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Ella Nova

Ella Nova

Member Since 10 Feb 2014
Offline Last Active Today, 01:22 PM
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The New Order

Reborn from the ashes of the Old Sith Empire, the New Order has risen.   The New Order, reinstated by Darth Vulcanus, seeks to bring order to the chaos that has engulfed the galaxy. Those who...

  • Members: 45
  • Created: 09-May 14
The Order of the Silver Jedi

  The Order of the Silver Jedi   The forest world of Kashyyyk is home to Silver Rest, the temple of the Silver Jedi. The Order of the Silver Jedi is a steadfast beacon of light in a gala...

  • Members: 747
  • Created: 12-May 14
The Jen'ari Empire

The Jen'ari Empire for all intents and purposes is the Reconstituted Sith Empire from The Old Republic. Ruled over by the fearsome insidious powerful Dark Lord Darth Vyrassu for over 600 years. Th...

  • Members: 59
  • Created: 09-October 15
Order of the Sith Lords

"Two there should be; no more, no less. One to embody power, the other to crave it."    

  • Members: 1
  • Created: 23-June 16
The New Republic

In the aftermath of the fall of the Galactic Republic, not all of her forces went to bolster the Alliance. Some, the brave few, instead chose to head to Wild Space, seeking old worlds that had once...

  • Members: 141
  • Created: 31-December 17
The Order of Shadows

The Order of Shadows is an organization dedicated to the gathering of knowledge and relics of power to further our own goals. No matter who or what you are, the Order of Shadows is there for those...

  • Members: 8
  • Created: 03-November 18