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Djonas Vile

Djonas Vile

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#1866884 New Member Introduction

Posted by Djonas Vile on 01 October 2018 - 09:35 AM

Hello there. The Black Glove Society has come.

#1847961 Escalation Protocol | CIS Dominion of Manda (Y,46)

Posted by Djonas Vile on 20 August 2018 - 06:57 AM

Hidden within the shadows of Manda was an underground market of heinous and illegal dealings, hidden beneath the righteousness of the Baobab Merchant Fleet and Merchant Council. Most of them had no idea of this market beneath them. The ones who knew were smart enough to keep it so secured and hidden that the only way someone could possibly know about it, was with a certified background check to ensure no connections to competitors.


That or the right kind of persuasion.


"Look, man. If I tell you they'll bag and tag me for this. I got kids and a family man. Come on!"


"I don't really see how that's my problem. My only problem is getting my hands on that ark. Now, once you give me the info I need, you walk. Not a soul outside of me, you, and my boys here, will know about this."


Two large men held a smaller, dirty manby his ankles over the ledge of a building. If they loosened their grips, he'd plummet several stories to a gruesome death. A man stood before them, dark skin and wearing a fine suit. It was Djonas Vile, the current kingpin of the Black Glove Society. With the Confederacy gaining control over Naboo once again, Djonas was able to reconnect with old contacts in their organization. One particular one had put Djonas onto the current CIS operation on Manda. It was the perfect cover for his plan: The Baobab Archive Heist.


"Please, let me go, man. I'll tell you everything. Just let me go."


"Not yet. Tell me what I want to hear."


"Alright, I'll talk! Every 3 hours, the Archive guards do turnover. During that time is when you'll be able to get in. There, I told you! Now, let me go!"


"Tsk, poor choice of words. You heard the man, boys. Let 'im go."


The meatheads let the man's ankles loose. His screams echoed harshly as he fell to his death. Djonas walked back inside the building, smirk on his face. Phase One had begun.

#1845468 Limited Opportunity [Kalyn]

Posted by Djonas Vile on 15 August 2018 - 08:20 AM

Djonas watched through the security cameras as his men tracked the girl down. He did not show it on his face, but he was pleased with their swiftness to act in order to claim his prize. But then, she evaded them, with ease. His pleased look turned to an annoyed scowl. He knew he would have hire new muscle and it would have to be soon. As his other men moved towards the exits, he decided to take it upon himself to apprehend this girl. If she would continue to be such a nuisance, he would directly approach her.


Meanwhile, the guards who attempted to speak to the girl grunted as she darted away from them. "Come back!" one called out before they began the chase. The other men were standing vigilant at all the exits. If any of them caught eye of the girl, they would wall off any attempt of leaving the building.


She was effectively trapped. And, if Djonas made it down to the casino floor beore the guards manage to take her, there was going to be some real trouble.


Kalyn Shif

#1829058 Sabetha Tag

Posted by Djonas Vile on 18 July 2018 - 08:41 PM


#1827954 Limited Opportunity [Kalyn]

Posted by Djonas Vile on 17 July 2018 - 12:37 AM

Djonas' people were systematically searching through the massive crowd of patrons of the casino like a pack of wolves sniffing out their prey in a crowded forest. The search for the girl was initially considered to be simple considering her out of the ordinary features such as her hair color, but the guards were still having issues finding her.


That was until a report came in. Someone knocked over a priceless statue depicting the queen of Naboo, Jamie Pyne. Witness reports claim the culprit was female with ginger hair, much like the girl Djonas needed to see. The guards began to move to the scene of the disturbance while the guards monitoring the security feeds began to look around the surrounding area.


"There. Right there. That's the one." The guard watching the cameras picked up his walkie-talkie and pressed a button along the side of the device. "Found her. Quadrant AG Section 4." Guards within the casino all turned towards the girl's direction and began moving swiftly towards her, wading through the crowd.


"I see her. Moving to intercept." A pair of guards began to approach the girl while others moved towards nearby exits in case she attempted escape. If she managed to go free, Djonas would be superbly aggravated with his hired hands. To prevent this, they had to go to extra lengths to appease him in fear of the consequences. "Excuse me, miss! We need you to come with us."

Kalyn Shif

#1825675 Limited Opportunity [Kalyn]

Posted by Djonas Vile on 13 July 2018 - 12:50 AM

Two large men in suits stepped into Djonas' box, eyes covered by dark shades. One of them held a datapad and stepped forward a few steps. "Boss, we've got something you need to see." Djonas turned and took the datapad. An image of a ginger-haired girl with data on her. "She has the skills you been looking for, boss. There ain't much info on her, but we have enough on her to know she's good for the job."


"Ain't isn't a word, Getino. We're not savages." Djonas paused for a moment. "She has the lookas as well. Where can we find her?"


"Well, boss. She's here, actually."


"No kidding? Bring her to me. Immediately. Try to be cordial, please. Don't want to frighten my future business partner and we don't need to make a scene with all these people around. Apply force only if necessary." Djonas laid the datapad on the coffee table just in front of him.


"You got it, boss."


The two men left the box and began their search for the girl Djonas asked for. He stood there, waiting for his guest. Suddenly, several men in black suits began to move about the casino, searching for the girl. If one were observant, they'd be able to tell they were searching for something or someone.


Kalyn Shif

#1823808 Amidala's Lament

Posted by Djonas Vile on 09 July 2018 - 09:38 PM



  • Intent: A personal ship for Djonas Vile
  • Image Source: Joe Botardo
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A






  • Stealth: Equipped with a Stygium cloaking device along with several other countermeasures, the Amidala's Lament is capable of passing through star systems without being detected by even the most dedicated of sensors.
  • Defenses: The Amidala's Lament defensive capabilities are rather extensive. Strong shield technology, reinforced hull, and countermeasures out the wazoo make this ship strong enough to stand on its own in heavy combat situations.


  • Stealth Limitations: The stealth device is only capable of cloaking the ship for 10 minutes. Any longer would potentially overload the ship's systems, causing the ship to become a sitting bantha.
  • Hangar: Amidala's Lament was meant to hold only a singular shuttle sized within it's hangar bay.
  • Interior Defenses: The interior of the ship is lacking in standard defenses such as ray shields, security cameras, and the like.

Description: The Amidala's Lament is a prototype version of the N-25 Cruiser, a future project by Royal Naboo Shipwrights. After the prototype was finished, a secret entity managed to requisition the prototype for the budding crime lord, Djonas Vile. When the N-25 prototype reached Djonas' hands, many modifications and additions were brought to the table to make it truly unique. Firstly, Djonas wanted stealth, for when he needed an easy escape from troubling situations. A Stygium cloaking device was included along with several other sensor jamming systems, making the N-25 nearly invisible in any spectrum of sight. A premium paint job and some interior decorating and the Amidala's Lament was perfect for Djonas to call his own.

#1823251 Limited Opportunity [Kalyn]

Posted by Djonas Vile on 08 July 2018 - 08:33 PM

A crowd of people began to form just outside the Aerie Casino by the hundreds. A massive event was a couple of hours away, and folks from across the galaxy came in flocks to be a spectator for what was to come. The event causing such a commotion? The Aerie Casino was hosting an animal fighting tournament, the biggest one the casino had seen. THe guest list was rather exclusive, however some people had their own underhanded ways of getting access to spectate the tournament. 


Being a frequent patron of the casino, Djonas merely had to mention his interest in the tournament before he was given tickets by the casino owner. However, instead of going for the barbaric spectacle, he would use this as an opportunity to get some more business going for the Society. He required more personnel before he would be able to officially establish his power in the galaxy. He had ambitions for a criminal empire that would span the entire galaxy. But, for now, baby steps.


Inside the arena, there were hundreds of commoner seats. They were for the lower class rabble that were there just to see beasts rip each other apart. Above these seats were the VIP boxes. This is where those with some extra cash to spend to watch the fights in luxury. This is where the real money was. More often than not, bets were placed on the fights in these boxes and, sometimes, they would end in some bloody confrontations. Whatever happened in the boxes, stayed in the boxes. Djonas purchased an entire box for himself and those he would meet today. The Korun crime boss stood inside the box, facing the massive glass pane in between him and the arena. A glass of wine sat in his grip, pale gold in color.


Kalyn Shif

#1823181 Underworld Summit

Posted by Djonas Vile on 08 July 2018 - 06:44 PM

Djonas felt it was about time to move back into the public spotlight. He would need to mingle with others in his line of work in order to gain some standing throughout the galaxy. He didn't feel sending a messenger was enough of a representation of him and his people. He had to go there himself. Besides, the best way to get a job done is to do it yourself. So, he came alone, but not unprepared. A HG-54 rested in a holster at Djonas' hip, his preferred sidearm in close encounters such as this one.


He entered the ship, noticing how he did not recognize anyone, and made his way to the bar.


GypsiiRed Raven SyndicateBareesh KajidicHelix Syndicate

#1820040 Kalyn Mara Shif

Posted by Djonas Vile on 03 July 2018 - 02:10 PM

Kalyn Shif Bet. See you soon.

#1820033 Kalyn Mara Shif

Posted by Djonas Vile on 03 July 2018 - 02:02 PM

Kalyn Shif Whole lot of underground type fun.

#1820031 Shoot Your Shot [Atara]

Posted by Djonas Vile on 03 July 2018 - 02:01 PM

Djonas quickly turned his head as a woman he somewhat recognized walk into the caf shop. She was pretty and walked with the kind of swagger that put Djonas on notice. He unconsciously locked his eyes on her and watched her walk all the way up to the counter. Nancy did her greeting and the woman exchanged a few words as she made her order. Djonas realized that after a few moments of the woman looking through her purse, she needed some assistance. He took one more drink of his caf and rose from his chair. The Naboo native walked up to the counter and leaned against the counter, next to the woman.


"Charge it, and whatever else she wants, to my estate, Nancy. This girl right here is a celebrity and no celeb pays for their drinks in my town. Especially the women." Djonas flashed a smile at Nancy as she began keying in commands into her register. Djonas then returned to his seat. Once he sat back down, he returned his gaze to the woman at the counter. "Please, join me."


Atara Themis

#1820010 Congratulations Umai - July MOTM!

Posted by Djonas Vile on 03 July 2018 - 01:21 PM


#1812992 Shoot Your Shot [Atara]

Posted by Djonas Vile on 22 June 2018 - 08:42 AM

Theed - Naboo


A caf shop on the streets of Theed was a nice place for the citizens of the capital city to sit, relax, and enjoy a nice cup of joe with friends. It was nearing the afternoon so the place was rather low on activity. Only people there were those on their day off, or just passing through the capital. Djonas Vile was neither of those. In fact, he was in between operations and just wanted to stop by his father's favorite spot for some tea.


Djonas walked into the caf shop and greeted the cashier with a wave. "Welcome, sir! So glad to have you back."


"Glad to be back. I'll have the usual. Little extra milk this time, though."


"Yes, sir. How goes the business?"


"Just fine, Nancy. Business is booming."


"Great to hear, sir. And your caf. Just how you like it with some extra milk as requested."


"Excellent. Thank you, Nancy. You can charge it to my estate."


"Yes, sir. Enjoy!"


Djonas took his cup of caf and found himself a seat next to a window so he could enjoy the sight of the capital as he drank his caf. It warmed his heart to see his people hard at work and enjoying life on his homeworld. It's all he could ever want, really. A smiled slightly and continued to enjoy his caf.


Atara Themis

#1812970 Moenia - The City of Artists

Posted by Djonas Vile on 22 June 2018 - 07:49 AM




  • Intent: To expand upon an existing city's lore
  • ​Image Credit: Sylvain Sarrailh
  • Canon: Moenia
  • Links: N/A


  • City Name: Moenia
  • Classification: Urban Center
  • Location: Naboo
  • Affiliation: Royal House of Naboo
  • Demographics:
    • ​96% Human
    • 4% Other
  • Wealth: High - The city of Moenia is home to Naboo's most successful authors, artists, and musicians. Because of this, the quality of life here is greatly above average and the average income for a household is rather high.
  • Stability: High - The city is home to some of the most educated individuals Naboo has to offer. These people are greatly sophisticated and above petty squabbles and criminal activities.
  • Description: Moenia is an old and large city known for its architectural beauty and artistic populace. Surrounded by the Paitnnu Wetlands, the city is a true masterpiece of a city. Moenia is known to be an artists' retreat. Many authors, musicians, and artists have found their home in this city and have contributed to its greatness impeccably. The city itself is filled with towering homes, museums, theaters, and other venues.Each building was clearly carefully constructed by brilliant architects and artists. Throughout the city, there is an misty gloom that varies in thickness throughout the day, ranging from a light mist to a thick fog. Almost all of the inhabitants have grown to live with it. It is this mist that has made Moenia a host of the Galactic Moon Festival. 

    Recently, the city has grown even more alive with activity as certain individuals, thanks to the efforts of Djonas Vile in bringing the city into the limelight with his own contributions and contacts, have contributed to the welfare and rejuvenation of the city. Moenia has never been such a paradise before.


  • Moenia Starport - This massive starport houses almost 100 starships belonging to the citizens of Moenia and those who visit the magnificent city.
  • Aerie Casino - The Aerie Casino is a marvelous hotel and gambling arena. This building, just outside of Moenia, is home to over 500 suites, 10 bars, 10 swimming pools, and several floors dedicated to all sorts of gambling such as exhibiting Sabacc tables, Lugjack machines and Spinner-pit wheels. There even is an outdoor stadium where ruthless animal fights are held. Creatures from all over the galaxy are brought to the Aerie Casino to fight to the death for the thousands of patrons who watch the fights.




Moenia's history is rather light with activity. The city mostly stayed to itself and was mostly ignored by the larger events of the galaxy. In the time of the Galactic Empire, Moenia was left alone as it was only seen as an artists retreat. Meanwhile, the citizens were plotting against the Empire and siding with the Rebellion lowkey. Moenia's contributions to the Rebellion weren't much, but it was better than not at all.


The Gulag Virus hit Moenia rather hard, infecting almost half of the population. Those who were infected were placed in quarantine in the city and the rest were forced to leave their friends and family behind as the city was evacuated. One by one, the infected fell to the plague. After initial reports of the last of the infected perishing, the citizens began returning to their homes to bury the dead, albeit while safely protected by enviro-suits.


During the 400 Year Darkness, Moenia began to rebuild their city. Many great minds were lost, but plenty of them still lived. They continued with their daily lives while protected by their suits. For centuries, the people of Moenia refused to be held back by a epidemic. Their pride and ambition was far too strong for that.


With the Gulag Virus subsided after centuries of death, Moenia began to thrive once more. The artists retreat began to attract more and more to the beautiful, yet gloomy city.