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Stardust Solus Skirae

Stardust Solus Skirae

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A hand in the dark

22 April 2019 - 05:16 AM

James Justice Riamah

Dark times had fallen over the hand, ousted from the planet they called their home base pushed back away stardust welcome her sister to the safety of zeltros to hide them from the threats of the Sith. It was there stardust would bring James

Her freighter exited hyperspace, slowly approaching the planet as the crew moved about and prepared for docking procedures. Codes were transmitted to dock at he private dock while stardust sent a message to her sister

ra, I need you to come to docking bay Skirae 3a, I have someone I think you'll want to see

She sent the message and returned back to the deck taking a deep breath as they gently touched down...she hoped James was eh...least not to drunk

A guiding hand

22 April 2019 - 04:40 AM

Achani Raxis

Some time had passed since star had met achani, since that day star vowed to help the girl...give her someone to look up to and follow. Star herself wasnt sure where to lead the little girl but she knew with brigh helping her out everything would be ok and go smoothly...she hoped

On vanquo, at the residence of alor Solus, her riduur, stardust had brought achani. Smiling to the girl as she slowly brought the ship down to a gentle landing and stood

let's go, I'm sure brigh will be excited to show you your room before we show you around a bit

Securing the future now

26 March 2019 - 03:26 PM

Darben Skirae Cynthia Solus Josh Dragonsflame John Locke Aida Aquila

There came a time when you must look past flags and names and build a bridge to those one might call enemy. To when you must put down arms and look to a future where bloodshed from both sides will fade and peace may one day reign.

Even for a warrior like stardust, she was old within her years. Nearing 50...nearly 35 of it spent in war and as of late she was thinking about it...a peaceful future for her daughters...for her vod

This meant looking towards her enemy...well least the clans official enemy. Stardust talked with her clan and then talked with the silver jedi and cane to a agreement to have talks upon her planet of zeltros. The palace meeting room was cleaned and the table sat with different snacks for the diplomats, maids had drinks ready to be poured ranging from water to fine wines.

Stardust herself sat at the very front of the table, fidding with her outfit nervously as she took a deep breath then out. Her husband should be arriving least she hoped to help with these talks as she was most definitely not the political type

What does the future hold

05 March 2019 - 09:42 AM


Skirae residence/store

Time mid day

Their home had been fixed, signs of troops that had gone through months passed had been apparent, months later and a few thousand credits spent, stardust had their home fixed and store restocked. Stardust was within the store moving some items around, brigh helping move some stuff with her and assist with customers throughout the store .

The holo came on, stardust looked up to it seeing kay but
..she looked disheveled. Listening her eyes went wide and hand clenched her fist in anger then let it go...what did this mean? What did it mean for everyone else now...stardust took a seat body shaking a bit and blinked

force be with us...

She mumbled and slumped back

Darben Skirae

Dead trial

02 February 2019 - 10:20 PM

Location - mandalore, sundari palace
Time - midday

The sun was high above the palace, people within the city moved about there normal day. A shuttle through through the sky enroute to sundari palace, for today was to be quite different within the palace. On board was stardust and Deadeye who would be stripped of his weapons for the time being. Descending onto the landing area stardust glared to dead eye as she opened the door

let move, pray the council is in a good mood today

She would say and exit the ship then turned ans wait for him flanked by two other mandos who would watch dead eye carefully until he would leave

The walk would be rather long, up the steps they would go till they entered the palace. The two mandalorians behind him while stardust walked in the front of him opening the doors and entering into the hall. They'd arrive at the council as she stopped and waited.

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