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Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus

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In Topic: Tweak the focus of the Map Game

Today, 12:47 PM

-read what I wrote above. There is no 'git gud' said or implied anywhere.


I am reading it and....



Considering one of the responses I got was "staff factions aren't in charge of making things fun for the members", no, I'm not saying "try harder", I'm saying "try". People insist on clinging to 2-3 objectives and a BYOO when that is nowhere stated as mandatory. People are insisting in starting and finishing three doms a month what that too is not written anywhere (unless you want an SSD).


You're saying 'try' which, kind of imples that the people who disagree with you aren't trying. If that isn't a git gud, I don't know what is. I don't think people cling to those 2-3 objectives and a BYOO strictly, and people are trying. I can remember doing dominions, trying to make them interesting. Really trying.



Or maybe, just maybe, people cling to that 50 post thing. The 50 post thing as a minimum requirement is the only mandatory thing in doms that needs to be completed for the hex to be added to a faction's cloud. That's it. There are almost no restrictions on the content of those 50 posts (obviously, you can't post a meme per post, nothing else, and expect it to be accepted). You want the contents of a skirmish? You can do that in a dom. You want the contents of something diplomatic? You can do that in a dom. You want it to be centered around something that's a big event for one of your faction's members? You can do that in a dom. You want to explore a location someone in your faction just subbed? You can do that in a dom.You want to start a dom now but only hand it in 3 months from now when there are 500 posts in it? You can do that too!


People cling to that 50 post thing BECAUSE doms are the problem. Because, all those things you're saying you can do in a dom? Has nothing to do with why people do doms. Doms are done, cause map game. And, while yes you can do all these wonderful things in a dominion, you can do it anywhere else. So, people do stick to those 50 post things, and I'm pretty sure CIS doesn't go far beyond the minimum until its sent out for approval either. Because, doms are there for map game. Not player enjoyment.


That's why, personally I feel they are the problem and the 'try harder' attitude you have isn't relevant or helpful.



Re-read what I wrote above. There is no 'git gud' said or implied anywhere. But yes, keeping faction members interested always has and always will be the responsibility of the faction staff. For any faction, for any board, in any fandom.


There is plenty of 'git gud' implied everywhere. Sorry, but that's all I see.

In Topic: Tweak the focus of the Map Game

Today, 12:02 PM

Some people only see what they want. How the heck do you go from "Faction staff needs to keep faction members interested" to "hahaha CIS is awesome CIS is great omg omg omg everyone else git gud CIS is AWESOMEEEEEEEEEEE" is beyond me.



Because, its blatnatly clear that for one that the CIS members in particular are 1. the only people really benifitting from that particular outlook and 2. the only ones expressing it thus far.


Like Khonsu Amon stated, the CIS has a particularly unique set of skills (can't remember the rest of the taken quote) but, thing is that CIS makes it look easy. But its not, and what you're saying is basically 'try harder' even though the CIS is an exception to a very common perspective that it isn't just the admins or how creative the people are behind doms that are at fault. But in fact, the idea of doms themselves.


While, you're proposing the fault lies with the writers themselves. Which, whether you say it or not, is a very clear 'git gud'

In Topic: Tweak the focus of the Map Game

Today, 11:47 AM

its job of leadership and keeping the members interested. It's really not such a hard concept to grasp.



Isn't the same thing as saying git gud and touting how awesome your faction is?

In Topic: Reset The Map Says What?

Today, 11:14 AM

Elani Zambrano I'm not saying character dev doesn't exist within them. I'm saying that's not what its about​. Two different things.


The character development/writing is what matters. And without influence clouds, that still exists. So, why do dominions matter other than just as a platform for said dev? Well, that'd still be there if the map was reset. And without dominions you could still do anything you would in a dominion in a faction thread.


So, all I see regarding the map reset is 'm-m-muh air of superiority'


Other than that, you don't need dominions to do any of it. Or the map in its current state.

In Topic: Reset The Map Says What?

Today, 11:03 AM

Elani Zambrano


That's very true. But, the problem isn't a lack of space or anything like that. I feel like a reset entails more than just a reset, but likely some reform regarding the current state of dominions.


Because, it's not even close to being about character development or anything of the sort.



Varas Ren


Not if a change to dominions come along with the reset. As either way the problem remains.


And I fall in the 'do it' camp because I don't see a reason not to.