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Yasha Cadera

Yasha Cadera

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Aliit (UCM Caderas)

11 July 2019 - 07:25 PM

Erebos had become the largest centre of Clan Cadera’s more familial associations. Home to desert and jungle, the Anubian Skorvek ’s world was as resplendent for the botanically minded Yasha as it was a bastion of the Force. 
The darker passages rolled with it, leading to the Netherworld Gate. Yet, this Gate was not the meeting place Clan Cadera was utilizing today. Yasha busied around the kitchen, helping her sister Tamar, grandmother Ada and three Clan Cadera ladies set out plates of food. 
It was time for the Family to celebrate not only survival, but the community of the aliit. Family brought its’ own joys, and as the children ran around outside, presided over by Ambrose and Tuulu, Yasha set down another plate. 
“Yash’ika, darling would you like some wine it’s a simply divine vintage.” Ada poured herself another glass, tipping it to her nostrils to sniff the bouquet. 
“I’ll be happy with my iced tea, thanks Ba’buir.” Yasha laughed and shook her head. Ada peeked over the edge of her glass, and gave a knowing nod. 
“Sorry, I forgot.” The Panathan Noblewoman was as caustic and unappealing at times as her upbringing, yet the more time she spent away from Panathans, the more her eyes were opening. “Tamar, dear? You? Wine?”
Tamar grinned and shook her head. No wine for her… she wondered if Mig Gred would have the opportunity to take time off work and arrive for the gathering. She sipped her own mug of tea, and set down a basket of rolls. 
“Well, if neither of you are going to avail yourselves, I’ll ensure it goes to no possible waste.” Ada padded off onto the porch, which spread from the kitchen out in the landscape of Erebos, with a stair leading down to the grass clearing where the children played. 
“Hey precious girl. You’ve done enough work alright? Go chill. Mama’s orders.” Aditya tugged her sleeves up her arms, and pulled Tamar Fitz Kierke in for a quick hug, her chin propped on top of Tamar’s hair. She let go and tapped Tamar’s nose. “Go on, now! Go on.” 
Chased out of the kitchen, Tamar walked barefoot across the porch to lean against the railing and watched the children play. 

Weeding out the Kiros-tition (Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Kiros)

05 July 2019 - 01:45 AM

Weeding Out the Kiros-Tition

Clans of Mandalore Dominion of Kiros



1. Investigate Botanical Anomalies.

2. Lend Aide to Togruta population & negotiate. 

3. A lovely non-violent Nature Walk. Bring your Guns. 


Objective 1: Investigate Botanical Anomalies
“Can you believe it!?”
“Can you believe it!?”
“Uuuh-huuuuh.” Aditya flipped a page, then turned the datapad upside down. 
“I can’t believe it!!” Yasha clung to her botanical scanner, twirling around in a circle. 
“Totally, uhhuh. 100 percent.” Back rightside up on her book. A pout to her grey-haired but youthful face. 
“MAMA!” Yasha stamped her foot and glared at Aditya Fitz Kierke, who looked up from the tome of crib construction and rolled her eyes. 
“Yes, Yasha. How amazingly wonderfully, endearingly awesome that a planet nearby asked for botanical assistance. It’s a gawds-awful good change from the war and pestilence to let you play with flowers…. sure… seriously? The round nut goes on the… but that’s a spigot and… when did cribs get complicated? When you were a baby things weren’t..” 
“Mama, when I was a baby, you wrapped me in my birikad because we were in the Netherworld. You didn’t need a cradle. My future siblings demand furnishings that aren’t made of bone.” 
“But bone is sturdy if you boil it right.” 
“… how did I survive my childhood with you?” Yasha sighed and went back to quadruple checking her botanical and biological sampling kit, before turning to meet with the assembled Vode outside the shuttle. 
 “By being indecently angry at me at all times… better not be moss on Kiros… gods help us.” Aditya grunted, walking down the gangplank to meet with everyone. 
“Alright all, let’s find this infestation and ecologically stabilize the planet… by torching the infestation with flamethrowers, when we find it.” Yasha slammed her fist on an open palm. “… what? Biologists do it all the time… I guess we could electrocute the roots…” 
It was… oh no. It was time. Mand’alor the Infernal had discovered a way to once more combine her two favourite loves: Botany, and Mandalorians. 

Cries in the Vacuum: UCM Invasion of Roche (OOC)

18 June 2019 - 08:20 PM


Cries in the Vacuum
Clans of Mandalore Invasion of SJO Held Roche


The Aliit. Family.

The only true reason for Mandalorians to strike is the desire to protect one’s Vode. Families like those, who were massacred by supposed Light-Sided at Roche years prior. Mandalorian memories are long as their warriors’ teeth. Many still remember the bodies drifting, as they remember those covered in the ash from another sickening display, the Second Mandalorian Excision. Mandalore is no longer a broken state, shaking from volcanic destruction. The Silver Jedi occupation of Roche is a constant and brittle insult to those Mandalorians who died within the asteroids.

For years, the war cry of the Mand’alor included the sounds of Mandalorian civilians: women, children, elderly being spaced by those who proclaimed themselves the ‘saviours of the galaxy’. Roche belongs to Mandalore as a cathedral to what happens when those threats against survival come too close.

Early in her career as Mand’alor, Yasha Cadera attempted to open talks with the Silver Jedi Order in a presentation of peace. She sat aboard the Jedi’s ship, and spoke of Roche, naming it holy. Sacred.

The Silver Jedi stopped talking. Negotiations halted.

Within days, the Silver Jedi wordlessly moved in on the sacred territory Yasha proclaimed Mandalorian by rite of grief. Now, with the fate of Mandalore and her beloved Vode being pressed upon by threats across the Galaxy, it is finally time.

The time has come for the Infernal to right one more wrong, before laying her Mantle down.

The teeth of Mand’alor the Infernal mount an invasion fleet across the black expanse, roaring in with as little indication of intent as the Silver Jedi gave the Infernal those years ago.


1. Retake the Asteroids (Fleet)

2. Destroy Silver Jedi Assets (Ship to Ship/Colony Boarding)

3. Medic/Humanitarian Civilian Extraction (Medic & Non-Combatants)


Start Date:


End Date:



Thank you for being awesome everybody! After a vote with my Mando players, it was decided to cancel Roche. We desire to postpone this battle, for a later time, when we can give it the attention it deserves. Thanks for being understanding, guys!


Clans of Mandalore Staff
@Yasha Cadera Valdus Bral Cynthia Solus Skorvek Aedan Miles

SJO Staff
Asaraa Vaashe Cassius Droma Celeste Rigel Stephanie Swail Thurion Heavenshield Valkren CalderonVeiere Arenais

Clans of Mandalore Allies:
NONE (Defensive Mandate)

Silver Jedi Order Allies:

Laira Darkhold
Lynette Lykova
Spencer Jacobs
Kelsie Sylvan
Alkor Centaris
Darth Tacitus
Srina Talon
Kahne Porte
Théodred Heavenshield
Allya Vi'Dreya
Luna Terrik
Darth Metus
Amelia von Sorenn
Coren Starchaser
Amaya Cardei
Lucius Varad
Nida Perl
Tanomas Graf
Gilamar Skirata

The Wisdom Botanical (Kaine Zambrano)

24 May 2019 - 01:04 AM

Jagomir Jungle
Over the years of their acquaintance, Emperor Kaine Zambrano learned much about the young Epicanthix, who ruled the Clans of Mandalore. Today upon Jagomir, the most integral piece of this knowledge, was the crux of Yasha’s best and true desire. 
Life settled after their tumultuous reunion on Dathomir. The Mandalorian planets were soothed, new cities in medias construct, and battleships coming off the series of lines. Aditya Fitz Kierke saw to it, barking orders as if she, not her daughter, were sitting on the black marble throne. With her family around her, and Orinda safe, the injuries suffered there by the Vong were grievous enough for Yasha to finally accept an invitation she had, for a long while, hearkened to. 
“Dionaryll ahoy! It’s… ah! It’s a Kelari lily growing betwixt the branches of a Dionaryll tree!” Scurrying up the trunk of a gigantic tree in the middle of the bog, Mand’alor the Infernal spotted… it
“Kaine, it’s beautiful!” Her armour’s right shoulder joint still fixed in place to prevent jostling her Orindan Vong-induced injury, Yasha held herself to the tree with her feet and left arm, attempting with her limited motion to grasp the closest petal of the famous Jagomiri flora. 
There were thousands of unique and botanically mystifying species of flora on Jagomir. With their shuttle landed at what once was Resolute Base, Yasha and the Dark Lord of the Sith set out to study the plant life between the Aethrorn Mountains and the Shimmering Falls. 
“Look at that stamen! Aw, the anther is a lot wider than other forms of lilies! No wonder the lilies are often found in the canopy instead of the undergrowth, they're pollinated by the winds, or perhaps nectar-phillic avians? I must get a sample. I must!” Wolf-helm down to compensate for the humidity of the tropical environment, the armoured woman tapped on her visor as it closed in and magnified the Kelari Lily. Balancing with her one functional arm, Yasha teetered in her footholds more than twenty metres off the soil. “There’s more of them!” 
The reserved woman of State was lost to the fascinated youth climbing a tree. So few got to see this side of Yasha, even fewer survived it. 
“Oh wow! I’ve never seen a jungle like this! Never seen most jungles… I was on Alderaan, once…” Matters of State kept Yasha most firmly entrenched in the Clans’ territories, and on the rare venture out, she often had no time to admire the local flora. Wide amber eyes flickered under the visor, which kept her light-sensitive eyes contained. Perhaps most would follow protocol or decorum when in the presence of the Emperor Zambrano. Most would be right to do so. But today, in the healing time, Yasha felt no pressure of firm command. She was a botanist in a foreign jungle, given the gift of soaking as much in as she could fathom. “Is that… is that vine moving!? This is awesome!” 

Er'Kit's Tihaar Gambit (CoM & Allies)

16 May 2019 - 12:45 PM

Where had the tihaar gone? 
This was a question of monumental import to the free people of Er’kit, and the city of New Cradle. Built by the slaves Mand’alor the Infernal freed both from the Sith Empire, and the surrounding planets, the city of New Cradle was a place of freedom. A monumental shift from the former slaver planet, to a place all who desired freedom could inhabit. Schools and hospitals were constructed, engineering training programs built, every month it seemed more buildings went up on the ecologically meticulous city, planned by the best and brightest engineers, city planners, architects and freed people of the Clans of Mandalore. 
A massive celebration opened the consecration of New Cradle, where Yasha might add, the percolations of a relationship opened for her then-newly resurrected mother Aditya Fitz Kierke and Adenn Kyramud
It was Aditya who first brought the issue to Yasha’s attention, after a fevered message from her sister, the architect Peggy Fitz Kierke. 
“Yash! The Er’kitians are starving for libations! All the tihaar’s gone! All of it, not a speck on the planet to be found! No whiskey, no wine, nothing but coolers with more sugar than sense, and less than 1% alcohol. Fix it, or you’re gonna have a rebellion on your hands!” Aditya’s pregnant belly wobbled as she walked off to meddle in her grandbaby’s lives, the meddling in her daughter’s done for the moment. 
“Yes, Mama… I’ll get on it.” Yasha groaned, pondering the situation for a few minutes, before flicking her secure channel to Caz Australis. “Hey, baby? You know that weekend I promised on Vena? Yeah, I’m gonna have to cancel. There’s a mystery afoot on Er’kit, and I get the feeling it’s more than a simple missed shipment or two. Unless you want to come with? Help me out? Papa can watch the kids, oh, wait, he’s on maneuvers… ummm…” 
Yasha blinked, and a wicked grin swathed her face. 
“No, Aditya can watch them. Yep! Mama’ll watch her grandbabies. What do you think? Is Kain’ik with you? Will he want to be in on this, or is he still teaching Reyn wilderness survival?” Try as she might, without constant reminders Yasha could never remember where everybody was. Not when she had an entire empire to run. 
Message off, Yasha began to make calls and delegate responsibilities to solve… 
The Tihaar Gambit!
Three Days Later,
New Cradle, Er’kit
Mand’alor the Infernal’s ship touched down with a cargo bay full of libations. She stepped off with her guards, grey cape swelling behind her as she met with the delegation from the newly elected Er’Kit Senate. A mixture of species, cultures and Clans, the people of Er’kit were still settling into their lives, and allowing them a Senate of democratically elected officials from each district seemed to have been an easier way-point. 
Senator K’plaa, a Ploovian gentleman bobbed on his fat wings, as he wobbled forward. 
“Most gracious Mand’alor, you and your compatriots are most welcome in our time of need. Please, come with me and we shall begin.” He bowed, a slight glaze to his foggy eyes. 
Yasha looked to her compatriots, people from across the Empire and trusted friends. “Shall we?”