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The Matador

The Matador

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#1674200 To Kill A King (The Matador/Veiere Arenais)

Posted by The Matador on Yesterday, 08:07 PM

"Who are you, I am not your enemy! I've come seeking no means for violence, stand down!!"


​Words came, but to no avail. The Matador's initial dashing strike had proved that his opponent was perhaps equally skilled with his blade. But perhaps Oribuir would serve him better, he had stored the blade within one of the nearby towers. He'd call on it if necessary, but for now the lightsaber would suffice. He noted the length of Veiere Arenais, it was similar to his own. Perhaps it was a more common preference than he had imagined.


​The two examined each other for a moment as the Matador slashed at a diagonal towards Veiere, aiming for his shoulder. His extended blade would give him the advantage in regards to committed strikes, however he didn't wield the blade in both hands; keeping his right hand in an open grasp near the pommel of his blade.

#1674028 Diamond in the Rough [ME vs TC]

Posted by The Matador on Yesterday, 01:12 PM

OBJECTIVE: Collective Assistance, Protect the Diamond Mines. Eliminate Mandalorian Forces.

ALLIES: Mara Kellarov | Evoros | Collective

ENEMIES: Tal VizslaRa VizslaRonan Vizsla | Jor KvallTahn Vizsla | Mandalorian Empire


​The Matadors barrier reflected blaster fire in all directions, his blade crushing Mandalorians through the sheer momentum of the blade, snapping bone and crushing flesh into wet paste. Ahead of him, a broad and tall Mandalorian walked forward, extending his hand to the absent barrier that had been erected, he watched with great surprise as the man passed through his force barrier, however it was not unlike the warriors who had wore void stone that he had faced before. Perhaps the warrior had similar traits, however he was but one of many. The Matador would dispatch the Mandalorian as quickly as he could, he doubted it would take long as he had dropped his weapon. Though whether he carried it or not would make little difference. The Matador brought Oribuir close, he anticipated his opponent to perhaps use a hidden weapon. This fight would require tactical movement, rather than the full use of his blade's size. He brought his right hand to the mid-length of the blade.


​He struck the blade forward, a total of four feet ahead of his hand. He held his ground, his feet spaced out with his legs buckled against the ground. He aimed with a fast and lethal strike at the Mandalorians abdomen. He didn't expect the blow to land, however awaited his current opponents attack.

#1673653 Arkania Skirmish

Posted by The Matador on 21 November 2017 - 08:47 PM

I'm already there bby

#1673628 Diamond in the Rough [ME vs TC]

Posted by The Matador on 21 November 2017 - 07:48 PM

OBJECTIVE: Collective Assistance, Protect the Diamond Mines. Eliminate Mandalorian Forces.

ALLIES: Mara Kellarov | Evoros | Collective

ENEMIES: Tal VizslaRa VizslaRonan Vizsla | Jor KvallTahn Vizsla | Mandalorian Empire


The Valkyrie's docking bay supports extended, revealing a bay of speeder bikes. The Matador had received the boards transmission, unknown enemies had arrived at the Arkanian Mines. He was unaware of why anybody would attack the mines themselves, perhaps the diamonds within held some value on the black market. He didn't know, nor did he care his employers reasons for protecting them. He had a job to do, and more credits lead him closer to the Keeper's goal.


The speeder's engine hummed with a waking heat as the air around him began to sizzle, the speeder jolted reluctantly forward as it carried his mass across the Durasteel plating of the landing pad. The engine whistled in its electronic tone as the Speeder picked up off the ground, blasting forward with great speed. The Matador felt the steady shake of his crimson Beskar against his body, Oribuir resting it's grand blade safely magnetised against the length of his shoulders.


He was drawing close to the drop site that had been placed with a lavender marker on his HUD. Ahead of him he saw gunships circling the mine as soldiers were dispersed from drop-pods. He recognised their armour, he recognised much about them. They were Mandalorians. He too once might've once identified as one of them, but he had tried to bring them together under his Keeper's vision.


He had found spite, bitterness, division and weakness. His strength and loyalty did not extend beyond the Tol Varen. Not to the scattered Dravalan or Mandalorians. He owed no allegiance beyond those of greater understanding. He saw a ridge ahead, leading to a drop several feet towards what made up an small entrance to the Mines. Drop-ships dotted the area ahead, before that was a small hump of snow. He turned his speeder, slowing it down as an LAAT came closer. He retreated for a moment, powering up his speeder as he brought it closer to the hump at great speed. He pulled up, as it reached the hump; activating the vehicles overdrive to full throttle.


The speeder launched into the air, aiming for the open section of the LAAT. As he drew closer, the Matador leapt from his speeder; the momentum carrying him into the LAAT, amongst several Mandalorian warriors. There were four in total, the first being carried out on the edge of the speeder bike with a wailing cry. The Matador used his palms to steady himself as he rolled into a standing positing, the momentum of his movement swung the massive Oribuir on his back, knocking down one of the three remaining on board. The first Mandalorian within's arms reach drew his blade, thrusting it towards the space between breastplate and his helm. The Matador's arm shot up, his wrist stopping the momentum of the attack with ease. His arm extended up the length of the Mandalorians body, his hand forming a fist as the momentum of a sudden strike towards the Mandalorians head carried his entire body downward, his head cracking against the shuttles floor. The second Mandalorian fired his blaster, the Matador's battle precognition caused his head to duck instinctively, his hand grasping the fallen Mandalorians blade. The Matador tensed his right leg, using it to push himself forward towards the Mandalorian his free hand absorbing the second bolt of blaster fire.


The blade moved too quickly for the Mandalorian to react, his head disconnecting from his body. The Matador immediately turned as the third Mandalorian rose to his feet. The Matador placed a hand on his shoulder, crushing bone and twisting the edges of his chest and shoulder plates as he squeezed the space between. The Mandalorian gargled, half gasping and in shock as he fell to his knees, his arms twitching. The Matador slammed his knee into the Mandalorians head, denting the door to the LAAT's cockpit.


The Matador made haste for the foremost exit of the vehicle that lead to the Mandalorians who were moving towards the entrance of the mines. Oribuir's handle came homely into his dominant hand as his last foot left the LAAT, Oribuir ignited; slashing through the wing of the LAAT, causing it to spin and connect with a second Gunship as he fell, landing with both feet on a drop pod. The pod moved, kicking up dirt as he used it to propel himself forward. Oribuir's massive size catching several Mandalorians as he landed, the Matador grinded to a halt, erecting a force barrier ahead of him as he accessed how to proceed.

#1672963 The Means of Production [TSE Dominion of Oricon Hex]

Posted by The Matador on 20 November 2017 - 08:25 AM

Objective Three: Wipe out Vermin in Vetus' Fortress.

​Location: ​Gates of the Fortress -> Inner Courtyard

​Tags: Arken Lussk | Dante Sotari | Ignis Imura | Objective 3 Peeps


​The Matador waited patiently as a small group of troopers lead by the officer he had spoken to emerged reluctantly from the doorway. "Hmph." ​He pouted, unimpressed by there fear. There was such inconsistency within the Sith, they seemed to lack any form of control over their troops other than them willingly following orders to avoid being killed by their commanders. The troops varied in strength, skill, discipline. It was strange to him, every member of the The Shield was nearly equal to the other, it was the difference in their mentalities. The Shield were truly loyal, each and every one of them under the grand enterprise of the Keeper. Perhaps the Sith did not keep such a tight closed fist around its people. Perhaps they did not have the means to do so.


​These thoughts were applicable to many cultures, he thought equally less of them. Moving forward, he saw no clear entry through the main doors. Nor did he plan on over exerting himself when the two entrances above were much more convenient. His hand moved for his belt, feeling the smooth touch of his saber on his hip. Even whilst having Oribuir, it was good to carry the lightsaber. It still, had its uses.


​With a telekinetic wisp, the blade shot to life as it drew closer to one of the walkways above them. The blade slashed at the edge that lead to the battlements, disconnecting the bridge from its held position. It lingered from a moment, wobbling under its own weight as its only tether became the connecting metal that lead within the fortress. His saber returned to his hand deactivated, once more finding itself on hips hip. The Matador spaced his feet apart a little, steadying his weight against that of the walkway as he extended his hand outward, visualising a large telekinetic hard grasping the walkway. The sound of metal bending filled the courtyard for a moment as the walkway reluctantly bent to his will.


​In a few moments, the edges of the broken walkway reached the ground and became a bridge for them to climb up to the higher level. ​"Upwards and onwards Officer." ​He spoke with a tone of barely retained tolerance for his presence. The Matador wasted little, time beginning a slog of a march up the steep bridge he'd created.

#1672753 The Means of Production [TSE Dominion of Oricon Hex]

Posted by The Matador on 19 November 2017 - 09:17 PM

Objective Three: Wipe out Vermin in Vetus' Fortress.

​Location: ​Gates of the Fortress -> Inner Courtyard

​Tags: Arken Lussk | Dante Sotari | Objective 3 Peeps


​The Matador made his way towards the main entrance, inspecting the fortresses defences as he drew closer. The main gates themselves appeared a brutalised wreck, the metal frame torn asunder as the doors were charred and burned on their edges, claw marks dotting the middle and most damaged part of the frame. The Matador had spent the majority of his time before arriving researching Oricon. Long ago, it was rumoured that creatures from Makeb were brought here, malformed with dark alchemy and the evil intentions of ancient Sith.


Not, that he wasn't aware that these Sith were very much the same. Those who sought freedom were crushed under the iron and unrelenting foot of the Sith Empire. They were cruel and selfish, and he accepted it. Work was work and he thought little of it.


"Wait here." ​The Matador spoke, his head turning slightly to face the Imperial Officer leading the Landing party. "As you say, Mercenary." He knew they felt no qualms letting the wayward warrior go first, he was not one of them. His crimson metal hand extended, clasping onto the door. It was ridged on its base, allowing him to grasp firmly on its solid form. He pulled, feeling his arm tense. His legs buckled under its weight, it was too heavy. The Matador placed two hands, pulling the door with his weight. The metal squirmed, the screech of it against the metal beneath them. Grains of black picked up from the ground, old dead roots that had been corrupted by the black of the earth shrivelled up. There was a crunch as what sounded like a gear beyond strain ripped from its socket, the door budged; sliding back a few inches, giving The Matador enough space to move through.


​Ahead of him, was an open courtyard with plates of white marble creating the floor, two grated walkways leading to doors that appeared to enter the building. Between them were two massive Durasteel doors that appeared untouched. Black soot gushing from beneath the doorway. As if it surged forward, greeting the Matador. He observed the two walkways, one of the door's control panels was damaged; unmoving. The other was empty. Between himself was a massive creature, the Subteroth was massive. Malformed and twisted into a horrific abomination. The large spikes that were normally located on its arm rode against its entire form, arching out of its back like massive bone formations. Above that, sat equally twisted Pterathki, some with multiple enlarged wings, others with beaks that broke apart into two jaws, broken into mouths that housed large razor sharp teeth. The creatures picked at the dead flesh of the fallen Subteroth.


​He had no doubt that more lay inside, larger and more bestial. It was natural that the weaker creatures of a territory hid on the outskirts of a territory. The Matador didn't intend on allowing himself to loose the element of surprise, however the creatures noticed him almost instantly, the two Pterathki launched at him. The one with its large wings launched itself at him at a speed that made the sternest warriors wince. The creature caused him to stagger, its large beak reaching for his face, snapping at him repeatedly as his crushgaunt clamped down on its throat, holding it back. The creature's flesh was dry and torn, like that of an addicts. Its eyes were bloodshot and had a feral mindlessness to it, he couldn't discern if it was blind rage or some twisted desperation.


​Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the second slowly move to his left side. Walking on hobbled wings to his periphery, he had to act quickly. Pressing the Pterathki back, his other hand grasping onto its left wing. He pushed it back as the creature wrestled against his grip, he roared, with some effort; he ripped the wing from its socket, the creature wailed in pain as the other lunged. He used the creatures pain, clenching harder on its throat as its attack was halted for but a moment. He launched it at its brethren, knocking it back with the superior wait of the heavily winged creature.


​He marched forward, slamming his foot down on the injured creatures head. He aimed for the largest part of its head, squishing it into a fine paste against the white marble floor. The second retreated a little, and lunged for his neck. The Matador was hunched over, exposing his throat to the creature. The Matador raised both hands, grappling the creatures expending beak. The creatures mouth was horrid, its beak separating into four parts, its teeth digging into the thick Beskar plate of his armour. The Matador threw the creature over his head, its body bouncing as it slammed into the floor. Causing the white slabs to crack. The Matador raised a single fist, slamming it down repeatedly into the creatures body. He released his grip on its limp jaw, turning to face observe the two higher doorways.


"The entry is secure!" ​He barked back, he'd need someone more agile to enter the higher doorways. He didn't quite feel like carrying his entire weight several feet into the air through the force.

#1672625 The Means of Production [TSE Dominion of Oricon Hex]

Posted by The Matador on 19 November 2017 - 03:08 PM

Objective Three: Wipe out Vermin in Vetus' Fortress.

​Location: ​Landing Party Shuttle -> Gates of the Fortress.

​Tags: Dante Sotari | Objective 3 Peeps


​The very nature of Oricon was violent, magma gushed out from thick black growths in the ground. Old buildings and various constructions sites doted the surface of the planet, some consumed by the magma. Others, rusting and falling into disarray. The very ground was coveted by a strange blue fog that contrasted beautifully with the vibrant and violent magma.


​The blue and lifeless chill of Oricon contrasted with the cracks in its shell where the thriving life of the planet existed, the explosive magma. One sung a melancholy song of a hollow emptiness where as the red bustling heat reminded every member of the Landing Party who strained their gaze to examine it of a vicious fight for survival. How the magma fought ferociously to pierce the decay that swept across the land. It was admirable, he felt its current through the force like the ebb and flow of the lava as it coursed through its rivers dotted across the land. 


Ahead of them was Vitus' Fortress, a black and silver construction with blue neon escaping from the building, the fortress' foundation were like a citadel encroached on the irritated skin of the planet. The darkness exuded from the fortress was noticeable to all as evil had stirred in its own malevolence for too long unchecked. Unlike the Sith whom he observed who passed through cycles of change. The creatures of darkness within the Fortress were very much like any warrior who practiced alone. It only embedded their errors.


​Thus, the manifestation had to be swept clean from the surface of the planet. Thusly, seeing his efforts on Tython and again Yavin; the Matador had been elected to serve once more.


​The Shuttle landed, the Matador was the first to leave, not wishing to hunch any longer with Oribuir on his back. His crimson second skin shun with a beautiful reflection the Magma, he stood by a stream as it bloated and popped. He turned his head, leading the Landing Party towards Vitus' Fortress. He would not tarry, the beasts would die soon.

#1672549 Weekend Mini-Event(s) VILLAINOUS VILLAINS: Interest Check

Posted by The Matador on 19 November 2017 - 11:23 AM

Ignis Imura


​We're open to having the event playout over the space of a week or even two, it's all circumstantial. But by every saying we want to have one every weekend or fortnight. I do mean that I want to have a regular production, with multiple people tackling different threads and villains to be ready for the following event.


​But yes, you're definitely right. Letting it play out over a longer period of time could invite more people, but there's also the danger of a thread losing its momentum. Which, is the opposite of what I'd hope for. But we won't confine every thread or event to the same time slot or something like that.

#1672542 Weekend Mini-Event(s) VILLAINOUS VILLAINS: Interest Check

Posted by The Matador on 19 November 2017 - 10:52 AM

Varik Ice | Darlyn Excron | Sintel Kay | Darth Voracitos | Darth Abyss



Thanks for the show of support guys, I'd love to have other people come on and create Villains further down the line if we get this actually going. And I love the idea of having more varied Mini-Events, including a flashpoint style idea with multiple mini-bosses. Sounds like tons of fun, but also tons of work. So I'm still waiting to see a show of hands of people who would be willing to participate as our Party of heroes on a weekly basis and wouldn't mind being able to commit time during the week to getting through these at a reasonable pace.


​Furthermore, anybody who wishes to throw anymore ideas out as Voraticos has? Please do so. I really want to make this something people look forward to participating in on every week or so.

#1672278 Weekend Mini-Event(s) VILLAINOUS VILLAINS: Interest Check

Posted by The Matador on 18 November 2017 - 07:28 PM

​Villainous Villains at the Weekend!




Hello Chaos.


​So, whilst bored and twiddling our thumbs in Chaos' discord chat. Myself and Myles Velum and a few others were talking about the possibility of really utilizing our new ability to make Master characters on the go. Myles had the idea of maybe doing a one off crazy Sith Lord to be killed.


​We thought, hey? Why not have a weekly or fortnight Master Sith Lord or some other crazy villain for a group of writers to defeat and ultimately kill in a one off sort of public event style thread over the weekend? We thought, it sounds like a fun little quest and someone can add a PC to their kill list. :P


​Furthermore, with every great raid their must be loot. Cool new gear for different characters, and we know their are plenty of members within the community such as Jon, (Our porg overlord) who would happily help provide prizes for the those involved.


​I'm actually quite ecstatic about the possibility of something like this working, and of course we probably will do some stuff for different types of factions. So, we've got you covered Slicers of the Collective and we haven't forgotten about you, crazy Sithlings or the fanatical Ren party. But, we're starting it off safe with some crazy Sith Lords seeking power. I hope people like this idea and can commit to a weekend mini-event. We as a community can do so much if we work together!


​If you're interested. Leave a comment in the thread, and if anyone would like to contribute to prizes or maybe volunteering to write one of our crazy villains. Please, say so below. c:


​Hope you're all as excited about this prospect as I am.


#1672265 On a stormy night...

Posted by The Matador on 18 November 2017 - 07:08 PM

​The Matador stood still as the coffee clashed with his breastplate with no effect. Moments later and his target had launched herself through glass, shards dropping both within the building and outside. The Matador clasped the blade of his weapon in both hands, the burning plasma coming to a shimmering silence as large thundering strides carried him outside of the building, passed the wreckages of the bodies and toward Natalie LaForte ​with great bounding steps that carried him towards her at a speed unexpected of one so heavy.


​He charged towards her, waiting for her to make her next move. His blade held in both hands as he dashed forward with alarming speed with an intent to kill. The way she threw the hot liquid at him carelessly, didn't hold her ground. It could imply one of two things about her. Either she was a coward, like a sly Maalraas waiting for wounded prey before it strikes. Or, that she is retreating tactically, awaiting for a more opportune moment to face him. He assumed neither, but would expect and prepare for the latter. The worst thing one could do was underestimate an enemy.

#1671880 Whispers in the Dark [TSE Dominion of Hex AG-18]

Posted by The Matador on 18 November 2017 - 12:57 AM

Location: ​ Science Ship Hangar Bay ---> Labs

Objective: Investigate

Allies: Vaylin | Morgan Vance | Darth Vesper | Dante Sotari | Atlas Kane | Ignis Imura


​The Matador stopped in his tracks, watching as what appeared to be a Sith, his form wrapped in black cloth and a narrow faced helm that hid the shape of his limp expressions as he mindlessly handed a crate to the creatures that had attacked him before. The Matador was heaving, his chest moving so that his breastplate slowly lifted and rested against his waist armour.


​His arms relaxed, feeling the ship begin to move. Yet there was no sound of power, nothing to indicate the ships systems had returned to a functioning state. The ship felt different as it moved, almost entirely unnatural in its shift in gravity with no thrust at all. Yet, even as this was a strange occurrence, there was yet no fear in his heart. The Keeper kept his deeper anxieties at bay, to stay focused on the mission.


​The mission was to secure the vessel, yet it seemed as though those on board. Including those he had been sent to secure, apparently had other intentions. He stopped, seeing that the Starweirds were no longer hostile. The Matador was aware of the disadvantage he was at, he had no idea how many Starweirds remained. Nor, did he know whether those he was here to protect would become hostile if he attempted to prevent the creatures attacks. It seemed futile to assume he could do anything at this point. The blade of orange plasma became silent, disappearing into the silver cylinder in the grasp on his left hand. He stood silent, stepping forward to approach the Sith and now the man who was sitting at their flank, holding a small crystal in the palm of his hand and behind them another within the laboratory.


​"The vessels engines haven't been reignited, where are the corporeal creatures taking us?"


​He asked, observing the Sith and the Pyromancerwho seemed previously engaged in combat. But now, both completely at ease almost retrospective of the creatures themselves. Perhaps they were under the spell of their screaming songs. Unlike them, his mind was guarded by an external force. The Keeper kept his focus certain, yet he felt indecisiveness engulf his fighting nature. He was ignorant of how to proceed, and therefore hesitated to do so.

#1670986 A Barash Ended.

Posted by The Matador on 16 November 2017 - 04:22 AM

​The emerald blade soothed the walls upon which it brought light to, the dead beginning to breath once more as Carn Dista's weapon returned attention to what had been long since forgotten by many. The wind carried through the broken body of the Monastery like a long held breath, waking from a decrepit sleep in response to the haste of the Jedi. The Matador stood unmoving as his form relaxed, seeing Carn Dista stood solemnly with his blade ignited already confirmed the rumours. 


He was, very much alone. Oribuir called to him, the blade's handle sitting nearly three feet over his shoulder to compensate for the length of the blade itself. He felt Carns words carry a weight not dissimilar to his own, the weight of combat and leadership. There was much to be said for the facets of a character and how the impacted upon each other. Even still, the Matador turned on his heel; walking a few feet to inspect a crack that carried itself along one of the walls, not dissimilar to a lightsaber strike that had long since lost its energy. He wondered who had left it, raising his right hand to run over the crack. His attention was almost entirely shifted in focus, not star struck by any means.


​"This place is so very old. It has been in a peaceful slumber, yet you disturb it. Why here, Carn Dista?"


​His voice carried a flippant curiosity that was embolden by a voice of resolve and conviction. The voice help much on display, ones experience most of all. His voice spoke of a deep and painful road far less trod upon. His head glided smoothly across the individual components of both his breastplate and helmet.


​"I am here for you. Jedi. I could not you until you sent out that beacon, you may not have been aware of it."


He spoke, with some casual sincerity his left hand rising to the hilt of Oribuir. ​"The ignition of your blade is unwarranted. Were I here to kill you, we would not be conversing. Put away your weapon and I will not draw my own."



Carn Dista 

#1670805 Whispers in the Dark [TSE Dominion of Hex AG-18]

Posted by The Matador on 15 November 2017 - 07:48 PM

Location: ​ Science Ship Hangar Bay ---> Labs

Objective: Survive the Science Vessel

Allies: Vaylin | Morgan Vance | Darth Vesper | Dante Sotari | Atlas Kane | Ignis Imura


​The Matador made his way forward, passing through the hangar bay doors. He brought out a small portable holorecorder from his most left pouch, a small blue graphic appearing before him as he stopped in the hallway. Examining a map of the Dauntless for a moment, he pondered on what became of the other Rescue shuttles. Perhaps they had been attacked like his had, he was alone here. He'd had to reserve his strength, he doubted these entities were working alone. They're screaming was indistinguishable from each others, there were no singular entities among them. These bodies were likely vessels, possibly for a greater entity.


​The thought dawned on him, perhaps the stones he had been briefed on were their source. He did not know, they only begun their attack upon his arrival. Or so it seemed to him, the creatures were passive until they saw him arrive on the ship, intent on securing those on board and the stones. Perhaps that was it, they could smell the stench of malevolent intent upon his arrival. In a way, that made him responsible for the attack aboard the Dauntless. It left him without remorse, he cared not for the lives of Sith or Imperials. He was here to do a job, no more. No less.


​He followed the quickest route to the laboratories, however was stopped on multiple occasions by the ethereal creatures. Each time, they seemed to have learned from their predecessors mistakes. Yet, eventually each felt the need to strike. That was the trick to it, a simple pattern of allowing them to strike and retaliating and cutting them down. He drew close to an access panel, a door to the laboratories was its function. A starweird shot upward from the ground, through the control panel towards the Matador.


​The Matador dashed backward, awaiting for the creature to strike. It stopped for a moment, its head turning almost so fast it could've broken its bones. The creature dashed through the closed door, and soon the Matador followed. His hand running along the control panel, his body half twisted to reach the panel as he leapt through the door as it opened. Ahead of him, he saw the creature turn a right. The Matador broke into a sprint, following and opening a door with the force before he reached it.


​Beyond that, was a laboratory with quite an interesting scene inside. Atlas Kane was carrying a massive container as fire crashed against the ground, at his feet and against a clear force barrier. The Starweird convulsed, shrieking.

#1670735 A Barash Ended.

Posted by The Matador on 15 November 2017 - 05:37 PM

|[Jedi Monastery Ruins]|


​Carn Dista.


​In the background of various odd jobs and battles under the employment of larger than life Empires and Orders that lived by creeds. Yet to the eyes of the ignorant he had none, he was simply a wayward mercenary with no cause to speak of. However that was untrue, he served the Tol Varen and the will of the Keeper. Forever in the back of his mind, but still the Galaxy at large had been a very different experience than he had expected.


​Even more so when visiting different planets and interaction with various different species. They all had different ways of living, great masses joined together to follow similar ideals. He was not like them, he was a like a rock that the waves of unified thought beat against. Stagnant against the changes of the world, his mind was with the truth that Tol Varen held, a truth unchanged and unbroken for centuries on end.


​Unlike other cultures, his people had a strength. They left nothing to rot, nothing weakened through the waning of time. However, this temple was a example of such things. Rot, this place had a stench of rot. The Jedi Monastery was ancient from what he could tell, as he pushed through the doors of the building. The maple colouring had faded into a silent oak, the grand door slid open. Light shun through more than just cracks in the wood now. That light was devoured in the shadow of the hulking Matador, who slid through the minor opening without as much as a sound.


​The floor beneath his feet echoed a cool emptiness, life had not touched this place. There was no heat, no sign of life whatsoever. He imagined this was what something of great size dying felt like. This place had not a whisper in its halls. Ahead of him was a courtyard that had a large crumbling breach in the left of its wall. Some bricks sticking out on each end as if something had impacted it from the other side. He was between two large staircases that were adjacent to each other, joining at the other end of the courtyard in a crumbled semi-circular platform that housed nothing but a few broken shelves and old blackened lanterns.


​Each surface was damaged, but the entire building seemed to be in a state of passiveness. Nothing moved, as if caught adrift in time. It gave him a strange sense of calm. Until he heard it, a scutter about the farther archway that lead deeper. He took a single step forward, feeling Oribuir's wait comfortably on his back as he tried to slide from view when a man with a refined face came into picture. Carn Dista, he had kept himself well. For a man, alone throughout years without society. He partially envied that, but he had no time to feel as such. He saw him, and the Jedi Master saw the Matador.