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Daxton Bane

Daxton Bane

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In Topic: Expedition: Dragonflower | CIS Dominion of Hex (T, 43)

19 April 2018 - 10:00 PM

Objective: Gathering samples
Location: woods
Interaction: open to whoever likes

When he wasn’t wearing his reflective battle armor, Daxton looked like a rather well of botanist. Holding a data pad in one hand, he carefully took samples of flora before wrapping them carefully and storing them in pouches strapped across his waist. While the others were out exploring the new world, he was busy gathering samples for study and carefully marking where he got them. Who knew perhaps he could find some medicinal herbs or stuff to brew into potent beverages for the Red Ravens to market through their network of contacts and allies.

Keeping a sharp eye on his surroundings, in case someone or something tried to sneak up on him, he continued his work content to be alone in the wilderness for now.

In Topic: Open Doors (CIS Knight of Obsidien)

19 April 2018 - 09:45 PM

With a smile that gives no hint of discomfort or confusion, Daxton pours Ahani Najwa another cup before indicating to Kurenai Yumi if she would like some as well. The tea is warm, and soothing with hint of flavor of winterberries and roses. No anyone who would notice, while he seemed to at ease, each motion in serving the tea was precise and efficient, no wasted movement or unnessary gesture.

“I am not certain if I overstepped my boundaries as a guest when I did, my dear Ahani. Very few actually appreciate the purity of sand, I find it soothes me and helps quell the restless voices of the past.” Pausing to take a sip of tea, he ponders her last question. “Not that I recall at the moment, but we could spar if you are interested.”

In Topic: Chasing Shadows

19 April 2018 - 09:04 PM

Laughter like silver bells accompanied her host’s bemused appearance. While it was beautiful, the features lacked anything that distinctly male or female traits, almost as if it were a pool of thousand faces and none. “I like this one. So beautiful and so polite. I am Kamatari, you call me Kama. I have a feeling we are going to be good friends, don’t you?”

“But I am sure you are not here just dance and amuse us. Tell me how can Kama help you. What is your hearts desire, Ailuros?” The next few seconds would be crucial as the spirit had opened the door to negotiation.

In Topic: Flashpoint: Maramere | CIS Dominion of Maramere (S,48)

19 April 2018 - 08:52 PM

Daxton pressed the release of his helm and slowly took it off, as he sunk his battle scarred form into an amazingly intact chair. Fighting had been hard, that was without any doubt, as evidenced by the blaster scorch marks all over his body armor. His body ached from wounds both old and new as the orbalisks and his armors bacta packs did their work. One could never get used to the sensation of burning liquids flowing throughout ones body, with no source of relief or pleasure. All Daxton could do was grit his teeth and bear it in stoically.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he savored the moment of pure silence before the sounds of battle could be heard once more. It was a shame to have to purge the fortress, but one did not questions coming from High Command, but at least it wouldn’t be a total waste. He already had his splicer teams work on pull any intel they could from the system. Videos, memos, everything they could lay their hands on for later analysis. Whoever was behind this was good, but it was only a matter of time for someone was patient as Daxton Bane to find the threads and trace them back to the source.

Rising up from his chair, he once more donned his helm before slamming a fresh magazine into his blaster carbine. Time to resume the hunt.

In Topic: Flashpoint: Maramere | CIS Dominion of Maramere (S,48)

17 April 2018 - 04:33 PM

Daxton gazed out of the observation window and considered for a moment the pristine serenity beneath him. It looked so peaceful from up here, but he knew the truth, a beautiful facade hid the blistering boil beneath its surface. If the patient was to survive, the contagionwould need to be exised.

War never ends, the face and names might, but war it never did. A smile crossed his lips as his donned his reflective helm, Daxton would have it no other way. Time for the Harbringer to go to work, he thought as he strode towards the waiting dropship in the hangar bay.