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Stardust Australis Skirae

Stardust Australis Skirae

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Dead trial

02 February 2019 - 10:20 PM

Location - mandalore, sundari palace
Time - midday

The sun was high above the palace, people within the city moved about there normal day. A shuttle through through the sky enroute to sundari palace, for today was to be quite different within the palace. On board was stardust and Deadeye who would be stripped of his weapons for the time being. Descending onto the landing area stardust glared to dead eye as she opened the door

let move, pray the council is in a good mood today

She would say and exit the ship then turned ans wait for him flanked by two other mandos who would watch dead eye carefully until he would leave

The walk would be rather long, up the steps they would go till they entered the palace. The two mandalorians behind him while stardust walked in the front of him opening the doors and entering into the hall. They'd arrive at the council as she stopped and waited.

Skorvek Adenn Kyramud

Dark Dawn

27 January 2019 - 01:02 PM

Location- capital of imahalyan
Time- around noon

The warm air blew through the capital, stardust was happy that the capital was near the beach side for year round most of the time it was warm year round with the normal winter before back to a warm weather. It was around this time the people were the most active the city bustling with different shops and other businesses

Rising above the capital was what many considered to be a large hill, a single simple house rested upon it and there lived the queen of the planet Stardust Skirae the dragon of imahalyan. Most didnt pay mind, she acted like ay oter normal person would rather down to earth for someone of her power. Yet people knew her power a strong warrior of the force

Nut today she was simply a mother, going through the motions of training with her daughter, showing her stance for saber combat and showing her the basic motions allowing her to follow the little training ball with a helmet on to blind her and let the force guide her

Unaware today a visitor would arrive

Learn some

22 January 2019 - 07:22 PM

Mig Gred

After returning to her home planet of imahalyan, stardust was quickly underway repairing her damaged cybernetic as she hummed and smiled fixing some of the circuits and panels on it. Quick bright flashes would come from he little area every so often before the sound of metap moving then more quick flashes and the sound of sodering.

Taking a break stardust remembered something and sent a message to her new friend mig remembering she promised some training with him once she messaged

hey sorry for the wait wanted to relax a little, he red the coordinates for us to meet up for my promise to do a bit of training hope you come

She signed and sent it as she sighed looking at her arm and rubbed her chin

Malyasa'yr gar cuyir ner riduur

06 January 2019 - 12:34 AM

Commenor, months after the liberation everything was starting to settle it seemed, started wasn't rushing around the entire planet trying to get everything in order with the order. After things smoothed over stardust was left with a bit of free time, thoughts wondered to a few people in mind as she smiled and brought a image up of her darling cynthia as she sighed. Been awhile since she had seen the girl honestly,thing had been so hectic stardust felt a bit ashamed....however she knew just the thing

Setting up a few things stardust would send a message to Cynthia Solus

hey come to commenor got some free time and I want to spend it with you

Included was her location to meet which would be the academy, now all she had to do was wait

Here's a lesson in cockiness

18 December 2018 - 06:20 PM


Grandmaster, stardust had been offered it for her services, as such h stardust quickly took it and had been on commenor a lot more along side picking up the pieces of the city finding her husband store once more and begin fixing things so that her family may return again to a home

However for the moment she was at the temple overseeing reconstruction of the temple and business within it. She entered what would be her room to stay and office as she sighed and looked around the area knowing she would have this decorated within a week or so.

A familiar presence creeped in the back of her mind...