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Allyson Locke

Allyson Locke

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In Topic: All Aboard! - The SJO Dom of the Ceraluen Hex

16 March 2018 - 04:55 AM

Objective: Cruise

Location: Arcade 


Allyson wondered why Kaili was so glued to her, it was as if she wanted the entire boat to know that she was taken. The action was of course endearing and the Corellian didn’t fight it. It was a rare opportunity for them to just relax, even on their last vacation the SIS and the GA decided to ruin it. Looking around, Allyson wondered if there was a place she could get some food into the drunk blonde. She should have kept an eye on her, but they were on vacation.


Attention returned to Kaili as she began to respond to the comment about her cheating. Happily, amused, Allyson folded her arms and nodded with everything Kaili was saying. Fighting a laugh, Allyson nodded. Kaili didn’t realize that her rules were the same as the ones Allyson had put up – just they were Kaili’s rules and not Allyson’s.


“Fine fine, if you cheat I’ll sleep in the bed, and if you don’t cheat I’ll sleep in the bed. We will play by your rules today – because I’m not a chicken.” Grabbing Kaili she pulled her close and grinned. “You’re a porg and I will destroy you – like I usually do.” Letting the girl go she grasped her hand and entered the area where the arcade was located. “Pick a game – any game and I’ll beat you at it Kaili Talith even if you do cheat.”

In Topic: One day you'll be home again.

16 March 2018 - 04:50 AM

Allyson fought back a laugh as she listened to Kaili. The woman obviously didn’t realize what she was saying and it was a reason why Allyson adored the blonde. Comments like this were reminders of where Kaili had started from when they had first met. The mousey blonde that had no desire to venture out into the real world – she would have rather be buried under her work than experience life. Remembering simple times like that usually brought a wide smile to the Corellian.


“You’re light though and it would be good strength recovery for me. I don’t want to become weak you know.” Not wanting to argue the point, Ally looked towards the road that lead to the small town she grew up in. It was negligible compared to the large city, but her home town was still big enough to have hotels and restaurants. “As for me being hurt, I’ve come a long way so if I want to give you a piggy back ride you’re going to accept it.” Allyson smiled as she grabbed Kaili’s hand and they headed towards the small town.


“And I’m sure you’ll ride me later, especially when you’re wearing a dress like that” Grinning, Allyson made a point to show Kay what she had said. The walk wasn’t too long and they arrived. Looking around Allyson was surprised that it looked just like she had left it. The builders seemed to not want to take advantage and remodel the place. A part of her was happy as she sighed softly. “This is where I grew up, I went to elementary school and junior high here – after that my father had me transferred to the high school in the city, but let’s say I had other plans.” Another grin as she remembered the day she cut class to stowaway on Ember’s ship.


Wandering a bit more, Allyson found a small inn that was attached to a small restaurant. “They serve pretty casual Corellian cuisine here also we can share this room tonight and head back on the bus tomorrow morning or something. Sound good?”


Kaili Talith

In Topic: One day you'll be home again.

14 March 2018 - 06:28 AM

Allyson chuckled, she was under the impression that Kaili had planned the entire trip out. Though, she really wasn’t all that surprised when the blonde stated that she didn’t have any sort of plan besides visiting the cemetery.  A sigh and Allyson grabbed the girl by her waist and pulled her close into a hug. She held her there for a moment while her hands carefully ran up and down the other woman’s back. Kaili was her rock and she wondered at times if their codependency was dangerous. Her mind wandered to the threat Carnifex presented, Allyson was already overprotective and now she was only going to become more protective.


Pulling away, Allyson looked at her watch and sighed. “We would have to head back to the city to see more of the typical sights. We can head back out this way to see where I grew up.” Looking up and down the road, she had a feeling that the busses had stopped for the time being. Looking towards Kaili she chuckled. “You have two options. We could walk that way towards the small outskirt town where I grew up is – or I give you a piggy back ride back to the city and we can check stuff out there.”


Either way, Allyson knew that Kaili was getting a piggy back of sorts. They were in the middle of both the town and the city. It was the drag of living so far from the city and she remembered when she was younger especially a couple of years before she snuck onto Ember’s, how she wanted to see more of the city and the galaxy. She smiled, “You’re getting a piggy back either way, so you better be ready for it.”


Kaili Talith

In Topic: Departure

14 March 2018 - 06:01 AM

Good luck! Hopefully see you soon in the future <3 

In Topic: Moving

14 March 2018 - 05:59 AM

Good luck! Have a good one!