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The Matador

The Matador

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Weekend Mini-Event(s) VILLAINOUS VILLAINS: Interest Check

18 November 2017 - 07:28 PM

​Villainous Villains at the Weekend!




Hello Chaos.


​So, whilst bored and twiddling our thumbs in Chaos' discord chat. Myself and Myles Velum and a few others were talking about the possibility of really utilizing our new ability to make Master characters on the go. Myles had the idea of maybe doing a one off crazy Sith Lord to be killed.


​We thought, hey? Why not have a weekly or fortnight Master Sith Lord or some other crazy villain for a group of writers to defeat and ultimately kill in a one off sort of public event style thread over the weekend? We thought, it sounds like a fun little quest and someone can add a PC to their kill list. :P


​Furthermore, with every great raid their must be loot. Cool new gear for different characters, and we know their are plenty of members within the community such as Jon, (Our porg overlord) who would happily help provide prizes for the those involved.


​I'm actually quite ecstatic about the possibility of something like this working, and of course we probably will do some stuff for different types of factions. So, we've got you covered Slicers of the Collective and we haven't forgotten about you, crazy Sithlings or the fanatical Ren party. But, we're starting it off safe with some crazy Sith Lords seeking power. I hope people like this idea and can commit to a weekend mini-event. We as a community can do so much if we work together!


​If you're interested. Leave a comment in the thread, and if anyone would like to contribute to prizes or maybe volunteering to write one of our crazy villains. Please, say so below. c:


​Hope you're all as excited about this prospect as I am.


Syss Rembala Writer LOA

12 November 2017 - 09:52 AM

Hello everyone, my friend syss can't do this herself so Im putting it up for her. Right now she is in the hospital, yes she is ok. She will be out hopefully sometime in the week following after next.

So, all of her threads and replies will be postponed for a while. Thank you for reading.

Ori-Buir - Big Father

09 November 2017 - 09:25 AM

17Dlg4vu_o.jpg?width=142&height=473 ORI-BUIR

(Source: DS Concept Work)



  • Intent: A personal weapon for The Matador to better suit his fighting style
  • Image Source: https://www.pinteres...40630588170828/
  • Canon Link: ​N/A
  • Restricted Missions: N/A
  • Primary Source: ​N/A




  • Manufacturer: The Matador
  • Model: Modified Zwiehander Lightsaber
  • Affiliation: Matador
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: ​Mandalorian Iron



  • Classification: ​Zwiehander Lightsaber
  • Size: Two Handed/Giant
  • Length: 242.984cm - Blade - 50cm Handle - TOTAL: 292.9cm/9.5"
  • Weight: 10kg



  • Extended Emitter Blade
  • Lightsaber Resistant
  • Blaster Resistant


  • POWER: ​This greatsword was specifically designed to better suit the combat style of the Matador, and thus is much larger than a typical Zwiehander and due to being made out of Mandalorian Iron is much heavier to boot, with enough momentum behind the swing of the blade; the sword is nigh impossible for targets to contend with unless the contender is possibly even stronger than the Matador himself and carry equal momentum in their strikes.


  • PARTIAL TO THE WARRIOR: This sword is not designed for duelling, it was solely made for crushing things. The Matador himself is incredibly strong, and therefore only beings is similar strength could wield it. Therefore, if he were to be disarmed, the likelihood of someone else using the weapon is very rare.


  • RESISTANCE:​ ​Due to the weapons metal basis being made of Mandalorian Iron, the weapon is resistant to various forms of punishment and therefore is sturdier than a typical weapon and can clash with lightsabers and various forms of weaponry even if the lightsaber part is deactivated. The construction of the weapon also grants the weapon the ability to withstand strikes even to the hilt of the weapon.


  • VERSATILITY: The nature of the weapon itself allows it to be used against Saber wielding users in multiple ways, using the blunt and sharp beskar skeleton that contains the blade to fight against enemies or using the saber itself to face off against opponents. This means the weapon can still be utilized against opponents that require pure kinetic force to defeat them.




  • WHIRLWIND EFFECT: Once the blade is used in a committed strike, even its user is incapable of stopping the weapon mid-swing which therefore allows agile opponents to close the gap between themselves and the Matador if he were to miss a strike, leaving him open to attack.


  • FATIGUE: The weapon by nature is cumbersome to carry, due to its length and obtuse weight. Prolonged use of the weapon in combat can lead to the user being tired out very quickly.


  • ​CORTOSIS: ​When the lightsaber component of the weapon comes in contact with the material known as Cortosis, like any other lightsaber the Cortosis disturbs the flow of the blade from the extended emitter and will short out the weapon for an extended period of time.



The Matador, throughout his younger years as a member of the Tol Varen was used to using sturdy and reliable weaponry forged from Mandalorian Iron. When he began to travel out into the Galaxy, he discovered the common weapon of both Jedi and Sith. He attuned a crystal to his own force affinity, a brilliant orange plasma escaping from his saber. However, it lacked the weight and reliability of the weapons he had used before. This came to his attention during the Blood Moon battle of Tython where he faced a Jedi who disabled his saber during combat, making it useless throughout the duration of the battle. The Matador wished to return to the reliable comfort of Mandalorian Iron, but wished to incorporate the vicious plasma that had granted him such power.


The weapon mirrors the image of a simplified medieval Zwiehander, in typical fashion being quite larger than the owner of the blade. Thus, giving the Matador great reach in combat with his blade. The versatility of the weapon allows it to be useful in various scenarios, whether that be cutting down lightly armoured foes the saber component of the weapon. Or, instead bashing heavily armoured opponents with the Mandalorian Iron crafted blade. However such an immense weapon requires great strength to wield it. Therefore, even with the Matadors beyond human levels of strength due to his Dravalan heritage, the weapon still is tiresome to use over extended periods of time.

Scrap Heap Profit

03 November 2017 - 04:05 PM

Siskeen, CIS Battle site


​T​he Matador was no stranger to a battleground, but he thought it was rather peculiar to fight once more on body riddled ground. Droids and Federation soldiers littered the ground beneath them. He examined a small hill of bodies, where it seemed a large droid had been destroyed, causing an explosion that threw bodies strewn in every direction. The Matador arrived from the CIS's flanking position through the nearby apartment complexes and small outhouses, however it seemed as though these massive droids had barrelled through their flank and attached their men by breaching the small concrete wall that gave some small defence to the CIS troops. However, it appeared that the CIS had force wielders amongst their ranks.


​The Matador observed as much as he lifted the upper chassis of a droid, examining the clear cut slash that had separated it from its lower half. He dropped the chassis carelessly as his employer reached him. The Matador took to his feet, standing nearly two feet taller than the smuggler. Opposite them were scavengers, rodian in particular. ​"There they are, our competitors. Remember our deal, you get half of the salvage profit if you take them out."


​The Matador took a single step forward, taking a note of the Rodians moving back and forth, packing things away into a single small vessel. ​"Take out the ship."​ The Matador relayed to the smuggler and his small troupe of thugs, as he moved forward; examining a small group of Rodians attempting to life what seem to be a power core of a large droid. The Matador immediately noticed a plasma grenade attached to the utility belt of one of the Rodians, he activated it. He broke into a sprint, charging towards the largest group of Rodians.


​His saber ignited with a confident orange blaze that complimented the crimson clad warrior, the behemoth charged at them and was met with a instinctual fear as if some eldritch horror had pulled itself together from the strewn battlefield to strike at them.


Kurenai Yumi



28 October 2017 - 05:32 PM

​The Matador was no stranger to Dredd. The Last time he was here he had left the Dark Zone as a greater rubble than it had been before, but now he had been called back. The cartels that wanted him dead were scattered to the wind, and he wasn't even returning to the same sector of the central cities as before. There had been a transmission within Nova City from a unregistered employer looking to have someone taken out. He had been informed to use the passcode. ​"Hubris."


​He was headed for the southern district for the city. He had been instructed to arrive at a building referred to as the Broken Dive. Even as his ship's landing gear extended, he could tell that Nova city was far more prosperous than the other regions of the city. The Dark Zone was littered with falling apart concrete buildings and old dysfunctional technology from a bygones age, however the Nova District did not fair much better. The hangar bay he entered was incredible large, likely to house many ships. However this was not the case. It was entirely empty, as if abandoned may centuries ago. The silver finish of the bay had began to rust away, with a green erosion beginning to peel away the layers of metal to reveal copper and bronze piping and electronics aged beyond repair. The Matador resigned his two guards to waiting by the ship, he was even cynical enough to imagine that the landing pad might collapse, it seemed to have seen better days.


​From high in the sky, the Nova district had appeared as quite notable more vibrant and busy with life than the other districts, however when on the ground it appeared to be as lacking of individuals just as he was lacking a sense of comfort. There was nothing, not a word or a sound for hundreds of yards. However, he began to hear the commotion of the common people, the peasantry as he drew close to a malfunctioning door. Beside that door was a skeleton in a eroding uniform, he assumed he might have been an engineer or perhaps an officer. The Matador inspected the door, it was a thick metal door, perhaps an emergency containment protocol had been enacted, he was curious. He bent down to a crouch, examining the lock. It appeared an explosion from the other side had caused the door to twist inward, and likely caused the death of the corpse that lay opposite it. The Matador extended his right hand, placing his palm on the inside of the lock and steadily pulled towards himself. The door was reluctant at first but began to move a moment later. He wondered why no one had tried to attend to this corpse, what level of disarray was this world in. Strangely it seemed that what little they had in the Dark Zoom had far more upkeep than the gross amount of equipment they had here. As the door opened, a strong gale immediately met him.


​He was high up in the air, above endless neon lights and the sounds of people. His eyes had to adjust, taking a moment as the silhouettes of small land speeders and people moved around beneath him like ants. The Matador activated a small holo-pad he had attached to his belt, holding it in his hand, the city in the background. The Broken Dive wasn't far off, he had chosen the closest hangar bay and then the closest entrance to the area.


​He placed the holo-pad back into a pouch on his belt, and propelled himself downward. He landed with a slight crunch of metal, a force barrier beneath his feet slowing his descent to all but silent. He examined his surroundings, his red scared armour made him stand out enough that people began to scatter. He made his way directly towards the building. A few corners turned, a left and a right and there it was. Just inside the entrance to a dark alleyway. One of the few buildings that seemed to have a sort of upkeep.


​He to the entrance, seeing two men in what appeared to him as dirty Durasteel weave jackets, however were carrying military duty blasters. "Passcode?"​ One asked him, his neck straining slightly upward to look him in the eye. ​"Hubris."​ Replied the monotone muffled voice from within the confines of his helmet. The trooper in disguise stepped aside and allowed the Matador to hunch down and enter the doorway. Upon entering, he found himself surrounded by nothing but empty chairs. The room was dim lit, in a low purple hue escaping from circular lighting fixtures. He felt his fists twitch, his temples tense in a strange anxiety. He wasn't expecting such silence when the world outside was so busy. In the farthest corner of the room, was a women.


Aria Vale