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Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke

Member Since 19 Mar 2013
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 11:51 PM
  Faction Name Faction Stats
Outer Rim Coalition (The Underground)

We were the Underground: raids and gunrunning, decentralized and more than a little disreputable. We've fought the Dark Side from the Deep Core to the Unknown Regions. After liberating Demonsgate w...

  • Members: 404
  • Created: 12-January 15
The Galactic Alliance

A New Hope Welcome to the Galactic Alliance. A new breed of lightsiders dedicated to the expulsion of the dark side from the galaxy. Led by a Triumvirate consisting of our State Leader, Supreme Mil...

  • Members: 630
  • Created: 15-September 15

I needed a place to collect things, this seemed like the easiest solution!

  • Members: 6
  • Created: 04-October 16