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The Matador

The Matador

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Bellator Forces

18 February 2018 - 07:59 PM

Bellator Forces




[source: http://starwars.wiki...di:_Force_Storm ]




  • Intent: To expand on the special forces division of the Ancient Eye.
  • Image Credit: Dawn of the Jedi Cover
  • Role: Bellators are elite Special Forces, used as a strike force and protective detail for the Ancient Eye.
  • Links:

Ancient Eye

The Matador



Tol Varen Militia Men




  • Unit Name: Bellator Forces
  • Affiliation: The Matador/Ancient Eye
  • Classification: Special Forces
  • Equipment:



ArmourWeave Cloak

Saber-Pike & Greaves

4D1 Rifle

E81 Pistol





  • Availability: Rare
  • Deployment: ​Limited
  • Strengths & Weaknesses:
+Best of the Best:
​The Bellators are the best of the best from the Military divisions of the Ancient Eye, selected for Force Potential and Discipline. They are loyal warriors strongly attuned to the force, able to sufficiently use force abilities in combination with lightsaber combat. They are hardened warriors with no relent.
Bellators have learned to fight together against tougher opponents, using their spear like sabers to chip away at opponents whilst keeping others engaged. This makes them even more deadly as they are very capable against any kind of opponent in single combat, however can be seemingly overwhelming if two or three are focusing on a single opponent.
​It is a simple fact of Medieval Warfare that the Spear was the most viable and frequently used weapon, its advantages on the battlefield can be applied to the Saber-Pike used by the Bellators, it has the advantage of reach and spacing in a fight, allowing a Bellator to control the momentum of a fight. Especially against a equal or lesser opponent.
​-Outlining Defence:
​Something else applicable to the use of this weapon is that, it is less viable in confined spaces and also has solely an online defence for its user. The outline of a weapon is categorised as the online defence, the offline; is the side facing the user, and within the offline of a Bellator, if an opponent manages to bypass the online defence of the Saber-Pike, closing the distance between themselves and the Bellator; this makes defence against potentially fatal attacks quite difficult to avoid.
​The Bellators may excel in combat against other melee weapon wielders or force users, however their skills do not translate exceptionally well to the battlefield. Dug deep in the trenches alongside a foot-soldier, a Bellator is of relatively little offensive use in this scenario. Whilst adept at parrying blaster fire, Bellators are not equipped to deal with chaotic battlefields but rather more close quarters and controlled environments.
  • Description:

​Force Ability Level: High Knight


The Bellators are handpicked from various military outfits within the Ancient Eye, those chosen have shown high levels of force potential, the ability to think critically and have been shown to have analytical and objective minds. The Bellator program also opts to make use of those with social difficulties. Those that could be described as 'benign psychopaths' whom have entirely a sole focus on pushing themselves to a higher standard.


The Candidates are taken to Caradim, where they are put through a rigorous boot-camp by Tol Varen Militia Warriors under the instruction of the Matador. Over the course of three months in total, the candidates are put to the test in life threatening circumstances, with low sleep and barely any nutrition. They are forced to exceed their physical and mental limits. A total of 70% of recruits either die or are crippled during this phase of training.


Following this, the candidates are pitted against each other; separating into six teams of Gladiators and are forced to train against each-other to in turn teach them to work cohesively, these training exercises include;


  • Capture the Flag
  • War-Game Simulations
  • Sparring Tourneys


The teams are separated into three groups after this and the best from every group are put into separate teams, those remaining are made into a new three teams, then re-drilled through these exercises. The remaining teams are then pitted against each-other in a Gladiatorial Deathmatch, and the last remaining team walks away.


Following this, the four remaining teams are sent to the Pyramid of Ascension on Caradim where they study under the Priesthood to gain better understanding and good-will from the Gods and in turn further attune their powers within the force. The Bellators spend a total of three months here also, learning how to intertwine force abilities such as telekinesis or pyrokenesis into combat techniques.


After this three month period the four teams are taken to Edemar, where they are trained under The Matador and his Promethean Guard in the nature of Lightsaber combat and higher levels of combat prowess. This is not a safe journey and many are injured or killed during this process. Eventually, the sum total of the Bellators remaining submit themselves to a process of ordainment, their armour being grafted upon their flesh and receiving holy orders from the Gods themselves to serve forever under the will of the War-Chieftain Matador.


The Bellators are a feared and renowned group of warriors within the Ancient Eye, serving as a strike force or assassins for the wishes of the Matador. He alone commands them.


14 February 2018 - 06:41 PM




[Source: Artstation: Aleksandr Bobrishev - Aspid]





  • Intent: Create a standard issue rifle for Ancient Eye personnel
  • Image Source: ​X
  • Canon Link:  N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: ​N/A


  • Manufacturer: The Ancient Eye
  • Model: Wendigo-4D1
  • Affiliation: The Ancient Eye
  • Modularity: N/A
  • ProductionMass-Produced
  • Material: ​Blaster Components, Durasteel


  • Classification: Blaster Assault Rifle
  • Size:  Large
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: ​Power Cell/Gas Cannister
  • Ammunition Capacity: 68 (Power Cell) 240 (Gas Canister)
  • Reload Speed: Average
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: High
  • Stopping Power: High
  • Recoil: High


  • Extended power pack capacity
  • Under-barrel laser sight
  • 2x Scope
  • Multi-Fire Options (Single/Burst/Auto)




- ​Rate of Fire:​ The rate of fire of a Blaster Assault Rifle is always its greatest feature, in fully automatic fire the 4D1 unleashes a torrent of powerful blaster fire.

- ​Stopping Power:​ The Wendigo-4D1 is more robust than a typical lightweight blaster and carries a heavier punch with its thicker blaster bolts, granting it more stopping power than a traditional blaster such as an E-11.





- ​Recoil:​ The recoil of the 4D1 makes it most optimal to be used in burst fire mode. Due to it having a higher stopping power with slightly more powerful blaster bolts than a typical blaster rifle, the weapon tends to incredibly inaccurate in untrained hands and difficult to control even in the hands of a soldier without proper care.

- ​Overheat: ​ The 4D1's rate of fire and power when used in full automatic has one consistent issue throughout all combat scenarios, if used continuously will overheat and require a cool-down period of sixty seconds before the weapon can be used again. Additionally, when the weapon overheats it fries the power cell in the chamber.

- Automatic Panic:​ When used in full automatic mode, the weapon loses accuracy through continued use. Therefore, it is advised to use the full automatic mode sparingly.



The Wendigo-4D1 is extremely efficient at close range, being able to shred enemies at close range with little effort, with burst fire the weapon can be handled at a medium range to deal sufficient and precise damage to enemies, anywhere from typically clothing to Durasteel can be ripped apart by this weapon at close range. The single shot mode allows the weapon to fire with a lesser recoil, therefore allowing more precision however the weapon is inertly less accurate than an a-typical rifle and therefore it is not advised that the weapon is used at long distances.


The weapon is the staple rifle of Ancient Eye military forces, and it used most often by Clone Troopers under the Matador.


11 February 2018 - 04:59 AM



[Source: Hand Cannon 2 Destiny Fan Art - Ivan Lavretsov]

  • Intent: To create a simplistic blaster by use of all Ancient Eye military regiments.
  • Image Source: https://www.artstati...m/artwork/dVWo1
  • Canon Link: ​N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: ​N/A


  • Manufacturer: The Ancient Eye
  • Model: Wendigo-E81 Blaster
  • Affiliation: The Ancient Eye
  • Modularity: N/A
  • Production:Mass-Produced
  • Material: ​Blaster components


  • Classification: (Blaster Pistol
  • Size:  Small
  • Weight: Average
  • Ammunition Type: Power cell
  • Ammunition Capacity: 50x1
  • Reload Speed: High
  • Effective Range: Average
  • Rate of Fire: Average
  • Stopping Power: Average
  • Recoil: Very Low


  • ​Accuracy:​ The E81 has a built in laser dot that can be activated via a small switch similar to that of a safety switch, this laser sight assists with accuracy at longer ranges. But can also give away the position of the user.
  • Colour:​ The E81, like much of the military equipment under the use of the AE's soldiers fires orange blaster bolts to individualise them from other military groups.
  • ​Keyed:​ The E81 is keyed to the IFF transponder of Ancient Eye affiliates so that only there people can use the weapon.




​Handy:​ The E81 is a light and compact blaster pistol with a high ammo capacity, making it easy to carry and even easier to use in an ambush or a skirmish. The E81 can be worn anywhere on the body and anyone of any size within the Ancient Eye can use it.





Boxer Blaster:​ The E81 is a good close range pistol, however at anything beyond a medium range of fire the pistol becomes far less reliable by comparison to various other kinds of weapons.



The Wendigo-E81 is a very typical by-product of progression, the Ancient Eye was initially brought together as a conglomerate of ideologies, identities and smaller factions. Through the process of solidarity, an identity must be attained. This is gained through the streamlining of armour and weaponry. The E-81 is the first line of personalised weaponry to be used as a side-arm for all Ancient Eye personnel, and is customary for military personnel. The E-81 is a personal defence weapon, reliable and capable of taking down droids or Plasteel or Durasteel armoured opponents depending on the configuration of the opponents armour.  

Persistance in Assistance | Sucellus

09 February 2018 - 03:34 PM

Location: Sucellus | Enki Coastal Forest

​Objective: Observation of Hand of Light Compound

​ATTN: Rhane VarlessJyoti NooranPreliat MantisJerit Kolomor



​The Hand of Light. A tiresome group of fledgling Jedi that had evaded total annihilation once more, the Jedi Order of the Ashla System had been uprooted, torn from their stagnant rule and thrust into the dirt. The people of Nibelungen, of Edemar, of Caradim and so many other worlds now under their rule had become enlightened. They had witnessed the presence of true power, the power of conviction and the might of a will to act upon it.


​They had grown stronger in knowing that, indebting themselves in servitude to the Gods and seeking ascendancy. Soon the people of Sucellus, and all the neighbouring systems would fall under the reigns of the War-Chieftain and only then would they understand what the gift of Ancient Eye rule. Whether it was forced upon them or not, they would thank the Eye in the end. But now, was not the time for such things. The fiendish curs of the Hand of Light had taken up residence in the neighbouring forests unbeknownst to the natives of the planet. In truth, the Matador intended to eliminate their presence on this planet without the knowledge of the native populace, they had a foolish and pointless emphasis on personal freedoms and it was doubtful they would take kindly to a hostile force wiping out a peaceful one, regardless of their residence going by unknown.


​He had arrived with a small force, of NSF troops taking vantage points just beyond the patrolling perimeter of the Hand of Light compound, a total of four alongside him as they drew nearer to the compound itself. The black and chrome Giant stood along the length of a massive tree, the weight of the Ceramic heavy plate pressing against the wood as it cracked slightly, the massive weight of the Giant causing small particles of wood to splinter and fall as he moved against it, raising a fist as the NSF troops were in position; two thick fingers rose, gesturing for the four beside him to move closer. His, the Matador spotted a small vehicle sitting on a landing pad; from which they were unloading supplies.


​Rather than waste their supplies, best to use their surroundings.


​The Matador's hand instinctively moved for Oribuir, taking the hilt of the blade in his hand as his metallic feet carried him backward; Oribuir falling homely into his grasp as he swung the blade at his waist, activating the plasma of the blade; igniting in a hot orange plasma and cutting through the thick of the tree like a knife through butter. Chips of the tree's brown oak skin jolted outward as the Matador de-activated the saber component of Oribuir, throwing it back onto his back; hands outstretched as the massive tree anchored and fell with a loud groan as roots strained and tore.


​In that moment, the NSF troopers opened fire, beginning to decimate the unsuspecting heretics. The Jedi among them activating their blades, eyes desperately looking for the identity of the shooters. However, their attention was drawn to the Chieftain as the massive tree rose as metal pincer like fingers tossed it like a massive spear, spiralling through the air and colliding with the supply shuttle.


​"Wipe them out!" ​Came the bestial words as the Matador quickly raced towards the combat, the mag-coils activating as the Matador drew close; using the force to dash forward toward the Compound. The Matador flanked, crashing through the duracrete wall as his blade cut cut through the abdomen of a heretic, throwing his body a few feet backward.

I Dread to Thread!

07 February 2018 - 07:50 PM

​Heya folks, I'm looking for some lovelies to maybe do some plotlines with, perhaps some neutral to lingering dark aligned folks to possible associate with? Or perhaps light aligned folks to make enemies of? I'm really up for anything! Let me know what you might come up with, I've got the whole AE for people to bounce off of story wise if anybody is looking for a large protagonist?


​Anyway, let me know what you think folks. Just looking for more diverse stories! ^-^