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Rianna Ar'klim-Organa

Rianna Ar'klim-Organa

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Question about dupe posts

17 February 2018 - 08:24 PM



Can we get the four blank posts removed from this story please. 

Introduction to Healing Arts

14 February 2018 - 09:41 PM

Death was not unfamiliar to Rianna she had seen it many times over her life what she had a hard time doing getting past the deaths. How to accept something she thought she could change. Sleeping had become difficult so she dived into doing things to keep her mind from lingering. Teaching she had always enjoyed it. 


She would try just healing arts and first aide first...then if she felt strong enough she'd do a class on force healing. If she could.


Since her last class had made her feel so much more apart of the living world again Rianna decided to do another. Something that she had loved her whole life, something that gave others the skills they needed to help others.


"Good Morning welcome. I am your instructor for this one day class on healing arts, and first aide. You might be wondering how do the two tie together.They go hand in hand. So..."


She looked across the audience of the auditorium. They were all eager and awake the smell of stimcaf filled the air, breakfast sandwiches appeared from brown bags, and the smell of sweetner began to counter the other aromas. The audience was filled with a variety of ages all ready to learn something from the old girl.


"Call me Rianna, Mam makes me feel really old.Any questions before we get started?"



Where the Desert Winds Blow

13 February 2018 - 10:27 PM

Tatooine hot, arid and empty. Rianna stood on the gangplank of the Dancing Thranta motioning to the group inside, "Come on out it's not a lot to look it. It's harsh and unforgiving but even in all of that it can be beautiful. For the time being you can stay here in relative safety while I find you a more permanent home."


Rianna had already contacted Jorus Merrill about taking some of the refugees in she didn't doubt that he would take them and help them.She also had a load of supplies for their mutual friend you liked red plom flowers. Coming out this way gave her the opportunity to fill that order and find shelter.


She looked across the horizon the waves of heat rose up from the fawn colored sand moistures farms, and cantina's were the popular trades out this way. That and fighting.


Every time she came out here she ended up treating someone who looked like that had been put through a meat tenderizer.She expected that once she entered the space port that someone would find her.


She smiled looking at the group, 3 families with children of all ages. "Don't worry my contact will be here soon. Take a look around, watch out for some of the rabble. I will see what I can find out from the locals. Supplies are in the galley. I'll be back."


Rianna pulled up her hood to keep out the sand and began the slowly walk into Mos Eisley....villany, scum, and rabble and every once in a while someone who needed something didn't quite fit in, but didn't stay long.


An Tiarna Dubh



Expedition to N'zoth OOC

13 February 2018 - 11:06 AM

A salvager's dream is what N'zoth could be right now. Remnants of an orbital shipyard called the Black Fifteen. The site of battles, genocide and political upheaval in other words junk everywhere.

It was the Coalition's Explorers once again headed off to look at history, to see what could be found among the floating junk, pieces of ships, and a bit of history the meeting place of a rebel princess and and Admiral. Yes it you looked close enough there was all kinds of treasure, weapons, and perhaps some almost completed ships in the orbital ship yard.

Even the Vong had been there at one point.

Objectives this trip, investigate the orbital station salvage what you can.

Explore the planet points of interest Black Fifteen, Hariz Downside or the Valley of Rejection.

Find out is there a connection between N'zoth and Zoth?

Or bring your own objectives

Link - http://starwarsrp.ne...ition-to-nzoth/


For participation - CmfqcBW.jpg

Evil lurks in the heart of the Coalition

09 February 2018 - 08:35 PM

Within Coalition territory there is a sith presence, we don't now how many or how many they have converted to their side.


We would like to do a thread where we begin looking for these Sith, is there anyone out there that would like to help us out in finding them?It would be a few stories but we'll start with this one.