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Horaan Estidal

Horaan Estidal

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About Me



NAME: Horaan Estidal
RANK: Sargent in the Sith military
AGE: 27
EYES: Deep Blue
HAIR: Bald
SKIN: Deep Red
FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes, but he doesn't know it yet. That's something he will have to discover.




STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
+ Very Strong and Broad Body, Great for brawling
+ Independent, can hold his own
+ Channels his anger and hate into strength
+ A remarkable leader, Morale booster
+ Wise at times
- Can sometimes disobey his orders,
- Somewhat arrogant
- Doesn't know when to stop


No personal ship, all transport is provided by the sith military
As a child Horaan grew up on the outer rim worlds, specifically kessel, living his life in grueling slavery and labor. Abused by his parents, he had no concept of what love, compassion and happiness were. The only thought that went through his mind every single day was leaving the hell (excuse the language) he was in. The sith used thier world for resources and the government forced its citizens to work in order to provide. In return the government received a small payment from the sith empire. Horaan sometimes displayed impossible feats that not even he himself could explain. After years of this happening he had grown used to it, it became a second nature to him. While working on the side of the planets many chasms (they would gather and mind the resources from the sides of the trench while harnessed) Horaan could feel his harness becoming looser. He screamed for help and one of the many sith guards came and peered over the cliff and saw Horaan falling, suddenly a force streamed through Horaan's veins and forced him upwards and he sprang as he hit the trench floor back onto the surface of the planet. The sith soldiers guarding the workers recognized this impossible feat as the "force". They took him captive and told their leaders, and the sith lords insisted that he joined their ranks. They weren't so easy to join though. Horaan did not join the Sith Lords for training quite yet. They wanted to test his ability and powers and put him in charge of a squad named Ghost Squad. This is where Horaan's adventure unfolds...


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