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Stephanie Swail

Stephanie Swail

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#1712195 Hello

Posted by Stephanie Swail on Today, 09:15 AM

Alaya Nightwalker Welcome to the Chaos! Have fun here, and may I suggest looking at a Force Faction all about balance, no clear Jedi or Sith - the Je'daii overseen by Asha Hex here?


A wonderful Faction led by someone who knows their stuff!

#1712152 The Evil Beneath The Sands Has Risen (TAE & Allies)

Posted by Stephanie Swail on Today, 08:02 AM

The city opened up before them as Stephanie settled back in the speeder and enjoyed the ride.

The wind cut through her short hair, tugging only a few loose strands from her fringe. You could never beat the feeling of fresh air rushing over you, even so on such a relaxing journey - Stephanie sat up a little, opening her eyes as she found they were shut.

This could be one, big trap.

This Ancient Eye could simply be a Dark Side splinter cell, looking to infiltrate or expand or work their way into the Core. Since Stephanie didn’t trust the Commenor Queen, it made sense she would be here to support the Dark Side forces, providing them with who knows what in return to keep their system from danger. A right royal pay-off.

Her fingers drummed the side of the speeder as it followed the mighty mount across the city. Regardless of how she felt and her wariness, she couldn’t deny that the size and architecture of Angramar was majestic to say the least.

She watched the mount near vanish after a large jump to beat the speeder to their destination; the God-King’s palace. And what a palace. It made the Jedi Temples look obsolete and even gave the Silver Rest a run for its credits. Old meets new. Golds, oranges and crimsons and pyramids, orbs, obelisks all standing proud and lining the perimeter of the palace. Mythos appeared besider the speeder the close they got to the palace and they ventured forth, and Stephanie could see the royal set-up for herself; that of a God-King indeed.

As the speeder stopped, Stephanie sidled over and stepped out, down onto the cool marble floor that led to the rear garden. It was a small continent contained at the rear, and it was alive with the Force, she could feel all of the nature around them both. Colours wherever she looked, a fresh oasis in the centre, and fruits growing on trees. She walked around the oasis as he welcomed her.

"You don’t do things small, do you Lord Mythos. This is a wonderful place."

She peered over to him and ran her hands over a colourful purple and yellow flower.

"Forgive my asking, but I have a question. What is the standing of Commenor with the Ancient Eye?"

There would be room to expand if the God-King needed her to.


#1712118 Another Battle of Anzat [TSE vs SJO]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on Today, 06:45 AM

Stephanie didn’t look up at the Anzat as he spoke, expecting a fatal blow as well as his stinging words. But she knew he wasn’t all right. Yet, partly, he was.

The hilt, intact but with some components falling off, suddenly dropped into the grit before her knees and she looked at it. And then, the vibrosword. It looked bigger on the ground beside her lightsaber hilt. More dangerous, deadly and brutal. Next, a com.

There was no killing strike, but a dark invitation to seek him out again. Maybe he could make sense of what she felt? Maybe in time he would just try to help her? Maybe she was already lost for even considering it.

A TIE engine roared overheard followed by that of an A-Wing – emerald green. Jade Squadron. She looked at the Sith walking away to the perimeter of the city that seemed to be belching smoke from the inside.

"I didn’t beg," she muttered. "I asked. And you didn’t. Which means you’re not beyond salvation."

Stephanie hesitated, but picked up the com and slipped it into her belt pocket and then took a moment to reattach her hilt components – yes, she tried it, but it was without kyber – and then the vibrosword. The hilt was fixed to her belt latch and she stood, knees creaking and face torn with pain constantly stretching and aggravating the torso scar.

Holding the blade like a cane, blade down on the ground, she walked around the perimeter, the metallic sound of the blade dragging across the grit and stone behind her boots.

"I’m outside…the city. Who needs help," she spoke into her wrist com.

Her head turned, hearing the call by another Dark force - Darth Imperium – and her fingers gripped the vibrosword.

No. NO.

She hissed and shook her head. She wouldn’t survive. She would either die or be captured again.

"Valkren Calderon if you’re out there bring in your Rangers to my position – it’s clear."

At least she had survived this time and done her job.

Kilrys Serccci

#1712113 Lonley In Your Nightmare

Posted by Stephanie Swail on Today, 06:33 AM

Stephanie sighed as Kyra offered a hug, wincing slightly as her body twitched at the pressure on her body. Still, this woman meant the world to her, and it was a safe place to be right now. She rocked gently and stared over her shoulder at the tranquil lake until Kyra moved back.

It was hard to look at her, feeling so weak and stupid. Eventually she did, and twisted and turned her lips left and right, trying to make sense of things. She took Kyra’s hands in hers and squeezed. Her mouth opened…nothing came out.

She looked away for a second to think.

She tried again, nothing.

A little laugh and shake of the head.

"Okay, you saved me. Remember? The cliff. You pulled me back and made me feel better. Helped me, showed me things and made me feel I was bound for good. I will never, ever forget that. What you did. Ever."

Another squeeze of the hands.

"I’ve had a…hard time recently and I know you don’t need this or probably want it, and you’re probably not even the one I should talk to, but….what do you do when you feel you’ve failed everyone again and can’t carry on with the path you took?"

This time, a sigh and hanging of the head. Her grip on Kyra’s hands was now light, as she was drifting into a daydream and talking almost to herself.

"I’ve felt like part of something good with the Silver Jedi, but I still feel alone. I don’t know what it is. Don’t know why. And then I get so much will to do good and take down the entire Dark Side myself, and I don’t care what happens to me in the process, as long as I can do good. But when I always seem to mess up, I feel I’m more ousted than ever. And then I feel I shouldn’t be here or even with the Jedi."

Kyra Sol

#1712111 Bathe in the Light

Posted by Stephanie Swail on Today, 06:21 AM

Pulling a less than impressed face, Stephanie blew a small raspberry and waved Laira away.

"Please. I am sure I was being used – it was over in a week or so, and I never heard from the one running it again. I don’t know why I even did it. I guess I just wanted to feel…alive."

It was a silly escapade. Still, nobody knew – bar Laira – and nobody probably even saw the silly test shots. The few credits she got for it went to good use back in the Silver Rest anyway. Up ahead as the trees seemed to part, the village came into view, surrounded by a low perimeter wall but no sign of any defensive installations or security.

Her Republic training always flared up in new places; looking for danger or military signs. There seemed to be none here. Just a bustling village that seemed to be very much alive.

Stephanie turned and smiled to Laira as she accepted her arm. Maybe she had found another friend?

"My only friends….no, I don’t really have friends. Maybe one, two? Three if you want to be lumped in with them." She squeezed her arm and patted it. "My life has been about serving the good of the galaxy, and I don’t know anything else, so those who stand with me are allies, but those who truly connect with me I would see as friends beyond battle."

She looked at a small group of children playing as they came into the main outer yard of the village.

"I’m sorry you’ve not got much, and yes, I will buy us something to eat, of course! It’s the least I could do. Can’t have you running out of steam exploring the galaxy can we now."

Laira Darkhold

#1712106 What're You Doing In My Swamp? | First Order Invasion of Galactic Allianc...

Posted by Stephanie Swail on Today, 06:04 AM

The Ren are on steroids. They need to be stopped.

GA ally if they'll have me and if there's room and Stephanie isn't a PTSD-affected Jedi wrecking ball.

#1710770 Another Battle of Anzat [TSE vs SJO]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 17 January 2018 - 03:51 PM

The Padawan began to shake, hand stretched out pulling as hard as she could to get her hilt back.

"You...attacked me! I was going to hand your blade....back....to you!"

She stopped and fell onto her knees, and winced again at the pain in her side. It was useless. She had no control. She had nothing but the Force and she couldn't master it. The Sith was drawing on a power she was too scared to.

On her knees, she shook her head and lolled back, looking up at the battles above.

"Do it. Just END IT. I'm no good to the Jedi and no good to myself!" She was weak and deserved to die. She had let down Valae Kitra and Srina Talon and her friendship with Kyra Sol - no wonder she was a loner. She snapped her head back to the Aznat and snarled. "Take your glory just like Zambrano did if it makes you feel stronger!"

With that, she tore at her dirty gown and pulled it up from her belt to bare her bloodied torso and the scabbing Sith run that had been carved into her flesh. Stephanie inhaled slowly and stared at the Sith as she bore her mark.

"Be the coward that all Sith are," she said calmly, resolve in her voice.

Kilrys Serccci

#1710606 Another Battle of Anzat [TSE vs SJO]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 17 January 2018 - 11:30 AM

Stephanie’s lips turned up into a half-smirk. He wasn’t listening, and it cemented how lsot the being was to the corruption that was festering across Anzat. Maybe he couldn’t be saved, but others could. She stopped and turned side on as he ignited her blue blade, the glow cast over him was irrespective of his allegiance.

He was ready to strike. So was she at that point.

The Sith leapt forward to strike low, which was her signal to leap, and leap high.

Stephanie pushed down and span sideways in a scissor kick up and over the Sith, and as soon as she landed behind and to his side she acted in a split-second motion. She cried out and threw the blade back towards the shoulder blade of the Sith, an enhanced throw with all her strength. At the same time, her hand rose from her wound and clawed out to summon her lightsaber; a barrage of Force energy wrapping around her and assaulting the Sith.

"Why pick up a weapon? Because my Master told me a truth to never trust a Sith!"

The dark cloud from Mirial started to seep into her mind again; the power she felt and the lack of awareness what she was doing. Debris started to roll along and skip up and over the ground where her Force energy was swelling out to the Anzat, giving all she could and not resorting to half-measures.

They took her dignity and she wanted to rip it from them. From the Zambranos and their Empire. She wanted him hurt; she wanted them all to hurt, and she wanted her lightsaber back. It was HERS.

Not his.

Kilrys Serccci

#1710512 The Evil Beneath The Sands Has Risen (TAE & Allies)

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 17 January 2018 - 09:03 AM

Stephanie turned with the God-King to survey the city of Angramar.

It truly was a place like she hadn’t seen before. It seemed to harken design and architecture from the past, but everything seemed to new and modern at the same time. Spires rose from where they stood into the far distance, pyramids of various sizes peaked across the skyline with golden peaks. Steam rose with the intense heat, and mountains cradled the city in the far distance.

She stepped forward and took it all in.

The God-King truly held a title that matched the ethos of the city; a city built by Kings for Gods.

A speeder pulled up in the open air beside them and it caught her attention, bringing her back as a large mounted Tuk’ata elegantly moved out puling what looked like chariot.

Stephanie looked from the chariot, to the speeder, to the God-King, and smiled.

"I’m a Padawan of the Silver Jedi. Danger is what I do best."

She glanced at the speeder and the chariot again, and moved towards the elegant speeder and stepped inside.

”But as I may be dangerous, I’m never without precaution."

With a warm smile and nod of the head she sat down in the speeder and rested her arm over the side, smiling to herself as she lapped up the view and how…surreal this place was, like was a dream or something.


#1710495 Bathe in the Light

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 17 January 2018 - 08:10 AM

"Oh! Oh, sorry – I thought you meant me as in the Silvers, sorry."

Stephanie laughed awkwardly, shaking her head to dust the cobwebs away. Always thinking about service and duty and her role. But also to try and form an answer that she didn’t really know the answer to. Well, she DID but it was rather boring.

Still, honesty was all she knew.

"Well..." she started and stopped as soon as she had begun. In the distance, the faint outline of a village could be seen. "I like to read. I studied a lot of text back in my early years, galactic history and all that. Just trying to understand how we came to be where we are some. Key players and the politics behind it; worlds that we have lost and ones that house secrets even today. So much to be explored still I think."

She grinned and knew it was a drab answer.

"Um…" she snorted a little laugh, "…this is embarrassing. I don’t really do much. At one point I opted to help model for an agency, but that was a waste of my time and I never wanted to do it again. Felt like a right fool. Bar that, I don’t have many friends and my social time is spent in and around the company of the Silvers and our allies, but I am fine with that."

Pursing her lips, she gave a small nod to confirm that was the right answer.

"Can I ask Laira, do you live here? As in, would you be able to show me around a little? If you did live here of course, excuse my assumption, you just seem so…at ease here."

Laira Darkhold

#1710470 Another Battle of Anzat [TSE vs SJO]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 17 January 2018 - 07:31 AM

Her eyes moved to the silver and black hilt in his hands as the blue blade extinguished. She took two steps forward watching him circle with intimidation as his tool.

"The people of Anzat sent a distress call as the Sith Empire took up settlement here. We simply answered the call to help, as we will to all planets and governments across the galaxy if we can. We did not start this battle. Your Sith did."

Stephanie took one more step forward.

"Just think. I’m not asking you to side with the Jedi or surrender your ideals, but surrending them to the Sith Empire is not the way. The Jedi do not rule Anzat and we will never try to. Once the Sith Empire gets it claws in however," she knelt down by his blade and took it, "then the people and planet will soon fall."

Slowly, the Padawan turned her head, one hand on her torso holding the wound and the other by her side holding his dangerous blade.

"You have a choice. Make the right one not just for yourself but for your people and the future of your home world."

Kilrys Serccci

#1709801 Another Battle of Anzat [TSE vs SJO]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 16 January 2018 - 11:20 AM

Stephanie snarled and pushed the dagger in as deep as she could, hand shaking out of anger and resentment over the pain that the Sith had dealt her.

But as the Anzat gripped her throat and slammed down her arm, she pulled the dagger out and clawed out his hand to get free from his grip. She was out of it in seconds – out of it with a bloody slice across her face from his nails and the wind knocked out of her when she was booted backwards into the hard ground.

With a grunt, the wind escaped from her and for a few moments, her body went limp and tired. Breathing hard, Stephanie saw dazzling lights and shadows moving up in the skies all around her. It was when she flexed her fingers on the hilt, she noticed it wasn’t there. Looking up from her position, the Sith was stood there, a nice puncture wound that left blood on her hand and coated her dagger, but holding her lightsaber.

The second one in just months, and now she was going lose this. She was certainly going to get a telling off if she survived.

Listening to the Anzat, she had time to roll over and wince at the raw pain that he had stoked from her freshly bleeding scar tissue where the rune was. For some reason, both standing there, Stephanie saw how similar they really were on the Force spectrum. Bloodied, baying for their own justice, but serving a power fay beyond either of them. She stared at him with a crooked posture. She was hurting.

"Let me help you," she croaked. "Or, good god, you help me. Help us get Anzat back to what it was before… they arrived. We just want to help your people to be what they want to be…it’s not too late for you to be something inspiring to them."

She had clocked his blade on the ground.

"Come on. Before we kill each other. Is it worth dying over when we can try and do some good. Don’t let blind rage take over…you. "

Kilrys Serccci

#1709791 Bathe in the Light

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 16 January 2018 - 11:06 AM

Stephanie looked at Laira, hooked on every word about her piloting adventures. She had only flown an A-Wing, once, and that was a bumpy affair, but she wished it was easy for her to jump into a cockpit, fire up engines and blast off into the stars. Fighting with others across seas and dangerous terrain and hostile worlds all for the good of the galaxy. It must have been such a thrill.

Yet she felt pain inside Laira, and she gave a solemn smile of understanding. There was a Force aura to the girl, but it was not Stephanie’s place to pry. She had seen many things; she could feel sadness and turmoil and…guilt. This flame-haired pilot was younger than Stephanie, yet she had experienced and carried herself as if she had seen much in her years.

She swallowed softly and kept walking. When Laira smiled, Stephanie smiled. She fed greatly from people’s emotions and it seemed while adventures could be hard, they could also be thrilling and fun if you’re the right side of crazy. The Padawan raised her brow at the image of fighting a sea monster – how brave!

And then she had to laugh at another example of her confidence with her dance moves. Stephanie rolled her eyes and shook her head playfully.

"What are you like."

Dinner? With her? Was she serious….well she wouldn’t have said it if she didn’t want to spend time with her. Social anxieties really brought her down. She had to laugh it off, because she was flattered without expecting to be so soon.

"What do I do? How can I match your adventures. Hm." She looked ahead and squinted, wondering what to say. "Well I am a Padawan, which is the rank of Jedi under training from a Master. We have Padawan learners, Knights and Masters. As much as I enjoy reading about history and the foundations of the Orders around our galaxy, I thrive on being out there with my allies. To feel the cause for which I was made fo – well, born for, you know."

Born and made for, really, but that was a little complicated for such a light-hearted meeting.

"I do all I can to repel the Dark Side forces from worlds they oppress. Where we are called to support, I will be there. Be it helping establish a government or simple trade route or even when war comes calling, I take my weapon and stand at the front line and fight for all I can."

She twisted her mouth a little, frowning.

"I’m not that amazing though, when people think of Jedi it’s all mystical space wizards and powers that pull starships out of the sky and flashy lightsaber moves. It’s not always that. It’s laborious, it’s painful and it’s tiring. You face accusations and hatred more often you think; people who are afraid or don’t understand or see you the same as the Sith. It’s hard when you just want to help – that’s all I want to do. Help and lead others one day."

The rune on her skin seemed to flare up at the moment; a dark reminder of her failure.

Laira Darkhold

#1709720 Bathe in the Light

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 16 January 2018 - 08:06 AM

Where to look?! That was a compliment, something she didn’t take well. As Laira stepped up to join the Jedi in her walk, all she could do was nod bashfully.

"Well, thank you – that’s very, nice of you. Very kind. But, if you are busy, don’t let me keep you at all."

She looked up at the canopy of trees, winking one eye at the glare of the sun and feeling a little embarrassed and out of her depth already, but at the same time glad she was here. She wanted to get rid of this horrible lack of confidence and be assured of her own standing; of who she was. Laira seemed to be, in everything from her dress sense to her confident mannerisms.

They walked beside each other and let nature provide the soundtrack to their stroll.

"This is a beautiful place from what I saw on the way in. Reminds me of Voss. Have you been to Voss?" She glanced over to Laira. "If the Corps ever venture to the East of the galaxy, I would recommend it. Lush green fields tinted with oranges and brown, purple mountains that frame old cities and settlements, with blue lakes and crashing waterfalls that glisten like jewels in the sun."

She did miss the one place she called home. It was so different to Kashyyyk, but then, things needed to be different. It couldn’t always stay the same.

"But the Sith Empire are crawling around that area, so be careful if you ever did go."

Stephanie brushed her hand against some purple and green vines that hung low beside them on the walk.

"Go on. Tell me about one of your adventures. Where is the best place you’ve seen? Sell the your skills to me!"

Laira Darkhold

#1709671 Another Battle of Anzat [TSE vs SJO]

Posted by Stephanie Swail on 16 January 2018 - 05:10 AM

With a hand clamped around her throat and a hand around her wrist, the Anzat was locked in with Stephanie who had her fingers tight around his wrist on her throat.

It was a brutal, raw stand-off. No room for grace or rules of battle, but a want to survive and the personal attributes of both Jedi and Sith coming out to the other as the skirmish raged on around them. Swirls of orange dust blew around them from passing fighters as the battle seemed to be getting more intense overhead.

Her eyes fixed on his, her head pulling back as best she could, all the muscles in her body tense and fuelled with adrenalin. The thin, amphibian-esque proboscises licked forward towards her. She gasped slightly as his grip went tighter, and his words drew her in.

"There is nothing you have that I need," she hissed, looking into his eyes and seeing all of his features; his muscle, skin and bone. The Force swelled as she refrained from heeding his words. "You…are a failure to your homeworld…"

Stephanie’s hand was tight on the arm holding her throat, and she lurched forward to wrap her arm around the Anzat’s head in a desperate, savage move. She twisted, pulling closer and thrashing like a wild Nexu to wrestle the Anzat in a wonderfully ungraceful collapse to the ground.

It was with her free hand that she reached for the dagger in the hip sheath and pulled it, aiming to plunge it into his side.

Kilrys Serccci