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Rianna Ar'klim-Organa

Rianna Ar'klim-Organa

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In Topic: The Bug has found me

12 March 2018 - 11:02 PM

Lady Of Lore Marina DeVoe Ok I'm feeling better.Trying to catch up over the next couple of days.. Thanks for your patience.

In Topic: The Bug has found me

09 March 2018 - 09:15 PM

I have the bronchitis, I'm on bed rest today and tomorrow because I waited a bit too long. Meds need time to work.

In Topic: Where the Desert Winds Blow

20 February 2018 - 04:14 PM

He really wasn't the verbal type was he short sentences that were to the point. Course she shouldn't expect long conversations from someone who was a stranger. Just because she could be a chatterbox did not mean everyone was.

A quick observation and she decided he might not be considered the strong silent type either.

Once outside Rianna headed in the opposite direction that she heard voices unsure of who they belonged to and following lessons learned she felt it was the safest way to go. She did not need to look back to know if he followed she could hear his footsteps on the well-worn paths.

She stopped short at the other end looking at a group of solders standing together they were in her path. It would be a simple gesture she needed only one to focus upon. She calmed her racing heart blew softly then without further thought she moved towards them.

Let's look over there a small wave of her hand, come on Rianna walked slowly her soft soled shoes making little to no sound as she moved. She could easily be a whisper on the wind.

For a moment the soldier she had focused on seemed to pause as if wondering why he would suddenly walk away, Rianna herself kept walking with a short glance over and a gentle nudge to keep him moving.

She and An Tiarna Dubh moved without interference.

"My ship had to land outside the space port" volunteering something that he likely had already deduced would at the very least confirm any suspicion he had about the whereabouts of her ship, The Dancing Thranta

She began to regret not learning how to create a storm, a bit of wind and sand at this time would come in handy.

Where would she take him? Were the refugees safe? A few lingering questions ones that she would need answers to.

In Topic: Where the Desert Winds Blow

19 February 2018 - 08:09 PM

Depart as soon as possible, she nodded. She could not hear the footsteps any longer. She looked over at An Tiarna Dubh she was still uneasy. She did not mind helping and she did not mind receiving help.She helped hundreds sometimes thousands of strangers in a single day on Alpha Mae so why did this one make the little hairs on the back of her neck stand up.


She slowly stood up, "Well then let's try this and see if we can not end up prisoners." She closed her eyes once again balancing herself for a moment finding her place within the force and stretching out her senses to know what life was near by.


She set her hand to the door, "you sure you ready?" She kept hearing his words in her head, abruptly from there to here, it sounded almost as if a portal had opened and he had been thrust through.


But this was a conversation for later when safety was not an issue. 


Rianna slowly pulled the door open looking about she nodded, and then slipped back into the alley.  

In Topic: Blood In My Veins

17 February 2018 - 08:47 PM

The smile faded and she was sorry to see it go. There would have to come a time when he let it go or it would eat him for the remainder of his days. Surely his encounter with Maeve an now with her would lead him to understand that they while grieving their loss, were doing their best to honor all the things that Ordo had stood for. She waited to hear his answers to all the questions.


She sat quietly though listening to everyone. This is what did her spirit good to hear the voices of others a reminder that she wasn't alone.How does one simply leave their heritage? They don't its always there always part of you even if the symbols and beliefs of it are not worn for all to see.


Preliats remarks however brought Rianna's attention back to him. Yes he was right she knew it. Civil war family against family. It saddened her. Yes Preliat had killed Ordo. If she knew Ordo he probably told him to do it quick, told him it was their way, and held nothing back. A Warrior to the very end, even Maeve told her that it was quick and that she had gotten it from the Wolf herself.


Rianna closed her eyes not allowing her emotions to tear through her again. She couldn't. Those were private for her, her Clan, and those who chose to grieve with them.


"There is nothing ever petty about civil war." 


The Mando'ade Civil War wasn't about clan against clan. Clans had been split. It was about how a few people decided to destroy their home, when all it did was destroy them all. Drive them apart as a people. It accomplished nothing but pain and sorrow for them all.


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