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Daxton Bane

Daxton Bane

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#1771794 Expedition: Dragonflower | CIS Dominion of Hex (T, 43)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 19 April 2018 - 10:00 PM

Objective: Gathering samples
Location: woods
Interaction: open to whoever likes

When he wasn’t wearing his reflective battle armor, Daxton looked like a rather well of botanist. Holding a data pad in one hand, he carefully took samples of flora before wrapping them carefully and storing them in pouches strapped across his waist. While the others were out exploring the new world, he was busy gathering samples for study and carefully marking where he got them. Who knew perhaps he could find some medicinal herbs or stuff to brew into potent beverages for the Red Ravens to market through their network of contacts and allies.

Keeping a sharp eye on his surroundings, in case someone or something tried to sneak up on him, he continued his work content to be alone in the wilderness for now.

#1771751 Flashpoint: Maramere | CIS Dominion of Maramere (S,48)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 19 April 2018 - 08:52 PM

Daxton pressed the release of his helm and slowly took it off, as he sunk his battle scarred form into an amazingly intact chair. Fighting had been hard, that was without any doubt, as evidenced by the blaster scorch marks all over his body armor. His body ached from wounds both old and new as the orbalisks and his armors bacta packs did their work. One could never get used to the sensation of burning liquids flowing throughout ones body, with no source of relief or pleasure. All Daxton could do was grit his teeth and bear it in stoically.

Closing his eyes for a moment, he savored the moment of pure silence before the sounds of battle could be heard once more. It was a shame to have to purge the fortress, but one did not questions coming from High Command, but at least it wouldn’t be a total waste. He already had his splicer teams work on pull any intel they could from the system. Videos, memos, everything they could lay their hands on for later analysis. Whoever was behind this was good, but it was only a matter of time for someone was patient as Daxton Bane to find the threads and trace them back to the source.

Rising up from his chair, he once more donned his helm before slamming a fresh magazine into his blaster carbine. Time to resume the hunt.

#1770286 Flashpoint: Maramere | CIS Dominion of Maramere (S,48)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 17 April 2018 - 04:33 PM

Daxton gazed out of the observation window and considered for a moment the pristine serenity beneath him. It looked so peaceful from up here, but he knew the truth, a beautiful facade hid the blistering boil beneath its surface. If the patient was to survive, the contagionwould need to be exised.

War never ends, the face and names might, but war it never did. A smile crossed his lips as his donned his reflective helm, Daxton would have it no other way. Time for the Harbringer to go to work, he thought as he strode towards the waiting dropship in the hangar bay.

#1770284 Open Doors (CIS Knight of Obsidien)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 17 April 2018 - 04:26 PM

Where there was once was sand zen garden was now gone, Daxton having dismissed the projection through the Force, a variation of the power reported to have been used by the legendary Jedi Master Skywalker. But instead of projection himself to place, he had done the opposite and projected, although temporarily, a location into this place.

The only lingering evidence of the sand actually being there was residual wave of heat in the air and very faint smell of ozone. Turning to his host, he bowed politely to Kurenai Yumi as gesture of respect and said, “Thank you for your hospitality, I was about to have some tea. Would you care for some?”

#1768246 Open Doors (CIS Knight of Obsidien)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 14 April 2018 - 02:43 PM

For a moment the pair stood in silence, Daxton and the floating Ahani Najwa, sharing the same moment in blissful peace, then the Sith Lord calmly nodded to himself, pleased in his creation and smiled. For if one could view the top one would see a the sigil of Daxton Bane, a skull with lashing tentacles flanked by heavenly wings bound in circular helix filled with strange runes.

With a deep breath he closed his eyes and dismissed the projection from his mind, revealing that they were actually standing on a rustic wooden dojo training hall. The sand that seemed so real, felt so real, was actually on a totally different planet all together, as the Zen Garden was actually a Force Projection of Daxton, a demonstration of his power within the Force, no easy task for even those of great knowledge.

A pair of droids approached, one carrying the upper portion of his robe, which assisted him to don it while the other patiently waited on the side with a small pot of fragrant tea and several serving bowls.

“Hello there. I hope wasn’t much of a distraction. My name is Daxton Bane, might I have the pleasure of your acquaintance?”

#1767336 The Dark Crystal (CIS - Mandragora / Dark Acolyte)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 12 April 2018 - 03:01 PM

Daxton took a moment to recover his breath and compose himself. Very few people would know much less realize how much putting the beast down like that took out of him. Better to have engaged in straight out combat or some mode of similar violence than to expose a part of him that he normally kept behind a wall of arrogance and self righteousness.

By the time he had centered his thoughts and reined them in, the others were once again on the move. Glancing at thier auras through the Force, Daxton decided to silently join the one called Kurenai Yumi. While they haven’t really spoken much there was a quiet determination about her that drew his interest, something which a great many people would debate on was if this was good thing or not.

The low light wasn’t a problem for him as he was used to the even dimmer environs, sometimes working utter pitch blackness. He was able to see her narrowly dodge the blade. Placing a hand on her shoulder he said, “Let me draw the beasts to us, that way they might trigger the traps and make our job a little easier. I would suggest bracing yourself and covering your ears.”

Once she was in position, Daxton used the Force to utter a keening wail of woe and despair, that would feel like someone were reaching down your throat and trying to yank your insides up and down. It would cause any of creatures to investigate the source, regardless of the traps they would trigger.

#1767156 Open Doors (CIS Knight of Obsidien)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 12 April 2018 - 05:36 AM

On one side of the training facility, Daxton stood in the middle of serene sand garden. It was purported that the sand had been illegally obtained from Tantooine, at great cost and stealth although there was no one willing to confirm or deny the rumor. Wearing only a crisp white martial arts pants, the Sith Lord’s upper torso was covered in old scars and tribal tattoos, a thin sheen of sweat covered his skin as he concentrated using the Force to shift the sands, to and fro in what initially appeared to be random patterns.

Three lightsabers hung from his hip, within easy reach should someone wish to spar or even duel. His eyes were orange orbs that burned with golden light, yet he saw not his surroundings, instead his gaze was focused into the inner spiral of Force, thousands upon thousands of Life strands each intertwined by the Force, a billion lives touching one another but still unaware of their connection, and there he was in the center, the ever patient spider moving pawns back and forth to deeper goal that still yet to be realized.

He stood there for hours, yet it was still possible someone would screw up the courage to disturb his inner musings...

#1766036 Back to the Future | CIS Dominion of Zolan

Posted by Daxton Bane on 10 April 2018 - 05:45 AM

If I am cut but there are no wounds will I still bleed? Daxton was certain something was not right, what it was he could not say at this time. But where did that vision of fire and agony come from? It could have hardly come from the aether, surely not something that vivid or intense. It was almost as if he experienced it for but a moment then someone wiped the slate clean.

That made no sense whatsoever. There had to be a reason, he thought to himself as he signalled the bartender to refill his glass with another shot.

#1764859 Back to the Future | CIS Dominion of Zolan

Posted by Daxton Bane on 08 April 2018 - 05:54 AM

The flames burned flesh and orbalisk alike, faster than the insectoid host could recover. The smell of cooked meat and burning fat reminded the Sith Lord of last night’s dinner. If the pain wasn’t so intense, he would probably laugh at the irony of the situation. Then the super heated gas filled his throat burning his internal organs as he opened his mouth to howl in agony.

Then without warning was cool splash of liquid relief followed by the numbing sensation of alcohol. Daxton blinked, he was still in the bar, glass still poised at his lips. Was it all a harmless day dream? If so, what a strange dream to have. Still he could not shake the feeling that something was just not right........not right at all.

#1764236 Back to the Future | CIS Dominion of Zolan

Posted by Daxton Bane on 07 April 2018 - 12:34 AM

Less than 24 hours on planet, and already Daxton was itching to bury his blades into someone, something, anything. Damn diplomatic duties were about as much fun as pulling teeth with out pain numbing drugs, the Sith Lord was silently uttering a mantra to remind himself that he was supposed to here to make friends......

The place was too clean, too prepared. Something was awry and it set his teeth on the edge. Moving away from the tour group, proportedly to avail of the free flowing booze, Daxton would discretely move deeper into the shadows to conduct his investigation, his own way. Besides, the last thing he wanted was any of the ladies to suddenly decide to take a shopping trip with him in tow.

#1757899 Return of the Heritage Council | Kur's Dozen Rebellion of Free World'...

Posted by Daxton Bane on 27 March 2018 - 09:04 AM

Location: Infiltrating Research Facilities
Objective: Theft of data and sabotage

Like most things that involved Daxton, this mission had a rather humble beginning. So humble in fact, that in hindsight one could claim that detecting it would have been impossible. Someone had established contact through the old Red Raven network about a business opportunity. As is the nature of such things, the inquiry passed hrough several layers of scrutiny, discrete back checks and preliminary intel gathering.

When all panned out Daxton prepared an elite team of infiltration experts to pave the way for his arrival. Given the insular nature of the Hapan people, he couldn’t just send in the team with forged paperwork. For this task, he spent months tracking down Hapans and abducting them, so he could flesh shape his agents to be virtual duplicates of his prisoners. Those who cooperated were allowed to live in secluded confinement for a short period in exchange for a reasonable payout once the job was finished, although he never stated what the actual job was. Those that resisted? Well lets just say Daxton’s pets would never go hungry for the duration of their stay, and leave the rest to your imagination.

Once in place, his teams burrowed themselves into the woodwork of Hapan system, and granting him access for a cover identity that bore the face and pedigree of a low noble Hapan. Glancing at his reflection in the mirror, one could not see one bit of the Zabrak. A slightly handsome Hapan face grinned back him, the product of his mastery of Masque, perfect down to genetic markers should they impose a scan on him.

Today he work a smart cut uniform similar to those worn at the research facility. He was going to go there with his official documentation and get as much data before planting some explosive devices and wiping out the research data for the short term. Ah it was music to his ears to be able to create even more chaos, leaving death and ruin in his wake.

#1757804 OOC: Return of the Heritage Council (Kur's Dozen Rebellion of Free World...

Posted by Daxton Bane on 27 March 2018 - 07:07 AM

Received an invite to the party, looking for dance partners. Willing to explore anything that would expand your interests, an assassination, theft, a duel are all in the realm of possibility, as long it doesn’t involve shopping or wearing long flowing dresses, Daxton is looking to raise a little hell :)

#1757767 Celebrate | CIS Dominion of Relovian (T,51)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 27 March 2018 - 05:15 AM

If they were expecting an easy target, Daxton was more than happy to enlighten them on the errors of their assumptions. Even though his robes were soaked in blood, both his and enemies, he had aquited himself quite nicely, impaling his foes with a savage series of blows and thrusts that would have left a lesser man staggering for breath.

Ducking behind some cover, he gritted his teeth as he could feel the familiar burning sensation as orbalisk toxin flowed into his body from multiple insertion points. He could feel the bones painfully knit back together, flesh bind itself leaving an annoying itch scab underneath. His shoulders hung low as if he carried a heavy weight but not once did he relent.

Scanning for Confederates in need of assistance, he would leap to their aid if they were in range, if not, he would move under cover to get to them...

#1757033 Legends foretold of Dust or Gold | Mandragora, CIS

Posted by Daxton Bane on 26 March 2018 - 06:47 AM

Magnificent creatures as Daxton observed the herd approach. So much power and menace made flesh, yet here they were as docile as they could ever be. The Sith Lord preferred to continue to observe the proceedings, watching with every action with eyes alert to the most subtle of nuisance, for later study for much was taking place and he was awhirl in a tempest of events.

So still was he, that each breath seemed so unbearably loud, a necessary but noisy nuisance. He could see the beads of sweat glisten on skin bathed under the light, the smell of unwashed flesh of the creatures, the thudding soun of his racing heart. All these he could see and observe, he could let nothing break his focus.

#1756413 A Familiar Familiar (CIS, Pact of Doashim)

Posted by Daxton Bane on 25 March 2018 - 07:47 AM

Today was a special day, Daxton knew quite well for he had been fasting and purging himself for the last seven days to preparing himself for the trials ahead. Today he wore but a simple brown tunic, devoid of any weapons or armor, one would easily mistake him for an apprentice save for the unmistakeable aura of power that seemed to pulse from his core.

Nodding to those present, he remained silent unless someone addressed him directly, he gazed at the rock formations above as if reading the answer to puzzling riddle, a smile threatning to escape from his lips as he waited for the ceremony to start,

Muad Dib Damien Van-Derveld