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Kian Karr

Kian Karr

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In Topic: Questions and Answers....(part 1)

Yesterday, 09:12 AM

Kian was running again...his legs burning, his lungs screaming, his heart pounding. They were right on his heels, whatever they were. That same branch slapped across his face, cutting him just next to his anti-ox mask once again. He could feel them in the force....their evil intent. Feel them closing in on him. Just as he was certain he'd be caught


....Kian was no longer running but was standing still again. The alter was before him, covered in blood. He could hear screeching in the background but it did not sound human. 


Then he was outside, standing in a brilliant green field, the sun warm on his skin. "Wake up." A feminine voice called and Kian turned to see her standing there. "WAKE UP!" She said louder and just as the light dimmed to reveal her face....Kian did just 


"Wake up!" Kian's eyes shot open and as the blurriness of sleep faded he saw the face of Ripley, the young female Bothan padawan of Mathis. She was standing over him and as Kian sat up he realized an alarm was blaring. 


"What is it?" Kian said, his fatigue fading as he pulled himself to his feet. 


"We're going down." Ripley said and Kian could feel the fear in her voice. "We think we found it, but there is something wrong with the ship."


Kian considered the padawan's words as he pushed his way past and out the door toward the cockpit. "Be calm young one." Kian reassured her as he walked on. "We will be fine."


"Yes Master." She said, though Kian noted a lack of confidence in her response. When Kian came into the cockpit he found Mathis, the older human female, working frantically at the controls. Unlike Ripley, Kian did not sense fear but rather a grim determination. Slipping into the co-pilot seat, Kian looked out the viewport at the rapidly approaching planet and his breath caught in his mask. It was certainly the place.....the planet from his dreams. 


"We are here." Kian said, his voice coming out in nothing more than a whisper. 


"Won't do us much good if we die in the crash." Mathis said grimly, her thick imperial accent steady. 


"We won't." Kian said working over the controls. Mathis would fly, as Kian was an adequate pilot at best. Scanners were functioning though and he began a scan of the area below. "If we adjust to these coordinates," Kian said glancing at the read out, "We can get through the atmosphere mostly unscathed and put down......here." Kian said indicated a clearing along the edge of a heavily forested area. 


"Strap in!" Mathis said over her shoulder and Ripley quickly dropped into a seat and strapped herself in. "This will be a rough landing....this thing is flying like a brick."


"What happened?" Kian asked as he braced himself and the ship rocked violently as it cut through the atmosphere. 


"I'm not sure." Mathis said, her eyes narrowed with concentration. "We were fine one minute and then everything went to hell in the next."


Kian considered her words, a sinking feeling forming in the pit of his stomach as they broke through cloud cover and he saw the ground coming toward them.....really fast....


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In Topic: Little by little, one travels far.... (Open to Epsilon Members)

17 February 2018 - 06:29 PM

Kian considered his padawan's question for a moment as they walked. It had been difficult to survive on the planet, especially given the savage beasts that were hunting him. It was ultimately his training and the force that had lead to his survival. 


"Dumb luck." Kian said chuckling as they made their way toward the hangar. Kian keyed a code into his datapad and sent off a quick message so that his droid, CG-50, would start get The Shadow through its pre-flight checks. "Also my training and the guidance of the living force."


"Ultimately," Kian said as they continued on, "You will find in time that the training you will receive will become so second nature that it will be like breathing..." Kian raised a hand as they came to a lift and keyed in his access code, the doors opening before them and the lift bringing them down to the third level down, where the hangar was located. 


"Do you own a lightsaber? And have you received much training with one?" Kian asked as the lift doors opened on the hangar. "I can supply one to use on the journey if you do not." Kian suggested. Kian would be going in more cautiously this time, and having survived the planet once he knew better about what to expect, but that was not to mean it would be a risk free trip. 


"The planet can be quite dangerous."


Lokthra Dawning

In Topic: Unaffiliated Jedi looking for a place to fit in

17 February 2018 - 04:26 PM

Lanter Kells

You should come check out the Republic remnant! The Jedi are unaffiliated with any government power so we kind of get to do our own thing as long as we stick to Republic law. And the added benefit is we are just now forming and so you can have a real impact on the type of order we become!

In Topic: Big Day

16 February 2018 - 08:49 PM


Kian nodded along with Kana's words. With Corvus gone, Kian and Kana would be the only two to know the location of the tomb...Kian had no family left save his close friends among the Jedi and Aria's family had long since been gone. 


"Yes, just us." Kian agreed and crossed his arms over his chest. "And, regretfully, none of us know when we will join the force." Kian said smiling, "But I have no intentions of dying anytime soon!" Kian said holding up a taloned finger. 


Kian stopped and looked at his old friend, his head tilted to the side and sad feeling forming in the pit of his stomach.


"This almost feels like a goodbye doesn't it." Kian said running his hand over his head. 


"I'm....getting older." Kian said, not upset by the realization but merely acknowledging the fact. "I know I might not look it....or maybe I do." Kian said chuckling.


"But I feel it." Kian said after a moment of silence. "I do not know how many more battles I have left in me....Kel Dor do not live as long as humans and I can feel the twilight years upon me." Kian said, his words quiet and contemplative. It wasn't the sort of thing often admitted to in conversation but the kind of words that could be spoken without fear among a true friend. 


"While I do not know if I will see this place again....or you....I hope I will." Kian said turning back. 


Kana Truden

In Topic: Shipwrecked! (Republic Remnant)

16 February 2018 - 07:56 PM

"Dada...." Yelled a voice and Kian reached down, plucking Plo from the ground and spinning him around.

The little Kel Dor let out a burst of laughter as Kian spun him around in a circle. 

"You'll make him sick." A voice came from behind him and Kian threw a smirk over his shoulder at Aria.

A part of Kian was well aware that none of this was real....a part of him knew this was a dream. 

"He'll be fine," Kian said sitting his son down and turning toward his wife.....but she was gone.

Turning back in alarm, Kian saw that Plo too had vanished....


Kian jerked awake, the blaring of an alarm drawing him out of his dream. He'd fallen asleep in his quarters, succumbing to the busy and exhausting day he'd had previously. Kian shook his head, trying to clear the dream from his consciousness and focus his attention on his surroundings and the alarms blaring. Kian had been thinking of his family more lately.....ever since he was marooned several years back. He'd almost died out there, lost to the galaxy and it had been the memory of his family that had kept him going....his family that had been gone a very long time. 


Kian darted to the door. He'd slept in his usual robes, his lightsaber dangling from his belt. Kian rarely left it off his person anymore, his duties as a Shadow instilling in him a bit of paranoia that was perhaps unbecoming a Jedi Master. 


"What is happening?" Kian asked a young human who was rushing past. He recognized the young man....a soldier perhaps?


"We're going down!" Was all the man said before rushing off once more. Kian began to rush forward, following closely on the young man's heels. He was not much of a pilot, but perhaps he could help where he was needed. Kian started to stretch out with the force as he rushed forward, trying to feel for familiar presences among those assembled. It was difficult to do, the panic and chaos of the minds and force signatures around him making it virtually impossible to make much sense of it. 


Kian had just identified a familiar presence when he heard a proximity alarm chime in and he felt the familiar tingling of danger.....
"BRACE YOURSELVES!" Kian yelled to those around him in the hallway. Kian had nothing to grab hold of....no room to leap into as the doors around him were closed. Throwing his arms up, Kian thrust outward with the force, trying to create a barrier in the cramped hallway, hoping to protect those around him and pressed backward, jamming his body as best he could into the small divot of a nearby doorway.


This was going to be bad.


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