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Tathra Khaeus

Tathra Khaeus

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#1807134 Your Overconfidence Is Your Weakness | Rebel Alliance Invasion of Sith Empire...

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 12 June 2018 - 10:12 PM

Objective: Attack Dubrillion Garrison | Halt Imperial Forces

​Method: Contain and Destroy | First Strike

Location: Dubrillion


​Allies: Strike Team One | Cedric Grayson | Coren Starchaser | Cenric Marus | Ras Val'kor

​Enemies: Darth Voracitos | dunno who else atm


​Agility, something worth noting. His opponent did not wish for an exchange of strikes, but that was entirely what Tathra intended. As his swing came to a miss, it allowed a few steps forward inside of his opponents defence as his blade redirected, placing Tathra's hammer between the chest and saber of his opponent, or at least the tip of his massive weapon. A mound of fist came at his face, one Tathra would gladly take if necessary.


​He had no fear of this blue mound of puss, pulling his right arm tight to his chest as he bent backward, twisting his waist as he brought the dual ended War-Hammer that had only just passed his opponents arm, thundering towards his opponents stomach in a quick but less powerful jab. Tathra's legs bent at the knee only for a moment as his body slid inches under the fist of his opponent, immediately throwing himself up with his horned head surfacing once more to observe his opponent.

#1806514 Your Overconfidence Is Your Weakness | Rebel Alliance Invasion of Sith Empire...

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 11 June 2018 - 07:12 PM

Objective: Attack Dubrillion Garrison | Halt Imperial Forces

​Method: Contain and Destroy | First Strike

Location: Dubrillion


​Allies: Strike Team One | Cedric Grayson | Coren Starchaser | Cenric Marus | Ras Val'kor

​Enemies: Darth Voracitos | dunno who else atm


​Tathra aptly made a miniscule adjustment to his trajectory as his opponent moved only a few inches; using his disproportionate arms to place his club of a saber between the legs of the mutant. The magnetic shielding and momentum of his movement merely allowed the blade to resemble something close to a tickle as the sheer momentum of his movement would no doubt be greater than the small movement his opponent had made, batting away the blade with his movement as his front thrusters activated as he slid into a combat roll, chunks of earth piling on either side of his feet as Tathra quickly turned to his opponent.


Kyberfel shot up from its slotted position a mere inch and into the grasp of Tathra's right hand, its massive momentum brought around to bare in his left hand, the Repulsion generator built into the head of the weapon activating as Tathra held it now in both hands. His nano-tech helm seemed to dissolve away as his golden eyes observed his opponent for a moment.


A few inches smaller, bulbous and fat. Likely slower, just by the guess of his build. But clearly intelligent, a few Brute bodies littered the floor; but now this one had solely Tathra to contend with. There were no words exchanged, this was a war. Not some show.


​Tathra sprinted forward, ready to test the strength of his enemy, stopping only a few steps away as he swung Kyberfel toward the lightsaber of his opponent. He had no doubt his opponent was of impressive strength, but his weapon was weighted. He had the advantage in the exchange of blows no doubt, additionally; once the weapons connected, not only would his enemy have to contend with his own strength, but the miniature shockwave that would be produced by the weapon upon impact.


​If successful, Tathra had no doubt it would throw his opponent's momentum off and disable his defence temporarily, or remove his saber from a shattered wrist entirely.


#1806434 Your Overconfidence Is Your Weakness | Rebel Alliance Invasion of Sith Empire...

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 11 June 2018 - 05:18 PM

Objective: Attack Dubrillion Garrison | Halt Imperial Forces

​Method: Contain and Destroy | First Strike

Location: Dubrillion


​Allies: Strike Team One | Cenric Marus | Cedric Grayson | Romi Jade

​Enemies: Koda Fett | Fiolette Yvarro | Kor Vexen | Alkor Centaris | Taeli Raaf | Darth Carnifex | @Cam Fryden | Leliana | Darth Rixas | Darth Voracitos


​Out of the twenty or so Agramar class ships that had entered the atmosphere of Dubrillion, an assortment of a total of sixteen Hel Shards launched from each, a total of nearly thirty made their way towards the ground. Filled to the brim with Brutes, ready for battle. Roughly twenty four of those Hel Shards landed on the planet below, some crashing directly into the Garrison itself; massive and heavily armoured, crashing into artillery positions and strong Imperial positions.


​Brutes were built for this, storming the beachhead. They rained down like shards of death, screaming and roaring in their native tongue as the feeble hand held weaponry of the Imperials was little more than an itch for this elite force. Some preferred to get close, crushing their targets skulls in their hand and using their own weaponry and artillery.


​It was as their name implied, they brutalised the forward defences of the Imperial defending forces. For every one of them that fell, ten or more Imperials met their end. Their heavy rifles tore through the enemy, it was amateur hour for the Imperials.


​High above, Tathra used his thrusters sparingly to direct himself toward a foe that was presenting an issue for his Brutes. Tathra had been free-falling for some time, building up momentum, flying downward like a human missile at Darth Voracitos' beastly slave. Pulling his thrusters at the last moment, Tathra threw himself back; instead of his head, launching his feet centre at the chest of the beast.

#1806303 Your Overconfidence Is Your Weakness | Rebel Alliance Invasion of Sith Empire...

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 11 June 2018 - 02:10 PM

Darth Voracitos

Of course, come on along bro

#1806273 Your Overconfidence Is Your Weakness | Rebel Alliance Invasion of Sith Empire...

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 11 June 2018 - 01:26 PM

Objective: Attack Dubrillion Garrison | Halt Imperial Forces

​Method: Contain and Destroy | First Strike

Location: Dubrillion


​Allies: Strike Team One | Cenric Marus | Cedric Grayson | Romi Jade

​Enemies: Koda Fett | Fiolette YvarroKor Vexen | Alkor Centaris | Taeli Raaf | Darth Carnifex | Cam Fyrden


​It hadn't been not many years ago that, a younger and more feverishly naïve Tathra had been a mercenary in the employ of the Sith Empire, he recalled skirmishes, the conquering of a few planets. Things that were strangely more commonplace than one would typically imagine.


​How oh so much had changed since then. Now, he was instead in the employment of the exact opposite; a man whom had fought for his respect and earned it. That was the difference here, those that stood here and now, those who dared to face the pompous might of an Empire. They had earned every inch of ground held through blood and sacrifice.


​The ships he stood on, he fought for an earned on Caradim and Edemar. These troops, his Brutes. Bryn'adûl crusaders of worthy stock. He had earned a new scar for every few hundred he had. The scar across his chest that he had been gifted by the Super Star Destroyer during the battle of Coruscant stung still, but it was just another sign that he had finally earned his stay.


​Golden eyes shifted, observing the cold iron shell he found himself in. He had a total of twenty Agramarclass ships in his Command, black pyramids; filtering through the atmosphere of Dubrillion, slowly edging towards the planet. These flying fortresses carried both Rebel and Bryn'adûl forces. Whilst the Rebels filled into drop-ships, his Brutes moved into their drop-pods; ready to come crashing down onto the planet surface below as a preliminary strike.


​The objective was to surround the Garrison and impede any attempt to assist the Imperial forces at the Facilities. The Bryn'adûl would be the backbone of the Rebels today, and hold off the rain.


​Not all the ships would survive entry into atmosphere, however their heavy defences allowed for the safe passage of the majority of their forces. Tathra was in the Hangar bay of the centre ship, observing as his Brutes filled into their pods in a disgruntled manner. The Sith ships already outnumbered both the Bryn'adûl forces and Rebels, their ships filled the extent of every radar, lighting up the atmosphere of Dubrillion with brilliants rays of greens and blues.


​The Cathedral class ships had placed themselves between the Rebels Mepherium ships and the incoming Imperials, taking the brunt of their forces as Darth Carnifex's many ships open fired on his landing party. The Megalaser cannons of his ship cracked open the Agramar ship Tathra was on like an egg, destroying the forward half of the ship was it knocked into the second closest ship, and began a slow and tremendous descent towards the planet surface.


​Luckily, the drop-pods had already launched; however Tathra had been left on-board the now spiralling half of the ship. The vacuum of space pulled at him, the fire in his skin slithering along just barely as the nano-tech of his helmet activated; forming around his face as Tathra could now see the devastation clearly.


​There was a few scraps remaining, floating bodies and debris from the destroyed drop-ships. Just ahead, Tathra could see his Hel Shard pods flying down towards the Garrison on the planet surface. Tathra activated the magnetic shielding of his armour.


​Tathra leapt from the crashing shards of the Agramar ship; free-falling and passing through debris, making good use of the neural interface to push his reflexes beyond what was normally capable. The magnetic shielding of the armour allowed him to pass through the smaller debris with relative ease, only having to avoid larger pieces of debris.


​Blaster fire came in his direction from every angle, massive boulders of plasma and heat passing through and by, small and ships by the large exploding in the sky above and filling his bones with a nervous heat as a mass of heat began to form on the edge of his vision as the gargantuan Mutant became to breach the lower atmosphere.


Tathra was not one for theatrics, but he enjoyed making an entrance.  

#1806228 Your Overconfidence Is Your Weakness | Rebel Alliance Invasion of Sith Empire...

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 11 June 2018 - 11:52 AM

SL2222 | Cam Fyrden


Hey fella's, I was just thinking about heading to the Garrison. I could tangle with you two if you'd like?

#1806023 E3

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 11 June 2018 - 04:17 AM

So things I'm excited for;


1. Halo 6 Infinite

2. Cyberpunk

3. Metro

4. A lot of indigames

5. Fallout 76 maybe

#1803963 Atrocious - TRA Dominion of Hex AH-9

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 08 June 2018 - 07:49 AM

​Aboard the Retribution - Engineering


​"Te'ka, bru'raka. Septem taeda." ​Tathra barked, his fat fingers pressing against the console that controlled the door, sealing it shut. His other hand was clamped shut, clasping the armourweave cloth between the plates of his fallen comrade. He hadn't noticed that the bleeding had stopped, he simply staggered; head swung back to observe the vitality of his kin. Still living, hard warriors. A small grin pressed at the edge of his mouth, they lived still. Soldiers to the last.


​He budged, but his hand did not. It clung to his brethren like it were dead flesh itself, he had to rip himself from the cloth; the blood of his brethren, of Dravalan thickened quicker than most. Their inner fire solidified the blood into a hardened magma, Tathra pulled his fallen troops rifle from his hands.


​Tathra stood up, backing away slowly with darting eyes as the meat spilled through the doorway. ​"Se'tera, vanti, vanti!" ​Tathra warned, the two of his men turning with their weapons to the door. Then, in the vents; scratches, the tremble of undead flesh beneath the metal. Tathra beat his chest, his Brutes barked, turning their rifles to the sound of movement.


​"Hu'tra! Hu'tra!" ​They began to chant, they welcomed the fight.


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#1803578 Bryn'adûl Crusaders | Hel Shard Drop Pod

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 07 June 2018 - 04:11 PM



[Source: X]


  • Intent: A Drop Pod for use by Bryn'adûl Brutes
  • Image Source: Artstation - transport pod by Eddie Del Rio
  • Canon Link: N/A
  • Primary Source: N/A


  • Manufacturer: The Bryn'adûl
  • Affiliation: The Bryn'adûl
  • Model: Bryn'adûl Drop-Pod
  • Production: Limited

  • Material: ​Durasteel, electrical components


  • Classification: Drop Dop
  • Length: 40
  • Width: 20
  • Height: 20
  • Armament: None
  • Defenses: Extreme
  • Squadron Count Moderate '16'
  • Maneuverability RatingLow
  • Speed Rating: Very High
  • Hyperdrive Class: N/A

All Standard Features





  • Plummet: Once released from the bowels of a ship, the Hel Shard plummets at extreme speed towards the planet surface and crashes into the ground, allowing the Drop-Pod to deliver troops quickly to the battlefield.
  • Thick Skin: These drop pods are built to take severely heavy punishment, delivering troops safely to the ground below.


  • Straight Down: These things have next to no manoeuvrability, meaning powerful Anti-air guns can easily take these things out of the sky, additionally; when landing on dangerous terrain. It's very difficult to manoeuvre away potential threats, meaning that often enough these things kill those on-board dropping into treacherous terrain.
  • Open not Fire?: Hel Shards have no armaments whatsoever, this makes them easy to surround and kill the Crusaders as they exit the Drop-pod.  
  • Trapped: These things are a one of use type vehicle, they land and can't leave. This means that, those on-board are trapped on land until they are extracted. Retreat isn't an option when on board a Hel Shard.


The Drop pod carried a total of twenty total Brutes. The upper halves of the ship pop open, allowing the Brutes to leap from the pod and move to ground.

#1802176 Raith Amandis

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 05 June 2018 - 05:02 PM

Darth Elra

Ok so we can play Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat....


oh you meant the OTHER kind of duel!

#1802152 Raith Amandis

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 05 June 2018 - 04:11 PM

Darth Elra


As long as you overly explain the movements of her hands in PvP, like Scarlet Witches hands in the movies. Then, we might be friends.

#1802037 Atrocious - TRA Dominion of Hex AH-9

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 05 June 2018 - 01:23 PM

​Aboard The Retribution - Somewhere


​When Tathra had arrived aboard the Retribution hours before, he was in search of Dravalan test subjects; he had heard rumour of his own being used as live cattle for a biological weapon. The Bryn'adûl wouldn't stand for it, his Brute's were ready to destroy the scientists on-board the vessel and rescue their own.


​He had intended on destroying whatever biological weapon they had in mind, whatever they had planned on creating. Such things were the work of cowards. But whatever was now present on-board the Retribution, was not the work of any man or woman. This, infestation was out of control. His ships were forced to retreat, leaving the Bryn'adûl scouting party on their own.


​They were deep in the bowels of the ship. They had arrived with sixteen Brutes, lead by Tathra himself. Now, there were seven of them.


​"Ta-ka, cein tru-li aka ta'i!" ​Tathra barked, crushing a infected human under the weight of his War-Hammer; it's limbs and skin grasping onto the cold metal like a elastic form of water, pulling and tugging as its flesh was ripped from it. Tathra kicked it aside, slashing through it with the plasma filament of Warmonger's ridged back.


​His men were firing in all directions, the hulking brutes in their massive armour charging backward with the assistance of their thrusters. ​"Ta-ka tru-li, den kora! den-a kor!" ​Long tendrils pulled those tool close to the walls thick with flesh inside, pouring into their armour like elastic bone slick with feverish blood, with a frozen texture that moved like magma.


​Even the Bryn'adûl Brutes massive rifles felt like child's play in the way of fire power. They were coming from everywhere, blood ridged sores in the ground and walls allowed the infected access, pouring out of them like insect's from a burning mound.


​The furthest of his men forward, was cleaved in two by a crab like amalgamation of corpses; a Dravalan test subject with horns pouring out of its stretched pores like small hairs, tearing through his Durasteel armour. Still, the Brute continued to fire' even without his legs.


​Tathra activated his thrusters, rising above the monster as he fell from the above, using the force to augment his strength; the Hammer came crashing down, tearing through flesh and bone as half of the monster collapsed, the other hand digging its claws into the mutants exposed arms. Growling with pain, he opened his mouth; magma boiling on the edge of his tongue as the creature wrapped its leathery flesh around his head.


​In mere moments, the flesh boiled away like melting wax as a rain of magma fired down on the creature. The magma tore what remained of the creature down as Tathra spent no time dragging the remains of his Bryn'adûl back towards the others, only two of them still stood.


​Only two.



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#1801879 Balancing Reportabellions

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 05 June 2018 - 11:03 AM

I don't see how it's restricting, at all. I don't see how it would be limiting for people writing those sort of characters, you can still have space battles ect. You can still rule over planets if you want, but what I mean is like I said the map game can be like a chore for I'm sure plenty of people.


All the things possible through influence clouds, is possible without them. Dominions, invasions ect. It's just further self policing, which we already do very well.


On another note, the solution of 'you don't like it, don't partake' when 90% of the community does it. Is not a solution. And, like Ferron Troste said; the only real reason I can see for the possibility of the removal of clouds killing Major Factions is that they exist purely for some sense of 'power' or 'superiority' through the Map-Game.





Perhaps, replace Influence clouds with placed 'such and such forces' on certain areas of the map. Instead of this monopoly of control, its just like some battleship style icon that shows that their ships or troops are in that area. That way, you can move about if necessary and it's also a show of where you're strongest.


I'll note I'll probably haven't thought it through completely, but I needed to put it out there.

#1801824 Balancing Reportabellions

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 05 June 2018 - 10:39 AM

I gotta throw my own two cents in.


I'd very much suggest that, you shouldn't make minor factions only capable of one rebellion. Cause, not everybody wants to play the map-game full on. Sometimes just a little taste is fine. And honestly, this just sounds limiting​ and the opposite of what attracts writers to Chaos.


Limitations, have been stripped away more and more from Chaos. And this is a good thing, this suggestion is the wrong direction.


I'd also, be all for removing the Influence Clouds. In lots of ways, the influence clouds; the 'Map-Game' is a chore more than anything. It breeds drama, and a fickle and fake sense of importance that kinda takes away from the fun of writing.


It places a sense of importance wrongfully on certain people over others, and that affects OOC just as much as IC.


Like, I understand working hard to have more control. But shouldn't your 'hard-work' be used instead for just solely creating awesome stories? I feel like, without the map-game. Chaos becomes a better place.



PS. And on the note of removing the Map-Game killing Majors, I think that's a silly assumption. If an influence cloud, is the only thing keeping a group of people together, that's kinda sad. Write together because its FUN, not because it puts you in the most popular or powerful faction.


Thanks for reading.

#1800840 Bryn'adûl Crusaders | The Brutes

Posted by Tathra Khaeus on 04 June 2018 - 06:18 AM

Bryn'adûl Crusaders 


[Source: X]

  • Intent: To fill out the bulk of the Bryn'adûl Crusaders and flesh out Tathra's forces.
  • Image Credit: David Letondor - Retopology Mecha
  • Role: Private Army of the Bryn'adûl.
  • Links:

​- Tathra Khaeus(Owner of Bryn'adûl)

- Bryn'adûlCompany

- X X X X X (Threads relevant to Tathra's liberation/collection of Dravalan)

- Brute Armour (Armour worn by Crusaders)

- Wendigo 6D3(Brute Rifle)

- Dravalan



  • Unit Name: Bryn'adûl Crusaders | The Brutes
  • Affiliation: Tathra Khaeus, the Bryn'adûl
  • Classification: Heavy Infantry, Special Forces, Death Squads
  • Equipment: Brute Armour


  • Availability: Rare
  • Deployment: Minor
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:

​+ Strength: Dravalan, as a species are naturally incredibly strong; rivalling if not surpassing that of a adult Wookie. This makes the Crusaders incredibly dangerous in close quarters combat.


+ Tough: Dravalan Crusaders, due to their extremely heavy durasteel armour and thick bodies; are incredibly tough and can take extreme levels of punishment. They may even take several penetrative lightsaber attacks to take down due to their innate resistance to heat.


+/-  Blood Rage: Former slaves, and innately hot headed; they are quick to anger. This can often lead to heinous mistakes on the battlefield, risking cover or an objective to kill an enemy that has wounded them or their brethren.


 - Infrared Vision: The Dravalan species have unique traits, such as their infrared vision; which in some ways makes them better hunters. However, this is a serious weakness against cold blooded species, or droids in some ways. Additionally, they cannot distinguish facial traits or colours. This can cause trouble and confusion on the battlefield.


- Cold: As a form of karma for their resistance to heat, the Dravalan have a great weakness for cold. Any elemental user could severely hamper their abilities. Furthermore, cold environments cause them to be more irritable and irrational, making mistakes and killing each other in churlish feuds.


- Gemstone: The gemstone acts as a additional organ, or a kill switch. The gemstone in their chest, if damaged can cripple or outright kill a Dravalan in a few seconds.


- Brutes: In many ways, the Dravalan were a primitive race and thus; their education and training is combat centric. They only speak their native tongue, and have no social education whatsoever. They obey and fight, this is what they enjoy. They don't care about civilians, or prisoners of war. The Bryn'adûl crusaders take no prisoners.


- It's all Heavy: Crusader weapons are built for Dravalan, their armour and weapons are all incredibly cumbersome, which means they don't move much. They can't stand recon or scout missions, and would rather rush in and kill their enemies than wait patiently. Their lives are mostly uncomfortable, so their patience is non-existent.


- Massive Target: Whether in cover, or using their thrusters pack. There is no small way to put it, the Brutes are incredibly large and nigh impossible to miss. You'd need to have aim worse than a stormtrooper to miss them, giving their size and often stationary firing positions, you'll find most troopers can land a shot regardless of what level of training they have.


- Tough Terrain: Anything more complex than stairs or open mountainous areas are a literal nightmare for Brutes, their armour weighs down their body and makes any sort of complex movement quite difficult. They can't clamber or parkour across any sort of metropolis or complex terrain. If an enemy has land advantage, they have a huge advantage against Brutes.

  • Description:

​For two years, Tathra Khaeus searched the known Galaxy to unite his people, finding them enslaved and used. He took them in, conquering those in his way and bringing those remaining under his wing. Tathra ventured to the Jedi Archives on Coruscant to retrieve the knowledge of their home-worlds destruction, he learned the way of his people. He learned their language. This gained him their loyalty.


With no leadership, they lingered in the Galaxy aimlessly until Tathra's arrival, they were eager for direction , eager for revenge. Tathra wished to lead, to be of his own making. He trained the Bryn'adûl out of the slaves until they became a prominent and fearsome fighting force under his Command. They're brutality and savagery is unmatched. They are killers, murderers, savages. Brutes. The Bryn'adûl Crusaders drop in hot in pods on their enemies, attempting to quickly overwhelm and kill their enemy.


Under Tathra's lead, the Bryn'adûl Crusaders act as a Private Military for any willing to pay for their services. They are the force you send in to flush out the enemy, the Vanguard of your forces to break the enemies front-line.