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Lannis Morcus

Lannis Morcus

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About Me

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NAME: Lannis Morcus
FACTION: Core Imperial Confederation

RANK: Lord Commander of the Emperor's Royal Guard
AGE: 62

SEX: Male
WEIGHT: About average.
EYES: Blue
HAIR: Grey
SKIN: White
FORCE SENSITIVE: A former Padawan within the Jedi Order, Lannis recieved a basic amount of training in the ways of the Force before leaving the order due to the death of his former Jedi master. Over the course of many decades of learning, he has developed into an experienced swordsman and practitioner of the dark side.

VOICE SAMPLE: Charles Dance



STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES (Required: 2 Weaknesses Minimum) :
An experienced and well trained practitioner of the Dark Side, the Baron has honed his skills with the force through decades of intense study and training, still capable of preforming surprising feats even in his older age. He is also a master swordsman, specializing primarily in the Makashi style of lightsaber combat, though he has a good amount of experience with the other six forms. However, the Baron's mastery of the force and the blade is easily matched by his over-inflated ego, which has at times got him into a spot of bother, though he perseveres to ensure it does not hinder his plans wherever possible. He also suffers from a minor lung problem, controlled by simple medications, though the threat of such a weakness being used against him is always present.


An elderly, yet formidable warrior, Baron Morcus wears a standard issue suit of Inquisitor Armor, with a long black cloak draped around him. His face, quite aged, usually bares a a stern look as he conducts his daily business. He'd have short grey hair and a magnificent beard on his chin, well kempt and cleaned daily. He'd have a standard issue Inquisitorial Double-Bladed Spinning Lightsaber affixed to his belt at all times.


A former Jedi Padawan, Lannis Morcus was once a convicted and devout member of the Jedi Order, always putting himself in the line of danger to save others. However, after an incident on his birthworld, Serenno, involving the death of his master, the Baron was stricken with great grief and anger, causing his fall to the dark side. Believing he could restore order to the galaxy by himself, he reclaimed his rightful fortune and had, over a few decades, amassed a large financial empire, investing in various corporations and planets to amass an even larger amount of wealth. He's estimated to be worth 50 billion credits, perhaps even more, financially. In the last few years, the Baron was falsely exiled over accusations of corruption, when in all reality, he'd been ousted from power by jealous rivals seeking to steal his territory. After a stint as the Grand Inquisitor of the Imperial Inquisitorius amongst the Galactic Empire, and then as a liberator and noble of Commenor, Morcus has once again returned to the Imperial fold, reforming and serving as the Lord Commander of a newly resurrected Royal Guard, a position with great political power amongst the fledgling Core Imperial Confederation.


TIE Advanced v1


The TIE Advanced v1 was an experimental TIE fighter model of the Imperial Navy. It was heavily based off Republic Sienar Systems' own Scimitar. The starfighter was fitted with basic shields, and unlike the TIE Advanced x1, the v1's S-foils could fold in around the cockpit when not in flight, conserving hangar space. Unusually for a TIE model, it had solar panels only on the inside surface of the wings, instead armor-plating the outside surfaces in order to make it more resistant to enemy fire from the sides. This resulted in lower power output from the panels, requiring the engines to run on fuel instead of the solar reactor, which only powered weapons, sensors, and auxiliary systems. It also lacked a hyperdrive, which meant that it relied on capital ships for long-range transportation, like most of the TIE models. The TIE Advanced v1 was armed with dual chin mounted laser cannons, and had the ability to launch warheads, including an XX-23 S-thread tracker.




None, as of yet. Just got started!

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