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Djonas Vile

Djonas Vile

Member Since 04 Nov 2013
Offline Last Active Oct 02 2018 06:59 AM
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The Confederacy of Independent Systems

Millions are Afraid. They are terrified of being caught in the crossfire as titanic nations go to war. Terrified of being exploited by those less moral...or being sacrificed in the name of the gre...

  • Members: 413
  • Created: 21-July 17
The Sovereign System Of Naboo

  The planet of Naboo is a sovereign system located in the Chommell sector of the Mid Rim. Home to both Gungans and Humans, the Naboo, the planet itself is a small, albeit breathtaking world....

  • Members: 15
  • Created: 09-April 18
Black Sun Syndicate

"The Black Sun You know who we are. Everyone knows who we are. Whether it be smuggling, piracy, or a myriad of other criminal activities; we are there. Our reach is far. From the core worlds t...

  • Members: 14
  • Created: 26-September 18