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Kian Karr

Kian Karr

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In Topic: Jedi of the Ciomia Temple

12 March 2018 - 08:18 PM

Zeradias Mant


In Topic: Introduction Thread

11 March 2018 - 11:03 AM

Lok Jorunn

Sounds great! I'll add you to the list, it went online you to bring a never if the order but will ensure I tag you in any upcoming Jedi threads. We have one going right now that is for all master and Knight level Jedi to discuss the organization of this order. And I'm all about The Shadows!

Téa Kensington-Evans

Welcome aboard! Let us know if you need anything! There is a senator thread going on right now if your interested (I see a politician title bar!).

In Topic: Hypothermic Emergency [Republic Remnant Dominion of Rinn Hex]

11 March 2018 - 09:45 AM

"As you can see, we are a secure location." Max said, his voice booming loudly in such a quiet warehouse. The place was relatively deserted, with a few workers busy in their tasks. Kian turned to face the salesman and nodded his head. They had entered through, seemingly the only entrance to the compound, and it had been an adequate security measure....but only adequate. 


"Of course." Kian said, his eyes scanning the place, looking for potential locations for how the saboteurs had entered the compound. "The security is 24/7?" Kian inquired, his eyes settling on three large air circulation units by the far wall. 


"Of course!" The man said indignantly. "During the night, when the workers are gone, we run sweeps every hour." Max said and, even if Kian had not had a report on the security of the place, he would tell the man was lying from his force aura. Kian smiled beneath his mask, knowing it was not the lie of an accomplice but rather the lie of a man trying to close a sale. 


"What are these?" Kian asked walking toward the large circulation units on the wall.


"Those are our circulation system....air purification as well as heating." Max said. As Kian got closer, a small piece of cloth caught his eye, dangling from a screw that was sticking out of the wall slightly. Not wanting Max to see the piece as well, Kian turned back to the man.


"And those?" Kian said inclining his head over Max's shoulder. The man turned to face the large cylinders at the center of the room and as he did so, Kian opened his palm, willing the force to pull the material free of the catch and fly into his hand. Kian, without looking at it, slid it into his pocket as Max turned back.


"Those are power converters." The large man said and Kian smiled beneath his mask once again...




"What is it?" Gnost asked back aboard their ship, holding the small piece of cloth in the air. It had an emblem emblazoned on it.


"Our first clue!" Kian said sinking into a seat and rubbing the cold from his joints. "Start running a cross-check between that symbol and those in our system. If we can identify what organization it belongs too....we may be able to pinpoint who sabotaged the fuel cells."


Gnost nodded and as he went about his work, Kian closed his eyes and allowed himself to sink into a meditation. 

In Topic: Junkyard Rumble [Republic Remnant Dominion of Lydrax Hex]

10 March 2018 - 11:29 PM


Objective 1: Take down the Pirates

Location: Poliard Warehouse District, Secret Base of  Shella Zen


"Shella in a bit of a mood this morning," The guard said laughing and rubbing the stubble on his face. 


"You better be careful talking like that!" The younger female Rodian said shaking her head and glancing around. "Shella has ears everywhere."


"I'm not afraid of her!" The guard said chuckling, though from the Shadows Gnost could tell that he stiffened and began to glance around more nervously. 


"Sure you aren't." The Rodian said laughing. So engrossed in their conversation were the two guards that they didn't notice the two Kel Dor Jedi slip through the small hole in the perimeter fencing. Kian was proud of Gnost as the two made their way through. In their time training together, Kian had been focusing the younger Jedi on the skills necessary to make him a Shadow and Gnost had taken to the stealth skills quite adeptly. 


Kian nodded his head to the right and the two, sticking to the shadows, move silently away from the two guards. As their voices faded in the background, Kian placed a hand on Gnost shoulder and guided him behind a number of large crates. 

"What do you think are in these?" the padawan asked glancing around the corner to survey the area. 


"Nothing good." Kian said and pulled a small device out and attached it to the crates. Gnost glanced at him quizzically. "Transmitters. No reason why we can not tag the place why we are here. Once we are out we will transmit to the military and they will be able to turn this place to rubble." As Kian finished speaking, movement drew Gnost attention away and for the first time since landing he saw their quarry. Gnost's first impression was that she was a smaller women than he had envisioned...the second was the cold icy presence he felt from her. It was with a startled realization that Gnost had stretched out in the force when he saw her and quickly, Shella glanced in their direction. For a moment it appeared as if she would see them but then Gnost felt nothing....his presence, her presence....gone. 


Glancing over at Kian, Gnost could tell that his master was masking their presence and using the box to maintain the visual barrier between her and them. Not moving to avoid alerting her to their presence, Shella continued her conversation and moved into the building. 


"Time to move." Kian said pushing Gnost further into the compound and closer to their objective....

In Topic: Introduction Thread

10 March 2018 - 07:52 AM

Lok Jorunn

Hello and welcome!

I see a Jedi Knight tag, are you planning on joining the Jedi here? If so I'll add you to my tag roster for any Jedi threads! (No obligation mind you!)