderly man in a workers uniform who was waving them over. This must have been one of Brother Cruxis informants that had told them of the suspicious people that had entered the building. With the large armada of ships overhead, he could only assume this was the invited guest of House Kuat. The ones that were handing out their propaganda like candy.
-- The three rested their hands on their weapons and jogged over to the older man. He must have only been a little over the fourty years of age, but the man had signs of stress that ages him faster. Wearing a jumpsuit of red and metalic grey he seemed to be a factory worker for Kuat Drive Yards. Gregor had only known Kuat since his awakening, but he was quickly learning. "Hello sir, we are with the Templar Order, you had sent us a call for assistance, how many we be of assistance." Gregor bowed his head a little then looked the man in the eyes.
-- Elderly man who lived a life of servitude as he did, attempted to break the gaze. However, he kept it locked after a second though of his better judgment. "Yes, I am Telme, I had seen one of those Separatist ships land on the Capital Palace, I have no love for the Corperations and having them here only means our lives may become harder." He finally broke the look of pleading with Gregor and looked to the building, "At least under Troste we were treated right, but now that the Kuat Family have taken back the factories, they seems to want to consolidate that power, will you help us."
-- Gregor could only assume the troubles of resurrecting a world that was nearly destroyed by an enemy of dark intent. However, turning its back on their allies, stringing lies to their citizens and workers to make them more compliant, and allow those that would make a show of strength over open talks. This was the sight of those that were glued to fear, corruption, and seeking the easier path. He had no loyalty to the Republic, but from what he heard, they were better then the fear-mongering of the Confederate Separatist. The Grandmaster did not have to look to his knights, he nodded at the man and offered his hand.
-- "The Pilgrimage to the Light is clouded in darkness, yet you still carry the flame of hope in your soul, as Templar's we are to protect that light and execute the will of the faithful."
-- The old man stood their for a second, wondering if he could trust the strangers. It may have been that he had listened to one of sermans, or was just looking for a hand out. Either way he took the armored Jedi's hand and nodded, "Light be with you, Sir."
-- Gregor turned to the capital building and strapped on his helmet. These heathens would not cast dark shadows of doubt on the Republic or the Light of the Daughter.

#1926353 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 24 March 2019 - 07:10 PM

Allies: Civilians, Republic personnel, Alexandra Feanor, Aston Jacobs, Abigail Meredydd
Enemies: Invaders, Anton Delane Ingrid L'lerim, Ephraim
Objective: Detain the runner. Protect the Civilians
-- The man only stood there as the others walked in to introduce themselves, he was just here to deliver the supplies and go back to service with his Order. Watching as another armored individual walked in to give her greetings he was in awe at the design of the technology that she was encased in. Interesting to see such a masterwork of metal and wires that metalsmiths of his time would have fallen in love with possibilities. It was when that women approached the red headed women that he realized the vibration of intense Force Power within the room. It seemed that the level of Force Mastery was still on the rise.
-- He felt a sudden disconnection from the Force a split second before the red headed women jumped over the table to attack one of her own workers. This women had to be Alexandra Feanor, the leader of the aid workers and a women of great skill with the use of the Force as she lifted the man with ease and did not need to focus her powers.
-- The other women that passed him within the fine designed armor ran past him and took out the other man that was fleeing. If he remembered correctly she introduced herself as Abigail Meredydd, she was also a skilled force user as he could feel the manipulation of the force flow off her as if leaking magnate that continued to attract the living force around her. She took the other man without any problems and the fleeing man was unable to give a proper fight back. These women were skilled in their fields and capable warriors, not bad at all.
-- The last man was left to him and he continued to stand there and only snapped his fingers in the direction of the fleeing man. He focused on the energy of the mans head and forced the living force surrounding him to come crashing against the Mercenaries brain. This overloaded the stimulants in his bran and he fell to the ground. He would survive, as soon as his brain was able to recover from the overload. An easy enough to do when one knew the power of Force Stun, he had used it pretty often during the War.
-- He was content with his job and just walked out as the leader went on to a Press Conference. This little battle of bureaucrats was something he was use to. The Sith and Jedi of his time often did it to justify their reasons for doing what they did. He could feel the hand of the Dark Side manipulating it all from the shadows as it often did. This was nothing to do with him, he was to protect the civilians from the whatever threat this was. The Grandmaster walked over to his soldiers and knights as they finished unloading the supplies.
-- The large man stood tall among his followers and gave his orders. "Crusaders of the Temple Order, make sure these vehicles get back to the camp and continue to work out in the Wastelands," He paused as the Soldiers in White Armor saluted and gave a 'Ho'. He then looked to the Knights in their armor and tunics. "Brothers, move around the city and protect civilian centers, be wary of these Republic Workers, some have been corrupted by a Dark Force, their minds have been clouded by corruption and we must purify their souls and guide them back to the path of light through fire and metal."
-- The Knights stomped a single right foot, slammed their right fist into their chest and shouted out "HO!" as they bowed their heads.
-- "Grandmaster Yoor," His radio came to life as he tapped it to open then close the line. This informed the radio operator that he was listening. "One of our contacts within the city has spotted a shady individuals within the Capital Centre, we should probably check it out sir."
-- "Agreed, I will check it out myself." Gregor turned off his radio and looked to his Knights, "Brother Samuel, Sister Keller, your with me, we will clear out the Capital Center for our new outpost within the City."
-- It seemed like that would be a good place to coordinate with his Knights to make sure they were able to protect the civilians from this new threat. By the Holy Light, he only hoped that they would put up a fight.

#1925923 The Corrupted | CIS Invasion of NR-Held Kuat

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 23 March 2019 - 03:33 PM

Location: Kuat City, City Entrance to the Waste

Allies: Republic

Enemies: Unknown



-- Walking through the streets were a small troop of plated armor individuals, each had a cross on their shoulder or chest. Their helmets were ancient and resembled the stories of the long forgotten wars of before. Their steps on the ground vibrated confidence and hard fought years of struggle. As for the armor, though it looked ancient to the sleek technology of today, it was well kept and those with in the White Armor the sun reflected off it. The Black Knights polished their armor to give off the same shine, however, a red cloak with their cross baring on their chest stopped one from seeing the rest of the Armor.


-- The one leading them all was the only Black Knight without the cross, but instead had what seemed like many different religious scripture on his armor. He took off his helmet to reveal his smooth features and ocean crashed eyes along with his sun blessed hair that rolled down his back as the helmet was removed. He looked alone the street and shook his head.


--"Kuat, the touch of darkness has even touch you," He bowed his head and whispered a little to himself, once finished he looked back up, "Your light has not faded yet my old friend."


-- One of the Knights walked up and bowed his head with his right hand in a fist across his chest over his heart. "Master Yoor, the Republic has asked us to offer assistance at the Aid Center."


-- The Grandmaster of the Order nodded, hooking his helmet onto his belt and looking over the soldiers in white to the two vehicles they brought with them. "Thank you Brother Timmous, we shall head there now," He turned to face the city center and waved the convoy forward.




Location: Kuat City, Kuati Aid Distribution Center, City Center

Allies: The Republi, Alexandra Feanor, Abigail Meredydd, Aston Jacobs
Enemies: None
-- The small convoy of Vehicles and Soldiers arrived at the location where they were to meet with the Republic Aid. Walking through the city revealed to him that the city was better off then the rest of the planet. His new order of Knights have been on the planet for some time now helping where they could. However, the more experienced members were out of their time and many of the new Tech was difficult to understand let alone use. Whatever they could not use they had now sent to the Republic.
-- Gregor Yoor walked up to one of the sentries of the Center, "I am Gregor Yoor, I have supplies to offer to the Republic."
-- The soldier was kind enough to inform the man as to where to place the supplies and who he would need to meet in order to confirm the supplies. A women by the name of Alexandra Feanor. It would seem he was to meet this women first before he could return to the Wasteland to assist with the management of his order.

#1923472 Gregor Yoor

Posted by Gregor Yoor on 14 March 2019 - 06:52 PM



NAME: Gregor Yoor
FACTION: Poor Protectors of the Light and the Temples of the Force
RANK: Grandmaster
AGE: Looks 32 (Frozen in Carbonite in 1003 BBY)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'3" (191 cm)
WEIGHT: 216 lb (98 kg)
EYES: Bright Blue
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: Dark Caucasian 
[+] Military Strategist
[+] Master Counter-Force Fighter
[-] Confident
[-] Paranoid
-- Standing tall and with a powerful presence, he has long blond hair that falls down to his shoulders and past his back. His piercing blue eyes cut through any facade of personality and let off an aura of respect and authority. 
-- A human born on the skyscraper planet of Denon in the later years of the New Sith Wars and was chosen at an early age to join the ranks of the Jedi Order. With no memory of his family before and his training speed up to fill the quickly dwindling ranks of his brothers and sister that went off to fight the Sith. He was trained by a Master in a class of several others instead of one on one like he had heard was the normal methods. Looking back at those moments he would see nearly all his fellow students die at the hands of the Sith Forces.
-- He quickly rose to the rank of Jedi Knight and along with his Master, his fellow classmates, and a small number of other Jedi follow a man known as Master Talmat Tye. Master Tye followed the Councils Decisions on nearly all maters until he and his followers took a mission as peasekeepers on a planet recovered from the Sith that the team hear of the outcome of Operations: Influx and the death of a friend of Master Tye. It was there that the two Master and their following broke ties to the ineffectiveness of the Jedi Order to form a new group.
-- The Poor Protectors of the Light and the Temples of the Force, or better known as the Templar Order of Light.
-- They as a group took on many missions but made a core code to protect the people that were evacuating from Sith Controlled Space. Even thought they were small, they made a name out for themselves as protectors of refugees. Gregor rose quickly to become the bodyguard of the Deputy Grandmaster, his old teacher. The Order quickly took on a religious context for those that they saved and quickly gained a following that organized themselves as the early precursors of the Church of the Light. The Order saw much action through out the Wars between the Republic and the Sith Brotherhood. It was when the Battlemaster, Master Hoth created the Army of Light that the new Order started to loose the support within their ranks. The Order had to do something or they would not be able to protect the people fleeing the battled Army of Light and Brotherhood.
-- Each member had to make a pilgrimage to Tython to bend the knee to the Force and take a new oath. It was while Gregor was on his pilgrimage that his old teacher and the Deputy Grandmaster was struck down while evacuating during the Battle of Korriban. Gregor would never forgive himself for the leaving his masters side but found a new fire in his chest to bring about the end of the Long Darkness. Over the next year, Gregor would go through significant genetic modification to gain strengths over his weaknesses. For his faith in the Order he was granted the rank of Deputy Grandmaster and Grand Strategist of the Templar Order.
-- To put his skills to test, he and his order were offered to join the Battle of Denon. It was here that Gregor was connected to a battlefield, his homeworld.
-- During the battle however, he and four of his Knights along with the Grandmaster, Master Tye were trapped in the depths of the mega city under tons of rubble. With no other choice the Grandmaster ordered his knights to undergo Carbanite Freezing in order to survive. Hoping that when the battle was over they would be recovered they slept till they were needed again. Kneeling before their Grandmaster in a carbon stone armor that mimicked statues.