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Elani Zambrano

Elani Zambrano

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Dances With Spears [Xavier]

10 March 2018 - 08:13 PM

Elani wandered the halls of the Dark Force Temple, Bobo perched on her shoulder, eyeing their surroundings. "Easy, Bobo. Easy." Elani soothed his frantic eyeing with soft pets upon his scalp. "Yes, I know he is here. I invited him." Elani walked to the front entrance of the Dark Force Temple. The massive stoned doors eased open, letting out a hefty breeze of air with it.


"Xavier Vi'dreya...I knew your sister. She trained me once. And here I am. Before the young Vi'dreya. Offering you lessons in the dark side." Bobo let out a wild screech at the boy. "Stop that, Bobo. What did I tell you?" Bobo whimpered and settled down.


"So, where shall we begin?"


Xavier Vi'dreya

Armor of Exar Kun

06 March 2018 - 10:59 AM





  • Manufacturer: Exar Kun
  • Model: N/A
  • Affiliation: Elani Zambrano
  • Modularity: No
  • Production: Unique
  • Material: 


  • Classification: Multipurpose
  • Weight: Light
  • Resistances:

- Blasters Very High

- Kinetic: Average

- Lightsabers: Very High


  • Sith amulet in left gauntlet


  • Cortosis weave provides lightsaber resistance
  • Lightweight
  • Resident dark side energies


  • Large, heavy cloak can burden the one wearing the armor
  • Offers only little protection from metal blades where the duranium plates are
  • Dark side aura is a beacon



The armor of Exar Kun, the armor worn by the former Dark Lord of the Sith himself.Crafted by the Sith's most experienced armorsmiths and rediscovered by Elani Zambrano, the armor of Exar Kun is a true testament to the power that the dark side can grant a worthy individual. The armor is mostly made of armorweave and the hide of Nighthunters. Both of these materials offer great protection from energy weapons.


Also, the armor is outfitted with plates of duranium laced with cortosis on the. The duranium was made into a breastplate, shoulderplates, and gauntlets, giving the one wearing the armor's upper body almost full protection. The cortosis grants great protection from lightsabers wihle the duranium itself is strong enough to protect the one wearing the armor from many dangers. 


This is a canon item!

Ghostbusters 2

06 March 2018 - 10:42 AM

Elani stepped up to Dark Force Temple, embracing the uneasy aura that poured from it's walls. The air was still and cold, but it did not bother Elani. To her, it was normal. It was home. She stepped inside where her guardian, Koren Merr, awaited her. 


"Koren, take me to him."


The brute nodded. His inability to speak did not bar him from understanding and replying. At least, when the reply was as simple as yes or no. He led her into the deeper reaches of the temple and, eventually, to a cell where an old, decrepit man lay, restrained to the wall by chains. He appeared to have not eaten in days and his skin was flaky. Elani removed her hood from her head and knelt down to get a better look at the man.


"My name is Elani Zambrano. I come to you in the name of the Emperor to ask you some questions. And you will answer me. If you choose to be difficult, my guardian will be forced to act. Is that understood?"


The old man replied with just a nod of his head. His mouth reeked of rot. He did not want to offend Elani by opening it.


"Very good. Now, what is your name?"


"Eli. Eli Whistner."


"Mr. Whistner, where are you from?"


"I am from Corellia. Born and raised there."


"Interesting. Tell me, how did you get to Dromund Kaas?"


"I was travelling with a group of merchants. They had heard of reconstruction here and were looking to set up shop. I needed money so I offered my help with whatever they needed. And what they needed was a pack mule."


"Mhm. And why were you brought here, into my temple, and placed in chains?"


"I was snooping where I had no business, Lady Zambrano. I swear I meant no disresp-ack."


Elani cut him off by grabbing hold of his throat. "Well, the disrespect was certainly done. You bring your foul stench near these halls. You lesser beings must learn your place." And, like that, she snapped his neck, killing him instantly.


Koren stood by the door, holding what appeared to be an old parchment. Koren pointed to the dead old man and handed Elani the paper. "He had this on him?" She unrolled the paper and looked closely and realized what it was. "This..it's a map of one of the corridors here in the temple. And...it leads to..ohh yes." Elani rolled the paper back up and left the cell for the main foyer.


"Koren, grab a torch and stay close. That old man definitely had a reason for coming here. This map shows a secret passage here in the temple that is hiding a great treasure: the armor of Exar Kun. I must claim it for father."


Elani looked over the map once more and began walked deeper into the temple. Koren followed close behind her, holding the torch above her for light. It was simple considering he was at least 3 feet taller than her. She stopped at a bare wall. "No indication of a door. Perfect spot. Koren, push that wall. There should be a panel of some sort somewhere..."


Elani and Koren felt the all, pushing against it to get some kind of reaction. Then, Koren took a step on a panel near the base of the wall, opening the door. "Well done, Koren. Let's move." Elani walked into the revealed corridor with Koren. As they walked, torches hanging from the walls illuminated all on their own, bringing light to the dark, enclosed path down a seemingly endless flight of stairs. 


Eventually, Elani reached the bottom of the stairs and, once she did, an enormous room was blessed with light from torches strewn about. "There.." Elani pointed towards the middle of the room where the armor of Exar Kun stood, suspended in a artificial gravity field inside of a glass case. "Koren, fetch." Koren moved swiftly to the glass case to retrieve the armor. He, carefully, opened the case and pulled the armor from it's suspension. "Bring it to me.."


Low hissing could be heard echoing throughout the room. Koren looked around for the source, as did Elani. "We are not alone, Koren. Ready yourself!" Koren placed the armor on the ground and pulled his power hammer from his back. Elani reached beneath her cloak and grabbed her lightsaber hilt. Her fingers rested on the activator, ready to press down once the fighting began.


Holes in the ground opened up across the room. From them, dozens of laigreks climbed out from the darkness, angry and bloodthirsty. Koren swung his hammer wildly, smashing the beasts left and right. Elani's lightsaber cut through the laigreks with ease. The bodies of the monsters were piling up until it was quiet once more. "We either scared them enough to keep them down there or they're all dead. Either way, let's get out of here.."


Koren retrieved the armor once more and led Elani back up to the surface. "Let's get this to my father. He would appreciate it."

Irresistible [Valkyries]

24 December 2017 - 04:27 AM

The Valkyries had a singular purpose: make the choice of revealing the truth of the Dark Side to those ignorant to it, or grant them the peace of death should they be too weak to truly handle the truth. A simple task that held grand repercussions. Valkyries were seen as dark angelic creatures weaving through the battlefield in search of potential acolytes to bring to the dark side.


Something lurked deep within the Dark Force Temple of Dromund Kaas. An artifact from an era long gone. One that, in the hands of the Valkyries, would usher in a new age for the Sith Empire. It was the Sith Nova Holocron, an artifact crafted by Count Dooku that would locate Jedi Padawans across the galaxy for the purpose of turning them to the dark side.


Ever since Elani first stepped foot into the temple when the Sith had returned to Dromund Kaas, she could feel the darkness emanating from the artifact. She sensed it's power coming from deep within the temple, but there was a sufficient enough interference blocking her from determining where the artifact was exactly. She needed help from her fellow valkyries in order to bring the holocron to the surface and begin utilizing it. She called upon her sisters for their aid and awaited them just outside of the temple.

Koren Merr

30 November 2017 - 12:08 AM



  • Intent: A personal guard for Elani Zambrano
  • ​Image Credit: Game of Thrones
  • Role: Elani's guard, Imperial Sentinel
  • Links: N/A


  • Age: Appears 34
  • Force Sensitivity: NFU
  • Species: Kiffar
  • Appearance: Koren's a powerfully built humanoid. His skin is slate gray as if he is a corpse, but he is just as alive as the rest of us. Well, most of us anyway. His eyes are bloodshot and red. Patches of black hair sprout from his head in a mangled mess. 


  • Name: Koren Merr
  • Loyalties: Elani Zambrano
  • Wealth: None
  • Notable Possessions: None
  • Skills: 
    • ​Unbelievable strength(2x that of an average human)
    • Beast riding
    • Martial arts
  • Personality: Koren is a creature void of any personality. He doesn't speak. Only listens to his master's will. When given an order, he reacts immediately and does what he is told to the letter. He is nothing but a ruthless guard dog thanks to the genetic manipulation on him.


  • Weapon of Choice: Power hammer
  • Combat Function: Koren unleashes his incredible strength when ordered to be Elani. He'll bend and break any foe he fights. He swings his power hammer and incredible speeds and crushes his foes. This is the only way he is effective, however. Anyone outside of his reach is safe from his wrath. Koren will ride his beast into battle and as it rips through his enemies with it's jaws, Koren will engage them with his hammer and his martial arts. Koren's large size is great for slow and heavy hits so faster and smarter opponents can defeat him. The main issue with Koren is that he cannot act without verbal orders from Elani. Should she be unable to speak to Koren for some reason, he'd basically be just a giant paperweight.


In an effort to search for more ways to increase her influence, Elani Zambrano ventured to Byss, the former throne world of Emperor Palpatine, for answers. Once there, she managed to salvage some knowledge from an ancient tome found in the depths of the planet's capital city. The tome explained to her the process to creating Imperial Sentinels, guards of the Emperor's Dark Side Adepts. She took the instructions to a group of Imperial scientists to aid her in creating a sentinel of her own. 


Elani had the proper equipment gathered to begin the process. Using tissue from some Kiffar, she began the cloning process. During the gestation period, as the process instructs, Elani introduced several chemicals into her sentinels body. These chemicals eliminated almost all brain functions, turning the sentinel into a subservient being. As the sentinel grew, Elani mutated the sentinel using Sith alchemy, greatly increasing it's strength and size. As a result, it's skin turned a deathly gray as if he were a corpse. Soon, Elani's sentinel was fully grown and ready to serve her.