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Davin Skirata

Davin Skirata

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13 May 2018 - 07:21 PM


In Topic: Pretty stuff...Can I has it? (ORC/TSE skirmish)

28 April 2018 - 06:19 PM

*Sometime Before the Heist*


<I really think that Kylo Ren mask fits you, and it still somehow makes you look like a Mando!>


<Yeah, if Mandos were weird Dark Siders with a penchant for the letter t. Personally, I like the Omni mask orrrr maybe,> Davin reached into the bin and pulled out a cyborg mask with the label "Darth Apparatus" Davin smirked at his older brother. <Didn't you give this guy a kiss?>


Gil grimaced, <Aye,> he smacked Davin in the face with a wad of wrapped masks, <Just like that, except with beskar. It was a Keldabe Kiss boy.>




Allies: Vaudin Miir @Gib @Jorus Merrill Joza Perl

Enemies: Joycelyn Zambrano 

Disguise: Darth Apparatus


A distorted snap hiss filled the air as the makeshift, probably incredibly unstable, Mandalorian lightsaber caught the Sith Sword before it could meet its intended mark. He was fairly certain in the super informal briefing his brother had given him that this mission was to steal Kolto...He grunted from behind his thick mask of a lesser known bionic Sith Lord. He looked up at the woman with glitter in her hair and the Sith Sword before he reached up to his own chin and pressed what looked like a servo but was actually a button.


Apparently his mask had a hidden feature. A voice modulator spewed out a phrase in garbled basic.


"Y҉ou ҉pr͞o̶lo҉n͟g̴ th̢e ̧i͘n̕ev̡i͡ta͜b́le̶,

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22 April 2018 - 10:25 PM


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06 April 2018 - 10:25 PM

A sensible young man. 


No one gets between a Mandalorian and...whatever it is on the other side.

In Topic: Sortz

06 April 2018 - 10:17 PM

*eyes the competition*


Djonas Vile Lorraei 


Back up boys