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Davin Skirata

Davin Skirata

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#1732012 You've been Hit by, You've been Struck by...

Posted by Davin Skirata on 13 February 2018 - 04:22 PM

The warrior didn't even flinch when he started his attack. His reflexes were faster than he anticipated however and he was forced to interrupt the attack and brought the saber down hard across the shotgun, cleaving it mid shot. The barrel erupted sending Davin back a few feet, shrapnel caught between the wide spaces in his armor in his tunic. He could feel the durasteel, still hot, burning away at his arms and legs. 


His weapon deactivated as he quickly assessed the damage to himself. The adrenaline kept most of the heat focused in his arms, but he could tell from the growing red splotches on his pants that he was bleeding there too. Talia's voice over the radio reminded him of why he was here. He didn't have time for Vilaz. His eyes fell on the Mandalorian, still obscured from the smoke of the gun's demise. 


"Out of my way Munin!" If he wanted he could have tossed the man across the room, but he wouldn't let the Force be the one who won this. 

#1731984 Don't Poke the Mynock Nest

Posted by Davin Skirata on 13 February 2018 - 03:35 PM

Hard and loud or quiet resolution? Did she even need to ask? Some judges preferred to not make a scene, keep their identities not necessarily a secret, but keep themselves on a low profile. But sometimes, groups were just so heinous that they needed fear to keep them from the shadowports and stations. Today, a heavier hand was needed. 


Plus, he was Mando'ade. It was time to crack some skulls.


He didn't even respond, he just walked forward, his hand outstretched. The old, rusted doors wouldn't hold, even with a chain holding them in place. A concussive wave blew the doors from its hinges as the Force rammed into it, sending it clear across the warehouse. It wasn't just people they were trafficking.Red Sand, packed in body bags. Sentients from a dozen different races were clad in white cleansuits, as unconscious or dead bodies laid bare on tables. 


They were stuffing them to transport the drug. The corner of his mouth twitched in anger as they all looked at the broken door in surprise. He didn't give them a chance to figure out what was happening. His double barreled blaster carbine found the closest being and erupted, its scattershot energy bolts planting themselves in its chest, sending it flying over the table it was working over.


"Don't just stand there! Kill them!!"


From the rafters and on the work floor thugs with cheap spacer's leather armor and illegally modified blasters trained their blasters on them. Davin's free hand fell on his lightsaber, the red blade erupted to life with a distorted snap-hiss. Blaster bolts flew at them from every direction. 


Back at the bar this odd partnership started they began playing a higher tempo song. 


Runi Verin

#1729326 You've been Hit by, You've been Struck by...

Posted by Davin Skirata on 09 February 2018 - 06:26 PM

Enemies: Vilaz Munin Silas Mantis 

Allies: Rebels


He tried his best not to kill the men and women here. They weren't his enemy, as much as he struggled to keep the image of Dorn Skirata from taking their place. He tried to keep the rage down, disarming and sending Mandos into one another. It was a difficult way to fight, but they weren't going to be in the way of finding his brother.


And then he saw Vilaz.


Blood thirsty Vilaz.


And he lost his composure. Behind his helmet his lips curled into a snarl. He took a running start and tapped into the Force to send him flying across the hangar, landing before Vilaz, sending a controlled current of the Force, knocking the distractions away leaving Vilaz and Davin. The distorted red blade came up to meet his head.



#1727511 Ines Bralor

Posted by Davin Skirata on 07 February 2018 - 12:19 AM


#1727413 You've been Hit by, You've been Struck by...

Posted by Davin Skirata on 06 February 2018 - 10:08 PM



He knew his brother had built this place, ironic that it now kept him hidden from the Galaxy. Thanks to the work of the coward Zeke, he finally found hope that he wasn't alone anymore. His brother was still alive, after all this time the scoundrel Dorn had been lying this whole time just to take power. It made him sick to think such a man was now leading his clan, his vode. He took a breath. He knew that he would be without the Force here, but that didn't stop him from reaching for his lightsaber first. 


The minute the cargo doors fell he was on them. He didn't care if his brother had vetted these men and trusted these men, they worked for Dorn now, and by extension they were all his enemy. Nothing would stand between Davin and rescuing his brother. His lightsaber erupted in an unstable snap-hiss, its red blade danced through the poorer Mandalorians who couldn't afford beskar, others shied away from the wavering red blade by instinct, scarring their beskar'gam with hot streaks of superheated metal, their knee jerk reaction sending them to their arses.


In Valyr he could still feel the touch of the Force, but the further he extended himself beyond the docks, the more he knew something was wrong. He knew how to look for Ysalimir, and where the lizards were would be where Gil was if Zeke's data could be trusted. 


Talia Fett Silas Mantis Laira Darkhold Sav Elko

#1721687 To Cage a Shifter

Posted by Davin Skirata on 31 January 2018 - 09:30 AM

"He needed to be on that battlefield," he shot back, ignoring her question. He didn't feel like shouting that he was the one asking the questions, his omission of an answer would get that point across. "Unless by where he needed to be you meant in the bed of some Sith Lord on Bastion, browning his nose with Sith poodoo." He shook his head and leaned on the cage. 


"The Sith can never be trusted," he muttered, just loud enough for her to hear. 


Malika Mantis 

#1721659 To Cage a Shifter

Posted by Davin Skirata on 31 January 2018 - 08:55 AM

"That wasn't my question, Mantis. But now I know you are one of Preliat's family. Didn't know he had any Mando'ade family besides his brother." Another potential tangent she could twist. He grimaced. They were nearing the location he had been given by someone from the Outer Rim Coalition for him to drop the Mandalorian off.


"Where is Ra? You realize I could pull the information from you head, but that isn't as pleasant as talking with another Mando."

Malika Mantis 

#1721214 To Cage a Shifter

Posted by Davin Skirata on 30 January 2018 - 06:30 PM

"Why are the Sith working so closely with the Mandalorians? I thought you all hated the Force now." In truth he wanted to know specifically why Darth Carnifex was working so closely with the Mandalorians. The name had come up more than several times during his time as an Ori'ramikad and no matter what Sith Trickery he employed the man was vain enough to continue using his Sith name. To be honest he was simply impressed with how far he had come. They hadn't crossed blades at Junction, but from Gil's file on the man he knew he was not a man that held the Mando'ade in high enough regard to befriend them without some other purpose. 


Its how the Sith worked.


"And where is Ra. No true Mandalore would sit idly by and let a dar'jetii as powerful as him fight his battles for him, nor that child you had with you. From her armor I could guess Mantis or some Skirata offshoot. It saddens me that someone brings such cowardice on the noble image of the Rekr."


Malika Mantis

#1720431 To Cage a Shifter

Posted by Davin Skirata on 29 January 2018 - 07:17 PM



He only sort of understood Mando'a signed. It should have been one of his better skills, but he skipped the whole military service part of his youth, opting to go play Bolo Ball on Coruscant. This conversation was going to push him and his memory to his limits. He sighed.


"Partly. But also because you spared my life once." He caught her looking for an escape route. He doubted she would find anything to get away with but, "Don't bother trying to escape. With your wounds you'd either be dead before you could make something big enough to break out from the shock or someone on this ship would put you down." Only a slight lie. He had already re-paid his debt to her, or at least was trying to. If she didn't want to take his repayment then he would have to put her down. 


Malika Mantis

#1720341 Stronger Together

Posted by Davin Skirata on 29 January 2018 - 04:37 PM

Despite the vagueness of the message, he somehow expected Box 43 to be some sort of explosive trap waiting for him. Or at the least a pair of Dorn's henchmen. What he found instead was a VIP room overlooking the track with Mandalorians from several different clans. He recognized some as the Mandalorians he had rescued at the end of the Civil War, but many he didn't.


What surprised him the most was how many...Force Sensitive Mando'ade there were in attendance. Their numbers had always been low and so to be honest, this was probably the bulk of them, but still he had never seen, never felt this many in one place before outside of when he took them off world. And these Mando'ade weren't afraid and running from their own Mand'alor.


"Su cuy'gar vode." She said softly.


Despite her low tone of voice a resounding "Su cuy'gar" ran throughout the room. And suddenly the Mandalorians weren't so nervous anymore as they slowly realized they were all on the same side. The sound of metal on metal and beskar on beskar filled the room as arms were clasped and fists bumped. 

#1720322 To Cage a Shifter

Posted by Davin Skirata on 29 January 2018 - 04:11 PM

Davin's eyes watched as the warrior tossed his droid around like some sort of practice dummy. He winced when the droid began crackling on the Force Cage. 


"Please return to the bed and allow me to assist you. Please return to the bed and allow me to assist you. Please...e bed and...a-a-a-assist youuuu...." The droid stopped shaking and deactivated. There went 20,000 credits. Davin sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. He took a few steps towards the cage until he stood in front of her. She was taller than she had seemed when they were fighting only a few hours ago on Utapau. Taller than him by maybe an inch even.


{You're vocal cords are seared. I don't know how long it takes for shapeshifters to heal but...} he glanced down at the broken droid, {That probably could have helped you heal a little faster.} He was speaking in Mando'a. He patted the lightsaber hanging from his waist and grinned at her triumphantly.


"Got it back. It was actually pretty easy since you lost all that blood." He was speaking in basic now. {We're on an Outer Rim Coalition ship. I don't know where its heading. Do you know why you're still alive?}


Malika Mantis

#1717737 To Cage a Shifter

Posted by Davin Skirata on 26 January 2018 - 05:52 PM

The low hum of the Mandalorian light freighter as it barreled through hyperspace filled his eardrums as he watched from the opposite end of a Force Cage that kept the Mandalorian shifter and the medical droid tending to her locked away.


She was dangerous, he wondered if she could just morph into something huge fast enough to break out of the Force Cage before the energy field cooked her alive. The battle of Utapau was still fresh in both their minds. She had lost a lot of blood so it wasn't difficult to pull her into the large Force Cage. He usually used it for large beasts and big sentients like Wookies or Mandillan Giants.


For now it would serve as her cage and her med bay.

#1717450 Don't Poke the Mynock Nest

Posted by Davin Skirata on 26 January 2018 - 10:33 AM

"Good deal. You lead, you seem to know the station better than I do." He said it very matter of factly and whistled loudly, calling of his Vornskr. Excited yips and barks echoed in the distance and became fainter and fainter as they dashed away. He hated going down recycling chutes and trash tunnels. He always ended up finding things that didn't belong in them, usually homeless children who took their play a little too far. On a station like this, he didn't want to know how many were lost to the ducts and chutes.


He shifted his cloak slightly.


Runi Verin 

#1715300 Bucketheads vs. Trash Pandas [Mandalorian Empire Invasion of Coalition-Contro...

Posted by Davin Skirata on 23 January 2018 - 03:30 PM

2XOgRLx.pngYasha Mantis Malika Mantis


Red photoreceptors spun in their sockets and gazed down at the shifter, or rather, what it was holding in her hand. Steam hissed from under its array of shockwave generator rods before its body vibrated, releasing a sound far from one an organic could make. Davin understood that sound, that sound meant it was time to go. He nodded and darted for the edge of the platform and jumped, deactivating the lightsaber. He could give it back to her later.


The engines roared to life blasting dust and debris around as it lifted off and dashed over the edge of the platform after Davin. His hands found the controls of his brother's war beast. They were slick with coolant and blood. Atin truly was a War Beast. He didn't want to know how many the droid had killed on its own without the guiding hand of a rider. He shuddered at the thought honestly.


At let loose another fearsome mechanical roar before blasting off towards ORC allies. 

#1714341 Thyne Zambrano

Posted by Davin Skirata on 22 January 2018 - 11:34 AM

Look. Y'all Zambronos need to stop breeding