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Stephanie Swail

Stephanie Swail

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Posted by Stephanie Swail on 25 May 2018 - 02:44 PM

Kaine Australis


#1790117 ENDGAME: Eclipse the Light OOC

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 21 May 2018 - 03:11 PM

#1788305 Hello

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 18 May 2018 - 12:36 PM

Sovvy Welcome! Have fun out there. :)

#1788205 Faction Ad: The Rebel Alliance

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 18 May 2018 - 10:04 AM


Good luck with the Faction Cedric Grayson - hope it takes off.

I'll offer the Silver Jedi support if required in your adventures and character developments.

#1781502 Valley of Blooms [Spring Festival, SJO and Allies]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 07 May 2018 - 02:07 AM

Sitting at the top of the incline leading to the festival main stage, Stephanie Swail had a great view of Flat Rock to the rear and also the expansive stretch of terrain that the festival was on.

She sat on the warm dry grass, knees tucked up. In her hand, a stick of blue and pink spun sugar which she picked at nonchalantly and savoured with each fluffy mouthful. The word had spread across the Silver Rest for a while about the Flack Rock Spring Festival, so she just had to come and see what it was. There was also whispers about a new flag-ship coming into service. If true, that was very exciting.

Music echoed out, and there was activity on stage. To be honest, Stephanie had never heard of Helly Reyne but this was why she was here - to see this talent in action and support the Order. It was exciting if the rumours were true.

Her tongue wrapped around the wisp of sugar in her mouth and it dissolved instantly, and she smiled to herself - it was yummy, plain and simple.

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#1780086 Looking for Jedi Master

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 04 May 2018 - 06:09 AM

Tha'ga Temi Come to us....come to the Silver Side.... I'd love to help you but being a Paddy, I'm out.

I'd love to help you develop in any adventures however if you need a hand.

#1780030 May the 4th be with you!

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 04 May 2018 - 03:17 AM

The date says it all really.



#1778165 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 01 May 2018 - 04:30 AM

LOCATION: Chalacta
Survive the Mesharra Temple | Personally avoid ripping off 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' in the process


Everyone seemed to be moving at once. Speaking at once. It was a blur of thoughts and emotions and feelings.

Zavii and Sky'ito Yumi were closest to Stephanie, and she heard their questions.

”I don’t like this,” she turned to them. ”We shouldn’t be here. This place is messing with our heads. Our perceptions – there are too many strong Force users in one place feeding from the dark aura within.”

She looked around and saw the Mando Preliat Mantis with his quiet whispers and weapon in hand.

”Keep an eye on him, the Mando. He doesn’t look right. We’ve got to get out of here – this isn’t right.”

Down the caves, she saw the figures of Cassius Droma and Zora Djo illuminated by the lights and closing in on the pyramid holocron – the holocron of a dark spirit. A chill ran up her spine. She couldn’t wait…she was worried…it was to speak now or die a horrid death if one wrong move signalled the temple crashing down on them.

”Don’t touch it!” Stephanie called out, near rooted to the spot for fear of causing the pressure plates to give.

Her hand shot out and she gasped as her energy went into gripping Cassius’s arm, his hand…anything, with any power she could to stop him, if it wasn’t too late already…

Darth Immortus

#1778160 Hello Wonderful People!

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 01 May 2018 - 04:15 AM

Immortal Cyan Welcome! Enjoy your time here and have fun out there. :)

#1773711 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 23 April 2018 - 04:40 AM

LOCATION: Chalacta
Survive the Mesharra Temple | Personally avoid ripping off 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' in the process


Stephanie said little as she helped the others over the bridge and ventured on.

Occasionally she’d feel a cold shiver up her back as she swore something brushed by her hand, and the number of times she scratched her head thinking she felt tiny feet or pincers in her hair was ridiculous. The natural light waned around them but the team had their own ways to illuminate the paths ahead.

She grimaced as they found traces of death in the skeletal remains the further they went in, and surely this was a warning sign. But, victory in numbers so they said. As the group stumbled through into a new chamber, their presence alone seemed to ignite surrounding lights and electrical current that hummed and fizzed quietly. They all formed a rough semi-circle, each looking at the consoles that blinked to life and the décor on the temple walls.

Cassius Droma and Zora Djo headed the front.

Stephanie looked past them at the symbols, language and displays and rooted for her red book. She’d seen something like those symbols in here. As a few of them conversed and tried to work out what this was, the Padawan thumbed the tatty pages and flicked to where she had seen them.

The Mandalorian Preliat Mantis offered new intel on the wording – share your secrets.

Then, Sky'ito Yumi found remains of an unfortunate explorer.

”Here,” she said aloud, finding what she was looking for, finger jabbing at the page. ”It’s a question. Share Your Secrets. I knew I’d seen this before.” She stepped forward and held the book up for Zora to see. ”These here? Pressure points. Exactly where we are stood. Sky’ito, be careful where you put your hands – we are all standing on a floor that could open up and drop us into a chasm, and it’ll be a real long death. We run, the points will fluctuate and we’ll be killed. Don’t…don’t make any sudden movements.”

She looked up and pointed to the display in the language.

”Share your secrets. The Chalactan’s believe in higher spirits, and that we are linked to them more than the Force itself. So we need to prove we are worthy to continue. Obviously these guys with their weapons and jewels didn’t. So one of us needs to stand on that alter - there,” she pointed before the display, ”and share…our secrets as to why we are worthy to pass. And to live.”

Stephanie frowned and lowered the book. That didn’t sound great now she read it out loud.

”Anyone know what a Chalactan would value most for their kind to not be obliterated seeking the mystery of this temple?”

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#1771464 Need a Faction

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 19 April 2018 - 08:49 AM

Jada Raxis

Well if we're throwing our wares, I offer the Silver Jedi Order:


The longest serving Major Faction on Chaos, with extensive Light Side stories and adventures, but always with a little pinch of spice here and there.

You can be a pilot. A captain. A soldier. A Jedi. A healer. An explorer. A scientist. A teacher.

Whatever you want to try and develop, we will help you with plenty of Faction threads as an Order and also with our growing allies around the Core and Mid-Rim.

Have fun out there!

#1771397 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 19 April 2018 - 06:54 AM

LOCATION: Chalacta
Search for the Mesharra Temple | Personally avoid ripping off 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' in the process


Did the fleet hear her message? There was something there, through the whistle and static, but she couldn’t be sure.

”Say again? I can’t…hello Silver Tree, come in?”

With a shake, a tap and a frustrated grunt, Stephanie held the com up to her ear, but still made out nothing. This was no use. Others we coming in, and Cassius Droma looked to be ready to move. She gave up, killing the signal, and turned back to the others.

She smiled and mouthed “Hi” to one Elisea Korrado as she greeted them, and headed out with the expedition across to the caves and over-arching treetops. She saw the holoprojector illuminate from Cassius, and kept walking.

There was a tingle in the air. The tingle of slight fear, but excitement. Uncertainty, but expectation. What would they find?

They came to a bridge and Stephanie crossed over, heading to Cassius, but as she did there was a pressure in the back of her as head. Almost like when she was dehydrated – that dull ache inside her mind. She closed a blinked a few times to rid the sensation – maybe it was the height of the bridge they were on? Maybe it was some…some supernatural Force power under them?

She made it over, and the feeling eased. How strange.

”Did you feel that,” she said to Cassius as not to cause alarm, ”or was it just me?”

Zora Djo | Gianna Aegis | Sky'ito Yumi | Darth Immortus

#1770986 Tournament Time!

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 18 April 2018 - 02:09 PM

Hello all!

Just want to step in to clear some of those blurred lines that Chaos always throws up.

The Silver Jedi Order has evolved. We had to in order to survive, and that means our IC actions had to change. If we wanted to close ourselves off and shrivel, then we would have died out long ago.

Now we took it upon ourselves as a Light Side Faction to embrace more writers across the board to open up not just more relationships for our writers IC and OOC but also offer truckloads of new story material; our collective imaginations and creativity are a treasure trove to explore, and we want to connect with as many people as we can here.

So while we are 100% Light, we work with the following understanding:

I) Dark Siders / Dark Jedi can join us in the Light as long as they seek redemption and move away from their Dark Side following to be more calm, collected and peaceful

II) We understand and respect our allies who are on the Dark Side spectrum, but are on there showing honour, respect and decency themselves towards us and the galaxy. That could be any CIS, GA or CSA who touch upon it. Like all Light and Dark, you have good ones and nefarious ones. We will stand with the good ones who don't devour planets, eat babies or unleash hordes of killer monsters and disease across star systems.

To this extent, our allies and those looking to side with us or stand by us are welcome. We talk, we tolerate, we understand and we compromise.

After all, this IS nothing but Faction. WE as writers and friends make the rules, and I for one would not wish to exclude anyone looking to meet and write with old/new characters on the basis of their character choice. We are inclusive, not exclusive, as best we can logically be to stay unique but fun.

TL:DR - Silver Jedi = One Love

I hope this helps somewhat?

If anyone has questions or queries about this Tournament and / or the SJO in general, please feel free to contact me or any of my staff via PM or Discord, and that will help Asaraa Vaashe run an enjoyable event for you all! :)

Thanks! Have fun!


#1770003 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 17 April 2018 - 06:20 AM

LOCATION: Chalacta
Search for the Mesharra Temple | Personally avoid ripping off 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' in the process


Spiders the size of her FIST?

Stephanie didn’t want to over-hear that, and her eyes went wide on the page as she unfortunately heard the nugget of information. So much so, she had to read the paragraph she as on twice to get herself back into the flow of the book.

Now her mind was distracted, it was harder to read. But she didn’t have much longer before Cassius Droma announced it was nearly time to land. Time flew it seemed. Stephanie had time to stretch out, rub her eyes and pack the red book into her satchel before looking up for a sweep of the people with her; some she recognised, a few she didn’t. But that was fine. The rate the Silver Jedi was bringing in new faces from across the galaxy, it was bound to happen as she was still a Padawan and just learning, not guiding.

And with a few light turns and boosts from the engines, the ship touched down on Chalacta. It was time.

The fresh air flowed in as the loading ramp opened allowing them all to disembark. Stephanie flexed her arms, stood up, stretched her back again from being stooped over her book, grabbed her satchel and headed out with the rest. She shielded her eyes for a few seconds to adjust after the darker hold of the ship and then took in the view.

It was certainly was a pretty little planet. Lots of warmth, lots of natural colours and a strong current of Force energy was felt as she stepped on the ground. It was like Voss from the initial survey.

The red-haired Jedi - Gianna Aegis – and one with the horrid spider story – spoke up first. So far, it was a small party, but then sometimes the more people you had to headcount, the more difficult it was to keep a tight, carefully orchestrated operation. Especially into the unknown.

”I’ll touch base and let them know we are here, and where we have landed so they can follow safely,” Stephanie nodded politely and wandered off a little to speak into her wrist com.

There was a small crunch under her brown boot. She didn’t look down to notice the small skull fragment embedded in the soil now broken in two.

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#1769508 Legend of the Hidden Temple [SJO Dominion of Chalacta Hex AD-33]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 16 April 2018 - 11:18 AM

LOCATION:En-route to Chalacta
Search for the Mesharra Temple | Personally avoid ripping off 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark' in the process


It had been weeks since Stephanie Swail had left Kashyyyk and her studies. But when word of an expedition to find a mythical temple, led by none other than Jade Squadron leader Cassius Droma was in the works, then she had to be there.

Dressed in her usual lightweight Silver Jedi tunic which was a blend of style and colour from her heritage of Hapes, the Padawan was engrossed in a small red book. Sat with one leg crossed over the other, head down, she hadn't said a word since leaving the Silver Rest.

The fabled Mesharra Temple on Chalacta was their destination and goal. It was something of legend across the Mid-Rim. Did it even exist? Who built it? Why is it so secret? These questions and more were mused about in her book.

Some say it never existed at all.

Some say that the temple itself is fueled by an alien technology not seen in the galaxy for millennia.

Some claim the temple is protected by the darkest demons, bloodiest boody-traps and mystical magic known to man-kind.

Yet, it was this sort of myth and legend that encouraged the Silver Jedi to continue to seek, explore and expand their discoveries. If the temple DID exist, they could harness and understand it's place in the galaxy and preserve it for future generations, rather than see it fall to the Dark Side or rot away in history.

There were many words to describe such a trip, but Stephanie could only think of one certain - adventure!

Zora Djo | Sky'ito Yumi