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Rianna Ar'klim-Organa

Rianna Ar'klim-Organa

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#1749634 The Bug has found me

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 12 March 2018 - 11:02 PM

Lady Of Lore Marina DeVoe Ok I'm feeling better.Trying to catch up over the next couple of days.. Thanks for your patience.

#1747567 The Bug has found me

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 09 March 2018 - 09:15 PM

I have the bronchitis, I'm on bed rest today and tomorrow because I waited a bit too long. Meds need time to work.

#1734669 Blood In My Veins

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 17 February 2018 - 08:47 PM

The smile faded and she was sorry to see it go. There would have to come a time when he let it go or it would eat him for the remainder of his days. Surely his encounter with Maeve an now with her would lead him to understand that they while grieving their loss, were doing their best to honor all the things that Ordo had stood for. She waited to hear his answers to all the questions.


She sat quietly though listening to everyone. This is what did her spirit good to hear the voices of others a reminder that she wasn't alone.How does one simply leave their heritage? They don't its always there always part of you even if the symbols and beliefs of it are not worn for all to see.


Preliats remarks however brought Rianna's attention back to him. Yes he was right she knew it. Civil war family against family. It saddened her. Yes Preliat had killed Ordo. If she knew Ordo he probably told him to do it quick, told him it was their way, and held nothing back. A Warrior to the very end, even Maeve told her that it was quick and that she had gotten it from the Wolf herself.


Rianna closed her eyes not allowing her emotions to tear through her again. She couldn't. Those were private for her, her Clan, and those who chose to grieve with them.


"There is nothing ever petty about civil war." 


The Mando'ade Civil War wasn't about clan against clan. Clans had been split. It was about how a few people decided to destroy their home, when all it did was destroy them all. Drive them apart as a people. It accomplished nothing but pain and sorrow for them all.


Viathae Qarmast | Charlie | Valae Kitra | Stephanie Swail | and others

#1734654 Question about dupe posts

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 17 February 2018 - 08:24 PM



Can we get the four blank posts removed from this story please. 

#1733589 Introduction to Healing Arts

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 16 February 2018 - 12:30 AM

Tin'tinagIona ImmaryaPetal


The first question had not changed in all her years of teaching, "Yes there will be patients to come in the Medical Center across the way will send non urgent, non critical to us when i tell them it's ok. Normally we don't, but the choice was here or there. Here at least we will not be in the way." She had taught a class where she had the students use their own hands for healing. They understood their own bodies substantially better than someone else.


First aide and healing arts though these skills tended to wake up the mind make it yearn for more. She had been so, and she knew there were others out there. The next great healer waiting to be taught.


"Any other questions? If not I have one for you, how many here have taken first aide, or field medic classes before?"Let's find out where the class stood.

#1732848 Introduction to Healing Arts

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 14 February 2018 - 09:41 PM

Death was not unfamiliar to Rianna she had seen it many times over her life what she had a hard time doing getting past the deaths. How to accept something she thought she could change. Sleeping had become difficult so she dived into doing things to keep her mind from lingering. Teaching she had always enjoyed it. 


She would try just healing arts and first aide first...then if she felt strong enough she'd do a class on force healing. If she could.


Since her last class had made her feel so much more apart of the living world again Rianna decided to do another. Something that she had loved her whole life, something that gave others the skills they needed to help others.


"Good Morning welcome. I am your instructor for this one day class on healing arts, and first aide. You might be wondering how do the two tie together.They go hand in hand. So..."


She looked across the audience of the auditorium. They were all eager and awake the smell of stimcaf filled the air, breakfast sandwiches appeared from brown bags, and the smell of sweetner began to counter the other aromas. The audience was filled with a variety of ages all ready to learn something from the old girl.


"Call me Rianna, Mam makes me feel really old.Any questions before we get started?"



#1732245 Where the Desert Winds Blow

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 13 February 2018 - 10:27 PM

Tatooine hot, arid and empty. Rianna stood on the gangplank of the Dancing Thranta motioning to the group inside, "Come on out it's not a lot to look it. It's harsh and unforgiving but even in all of that it can be beautiful. For the time being you can stay here in relative safety while I find you a more permanent home."


Rianna had already contacted Jorus Merrill about taking some of the refugees in she didn't doubt that he would take them and help them.She also had a load of supplies for their mutual friend you liked red plom flowers. Coming out this way gave her the opportunity to fill that order and find shelter.


She looked across the horizon the waves of heat rose up from the fawn colored sand moistures farms, and cantina's were the popular trades out this way. That and fighting.


Every time she came out here she ended up treating someone who looked like that had been put through a meat tenderizer.She expected that once she entered the space port that someone would find her.


She smiled looking at the group, 3 families with children of all ages. "Don't worry my contact will be here soon. Take a look around, watch out for some of the rabble. I will see what I can find out from the locals. Supplies are in the galley. I'll be back."


Rianna pulled up her hood to keep out the sand and began the slowly walk into Mos Eisley....villany, scum, and rabble and every once in a while someone who needed something didn't quite fit in, but didn't stay long.


An Tiarna Dubh



#1731857 Unaffiliated Jedi looking for a place to fit in

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 13 February 2018 - 10:33 AM

Lanter Kells we have a lovely temple on Alderaan. We dont mind if you fight bad guys with other folks.

We encourage it the fighting sith.

It us a small temple small membership. We encourage unteraction with other jedi from other factions

If you havent decided yet check out Free Worlds Coalition.

#1730701 Blood In My Veins

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 11 February 2018 - 06:27 PM

For a moment she was lost when she heard Jasper Ordo she closed her eyes and remembered for a moment how she had met him on Coruscant and then how the Silvers took her in when the tides of the Republic also began to turn against the mandalorians. It was a long history. She lived with the memories and that was a small comfort.


Now she knew Preliat's daughter the one from the Netherworld, and she knew the mother. She had done her best to help them. But that too was history.


She would be inclined to agree that those that do not know the force could easily be swayed to see it as an evil.It was known that people fear what they do not understand.


Rianna nodded, "I agree with Preliat Mantis of where the hate comes from. Let's face it it is the conditioning of anyone to learn to hate that which leaves deep scars." She nodded she looked over at the others all presenting their questions.


"We have long memories and we never forget. Tell me Preliat aside from force using individuals and the history with mandalorians. What is your favorite moment from mando'ade history and why?"While she could be interested in all the things about why Fu were taboo, and why mandalorians feared across the galaxy.


This was to help others understand mando'ade history was rich and filled with honor, devotion, and attention to duty.Perhaps if others heard that they could understand them, and she was still of them now.


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#1729956 Blood In My Veins

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 10 February 2018 - 03:58 PM

Rianna sat quietly near the back she too when she heard that Preliat Mantis would be teaching a class had to come see. She had a long association with the Silver Jedi but was not often seen among their ranks so her presence here would be quite interesting.


She heard the question from Darth Metus and yes what was the answer to that? She like so many others had lived among the Vod as Mandalorians adhering to the laws now suddenly cast away. So yes she would like to hear this answer from The Wolf.


Then there was another question about mental health and mandalorians. Where was Briika Tor-Munin now to hear this. She sighed heavily and waited to hear the answer to that as well.But did she have any questions.


Not yet, for now she was content to be an observer and listen from Professor Preliat Mantis..........


Jessica Med-Beq

#1729432 Evil lurks in the heart of the Coalition

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 09 February 2018 - 08:35 PM

Within Coalition territory there is a sith presence, we don't now how many or how many they have converted to their side.


We would like to do a thread where we begin looking for these Sith, is there anyone out there that would like to help us out in finding them?It would be a few stories but we'll start with this one.


#1727420 Well, ain't life a b**ch?

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 06 February 2018 - 10:19 PM

Ket Van-Derveld welcome back and Congrats

#1723509 Medical Center

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 01 February 2018 - 10:56 PM

Ayda Elisantra - Feel free to stop by here think of it like Switzerland.

#1717769 Murder 101 : Alderaan University (Open)

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 26 January 2018 - 06:51 PM

Mereel Vaun 


"I can accept that, check to see if it was not due to a natural cause." Rianna looked around as if forming her next question she could sense other questions but did not yet seek out who had them.The problem with classes was drawing others out.


Rianna turned looked at the picture it was one of the more common ones being shown around the galaxy.She chose ones specifically for a particular reason. "What do you look at first to make that determination?"


She had been on many investigation to discover murders, thieves, and numerous other things. But how do you teach that skill?Her gaze landed on Tavi Riley , "How would you go about that?"




#1716396 Murder 101 : Alderaan University (Open)

Posted by Rianna Ar'klim-Organa on 24 January 2018 - 10:24 PM

Well well it was interesting to see the myriad of emotions flickering across the faces in the audience. She could feel indecision spreading as they tossed about the question and yet waited to hear the answer.


"unlawful interesting word. Premeditated another interesting word. We can work with that. So now you have in your minds your definition. Bear mind though that your definition will change or be altered by where the murder is committed. What is murder on Alderaan, maybe mercy some where else."


She walked slowly towards her right looking out as they absorbed her words, " So now with this thought. How do you prove murder?" She looked out trying to pick one person one willing one...her eyes half closed as the force swept around the room finding the right candidate to talk..


"You...how would you, "she pointed to Mereel Vaun - "go about proving murder?" She likely caught him off guard but she did warn them about it being interactive.


Not to worry she would get to Tavi Riley soon enough. Another image flashed behind her.