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Daxton Bane

Daxton Bane

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#1826608 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Daxton Bane on Yesterday, 04:12 PM

Shifting the royal family behind him and Scherezade deWinter, he wryly said, “Well it would seem we have a dance card to fill. Come I would hate to miss out on the fun.”

As he spoke he reached down to retrieve his sabers where they were strapped to his legs under his disguise. Three blades hissed in unison as he asked his opponents. “Ok who wants to die first?”

#1826526 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Daxton Bane on Yesterday, 11:18 AM

Although he wore another man’s face, there was no mistaken the amusement as he glanced at the young woman. Reaching forward with the Force, he lifted the unconscious royal family as if they were no more than heavy sacks of vegetables.

“No need to shoot them, have placed them into a deep slumber for the next eight hours. They will probably consider what had happened so far as nothing more than a vivid dream, since we were supposed to keep them in the dark anyway.

Letting Scherezade deWinter lead the way, he would follow her, fogging the mind of any who caught sight of their strange procession. “Any chanc, you would have anything stronger on that on hand?” He teased.

#1825774 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Daxton Bane on 13 July 2018 - 05:18 AM

Among the Knights Daxton had earned another reputation, he was also called the Whisper of Death. Some would say because he tended to appear out of nowhere, emerging from shadows without warning, only to rain down fire and chaos before disappearing once again. Them there were those who whispered that the shadows were a part of Daxton, the effect of his studies into the arcane and damned. He never bothered to correct the notion, preferring that it add naturally to the mystique that surrounded him.

With his new face, he quickly made his way through the Palace, no one ever bothered a captain of the Palace Guard after all. Many prefer not to draw his scrutiny in their little endeavors. So he sought his contact after all this was supposed to clandestine.

What he did not expect was to hear sounds of fighting, as crossed a hall. Pausing to slowly open a door quietly, he spotted his contact taking out some Tandoshans. Well so much for stealth, he thought to himself as he slipped unseen into the room.

He would have been content to let her have all the fun, except he noted she was about to get ambushed. Quick as a viper, tentacles of Force rippled out and snapped the enemy before he realized what was happening, yanking off his feet and slamming his face first into the hard unyeilding floor.

“Just couldn’t resist, could you?” He chided her as he emerged into the light. “Did they see through your disguise?”

Scherezade deWinter

#1824720 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Daxton Bane on 11 July 2018 - 12:38 PM

Daxton grit his teeth as the orbalisk colony sank their fangs into his flesh, followed by the familiar burning release of their toxin into his system. While it did get some used to, the process was quite familiar to him now, as he slowly sat up from the bunk where he had been laid down to rest. The forward med center smelled of old blood and musk, his men took him here to recover after his using the Force in such a violent way. Truth be told it took a lot out of him, like getting caught between two rancors in heat, his muscles protested as he forced himself to take deeper breaths to wave away the nausea.

A young pale boy approached him carrying a canteen of water, offering it to the Sith Lord who gratefully took it and drank deep.

“My Lord, priority mission from High Command. You are to proceed to the palace and infiltrate the grounds undetected where you will meet with an imbedded agent to secure intel on the Royal Family. We need someone with your skill set to make a discrete insertion wihout tipping our hand.”

Grunting to himself, Daxton nodded to indicate he understood as he began to undo the straps of his armor. He wouldn’t need it where he was going, no this was a battle of a different sort.

Hours later, Daxton buttoned the collar of the guard uniform he stole, carefully tucking the body into the trunk were it would not be likely to be found. Checking the details of newly borrowed face he smirked back before hiding the alchemical blade up the sleeve of his uniform.

Most of the staff were busy with make work and were minding their business, making blending in so much easier. Time for him to look frvhis contact.

Scherezade deWinter

#1823953 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Daxton Bane on 10 July 2018 - 04:57 AM

“Sir. Its a negative on close air support. They are taking too much ground fire.” The comms officer reported to Daxton as they ducked behind the rubble.

The Sith Lord popped up and released a volley before duckimg back down. “Did you mention we have an enemy company, perhaps two , is about to overrun our position?”

“I did. They suggested we undergo a tactical retreat to prevent us from being over run.”

It was fortunate that the reflective faceplate hid his features because had he seen Daxton’s scowl he would probably have voided his bowels in fear. “Retreat? Do they even realize who is leading this team? All squad members brace yourselves, its about to get crazy.”

Over the comms, the squad members acknowledged their orders and tried to find a secure enough position. Experience taught them to not question the Sith Lord’s methods and tactics, especially not when he got denied.

Reaching to the Force, Daxton began chanting softly under his breath, coils of power touching the earth and doing his bidding. Then the ground began to tremble and shake, a tremor of surpring strength. Then with no warning geysers of earth and rock erupted on the enemy’s postion. Men and war material were thrown skyward with such violence as if a massive giant hand launched them into the air.

But getting thrown into the air was the issue, it was how you landed as was evidenced by the bone jarring crunch that some made when they returned from their flight. The slavers soon beat a retreat, dragging their wounded with them, as Daxton leaned back against the rubble, the spell having taken much out of him.

“Get back on the comms and get us some reinforcements up here.”

#1822828 Freedom For Felacat | CIS Dominion of Felacat {X-46}

Posted by Daxton Bane on 08 July 2018 - 03:06 AM

Objective : Take back the Capital

With a yell, Daxton led the squad of commandos on the enemy position. Leaping over the collapsed column, he finished the last few enemy slavers before ejecting the empty clip and fishing for a fresh clip.

Scanning for hostiles, he had his men deploy in a rough v formation as his signal man called for reinforcements. Reaching out to the Force, he granted his companions a slight edge, washing away fatigue and heightening awareness. This should give them an edge for the next few minutes.

#1819761 Safe & Sound | CIS Dominion of Naboo [R-45]

Posted by Daxton Bane on 03 July 2018 - 03:07 AM

Daxton was a hammer, blunt, heavy, packing a heavy punch. The kind you needed when things got hairy and you need to clear a way to the evac shuttle. He had no illusions about this, he accepted what he was.

What he rather not deal with was this world, Naboo had its charms for certain, its just that these very chatms are what set his teeth on the edge. Give him a good bar, a dozen drunk Gamorreans and a few hours to kill and maybe, just maybe it would feel more normal.

Fortunately for him the ladies he had promised to accompany were all busy doing stuff, making this section of space part of the Confederacy abd that was fine with him. If his luck will hold perhaps the Grabd Market would ‘accidentally’ get burned down as well. Oh well, that was probably too much to ask for.

Pouring himself another shot of Corellian Scotch he gazed out of the window of his rented room and hoped the gods would in their infinite wisdom and carapice make this day a little more interesting.

#1819754 We've got the Moves like Jabba | CIS Dominion of Tatooine

Posted by Daxton Bane on 03 July 2018 - 02:46 AM

Location: Sub-atmospheric altitude

Last time Daxton Bane was officially on Tantooine was their failed invasion against the Galactic Empire, leaving a bad taste in his mouth and wound on his pride that time never quite healed. Adjusting the controls of his ship, he knew the rest of his allies were also on the ground, perhaps also with the same score to settle.

Perhaps he should help them, although he doubted his services were needed, well definitely not against a few Hutt slugs trying to reclaim this world. No, the Sith Lord checked his coordinates and adjusted the throttle, slowing his vessel down as he got closer to the ground before landing in bone jarring thump.

The old fortress of Jabba was still a few clicks away but this barren patch of sand was why he came, buried under the shifting sands were a small tribe of Tuskens he had turned into zombies, slowly they crawled to the surface as the sensed the presence of their dark master.

#1819741 Return to the Dead | Mandragora

Posted by Daxton Bane on 03 July 2018 - 02:21 AM

Leaping forward, Daxton effortless moved through the air and landed close to @Larentia. Three blades hissed to life with practiced ease long sinced honed on the field of battle, ready to protect her flanks and open the way for the others to arrive. Holographic displays projected information directlu front of his eyes, categorizing them by distance and threat values, as his system scanned and mapped out the terrain. Pity no one could see though his reflective face plate to see the lips curl in a smile, a very dangerous kind of smile.

#1811038 Return to the Dead | Mandragora

Posted by Daxton Bane on 19 June 2018 - 03:11 AM

Patience. Not actually one of the best traits to look for with a Sith Lord, especially not one as volatile as Daxton Bane. It was taking too long, but some things could not be rushed. While he could use spells to rile the spirits, that could have unexpected effects later on. So instead, he continued to cast more spells which would buff himself, specially his ability to see patterns in the Force. He would need this to predict how the spirits would react, so he could anticipate and counteract their attacks.

#1807495 Return to the Dead | Mandragora

Posted by Daxton Bane on 13 June 2018 - 04:38 PM

Daxton approached with lithe agility of jungle cat on the prowl, his armor gleamed in highly polished golden sheen, while a crimson cloak decked his shoulders. He came in answer to the call, to stand with his brothers and sisters in their quest to reclaim what was by rights theirs to begin with.

Gauntleted fingers flexed in anticipation for what was coming. He had heard rumors that the place was protected by spirits, dread specters of the past, he hoped the rumors were true so as to give him a chance to test some of the spells in his arsenal. Focusing on his core, he summoned the Force to grant him added strength and endurance for the trials ahead.

#1806400 Witch Trials | Knights Obsidian & Mandragora (CIS)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 11 June 2018 - 04:20 PM

The call came, unfettered by mere sound, it was more of mental caress, like the touch of familiar lover returned from a lomg journey. So it begins he mused to himself as he donned his reflective helm, obscuring his features and giving his victim one last look of their own terror before he ended their lives.

An aura began to form around him, rending the unprepared with sensations of despair and dread. The same clawing feeling in your guts when you know that death is coming for you. In a way, it was only fair, be uae when Daxton was around that would usually be quite literally the case.

Leaping off the rooftop, he soared through the air like a primal bird of prey, his sabers obeying his mental commands so one flew to either hand while the third was caught in coil of one of his invisible tentacles, hovering like a stinger ready to strike.

The angry mob faced Minerva Vessia blissfully unaware that death was about to come crashing down from the very sky above them. With an unnerving triple hiss his blades came to life as he landed on top of someone, the impact driving him ito the ground as he served as cushion Daxton’s landing.

Before anyone could recover, Daxton lashed out with vicious malice and in the span of two heartbeats there were six dead. The manner in which they were killed would give pause to even the most battle hardened of warriors, as their smoking carcasses fell to the ground with sickening thuds and an involuntary voiding of the bowels.

Blades at the ready, Daxton was prepared in case they would be too thick skulled to get the message. He hoped they would be, Daxton was in the mood for violence and mayhem.

#1805909 Witch Trials | Knights Obsidian & Mandragora (CIS)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 10 June 2018 - 10:37 PM

Daxton stood as still as the shadows that surrounded him, cold and with eyes hungry to hurt, kill and maim. Silent like a statue, unblinking, unwavering, a coiled beast awaiting for the signal to strike. Why he was here was of little consequence, his meditations through the Force said this was where he would need to be.

A small bead of sweat crawled slowly down the side of his temple, tracing a faint line diagonally across his cheek. No obvious weapons save for the three lightsabers that hung omniously from his hip. Once more their hunger will be sated on the guilty, to spill blood and carve a path to remind people the terrible price for earning his ire.

#1783710 There's no place like Home | CIS Dominion of Orcus (T, 53)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 11 May 2018 - 04:26 AM

Katrine Van-Derveld

The giant earth collosus stood still in the middle of the battle ground, dozens of spears and hundreds of arrows scored its bloodied shale and rock exterior. Inside the core, all you could hear the sound of Daxton breathing in and out, a whistling hiss through gritted teeth. The Sith Lord want to inflict more pain, to vent his fueled rage into the foolish defenders that were hopelessly outclassed. He wished to drink from their despair, to glutton in their sorrow, to rend this world into a pile of quivering ash.

But it was not meant to be, as he could hear over his comms that the enemy was surrendering. With one last hurried breath of disgust, he released his hold to the Dark Side that was powering his armored form. On the outside the the exterior of the stone and earthen creature began to collapse, slowly at first and then with rapidly increasing speed as the material returned to its source, leaving only Daxton floating in mid air before slowly coming to the ground. He stumbles, his joints weak from the extertion, sweat cakes his skin mixing with the fine dust leaving muddy streaks all over his form.

He ignores any attempt to assist as he slowly and painfully makes his way to the nearest med bay facility, where he would collapse into a deep slumber filled dreams of war and murder.

#1782205 There's no place like Home | CIS Dominion of Orcus (T, 53)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 08 May 2018 - 12:32 PM

Scherezade deWinter

The abomination towered over the battlefield, an elemental monolith of earth and rock animated by the Force. It opened its maw and uttered another inhuman shriek before charging forward, paying no heed to those that scrambled for dear life under its heavy treads. To the primitives it was a waking nightmare coming to take their souls. Nothing they used seemed to work, not arrows, not spears. Dozens of which already coated the outer earthen shell of the beast, along shards of raw rock, pulsing mud and broken bloodied remains of those too foolish to come close.

In its core, Daxton vented his rage at any natives within striking range. No matter how much blood he spilled, it would never be enough. So he sought positions were the natives would probably shelter the infirm or the young. He would crush their past and their future as a clearl lesson to be paid for their definance.