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#1901715 My Thoughts on the "Sith Civil War"

Posted by Ella Nova on 14 January 2019 - 09:09 AM

Ella Nova You forget that metagaming is not against the rules. The only people to protest metagaming in the last half a year have been you and Vyrassu. Usually, the people who scream about it loudest, are the ones who do it themselves, repeatedly.




Holy kark I can't believe you posted this. Metagaming is and always should be exercised out of any community at the first sight of it. I'll fully admit that I've metagamed on this website before but to keep my opinions in context that was well before I left the website in 2015 and since then I've made it my own personal standard to not be hypocritical when and if possible. I hate it when people metagamed or powergamed against me back in 2013-2015 despite doing it myself and now I'm older I hate it even more.


Writers should not roleplay their characters possessing information or knowledge that their character doesn't have. They shouldn't use things they know OOC and use that information IC. Nobody should possess the opinion that their character should be stronger or more powerful in their actions particularly when they are in a PvP situation. It should come down to people out writing the other person's character and not using powergame to beat another person.


I mean these are just the basics and fundamentals of roleplay for decades now.

#1901536 My Thoughts on the "Sith Civil War"

Posted by Ella Nova on 14 January 2019 - 02:20 AM

Scherezade deWinter


"What I found odd about the TSE and CIS invasions were the lack of roleplay done prior to their declarations. I would love more than anything to be corrected on this part but I saw no thread between TSE and CIS leadership where these two factions co-ordinated their invasions to remove a common enemy. Perhaps it is because there was no such co-ordination between both sides. Declaring an invasion to begin on the same day doesn't seem to be a coincidence to me."


Thank you.

#1900870 Rule Tweaks

Posted by Ella Nova on 12 January 2019 - 07:04 PM

Well I am the only true Sith on the board and you can't change my mind staff.



#1900475 A Summit of Governments

Posted by Ella Nova on 11 January 2019 - 08:33 PM

| Dominic Craig | Vulpesen | Krest | Riamah | Voph | @Joshua DragonsFlame | (Too many people to tag)


The invisible protective layer of Force Shield was one of the earliest techniques Darth Ayra had been taught by Vanessa Vantai. In the sparing ring, where the two had traded with their Lightsabers, Ayra had been taught the necessities of precaution. Lightsaber combat was often settled by mistakes or oversights made by one of it's combatants, and there was nothing more settled than receiving a swift and sudden attack made by the Force Powers of an opponent. As two combatants traded blows it was often that a Force Shield could protect an individual from a sudden Force Punch to the sternum, or when it came to two Sith, the potent effects of Force Lightning rendering flesh from sinew and bone.


Pressed up against the pillar the snake held her hand in contest with the Iridonian. They knew each other well. In the 830s the two had led a coalition of Imperials and Sith made up out of the remnants of the Sith Empire that had just fallen. The two sought to lead a brand New Order to replace the old. In their time together the two Sith had often fought in the sparring rings with Krest showing a much younger Ayra the arts of Lightsaber combat. Most of the technique that Darth Ayra had developed had been given a foundation by that time together in the fringes of Wild Space. A few years later the two would meet in the ritual of Kaggath with the Iridonian winning the contest.


That had marked the of the end of Darth Ayra.


As the two held Vallen in mid-air, suspended by the invisible hands of the Force, Darth Ayra sensed imminent danger approaching her from behind. Someone was rounding the pillar and were about to sneak attack her whilst she was distracted. Aware that she would not be able to hold the child for ransom as she had initially planned Darth Ayra contorted the Force around the boy's knee cap. With a sudden flex of her wrist and contortion of her fingers a sudden but loud CRACK followed as Vallen's right knee was destroyed by the invisible powers of the dark side. Dissipating her hold on Vallen Darth Ayra turned to Riamah and Voph as the boy flew into the arm of Krest. Thumbing the ignition button of her Lightsaber blade Darth Ayra prepared to fight for her life.


It all happened at the same time.


First a man (Dominic) flung himself onto the back of the Sith Lord and locked into a rear end choke hold around her neck. Immediately the ability to breathe was cut off and Darth Ayra felt the blood in her face beginning the drain as the First Order agent begun to choke the life out of her. From above a powerful telekinetic blast launched it's way down from above empowered by the fury of a Father watching his son's life being just a few seconds away from death. As Vulpesen's powers threatened to shred the invisible layer of protection that Darth Ayra had conjured earlier he was aided by the power of the woman (Riamah) whilst simultaneously the Miralukan obliterated the pillar behind her, raining marble shrapnel into the air, as he moved in with a dissecting chop to end the wretched snakes life before it could threaten more children.


Vultures flew in from all sides and the snake rose it's fangs in self-defense.


A blood curdling scream the likes of which few men had ever heard before escaped Darth Ayra as she reached out with her powers in the dark side. Unadulterated rage escaped the Sith in the form of fury as she bolstered her defenses. The Force Shield knocked Dominic to the ground as he rebounded off it. Then it held against Vulpesen's attack. As the pillar exploded under Voph's machinations the telekinetic blast atomized most of the raining marble shrapnel and the pieces that survived were sent scattering in all directions. The ground around Darth Ayra cracked under the weight of Vulpesen's power. It was then that Riamah's attack tore through the defenses of the Sith Lord and wrapped itself around the Sith. With the aide of Vulpesen the Force Shield had stood no chance against the former Sith's attack.


That was when Darth Ayra felt it. She knew that feeling. There had been Sith who had used the exact same technique on battlefields across the galaxy as they valiantly fought over the Core during the One Sith invasion. Battle Meditation bolstered the physical and Force Powers of Darth Ayra's opponents whilst simultaneously weakening her resolve. Ayra's eyes darted in the direction of Joshua DragonsFlame with a hateful glare. Reacting instinctively at the imminent prospect of losing her life to Voph's blade Darth Ayra exploded with Force energy. A Force Wave blasted Voph, Riamah, Joshua, Dominic, Krest, Vulpesen and Vallen backwards before the Miralukans blade dissected her. At the same time Darth Ayra felt the temporary effects of Riamah's Force Grip and Joshua's Battle Meditation become elevated as the two were blasted backwards with their concentration temporarily interrupted by the sudden impact of the Force Wave. 


Every bone and muscle in the Sith Lord shook in a mixture of fury and shock. The blast which Vulpesen had used to try and obliterate the Sith Lord had been no joke and even now, in the minute since her attackers had moved in to commence their assault, Darth Ayra could feel it's aftereffects. She knew that she would not survive another one if that happened again. Reaching out with the Force Darth Ayra pulled Dominic Craig towards her with the power of the dark side as Krest and Riamah were sent flying away from her. There wouldn't be any sudden and unannounced saviors stopping the Sith Lord taking another hostage a second time around.


When Darth Ayra caught Dominic in her arm she lifted the Lightsaber hilt to the back of his head. WHACK. Knocking the agent unconscious Darth Ayra summoned the dark side to supply the necessary strength into her aching body to tighten her grip around Dominic whilst simultaneously leaping backwards off the garden roof and into the air. Free fall followed as the Sith Lord and the agent fell over the edge of the roof to begin their fall to the compound below. As they begun their fall Darth Ayra thumbed the ignition button of her Lightsaber to stop the blade impaling her or her hostage as they begun to fall.


That was when they would all hear it.


A screech from above the Temple of the Grey would capture the attention of the summit as the Ayrix appeared in the skies on a collision course for the shield that now encompassed the building. Two squadrons of N-5 starfighters and GN-0401 Virtue Bombers begun lighting up the shield as it's mothership fell from the sky to hit the shield. A groan of metal and an explosion rippled the outer layer of the temple shield as the Ayrix hit, it's fuel lines ruptured and ignited by the debris of the flagship impacting a solid layer of energy in the air. Raining fire fell all around as Darth Ayra flew through the air with her hostage in her arms as she watched it all happen in free fall. A spectacular sight she would never forget.


It was an adequate response in the mind of a Sun Guard. When word had come from the Annihilator that a shield had been erected around the compound they had been given go ahead to assault then they had no other choice. Like all Indispensable-class flagships the Ayrix was not equipped with the armament to break a shield down. With the life of their mistress in danger then the alternative was not a choice. The only way to break the shield was to ram the ship into the shield and hope for the best. Evacuation orders had been given prior to the collision course being locked in. A solitary Sun Guard remained behind on the bridge to ensure that the ship impacted the shield. Others escaped by jettisoning escape pods; using the Initium to flee; or by taking one of the N-5 fighters or Virtue bombers. Those who were too slow were sacrificed in the name of a better cause.


As the shield began to collapse the Annihilator decloaked and set course to land in the compound down below to retrieve their mistress. A Summit of Governments had been turned into the battlezone.


Truly peace was a lie.

#1900320 Summit of Governments OOC

Posted by Ella Nova on 11 January 2019 - 11:29 AM






#1899987 Summit of Governments OOC

Posted by Ella Nova on 10 January 2019 - 09:53 PM

Voph | Riamah


Just wanted to say that I won't be posting until after both of you post or if you were to indicate it is okay if I post before both of you.

#1899888 A Summit of Governments

Posted by Ella Nova on 10 January 2019 - 05:09 PM

| Dominic Craig | Harley Fenstermacher | Noah Corek | Jaius Sovv | The Major | Josh DragonsFlame | Svenn | Voph | Alexandra Feanor | Luther Ando | Kalic Daws | Riamah | Eye of Solomon | John Locke | Yasha Cadera | Vulpesen | Vanessa Vantai | Faith Organa | Theo Vereen | Devlyn Kane | Premier William Harris I |


Ella turned as she heard them running. She could sense it too. Like a hand wrapping itself around her throat and tightening it's squeeze. Imminent danger. She had risked it all on Alderaan and it hadn't paid off. Instead of framing the Sith Empire and uniting all these various representatives of galactic powers against them she had in turn framed herself instead. Now the snake was being watched out in the open by a pack of vultures ready to enact their justice on the serpent who had sneaked their way into their midst. Suffice to say she would not be returning to Humbarine after the day was done.


If she ever made it off Alderaan at all.


As Voph and Riamah closed in in front of her Ella turned to face them with a somber expression. Inside a mixture of emotions were all exploding at once. Fear for her life. The prospect of having to fight her way out of this place brought excitement. Fury that they had all been manipulated into killing her and anger at herself for making it so easy for their manipulator. Mixed into the fear she acknowledged the fact that if she fell here then the Rule of Two was finished. She had no Sith Apprentice to continue the work. If she died here on Alderaan then the Sith would never be destroyed and remade as it should be. But the dark side was never straightforward. It was often convoluted in it's machinations and those who followed it could easily become lost in the fog. This was a test to see if she could endure and if she was worthy to create such a lineage of Sith Lords. A test to see if the Sith needed to be remade as she so desired.


As she felt with the Force, her abilities to hide her presence diminished and no longer useful, Ella carefully studied both the man and woman before her. They were strong in the Force as was most of Alexandra's invited guests. She realized that the man was Miralukan whilst the other seemed to be a Human woman. In the distance she felt others coming to the same conclusions that they come too. In the skies above her Mandalorians swept in from all sides at the command of the Mand'alor. She hadn't known that they were there. They had been waiting. This meant that they suspected her betrayal.


All contempt and ability to hide her laughter was quickly subsided by the pure ecstasy of the moment. Ella burst into laughter at the prospect of her doom. That a self-proclaimed Jedi Grandmaster was about to do the bidding of a Dark Lord of the Sith. That Mandalorians had been called in to protect and secure not only a summit that represented some of their biggest rivals and enemies but were also protecting a place of religion that was the antithesis to their way of the life. It was like the Force had somehow being molded, twisted and mutilated into something unrecognizable. Jedi serving Sith. Sith serving Jedi. Mandalorians protecting and not destroying. Politicians maneuvering and twisting polluted justifications to serve the greater good.


This truly was an era of Chaos.


DARTH AYRA took a step backwards. It was a calculated step that would put her left arm just out of the swing of a Lightsaber. Then she lifted it into the air. Summoning the Force into her palm Ayra brought the Lightsaber that had been hiding beneath her sleeve into her hand whilst simultaneously lifting the other upwards in the direction of two children. She didn't know their names, who they were or why they had been brought to the summit. All that Darth Ayra knew was that when it came to an ethical point of view most people had issues with the murder and maiming of the younger. She had seen Mother's and Father's beg for the lives of their offspring during the One Sith Wars. She understood what she would have to do if she were to give herself a chance to leave this place.


An invisible hand coiled itself around the back of Vulpesen's son and dragged the boy through the air towards Darth Ayra. As quickly as she had pulled him she contorted her body and manipulated her free arm to capture the boy into her embrace, positioning him up against her chest and lifting the hilt of her Lightsaber upwards to his temple, with her thumb pressed against the ignition button and ready to ignite her blade into the boy's head. At the same time she dragged him and herself backwards up against one of the garden's pillars, pressing her back up against it's base so that her behind was not exposed to the Mand'alor's men. An invisible protective layer of Force Shield wrapped itself around the boy and his captor as she stood there.


A pair of yellow eyes brimming with the dark side starred down Voph and Riamah. "You must think I am doing this so that I could bargain for my escape. But I do not run. Tell our hostess to lower her shields and allow my men to land at this place. Then I will release the boy."


Making her intentions clear to her foes Darth Ayra readied herself to kill the child. He was nothing to her. She felt nothing for him. Warping her voice with her dark side powers the Sith Lord stared directly into the eyes of Riamah as she then proclaimed: 


"And then we will begin." 

#1899263 Summit of Governments OOC

Posted by Ella Nova on 09 January 2019 - 12:14 PM



An adequate response to escalating events. I'll post soon.

#1899048 A Summit of Governments

Posted by Ella Nova on 08 January 2019 - 08:28 PM

Eye of Solomon | The Major | Josh DragonsFlame | Riamah | Harley Fenstermacher | Jaius Sovv | Theo Vereen | Noah Corek | Alexandra Feanor | Svenn | Lady Kay | Lisza Starseeker | Dominic Craig | Luther Ando | Voph | @Vulpesen 


It was the subtle things which gave away what the other was feeling, and it didn't take an empath to see that the General had not been expecting the Empire's envoy to this summit. Ella made note of this fine point for another day. Feanor hadn't told Corek about this. Did that mean that she hadn't been expecting it to come neither? Or had she simply let it slip her mind? Perhaps her arrogance had blinded her to the truth that whilst she might have been content to let the Empire send one of it's monsters in the fray perhaps the others at this convention would not have shared her feelings on the matter? Regardless, when Corek leaped into action and drew his weapon on the Empire's envoy Ella knew that she hadn't needed to prompt him into action as she had been planning.


Turning around the corner Ella settled herself out of sight for the moment. Careful to look around she subtly felt out with the Force. Ella didn't need to be a psychic to know that there was some security in the palace. Laughable as it was that Feanor had invited members of the First Order and seemingly an envoy from the Sith Empire she still was a Jedi- and a proclaimed Grandmaster at that- and so it was in her nature to make sure that her invited guests were protected. A careful and superstitious woman Ella did not want her actions here to be discovered. If one iota of evidence was made against her that she had something to do with anything going wrong at the summit then that would put the Grand Plan in jeopardy. She would not allow that.


Her senses told her that nearby there were two cameras looking in her general vicinity. She concentrated. Through the Force Ella could tell their trajectory. It was simple photography: a camera had to know where to point itself first before it could capture what it was seeing. With this in mind Ella made some simple adjustments to where she was standing before reaching into her comlink and sending a coded transmission to the Ayrix. When she checked to see if the message had gone through she deactivated the device and shattered its inner compartments with a quick bash against one of the garden's pillars.


Cleaning the outer edges of the device so that her fingerprints would be removed Ella then discarded the comlink into a nearby bush, leaving it hidden among the foliage. When she was done covering her tracks she took the moment to re-concentrate on her hiding her powers and her Force signature would disappear again. Unfamiliar and eerie to those powerful enough in the Force to sense it. Undoubtedly dark side in nature. And was it a coincidence it had appeared when the Eye of Solomon had appeared? Unlikely.




In space the Sun Guards of Sojourn worked on the bequest of their mistress. They had just recovered the Initium, the prototype transport that Darth Ayra had been using for many years since her days when she moved between Chandrila and the Hunter's Moon when the word had been given. A coded transmission from the planet surface that gave them permission to act. Together a compliment of fifty-one Sun Guards filled the single Annihilator-class shuttle that was docked in the Indispensable-class Flagship and it's pilot programmed a course to the planet surface below. Engaging it's cloak before takeoff the Annihilator cleared the Ayrix's hangar bay and begun to make it's way down to the surface.

#1899020 A Summit of Governments

Posted by Ella Nova on 08 January 2019 - 06:51 PM

Eye of Solomon | The Major | Josh DragonsFlame | Riamah | Harley Fenstermacher | Jaius Sovv | Theo Vereen | Noah Corek | Alexandra Feanor | Svenn | Lady Kay | Lisza Starseeker | Dominic Craig | Luther Ando | Voph | Faith Organa


Ella did her best to hide her emotions. Inwardly she smiled.


Opportunity had presented itself.


The ugly visage of the cybernetic monstrosity had captured the imagination of Feanor's guests. At the thought of the self-proclaimed Jedi Grandmaster Ella genuinely struggled not to burst out into laughter. All these guests brought here together under the excuse of diplomacy but blatantly accepting her invites with ulterior motives to the contrary. First Order, Silver Jedi, New Republic, Commenor and Alderaan nobles... and now the Sith Empire. If they were here to genuinely seek diplomatic relations without gathering intelligence or information that would be useful to all their separate causes then they were foolish. Somehow Ella suspected this was not the case. Philosophical differences aside most- if not all- of Feanor's guests contained the degree of cunning that she had come to associate and know in the weak. It was how they compensated for their lack of strength.


But to think that Feanor had arranged this was laughable in of itself. And now here was an envoy to the enemy that they all seemed to share in common allowed to set foot in this summit. If Ella didn't know better she would assume that Feanor wanted something to go wrong in this summit. So many divided fools, each with their own transgressions made against one or the other, brought together under one roof to discuss peace. If there was anything in the materialistic world in which they all inhabited that could be taken as literal proof that peace was a lie then this was it. Taking a glass of wine into her hand Ella quietly raised a hand a few inches into the air to mockingly toast the idiot and her summit.


After taking a sip and placing the glass back down onto the marble stone wall behind her Ella begun to maneuver her way among the crowd to seize the moment. A fools loss was a winners gain. Three months ago the New Republic Senate had agreed to form a committee to oversight military matters after amendments were made based on the recommendations made by Sankt Yora. Following a brief meeting with Tobias Dracks on Carida Ella had been elected to join that committee. In the intervening months since joining the committee Ella had done nothing with the oversight powers she had been granted from her Senatorial duties. She had covered up her inactivity through a series of reports regarding her duties to Humbarine whilst secretly using the time to search for a Sith Apprentice. She had yet to be successful in this regard.


But now that this summit had been convened and it's guests had been revealed to her Ella only had eyes for one man at this event. Navigating her way through the guests Ella searched and found him: Noah Corek, General to the New Republic. Stopping before the General Ella broke into her well practiced smile and greeted him. "Hello General. I've been looking forward to meeting you for quite sometime since the Military Oversight committee had been formed. Apologises for not meeting you sooner but I have been busy away on diplomatic relations for Humbarine. I am Ella Nova. It is nice to meet you."

#1898882 Retry Wargames Thread?

Posted by Ella Nova on 08 January 2019 - 10:20 AM

Cam Akaran


Republic naval and military assets commit to training procedures above particular planet writers want to occupy and bring into the New Republic. Pretty much summarizes it. I'll join said Dominion and assume role on the military tribunal that was voted on in Senate a couple of months ago but never really went anywhere mostly because I am lazy.

#1898451 A Summit of Governments

Posted by Ella Nova on 06 January 2019 - 09:41 PM

Alexandra Feanor | Lady Kay | Vulpesen | Voph | Jaius Sovv | Devlyn Kane | Harley Fenstermacher | Lisza Starseeker | The Major | Noah Corek | Svenn |


The cockpit of the Initium was dark and eerie. A faint red light cast itself across it's canopy. Sat at the controls Ella activated the self pilot and reclined in her seat to read. Entering her password into a datapad Ella held it aloft in one hand whilst the other leaned backwards into the arm rest, so that she could lean the side of her face into the palm as she read the list of invited guests. She recognised most of the names on the list. There was of course Alexandra Feanor, a self-proclaimed sycophant narcissist Jedi Grandmaster and old friend to Humbarine's Senator. In her early days before becoming Sochi Ru's Padawan Ella had studied the Balance in one of Feanor's Praxeums before she decided to follow the ways of the Lightside.


Next on the hypocrite's list was Lady Kay, wife of the ruler of Commenor and someone Ella had been monitoring for awhile. They had once watched a game of swoop bikes together during a formative life and that was the extent of contact that Ella had allowed. For years Kay had been the bane of slavers and Crime Lords alike with her Humanitarian efforts all in the name of the weak and needy. It seemed that for all the bounties that had been put on her head no-one had been able to put her down yet. For that Ella gave a nod of approval. She was a fool for what she believed and less of a sycophant than their esteemed host but nonetheless it took strength to avoid the wrath of the galaxies biggest scum and she was passionate in what she believed in.


Ella recognised the name Vulpesen. She didn't know much about him or his abilities other than he was a Force-sensitive that some Sith Lords had some ill intent towards. But nothing of note came to mind so she moved on. Not recognising the other two names that followed Ella's eyes stopped on the name Devlyn Kane just as the ship begun to rattle. Averting her gaze away from the list Ella noticed that the Initium was now entering the atmosphere of Alderaan. The on-board computer had already sent her clearing codes automatically when they had been demanded. Nodding to herself Ella ignored the rattling and thought about Coruscant's Mayor. Memories of a burning temple, screaming children and the breakage of sinew and bone came vividly to mind at the thought of the galactic capital. Coruscant had always held bad memories. She would use them to fuel her desires.


In her duties as Humbarine's representative Ella had thought to reach out to the Mayor to express diplomatic relations between their two worlds. However, her instincts had told her not to do it at the time. Now that Kane was attending this summit on Feanor's invitation she now understood why. She skipped over both of the Republic Senators to the surprised inclusion of the First Order. Memories of walking Avalonia, and meeting with Veles came next. They were good memories. Enjoyable ones. She would use them too.


Having familiarized herself with the guest list Ella deactivated the automatic pilot and took control of her ship. Swerving around and priming the engines Ella navigated her chartered course to the landing zone she had been assigned by Republic forces. When she landed the ship she sent a coded transmission to her flagship and disembarked. A Lightsaber hung beneath the sleeve of the former Jedi Knight as she walked into the Palace. As she did she heard the engines of the Initium reactivate and paused to look over her shoulder to check and see if the ship had engaged it's cloak as she had programmed it to do prior to leaving. Ella was satisfied to see her ship disappear from view just as it took off on a course back to the Ayrix.


Escorted to the Palace gardens by security personnel Ella was pleased to see that she hadn't arrived early. It seemed that she was the last person to arrive. 

#1897516 Disney got no idea about lightsabres

Posted by Ella Nova on 04 January 2019 - 02:51 PM

Actually, Disney has no idea about Star Wars in general. I'm sure Marvel fans have their own grievances, but it's painfully obvious to us in the new trilogy films that they are written by fans of the idea of Star Wars. They are homages to Star Wars, and are not Star Wars.


This is why you get glaring mistakes like these. The writers don't care about continuity or good story, just about evoking the same feeling that Star Wars brought to them when they were kids, to a new generation of kids.


Rogue One and Solo, while they have weaknesses, are far closer to actual Star Wars stories than the sequel trilogy.


You just said Disney doesn't understand how to make Star Wars films by evoking the same ideas and feelings that the original Star Wars gave to their audiences in the 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s which if we translate the 'I didn't like these new films' gibberish you just said means: they make Star Wars films.


You don't like the new films because the main character is a Mary Sue and Luke Skywalker was taken in a different direction than what you wanted. Everything else about the Last Jedi and the Force Awakens are pretty good. In particular the first half hour of the Force Awakens was a lot stronger than A New Hope and the Return of the Jedi first half. The new sequel films are better than the Phantom Menace and definitely the Clone Wars.


Kylo Ren is a fantastic character. Killing Han Solo in the way that they did was impressive and great cinema. Finn is a good character. The bar scene in the Force Awakens was nostalgic and fantastic. The battle at the end of the Force Awakens was better than the Return of the Jedi's battle. Kylo and Rey killing Snoke and his guards was better than Anakin vs. Obi Wan in Revenge of the Sith (my favourite out of all of them.)


Disney have done a better job with Marvel than they did Star Wars but they're still Star Wars films in both the way they are portrayed, how they feel and how they were put together in cinema. 

#1897316 A Summit of Governments

Posted by Ella Nova on 03 January 2019 - 10:43 PM

| Noah Corek | Alexandra Feanor |


A soft hum drummed in the background on the offshoot of a bridge that overlooked the stars. Comets blurred by the canopy of the observational deck, obscured only by the light which radiated off Alderaan's perfect surface. A world of significant, importance and wealth both historically and in the current. Strange then that this would be the first time that Ella Nova stepped foot upon a world that she regarded as spectacular in it's achievements, significance and failure. A world that had been destroyed once rebuilt by the technologies of the Yuuzhan Vong some say. Returned to it's former glory with it's decadent houses, monarchs and politicians who lacked the guile to seize complete power. A world that espoused the teachings and methods of the light side.


No wonder the Grandmaster had made this her venue for such a summit.


As Ella regard the space before her, eyes lowered in ill contempt of the world which spun beneath her feet, she found herself thinking of a Mandalorian she had once known. They were not close, not friends, comrades or even colleagues, yet Ella pondered on the man known as Draco Vereen. He was a Mandalorian, a warlord of superior skill and matched only by a few in the arts of warfare. Tales that were made sometimes in fact and other times in opinion but with a degree of truth to them that Ella had never stepped foot on the world.


Until now.


It wasn't fear that had kept her away from Alderaan. A true Sith Lord did not feel fear. They acknowledged it, allowed it do it's work and then used it to fuel their passion. But it was not fear that had stopped her from acting or reaching out with her hand to influence the politics of the world. Rather it was a choice based in the realm of cunning and intelligence. Vereen, with all his influence and military junctures, would not have allowed others to influence this place during his time here. He had staked a claim. To start a conflict over something that hadn't held mutual interest at the time was a path towards ruin. Better to let the simpleton rule his roost until the opportune moment came to her. Patience had been key.


Turning away from the transparisteel wide screen to make her way from the bridge of the Ayrix Ella headed straight to the hangar bay where a transport had been prepared. As the transport took off she closed her eyes and concentrated on that place where her powers would become hidden. Today was a day to play politician and it would not be good if she were to be discovered here of all places. 

#1897112 Playing With The Big Boys Now | TSE Invasion of TJE's Csilla Hex

Posted by Ella Nova on 03 January 2019 - 02:57 PM

| Darth Animus | Kor Vexen | Kao Xusros | Scarlett Anderson |


High in the skies, and low in the tundra, Darth Ayra felt forces mobilize themselves upon the bequest of masters bequeathed with stupidity. And what did that make the men who would fight on their behalf? Fools fighting for fools who fought for diluted titles to hold entire worlds that were insignificant to the true power in the galaxy: that of the Force. Surrendering themselves to the power of the dark side they sought to make it their property... But was this the action of Sith Lords? Or was this more akin to a dirt general compliant and happy to roll themselves in the mud- or snow- amid their warriors, soldiers, and machines to wage a war that was not much of a war but more akin to a slaughter? Immersed in the dark side Darth Ayra could foresee the near future. Sith fleeing this world amid a fire that burnt away the frozen tundra of Csilla in a red blaze that was far more crimson than it's Chiss and their eyes.


Amid the chaos a message came to her from a Emperor. Not the Emperor. "Protection," Darth Ayra snarled. "The dark side does not protect..." But yet that was what the Jen'ari were doing. Protecting Csilla from Carnifex. They came up with justifications, reasons and logical to assume that if this place was lost then with it came a blow to the Jen'ari's efforts to usurp the pretender that sat on a throne arid of any real importance. But these were the reasons of the simple minded deceived into thinking that the Star Wars could be won through the efforts of man, and machine, and weapons. In their search for supremacy they forgot their most important weapon: that of the Force.


Carnifex came to claim a world from the Jen'ari so as to rid them of a staging ground to invade his Empire. And the Jen'ari mobilize to protect it's assets from his invading w****s. But were these the actions of Sith Lords?


I will show them the way.


Lowering her hand down to the comlink on her belt Darth Ayra entered the frequency to the Eternal Fury. When one of it's officers answered her hail the Sith laced her voice with the dark side as she said: "Relay this call to Darth Animus." Compelled by the dark side the officer transmitted the hail from his work station to the Sith Lord whom prepared to protect this forsaken world... "Darth Animus. I am Darth Ayra. The Order of Shadows will have victory on this day. Allow the Jen'ari to distract these w****s and it's w**** Emperor into battle whilst we administer an exacting blow. Send me two Sith to my location. I will show you the power of the dark side."