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NAME: Dricci'Azura'mlanar





RANK:Espionage Master Agent










WEIGHT:180 lbs

















Azura is very bright and well educated in computer science and technology.Being athletic and muscular as she is Azura excelled in her martial arts training and hand to had combat. She is quite lethal in close quarters.


A few of her downfalls she quite cooky and says the strangest the things..She has had a difficult time fitting in, being half human a majority of the Chiss population labeled her as an outcast and she had to work very hard to make a name for herself.Even among the Confederacy she was thought of as quite looney.




Azura is a strange and Mysterious cat, She has been often classified as being eccentric and cooky. She is well known for saying things way out in left field and off topic. She is intellectual and well educated.


Azura does not look like your typical Chiss. Azura s mother was a human while her father was born on Csaus. Being a hybrid Azura to most Chiss was strange looking she had long silver hair and light blue skin color with red Iris’s.


She was oddly short standing at 5’6 inches, and 180lbs with a muscular build




Azura has never met her mother, and Her father rarely speaks about it. Although her father's house was wealthy because he had bedded a human women had brought a certain amount of shame to himself. He tried as he may to make sure His daughter was loved, unfortunately he did not have any other children. Her step mother had never accepted her daughter into the family, she had only allowed her to carry her name out of respect for her father. Her step mother out of spite never called her by her first name, except she always called her blueberry.


Her father did the best he could being born on Csaus had its benefits; a major hub in the Ascendancy. She was well educated in computer science, and because of her height and her abnormal weight she excelled in martial arts and hand to hand combat.Azura was outrageous and adventurous, one of her hobbies she would free climb without the use of ropes or clevases, when she 17 she would climb the ice faces of Ilum. She would travel throughout the Chiss ascendancy searching for the next biggest free rock climb. She also enjoyed cave spelunking and deep water diving.


Her father being a wealthy household had ties to the Ascendancy, Azura had been sought after and enlisted in the CEID. Since she was not born of two houses she took on her step mother's name.Since she had joined the CEID Azura was recruited into the espionage unit, soley out of fear that she would not be accepted into anything else. Surprisingly with her cookyness she had kept a positive attitude. She is happy go lucky and quite content where she is and the hope one day she will be accepted.Through hard work and training Azura slowly worked her way up through the ranks of CEID. She had become a well respected and experienced spy in the organization. She has been trusted with security and entrusted classified intelligence. Every so often she has been sent to infiltrate and assassinate, and sometimes plant information for assassinations.


Since the fall of the Ascendancy, Azura had become heavily involved within the Confederacy. The buff Chiss was sought out and recruited by the Ministry of secrets and found her place as an active Crow agent. Although she was well known she had to prove herself, which by her own doing place high expectations on herself. Driving her to take on job after job giving her little time off for herself or others. Her superiors believed she had become extremely cooky taking her roles way to serious and possibly was beginning to loose touch with reality. But whos to say she had them all played and perhaps she had always been cooky and on straddled the fence of reality and she just excelled at her job, and they were all fooled.Now at the present moment She has been sidelined and forced to go through psyche evaluation to prove she is stable outside of the field. Azura has played this game before. This is not the firs time she has had to got through something like this, she was more than confident she would come out of this, plus its just another role for her to play.

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