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Kian Karr

Kian Karr

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#1734963 Questions and Answers....(part 1)

Posted by Kian Karr on Yesterday, 09:12 AM

Kian was running again...his legs burning, his lungs screaming, his heart pounding. They were right on his heels, whatever they were. That same branch slapped across his face, cutting him just next to his anti-ox mask once again. He could feel them in the force....their evil intent. Feel them closing in on him. Just as he was certain he'd be caught


....Kian was no longer running but was standing still again. The alter was before him, covered in blood. He could hear screeching in the background but it did not sound human. 


Then he was outside, standing in a brilliant green field, the sun warm on his skin. "Wake up." A feminine voice called and Kian turned to see her standing there. "WAKE UP!" She said louder and just as the light dimmed to reveal her face....Kian did just 


"Wake up!" Kian's eyes shot open and as the blurriness of sleep faded he saw the face of Ripley, the young female Bothan padawan of Mathis. She was standing over him and as Kian sat up he realized an alarm was blaring. 


"What is it?" Kian said, his fatigue fading as he pulled himself to his feet. 


"We're going down." Ripley said and Kian could feel the fear in her voice. "We think we found it, but there is something wrong with the ship."


Kian considered the padawan's words as he pushed his way past and out the door toward the cockpit. "Be calm young one." Kian reassured her as he walked on. "We will be fine."


"Yes Master." She said, though Kian noted a lack of confidence in her response. When Kian came into the cockpit he found Mathis, the older human female, working frantically at the controls. Unlike Ripley, Kian did not sense fear but rather a grim determination. Slipping into the co-pilot seat, Kian looked out the viewport at the rapidly approaching planet and his breath caught in his mask. It was certainly the place.....the planet from his dreams. 


"We are here." Kian said, his voice coming out in nothing more than a whisper. 


"Won't do us much good if we die in the crash." Mathis said grimly, her thick imperial accent steady. 


"We won't." Kian said working over the controls. Mathis would fly, as Kian was an adequate pilot at best. Scanners were functioning though and he began a scan of the area below. "If we adjust to these coordinates," Kian said glancing at the read out, "We can get through the atmosphere mostly unscathed and put down......here." Kian said indicated a clearing along the edge of a heavily forested area. 


"Strap in!" Mathis said over her shoulder and Ripley quickly dropped into a seat and strapped herself in. "This will be a rough landing....this thing is flying like a brick."


"What happened?" Kian asked as he braced himself and the ship rocked violently as it cut through the atmosphere. 


"I'm not sure." Mathis said, her eyes narrowed with concentration. "We were fine one minute and then everything went to hell in the next."


Kian considered her words, a sinking feeling forming in the pit of his stomach as they broke through cloud cover and he saw the ground coming toward them.....really fast....


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#1734520 Unaffiliated Jedi looking for a place to fit in

Posted by Kian Karr on 17 February 2018 - 04:26 PM

Lanter Kells

You should come check out the Republic remnant! The Jedi are unaffiliated with any government power so we kind of get to do our own thing as long as we stick to Republic law. And the added benefit is we are just now forming and so you can have a real impact on the type of order we become!

#1733484 Not as clumsy or random as a blaster...

Posted by Kian Karr on 15 February 2018 - 09:14 PM

Kian continued to pace among the group, watching the uniqueness of each Jedi's use of Form I. Every practitioner brought into a fighting style their own personality quirks and styles. No two Jedi would ever appear to be the same in combat, no matter how much they adhered to a particular style. 


"Very good." Kian said, watching the two Knights duel intensifying. Hearing his name, Kian turned to his own apprentice, Lokthra Dawning. She appeared to be doing quite well but there was something clearly bothering her. 


"You're doing well Lokthra." Kian said stepping over. "Remember to allow the force to flow through you....to concentrate on the Living Force and to keep yourself in the present." Kian said.  "Allow your intuitions to guide your movements in deflecting the blaster fire....those intuitions are often the Living Force at work." Kian said placing an encouraging hand on his padawan's shoulder. 


Kian gave the students several more minutes of practice before stepping to the front of the group again and addressing them as a whole once more. 


Kian ignited his lightsaber and brought the blade up before him, the blade perpendicular to the ground and facing directing up into the air in front of his face. With a flourish, Kian dropped the blade down into a one-handed low guard, the traditional opening stance of the second form of lightsaber combat. 


"Makashi," Kian said glancing around the group, "Is the second Form of lightsaber combat, known as the way of the Ysalamari."


"Makashi was developed for one purpose and one purpose only," Kian said and waved a training droid forward. "Lightsaber to lightsaber combat." The training droid activated the training saber and attacked Kian. Kian was not a Makashi practitioner. In fact, Kian would consider Makashi to be one of the combat styles he was weakest in, alongside Ataru. However, the training droid was not set on an advanced setting and as it came forward, Kian sidestepped the attack, cutting his blade across in a flick of his wrist, pushing the blade aside. Kian continued his motion, gliding toward the flank of the droid, which turned to attack again. 


"While Form I focuses on sweeping attacks meant to disarm, Form II focuses on footwork and precision." Kian said as the droid came forward with a series of slashes. Kian continued to flick his wrist, moving his blade in small cuts and slashes that redirected the attacks, then darted to the side cutting down as he went and scoring a hit on the droids thigh. 


"A Form II master will almost appear to be dancing," Kian said deactivating his blade and the droid did likewise, stepping back. "floating around the fight and positioning themselves for precise cuts and jabs." 


"Why don't we try implement it?" Kian suggested to the group. "Focus on back and forward and side to side footwork. You do not want to overpower you're opponent, you want to anticipate them and out maneuver them. Makashi can be practiced wish two hands, but typically is fought with a single handed grip." Kian suggested and stepped back to give the group room once more. 


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#1733393 Law and Order [Republic Remnant Dominion of the Nar Haaska Hex]

Posted by Kian Karr on 15 February 2018 - 07:20 PM

Primary Objective: Seize control of the planet from the Hutts

Secondary Objective: Capture the Hutts in charge

Tertiary Objective: Shadow business....move along!

Quaternary Objective: Sober Alexandra up


In Kian's time as a Jedi Shadow he had spent a great deal of time in some very unsavory places but there was something uniquely vile about the feel of a Hutt controlled world. Kian could not quite put his finger on it. It was a sense in the force, a feeling of.....oppression......a feeling of....fear. It was an unsettling feeling but one that Kian had experienced from time to time when he had ventured to worlds such as this. 


Kian's hand drifted down to his waist brushing against the dark hilt of his lightsaber and stepped further back into the shadows. Looking around, Kian was certain he still hadn't been seen. He'd arrived in a transport several hours previously and had set out to do some leg work on ways into the palace. Kian had no contacts on the planet, but it was amazing how much one could learn simply by listening to what people say in passing or in hushed conversations when they thought others are not listening. 


Kian had been making his way closer and closer to the palace while collecting information when he'd suddenly felt a familiar presence. The force signature was strong and, while Kian was certain he'd known them, he was not familiar enough with the aura to pinpoint just who it was. 


"Everything alright Master?" Gnost asked in his ear. Kian turned his attention across the street to where his young apprentice was kneeling in an alley, dressed in street clothes. The two had been working more and more together and the younger Jedi was beginning to be adept at reading his uncle's force signature. Their natural abilities of telepathy also aided in this process. 


"I think so." Kian said pulling further back into the alley. "Make your way back to the ship. I want you there to provide information and an escape should we need it." Kian said and began to make his way toward the force signature.


When the presence lead Kian to a cantina he began to have a sinking feeling who it might be....



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#1728709 Calling All Jedi! - The Republic Remnant

Posted by Kian Karr on 08 February 2018 - 07:09 PM

Lilla Syrin


Absolutely, we will work it in somehow!

#1728393 Major Faction Application | The Republic Remnant

Posted by Kian Karr on 08 February 2018 - 07:43 AM

Checking in!!!

#1728104 En Force, We Fight [Republic Remnant]

Posted by Kian Karr on 07 February 2018 - 08:44 PM

The soldiers poured into the hole created by the crashed ship. Luck played a part in all things, but certainly in times of war and Kian was not going to allow such a good opportunity to be wasted. Kian, relying on the force to further reinforce his growing fatigue, Kian was the first through the opening, his lightsaber held steadily forward defensively. Kian was surprised to find that, as they entered through the opening, they met little resistance.


Then he looked around. 


Scattered across the area were the bodies of imperial soldiers. Some were dead but many more injured. The crash into the wall had taken down a great number of the enemy and sent deadly debris out, immobilizing many in the area. But that was not the only reason that there was little resistance as Kian made his way through the smoke and the breach. 


Reinforcements had arrived. 


It seemed as Kian and the soldiers had been pushing their way through the damaged wall, others, lead by Avin Starfire, had began to mount an assault on the wall as well. This had prompted much of the attention of the defenders. Out there somewhere else amidst the fray of combat, Kian could also feel the presence of Mereel Vaun. It was a hard force signature to miss....the strange blend of Jedi and Mando...


"We need to move quickly," Bronn said coming up beside Kian as the soldiers shuffled in beside them and took defensive positions, "They are preoccupied. Time to hit them hard." The man said pointing toward the stormtroopers who were engaging the other force. 


"Well." Kian said looking around. "As far as I can tell, you're the highest ranking soldier left. What are your orders?"


Bronn seemed to consider this for a moment, a look of sudden concern flashing across his face as he looked around, as if searching for someone to replace him. 


"I suppose I am." He said, putting some steel into his voice. "Soldiers. Move around toward the enemy flank." Bronn said through his headset, "Use that structure there," He said indicating a damaged building to the west of their position, "as a means of covering our advance."


The soldiers moved as one, using the cover to protect their movements from giving away their positions. So engaged were the stormtroopers that Kian and his men likely could have charged right at them and practically taken them by surprise. As they advanced, Kian stretched out with the force searching for the touch of Jed Starfire's mind looking to impart the information that they were coming to him.


Jedi Starfire.....we are approaching from the enemies flank.


"On my mark." Bronn said and Kian lifted his lightsaber, waiting to thumb the switch to activate the blade and felt the build up of tension among the soldiers around him. "ADVANCE!" Bronn yelled and at the same time Kian sent the message through the force to Jedi Starfire that they were attacking. The soldier's came from around the building, moving in a similar pattern to how they had on the beach. Units of six men, three fire, three advancing and then alternating to provide cover in the open area. Kian ignited his blade and rushed forward, clearing half the ground before the stormtroopers began to fire on them. With a final leap Kian brought himself at the nearest group of soldiers and back into the fight. 


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#1725664 Not as clumsy or random as a blaster...

Posted by Kian Karr on 04 February 2018 - 09:30 PM

Kian circled the groups, walking among them as they practiced. Seeing that his apprentice, Lokthra Dawning and her partner hadn't begun, Kian waved over a training droid who went through the motions with her. 


"Form 1," Kian said, "may seem simple, but it is the backbone of every other Form....none can be mastered until at least a rudimentary understanding of the first form is established." Kian said and a wicked grin formed beneath his mask. 


"It is also the backbone of blaster deflection." Kian said and with a wave of his hand a number of training probes floated into the air, each one going off toward a different Jedi. 


"Now, these are designed to adjust according to their opponents skill level." Kian informed the class. "You need to rely on the force....allow it to flow through you and to trust your instincts on where the probe droid will strike." 


"While they are only training bolts....they pack a sting." Kian said knowing all too well the sting of the small circular droids. 


"Once we've gotten comfortable with this, we can run down the other Forms." Kian said not wanting the class to get too worn out before they had time to learn, at the very least, the basics of each style. 


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#1724727 Major Faction Application

Posted by Kian Karr on 03 February 2018 - 05:18 PM

The Jedi Order of the Republic Remnant is an order in transition. When the Galactic Republic fell, many Jedi joined other factions or scattered to unknown places. Now, however, with the establishment of the Republic Remnant, many Jedi, both new and old, are gathering at the Nadiem Jedi Enclave to continue on in service to the Republic. While they serve the Republic they are no longer considered a special class of citizen. The Jedi Order serves the Republic Remnant and the Galaxy in the name of the lightside of the force following a more traditional path.

#1724601 Connor Harrison (Dark Side)

Posted by Kian Karr on 03 February 2018 - 01:08 PM

Connor Harrison


NOOOO!!!!! You were such a great Jedi.....it will be fun to have the Shadows hunt you some day:P

#1724161 En Force, We Fight [Republic Remnant]

Posted by Kian Karr on 02 February 2018 - 07:52 PM

Kian's blade came across his chest, the blade slamming into the blaster bolt and sending it into the enemy soldier off to his left before leaping into a roll and coming up, his blade thrusting forward and burying itself in the chest of the Imperial soldier in front of him. Kian pulled the blade back, retracting it from the man's chest and quickly dropped into a defensive stance, his blade flashing as it intercepted the incoming barrage of blaster fire. Kian didn't have time to reflect on the fact that he had just taken a life....that sort of thinking would plague him later when he had more time to reflect and less time spent merely trying to survive. 


"Get back!" Came a shout and Kian darted to the side, taking cover behind what little remained of what was once a wall. Just as Kian cleared the field, he felt the shockwave of an explosion and the heat of flames licking at his skin. 


"Good toss." Kian said to Bronn who stood behind the wall to Kian's said turning his attention to the beach around them. The unit Kian was attached too had made good headway and were more than three-quarters of the way up the beach now but had recently begun meeting heavier resistance. Looking back, Kian watched as the men sought desperately for cover, darting up to fire. The soldiers had been set up in small groups of six. Three would lay down cover fire while three would advance and then the roles would reverse and those who had previously provided cover would advance while those ahead provided cover fire. It had worked well, but there was a long stretch of flat ground now between the soldiers and the wall they needed to breach. 


"Its a kill zone." Bronn said and Kian nodded in agreement. Even if they cleared the distance at full speed.....too many would die in the rush forward. 


"There is no way we would be able to clear that and still take the wall." Kian said shutting his lightsaber down for a moment and pulling the comm to his ear to listen in on what was happening across the beach. Reports were coming in inconsistently and Kian could not make much out.


"We need some air..." Bronn began but stopped abruply. "Support!" He said louder and pointed toward an incoming ship. It was a Republic vessel. "Get on the comms and..." Bronn began to a solider next to him but Kian cut him off.


"He's going down." Kian said noticing the signs of a ship in distress. The ship was jerking erratically and it looked as if the ship would come down on top of Kian's group but the pilot pulled the ship up skimming just a few yards above the men. It took Kian a second to realize just where the ship would land. With a resounding thud and a thunderous explosion, the ship slammed into the walled encampment.


The walled encampment they needed to get into.


Bronn turned to Kian for a moment a look of astonishment on his face and then, slowly, a broad smile crept across it. 


"Everyone on me." Kian said and with a snap-hiss, his blade sprang to life. The dust, smoke, and debris of the crash was just the sort of cover the Jedi and soldiers needed....not to mention that giant breech in the wall was like a welcome mat had been rolled out. Kian hoped the pilot had ejected in time....


"Advance." The call came out over the comms and Kian darted from cover, his lightsaber flashing as blaster bolts once more began to rain in....though this time with far less accuracy in the darkness of the smoke. 


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#1723807 Jedi Apprentice In The Making

Posted by Kian Karr on 02 February 2018 - 11:24 AM

Novos Kolski

We are currently forming the Jedi of the Republic Remnant! We are traditional leaning and would be glad to have you!!

#1723354 Little by little, one travels far.... (Open to Epsilon Members)

Posted by Kian Karr on 01 February 2018 - 07:37 PM

What happened to the Republic? It was a good question and one Kian could only partly answer....he wasn't there when the Republic fell.


"We were beset by war." Kian said shrugging apologetically. "The One Sith devastated the Republic, invasion after invasion."


"But I was not present when the Republic fell." Kian said, a bit of regret bleeding into his voice. 


"I investigated a series of.....visions," Kian said, looking for the right word to use, "that were haunting me." 


"The investigation lead to a planet out in Wild Space. But a member of the Sith Assassins had also been drawn there." Kian said, not going into great detail about the mission that had drawn him away from the Order and the Republic for such a long time. 


"I was stranded there....so many years passed, lost on that planet." Kian said, "But I was saved by several of my colleagues among the Jedi Shadows and....well that about brings us to where we are now." 


Kian was about to say more when his datapad at his belt chimmed and Kian glanced at the message.


"Oh," Kian said smiling beneath the mask. "Would you like to go on a little trip offworld?" Kian asked, "Many years ago I discovered a planet by crashlanding there...and it seems something has activated the homing beacon on my wreckage...." Kian said fascinated and excited by the prospect of going back to the planet. 


Lokthra Dawning

#1723324 Of old friends....and new beginnings!

Posted by Kian Karr on 01 February 2018 - 06:59 PM

Kian considered the words of the Jedi before him carefully, trying not to allow his own preference or opinion to color his view of their own. Some called into question whether a Jedi Council without a head would be viable, leading to confusion when dealing with Republic officials and others. It was true, that in the least a figurehead was useful as far as interacting with those outside the Jedi Order.


Then there were ideas concerning the size of the council and sub-councils. Kian truly hadn't considered any option like that and he took a moment to allow the thought to pass through his mind, searching for historical examples of it. Certainly some enclaves, such as that on Dantooine in millennia past had established their own councils....but to do so so structurally was certainly unheard of. 


"Ultimately," Kian began after a long silence, "the form the council will take will depend on the nature of the Order we envision."


"My vision for the order may be very different than others present." Kian said shruggin, "and I would not want to impose my view on each of you. So perhaps we should discuss, just what we believe the purpose of the Jedi Order of the Republic Remnant should be, as this will aid us in determining the sort of governing body we would want."


"Before sharing mine, however, I do want to stress that there is no voice here that is valued more or less than any other." Kian said glancing among them, making sure to make eye contact with all present and finishing with a glance toward the newest arrival who was stroking the fur of some sort of animal. "Freely share your opinions and your thoughts on this."


"For me," Kian said, "the Jedi Order has always been about finding a balance between serving the Jedi Code and the lightside of the force and serving the interests of the Republic. This will be especially important now that the Jedi have no official role in the Republic Remnant."


"We are all private citizens unless we enlist in the military or are requested to aid in missions." Kian said, wanting this to be clear. "In and of itself, our status as Jedi give us no authority or command. This, some may see as harmful, but I see as freeing the Jedi from obligation to the Republic. We serve the Republic as citizens of the Republic, but we also serve the lightside of the force."


Kian considered this for a moment as he continued. He had thought on this long and hard when he'd first come to the Republic Remnant.


"Generations of Jedi past have had to balance their obligations to the service of the Republic and their obligations to the Jedi Order...." Kian said trying to articulate his thoughts, "and this has likely often come at a cost to some service the Jedi had to offer. In times of peace, this was likely marginal, but in times of war the Jedi, rightly so, focused much of their attention on serving."


"With the separation of the Jedi from the Republic, we can focus on our duties as Jedi.As such, my vision for the Jedi Order of the Republic Remnant is one that focuses on combating the rise of the darkside, on aiding in bringing stability and aid to those who need it, on advancing our knowledge, and on spreading light in the growing darkness."


"It is because of this that I view the duties of the Jedi Council to merely advise and not have a rigid, formal governing body to the order. The Council, in my view, would be here to advise and training Jedi to understand the code and duties of a Jedi. Once this is meet, there will be no need for structure and separate councils elsewhere because Jedi will have the training and knowledge necessary to follow the code and their judgement wherever the force might take them."


Kian finished, realizing he had rambled on a bit. He had tried to articulate his view as best he could.


"But my view of the Jedi," Kian said, putting meaning in his voice, "is not necessarily the proper view....that is why we are having this meeting."


"Thoughts?" Kian asked, looking around the group and clasping his hands behind his back. 


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#1722619 Not as clumsy or random as a blaster...

Posted by Kian Karr on 31 January 2018 - 10:51 PM

Kian nodded as he listened to the Jedi answer his question. Upon seeing the Jedi Knight Kolbacca approach, Kian inclined his head towards him as an indication that he was more than welcome to join in if he'd like. Kian turned to return to the lesson when a voice asked him if he would like water. Turning toward the young women, he found her standing before him in a .....maid's outfit. Kian was confused for a moment, glancing at the young girl. He felt no malice at her and waved a hand to decline the offer....still a maid in the Jedi Enclave....what was the Order coming to. 


"Jedi Reut brings up a very good point." Kian said smiling and bowing his head to the younger Jedi. "It should be the goal of all Jedi to resolve a situation without violence. Form Zero dictates that non-aggressive resolutions to a situation. As the Skyjudge Culoph once remarked, 'The best swords are unsheathed ones.'"


"That being said," Kian indicating glancing around at each student, "there are times when Form Zero is simply not tenable. And for a Jedi to seek out a peaceful solution when failing to act can result in significant harm to others does far more harm than good." Kian said, not negating the importance of Form Zero but simply trying to paint as accurate a picture as possible. "We should always strive for peace solutions, but be prepared to act in the defense of others when that is not an option."


"There are traditionally seven forms of lightsaber combat." Kian said noticing his padawan Lokthra Dawning had arrived and nodding toward her, "Jedi Krusi mentioned Soresu, the third form, and Djem So, the fifth form of lightsaber combat."


"We will certainly get to each of these shortly, but let us start with the first form, Shii-Cho." Kian said, igniting his lightsaber and holding it in the Jedi Ready stance. While Kian preferred a low guard opening stance, Jedi Ready was the most common used with Shii-Cho. "Shii-Cho, also known as the Way of the Sarlacc, is the oldest lightsaber form."


"It is even older than the lightsaber, having been forged when Jedi fought with swords. It is a simplistic fighting style, but its simplicity is in many ways its strength. It focuses on attack zones and target areas," Kian said pointing toward target zones on Jedi Knight Avin Starfire body, "using horizontal and vertical attacks."


"Why don't we pair up and give it a try?" Kian said smiling. "Jedi Starfire, why don't you pair up with Jedi Krusi," Kian said and turned toward the padawans. "Inas Reut with Lokthra Dawning."


"Make sure your sabers are set to training mode." Kian said disengaging his lightsaber and returning it to his belt.