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Gregor Yoor

Gregor Yoor

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Pilgrimage of the Faithful

29 March 2019 - 06:28 PM

Location: Ancient Temple

Planet: Tython

Time: 1400 GST


-- The planet had a calm feeling to those that walked it surface with a connection to its environment such as he did. Plant growth was natural and though there was many stories of the attacks on the planet from the forces of darkness, there was still life thriving. In the center was a man sitting in what must have been a garden from ancient times but turned into a thriving ecosystem. He wore a simple white tunic with a mystical chain-mail sparkling off the spurts of sunshine that broke through the barrier of the roof of tree tops.


-- Gregor closed his eyes and felt the waves of energy that was before him. It was not as through he could see the ocean of energy. Instead he could feel the energy as if he placed a piece of himself within it and felt the flow. Here was like no other, as if you placed yourself in the middle of a never ending lake. The piece of himself was floating.


-- No, that was wrong... He felt as if he was one with the lake.


-- He used his mind to turn that piece of himself redirect the flow through that figurative bond he had. It did not cause the calm and peaceful, but allowed the new flow to join in the rest of what it called natural movement. This new source of the Force he found was wonderful for his new experiments. He could hear the echo of his Goddess. This planet was full of Light Side Energy with the ever presence of the Dark Side as well. The Daughter was very relevant to this planet and evidence of her touch was prevalent. He just continued to sit there and continue to speak to his Goddess through prayer.


-- The Grandmaster of the Templar Order was here in search of the Chosen One, the being that can comunicate with the gods and speak the answer to their prayers. From there he could bring back the Church of Light and rally a new army to fight the darkness of the Sith that still remained many years after he fought the war that was suppose to end it all.


-- Currently he was here to meet with Cedric Grayson, a man he heard stories about from the congregation of Kuat. Though the son of a Jedi Master turned dark, he was powerful and some even considered the soul of the dead Sith Lord to be risen to God Status. Being the son of a God, some said he was able to speak with them, and such he was the only connection to the Chosen One his master spoke of nearly two thousand years ago.


-- To get the mans attention he traveled a planet many saw him visit. He used the redirected flow of the Force to act as a beacon of his location for those closely attuned to the Force. With this all he could do was wait for the man to arrive to him.

Grandmaster Armor of Light

27 March 2019 - 05:28 PM

Intent:Create Armor for Gregor Yoor
Image Source: [X]
Canon Link:Jedi Armor
Primary Source: N/A
Manufacturer: Gregor Yoor
Affiliation: Church of Light
Model: TOL-A2
Modularity: No
Production: Unique

MaterialDuraplast, PhrikArmorweaveFlex-armor, Bodyglove, Electronics, EMP/Ion Resistant Materials, Electronics


Classification: Multipurpose
Weight: High
  •  Blaster-resistance (Average): The use of Armor-weave, and flex-armor, allows the armor to withstand blaster bolts.
  •  Slugthrower-resistance (Average): The use of flex-armor allows the armor to withstand slug-thrower projectiles.
  •  EMP/Ion Resistance (High): To protect the armor's electronic systems, resistant materials are integrated into the armor.
  • Lightsaber Resistance (High): Created to fight other Force Users and their weapons.
Special Features
  • Copper Faraday Cage: A mesh of conductive materials, that protects the armor's systems from electromagnetic radiation (e.g. EMP).

Audio/Video Systems:

  • Audio/Video Recorder: A device which records both audio, and video. Can store up to fifteen (15) hours of content.
  • Audio/Video Player: A device which displays the recorded audio, and video files.
  • Annunciator: A sound amplification device.
  • Broadband Antenna: A device which allows the user to pick up noises and sounds, on different broadband frequencies from far distances.
  • Sonic Dampeners: A device which limits the amount of sound that can reach the user's inner-ear.

Communication Systems:

  • Encrypted Comlink: A device that transfers voice signals from one location, to another.

Breathing Systems:

  • Environmental Filter: A device that removes harmful gases, such as poisons, and fumes from the air.
  • Oxygen Filtration System: A device that removes solid particles, such as dust, pollen, mould, and bacteria from the air.
  • Oxygen Supply: A storage vessel that holds sixty (60) minutes of oxygen.
  • Re-breather: A breathing apparatus that adsorbs the carbon dioxide of the user's breath, to permit the re-breathing of unused oxygen.
Scanner/Sensor Systems:
  • Multi-Scanner: A multi-role scanner, which combines the functions of the following:
    • Combat Scanner: A sensor which employs targeting software, to increase the user's combat efficiency.
    • Life Form Scanner: A device that allows the user to detect living beings from a distance.
  • Multi-Frequency Targeting and Acquisition System: A sensor system which provides assistance in acquiring targets in conditions of poor visibility, and at long ranges.
  • Radar: An object detection system, that determines the range, angle, or velocity of objects.
  • Motion Scanner: A device that detects objects via movement, and displays them on the helmet's radar.
  • Sonar Mapper: A device that emits sonar pulses, to map an area through echolocation.
Transponder Systems:
  • IFF Transponder: A transponder sygnal which broadcasts the user's affiliation.
Visor Systems:
  • Anti-flash Visor: A visor that protects the user's eyes from bright flashes, such as those emitted by flash bangs.
  • Heads-Up Display: A transparent display that presents data, without requiring the user to look away from their viewpoint.
  • Rangefinder: A device that zooms in on distant targets, and displays visual data of the target observed.
  • Vision Technologies: The visor may cycle through the following visions:
  • Standard Vision
    • Infrared Vision
    • Night Vision
    • Thermal Vision
    • Ultraviolet Vision
  •   Power-Pack: A small power-pack that supplies energy to the Armor's systems.
  •   Redundant Power-Pack: A small, redundant, power-pack that supplies energy to critical systems if the primary power-pack is damaged, or disabled.
  •   Faraday Cage: A mesh of conductive materials, that protects the armor's systems from electromagnetic radiation (e.g. EMP).
  •   Coolant System: An in-built system, designed to keep the user at a comfortable temperature, in high heat environments.
  •   Pressurization System: The armor can be pressurized, so as to aid the user in surviving the vacuum of space.
  •   Heavy Exoskeleton: This inner component of the suite makes is to the user has increased strength and dexterity to move the suit itself.
Utility Belt:
  • 2x Energy Sink: A component designed to adsorb blaster energy.
  • 2x Combat De-Ionizer: A device that counteracts the effects of ionic energy
  •   Ammunition Pocket: A pocket for storing additional clips of ammunition.
  •   Grenade Pocket: A pocket for storing additional grenades.
  •   Medpac: A small first-aid kit that contains limited-utility diagnosis equipment and other essential medicines for the treatment of wounds.
  •   Field Ration: A prepackaged meal, easily prepared and eaten.
  •   Multitool: A device that contains a variety of useful tools.
  • Lightsaber Loop: A place to hold a lightsaber.
  • Copper Faraday Cage: A mesh of conductive materials, that protects the armor's systems from electromagnetic radiation (e.g. EMP).
  • Copper Faraday Cage: A mesh of conductive materials, that protects the armor's systems from electromagnetic radiation (e.g. EMP).
  • Magno-grip Soles: A device that allows the user to magnetize themselves to surfaces which they were standing on.
  • Multi-Resistance - Created to deal with many foreseeable problems the armor is made to counteract many problems that soldiers see in the battlefield.
  • Advanced Technology - It has the latest Communication systems as well as Vacuum Security to protect the soldiers in the Vacuum of space
  • Large Target: The armor is less resistant against repeated blaster fire and being a large object is easy picking for snipers.
-- The armor was originally meant to serve during a long and grueling war between two warring Force Using Factions. It is made up of many other fallen brothers and sister of the Templar Order of Light. Through the Force and his own Metalsmithing Gregor was able to manipulate many different armors into one suit of armor. It was his first attachment to the new skills he taught to himself in the manipulation of the Force to strengthen and forge new kinds of metal and armament. 
-- This one armor has many memories and blood encased within it. Created through Fire and Force, the armor itself gives off a Light Force energy.
-- Created to fight off the battle of other Force Users, the armor has many battle scars of those that attempted to break its hardened shell. Gregor used his own lightsaber and sometimes the combined heat of his fallen comrades weapons to mold and harden the metal used to create the behemoth that he carries to this day. It carries a heavy burden of promises and atonement as well as the protection of the souls he fought side by side with on many battlefields. Gregor clams that the Force Presence the Armor gives off is the combined Force Souls of his fellow Templars that gave their lives protecting those that could not protect themselves.

Waking to a New Era (Solo)

23 March 2019 - 03:55 PM

.... Data Online......

Occupant Statue.................... Operational

Hyperlink Data Stream.................. Damaged

On Site Retreval Mode.............. Operational

Energy Diverted To Beacon......................

Global Positioning Satellite Found.............

Establishing Link........................ Found

Location: Kuat, Warehouse District, Ring Ruins_



Occupant of Sleeper Bed 952114 is Now in Full Revival Mode_



-- The fatigue of waking after a long Crabonite Sleep was a difficult thing to move from. However, it was the image of a Rodian looking down at me that sprung me to actions. He was not able to let his tools drop before I reached for the individuals throat and lifted him off the ground. The motors of the suite sounded as if awakening themselves. My helmets glowing eyes must have scared the reptilian being as it moved in an attempt to remove my power glove.


-- "Who are you!" The words escaped my mouth as I was fearful of who had found me after the battle.


-- The being wiggled in my hand and I stood my course. A female voice escaped the mouth of the Rodian, "I am Tolat, just a scavenger"


-- A scavenger then, it seemed that the Army of Light was not able to reach them and considered them dead. I had to get back to the Order.... The Order!!!! My eyes locked back on the women. "Tolat, where are my friends?"


-- She had one of her hands lifted off my hand and pointed to some of the other kneeling statures around them. "You were the first I woke up."


-- I dropped the Rodian and ran over to them. She fell to ground with a thud and gasped for air, but I did not care. It seemed the other four where here, even the Grandmaster. I turned to the women again, "Wake them now." I was impatient to see if they were okay.


-- The women in a mixture of fear and caution picked up her tools and started here work, I did not mean to hurt the women, but time was of the essences.

Brother Trevor Cruxis

14 March 2019 - 08:03 PM

Intent: Fallen Dark Jedi member of the Templar Order of Light
Role: Dark Jedi that archives and researches the Dark Side of the Force
Links: N/A
Age: 30 years of age
Force Sensitivity: Master
Species: Human
Appearance: Dark Skinned man with eyes white as snow, bald and has a long scar from a lightsaber down the left side of his face very close to his eye. Standing at 6'2" he is a beast even without his Templar Armor.
Name: Trevor Cruxis
Loyalties: The Templar Order of Light and Grandmaster Gregor Yoor
Wealth: Pennyless
Notable Possessions: Book of Dark Knowlage (WIP), Sword of the Faith (WIP), Templar Sheild (WIP)
Skills: Dark Force Sorcerer, and Counter Dark Combat Specialist 
Personality: Silent, Observant, and only communicated through writing or telepathy if he trust you.
Weapon of Choice: Force
Combat Function: Counter Dark Side Force Effects
[+] Strong Attachment to the Force
[+] Very Intelligent
[-] Touched by Darkness
[-] Weak against Light Side Force Users
-- Born during the New Sith Wars, Trevor was raised at an early age by the Brotherhood of Darkness due to his strong attachment to the Force. A quick study he was a skilled user of Dark Alchemy and became a Sith Sorcerer where he created demons of nightmares. He served with them for some time until he was captured by the Templar Order and instead of killing him he was convinced to join their ranks as a Dark Relic Seeker. He then trained under Grandmaster Tye, the leader of the Templar Order of Light and became his personal Sorcerer of the Dark Arts.
-- Following the man to many battlefields he personally killed many Sith Knights with their own tricks and powers. Though when he came against a Sith Lord, he was not strong enough and was cut across his face and his throat was crushed. If he was not saved by the then Deputy Grandmaster Gregor Yoor he would have lost his life, instead he lost the ability to speak. He continues to serve as the Archivist for Dark Arts and will sometimes teach others on Counter Dark Arts Training as he calls it.

Gregor Yoor

14 March 2019 - 06:52 PM



NAME: Gregor Yoor
FACTION: Poor Protectors of the Light and the Temples of the Force
RANK: Grandmaster
AGE: Looks 32 (Frozen in Carbonite in 1003 BBY)
SEX: Male
HEIGHT: 6'3" (191 cm)
WEIGHT: 216 lb (98 kg)
EYES: Bright Blue
HAIR: Blond
SKIN: Dark Caucasian 
[+] Military Strategist
[+] Master Counter-Force Fighter
[-] Confident
[-] Paranoid
-- Standing tall and with a powerful presence, he has long blond hair that falls down to his shoulders and past his back. His piercing blue eyes cut through any facade of personality and let off an aura of respect and authority. 
-- A human born on the skyscraper planet of Denon in the later years of the New Sith Wars and was chosen at an early age to join the ranks of the Jedi Order. With no memory of his family before and his training speed up to fill the quickly dwindling ranks of his brothers and sister that went off to fight the Sith. He was trained by a Master in a class of several others instead of one on one like he had heard was the normal methods. Looking back at those moments he would see nearly all his fellow students die at the hands of the Sith Forces.
-- He quickly rose to the rank of Jedi Knight and along with his Master, his fellow classmates, and a small number of other Jedi follow a man known as Master Talmat Tye. Master Tye followed the Councils Decisions on nearly all maters until he and his followers took a mission as peasekeepers on a planet recovered from the Sith that the team hear of the outcome of Operations: Influx and the death of a friend of Master Tye. It was there that the two Master and their following broke ties to the ineffectiveness of the Jedi Order to form a new group.
-- The Poor Protectors of the Light and the Temples of the Force, or better known as the Templar Order of Light.
-- They as a group took on many missions but made a core code to protect the people that were evacuating from Sith Controlled Space. Even thought they were small, they made a name out for themselves as protectors of refugees. Gregor rose quickly to become the bodyguard of the Deputy Grandmaster, his old teacher. The Order quickly took on a religious context for those that they saved and quickly gained a following that organized themselves as the early precursors of the Church of the Light. The Order saw much action through out the Wars between the Republic and the Sith Brotherhood. It was when the Battlemaster, Master Hoth created the Army of Light that the new Order started to loose the support within their ranks. The Order had to do something or they would not be able to protect the people fleeing the battled Army of Light and Brotherhood.
-- Each member had to make a pilgrimage to Tython to bend the knee to the Force and take a new oath. It was while Gregor was on his pilgrimage that his old teacher and the Deputy Grandmaster was struck down while evacuating during the Battle of Korriban. Gregor would never forgive himself for the leaving his masters side but found a new fire in his chest to bring about the end of the Long Darkness. Over the next year, Gregor would go through significant genetic modification to gain strengths over his weaknesses. For his faith in the Order he was granted the rank of Deputy Grandmaster and Grand Strategist of the Templar Order.
-- To put his skills to test, he and his order were offered to join the Battle of Denon. It was here that Gregor was connected to a battlefield, his homeworld.
-- During the battle however, he and four of his Knights along with the Grandmaster, Master Tye were trapped in the depths of the mega city under tons of rubble. With no other choice the Grandmaster ordered his knights to undergo Carbanite Freezing in order to survive. Hoping that when the battle was over they would be recovered they slept till they were needed again. Kneeling before their Grandmaster in a carbon stone armor that mimicked statues.