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Aiesha Solari

Aiesha Solari

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About Me

Full Name:Aiesha Solari








WEIGHT: 160 lbs


EYE COLOR: Chestnut










RANK: Jedi Knight


Emotion, yet peace.
Ignorance, yet knowledge.
Passion, yet serenity.
Chaos, yet harmony.
Death, yet the Force.


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APPEARANCE And Personality​


Aiesha has a natural beauty, she is 5'7 and 130lbs, long blonde hair, and chestnut eyes.


Aiesha is kind and gentle hearted, and considerate of others. She was always the one person you can always count on and trust. Among her peers Aiesha was the first person you can confide in and trust. She is soft spoken and the least judgemental person you could meet. Aiesha loved people and did her best to help those in need or lost or needed direction.


Aiesha is down to earth and humble and loves nature and being out in the wild, she loves the force and being close to it in its purest forms. She sees beauty in the smallest things her passion happens to be gardening and watching things that grow. She loves teaching all aspects of life about the force. Her greatest passion was experiencing people grow with understanding through the force; her greatest joy.


With this also came a great downfall, Aiesha believed in the goodness of all people and often placed trust in the wrong people and was susceptible to being betrayal and sometimes heart ache. Aiesha refused to be defeated, one of her gifts was perseverance through trials and tribulations. Throughout the course of her life Ashara had overcome many trials and heart ache, as with most Jedi would turn to the dark side, she was able to rely on the force and overcome difficult tribulations.


Aiesha cared more for other people than she did herself, without hesitation she always put the needs of others before her own, that was just the type of person she was. She was not without fault, she had her fair share of insecurities all though she was strong in the force, she still lacked self confidence, helping people always has a price, rarely taking time for herself.


Aiesha was what most people call introvert, she was a good listener and new and understood hardships, probably why people confided in her, she knew what it was like to be judged and always tried to keep an open mind. As the saying goes there is three side to every coin and the ring of truth. This was her philosophy.Aiesha being in tune with the force her focus was healing, sense ,trance, and energy manipulation to compensate her light saber combat skills, although she studied the art of defense lightsaber combat. She was not one to rush into battle and believed it should be used as a defensive weapon. Technology wasn't her thing, flying she left to the droids, most of the time the holonet was filled hogwash, and rather find more productive things to occupy her time.





Well I never thought I would be writing my first memoir at the ripe age of thirty, oh well here goes nothing I suppose. I don't really remember anything before I was ten, well sort of just tidbits of memories nothing really important. First and foremost I should really write about the three most important people in my life, well there's a fourth, but it still hurts to even think about it. Maybe I'll come back to that later.I was very fortunate, I was brought up on Onederon, which had its good and bad. Most of the time the Noble houses where in constant feuding, which is why I am here, I'll touch more on that later. Most importantly I loved my parents, strict, right was right and wrong was wrong there wasn't any in between. I was fortunate they showed love and compassion, and our family moto was life cannot be just without peace and harmony, I guess I was always destined to be a Jedi, I dunno most of the house's were force sensitive but I never heard of very many Jedi, maybe Sith in the house Kira, everyone knows that though. It would take me to long to explain. Well I guess I should tell to you I have The house Oveiden, I am the second cousin of Sajen Gaure, a family of diplomatic relations between all the houses. I have spent most my life being a mediator between everyone really.


I thank the force that my family never raised me in the city, I lived in very small hamlet of farmers and ranchers, I loved it growing up we lived the simple life. I could go and be with nature, I guess you could say I always new the force existed I gotta feel it first hand every time I got the chance to escape in the wilderness close my eyes and feel it all around me.My parents knew I was different, that's why they left the city to be away from all the corruption of the major cities. As well my parents wanted the best for me, Since I was of the house Oveiden as always we are bread to become diplomats and ambassadors. I love helping and understanding people. I thought this would be a good fit for me. By the time I was thirteen my parents had me enrolled in the Oveiden ambassador elite college. Pretty much you learn to be ambassador half the time you live off world on a seat in some planets Senate. I already new that wasn't for me, Give me an old fashioned house and a deck and I can live in peace. Well I guess the universe had a different plan.


I ended up travelling from world to world and the worst thing is I hate flying and technology frustrates me, either way I'm I can fly a ship, I bought a droid just to fly me, turns out Its the only robot I ever liked. I wish I could remember why I called him Zac.Anyways back on track here, I thought I could make a difference in some ways I guess I did, but most importantly I got to shape some minds in a broader scope of life so to speak. I must have been seventeen or eighteen around there anyways. I suppose my uncle thought I could handle a diplomatic mission to Ossus to settle a growing feud that was festering in parliament, I even knew would end up a civil war. This is where I met Jerome Kvetch we were to work together on the same team in settling the dispute. He was the first person to introduce me to the force. From the first moment we met I knew I would fall in love with him.


I didn't realize it at first, but every mission I went on he was always there, I think Jerome planned it that way. It was almost instantaneous the attraction we felt towards each other,I always felt safe with him, I felt complete whenever I was with him. We spent three years mission after mission together and I believed I was making a difference, we both did.And I love him till this day, no one knows where he is, but I know he's gone. I remember like it happened yesterday I was in the middle of delegation and I felt it. An essence of pain, for one second I felt him, The next he was gone. I don't even have the words to write how I felt that day. I couldn't focus on my job, I ran out tears streaming down my face. I left I went home and secluded myself in the wilderness.


I lived out there by myself for nearly two years trying to find some sense of purpose, a reason why this happened, the love of my life stripped from me. The only thing I can think of is, I wouldn't have never truly known the force or became a Jedi. Out there in the middle of nowhere I tried to find clarity, answers. I tried to escape from the pain I was feeling, I guess that's why I still seclude and be away from society. But I still can't stay away, I still have to help people, I don't want Anyone to feel the way I did.


There I go off topic again, I haven't even written how I became a Jedi. I guess you can call it an epiphany, I was out trying to deal with the pain at my favorite spot. I would lie in the middle of green pastures and write poetry for hours. I couldn't do this on my own, I couldn't deal with the pain, that's when I realized what I should have a long time ago. I knew it was there I just never attempted w connect with it. I guess I always did to a certain extent, it was then I truly felt it. I felt calm for the very first time in who knows how long. For some reason I got up and packed and I left. Next thing I knew I was on a transport headed to the academy, and my life was never the same.


The whole trip I was a mess, every emotion was flowing through me, and I no idea what awaited me. My only hope was the Jedi. I remember taking the furthest seat from everyone one board Huddled in the corner, I pulled my hood over and stared out the window the whole trip. I just wanted to be alone. My anxiety was so bad with what happened, I just sat and cried. The only thing I had to go on was what Jerome had told me about the Jedi and the temple Ilum, I knew I just had to get there. He used to talk for hours about the lakes , the caves, the temple. He was supposed to take me their and introduce me, and possibly be trained. He never made It home and now I am here going alone.


The trip seemed to take eons to get there, and I didn't like flying to begin with and under my present condition, as soon as we docked I had to get out of there.I grabbed my bag, and I rushed off that ship and that's when I saw it for the first time.I literally fell to my knees, and cried, holding my head in my hands. I looked up and saw the sarcophagus the saying Jerome believed in carved into its side. ‘Emotion....Yet Peace 'I must have looked like an emotional wreck, my eyes were all puffed out, my hair all knotted, I still shudder at that thought, I wonder what everyone thought. There’s me crying my eyes out while everyone else seemed calm and collected.


Unbeknownst to me at that time, I had met my mentor, Tall and handsome for his age, thick brown beard with tints of silver, his hair shared the same long and tied up in a top top knot. He spoke with kind undertones, with an accent showing signs of years of wisdom. He knelt down beside comforting me whispering words of wisdom in my ear calming me down. I attempted to wipe the tears from eyes and he lead me down the halls and introduced me to a female Jedi knight. Over time we had became very close friends, Danera was there for me that we talked for hours about why I had come and the heart ache I was feeling. She helped me calm myself and set me up with a dorm is what I guess you would call it. I was there a few months, and every day Gallant the strange speaking Jedi would come and visit me while I was either outside by one of the beautiful lakes, or just wondering the caves.


It was during that time he took me before the temple and I was accepted as his padawan learner, I severed under him for years before I took my trials, He was able to help me cope with my loss so I could in turn help others as he helped me.My focus was in the force, healing and helping others, and using the force as a defensive weapon instead of some focused on dueling and such.I learned the defensive forms of light saber combat, which I think I got pretty good at. To be honest I just wanted to learn the force and help those who needed its guidance. Years passed and I was deemed ready to take my trials I returned home only to find my home planet ravaged by the Sith. Everything was in utter chaos, my family was in hiding and making preparations to get off world. The houses were divided siding with the Sith or the republic, my family was sought out to be either imprisoned or executed. I was not able to save my mom and dad, I saw horrible things, people executed in the streets, most of my cousins were taken away thrown in prison and executed.I guess this is where another journey begins


Skills &Gear​



Aiesha is well trained using the force, her skills and abilities are most often used to aid her with her diplomatic missions and helping others, which include :


Sense(Force disturbance)
Energy manipulation
Status effects
Force Empathy
Force Listening
Art of Movement
Breath control
Center of Being
Detoxify Poison
Force Body
Force Enlightenment
Force ghost
Force speed
Force stealth (Also known as Force Concealment)
Hibernation trance
Cloak of Shadow
Protection bubble





Aiesha wasn't one for technology, although she spends a lot of time flying she has acquired a droid to do that for her. As for her lightsaber combat she wasn't the type of person to practice battle techniques


Saber forms


Form I: Shii-Cho -


Form II: Makashi -


Form III: Soresu -


Form IV: Ataru -


Form V: Shien/Djem So


Form VI: Niman -


Form VII: Juyo/Vaapad


Jedi robes
Emissary robes
Republic Consul Star Yach
Fa pilot droid.

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