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Stardust Australis Skirae

Stardust Australis Skirae

Member Since 06 Jan 2014
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  Faction Name Faction Stats
The Order of the Silver Jedi

  The Order of the Silver Jedi   The forest world of Kashyyyk is home to Silver Rest, the temple of the Silver Jedi. The Order of the Silver Jedi is a steadfast beacon of light in a gala...

  • Members: 766
  • Created: 12-May 14

  The World of Commenor: A place of Peace and Prosperity. From the establishment of the Commenor Systems Alliance, to the year long occupation of the Sith Empire and the 8 million lives taken...

  • Members: 118
  • Created: 15-September 16
Mandalorian Empire

Might and Mercy.   Follow the Resol'nare.    Restore the Life of Manda'yaim.   Ready Weapons.   Fire. 

  • Members: 247
  • Created: 05-October 17
The Dark Hand

Evil is rising in the Galaxy. The Sith conquer without resistance. The Light taints itself with Darkness.  It is time‚Äč for a change. It is time for the people to say NO.   The Dark Hand...

  • Members: 34
  • Created: 18-March 18
The Family

  (Join our faction discord here!)     The street is dark, cold. Rain drums steadily against the steel all around. The lights of the speeders soaring overhead provide at best...

  • Members: 56
  • Created: 22-July 18