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Kian Karr

Kian Karr

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Jedi of the Ciomia Temple

09 March 2018 - 01:24 PM


  • Group Name: Jedi of the Ciomia Temple
  • Classification: Jedi
  • Headquarters: Ciomia, Jedi Temple of Ciomia (to be submitted)
  • Loyalties: Jedi of the Republic Remnant, The Republic Remnant
  • Group Sigil: n/a
  • Description: When the Jedi of the Republic Remnant constructed the Jedi Temple of Ciomia, they effectively moved the main base of operations to the capital world of Ciomia. Having done so, the Jedi must now begin to train the next generation of Jedi in service of the Republic. To this end, the Jedi have gathered a number of Jedi to Ciomia who will spend their remaining time with the Jedi in service of the students. These Jedi all reached Knighthood as active members of the Jedi Order and are now retiring from missions in order to instruct or serve other functions (e.g., head of security).

  • Hierarchy: Follow the typical structure of Jedi hiearchy (Padawan - Knight - Master), with the Headmaster in charge of the Temple duties.
  • Membership: Must be a Jedi of Knight rank and willing to forsake ever leaving the Temple.
  • Dogma/Doctrines: Dedicated to the Jedi philosophies and the instruction of the new generation of Jedi.
  • Curios: Their lightsabers are really their only distinguishing characteristics, though these do not identify them specifically as instructors, merely as Jedi.
  • Goals: The provide for the protection and instruction of the students of the Jedi Temple on Ciomia.

  • Jedi Headmaster Shree O'Ball: Jedi Headmaster Shree O'Ball is a Jedi Master at the Jedi Temple on Ciomia. An Ithorian, Shree was born on Takobo and identified as force sensitive at a relatively young age. Seeking out training, Shree was one of the last generations of Jedi to be trained as a Jedi by the Galactic Republic before it fell and scattered into the Republic Remnant. Shree made a name for himself as a Jedi Diplomat, successfully negotiate disputes across the galaxy for many years and on several occasions averted wars. His work bringing peace to warring factions elevated him to his Master status. With the reforming of the Jedi on Ciomia, Kian Karr approached Shree once an agreement had been reached to establish a Jedi Temple on the capital world. Shree, seeking peace after so many years of conflict resolution, took on the role without hesitation. Shree is known for his calm, steady presence and his ability to see to the heart of social interactions.
  • Jedi Weapon Instructor Zenar: Jedi Weapon Instructor Zenar is a Cathar Jedi Knight hailing from the planet Cathar. Zenar did not follow a very traditional path for a Jedi. He was sold into slavery at a young age and until his late teens was an assassin for the Hutt Cartels. One day, sent to kill Jedi Master Shree in order to destabilize two warring factions that Shree was in the process of pacifying through negotiations, Zenar was freed from his servitude both to the Hutts and the darkside by the Ithorian. Zenar went on to train, excelling as a Jedi Guardian, his years as an assassin having taught him a great deal of fighting techniques. Upon reaching Knighthood, Zenar requested to stay at the Temple as an instructor, having experienced enough of battle in his days as an assassin and wanting to enjoy the peace and tranquility of the temple.

  • Jedi Force Instructor Alisse: Jedi Knight Alisse is a Togruta Jedi Consular who functions as the Jedi Force Instructor at the Jedi Temple on Ciomia. Alisse walked the traditional path of a Jedi Consular but was noted early on in her training as having an especially strong aptitude in telekinesis and shielding techniques. Alisse served on numerous missions as a Jedi Knight, her peaceful contemplative nature allowing her to often resolve conflicts without violence. Alisse was reluctant to give up her duties in the galaxy, but at the suggestion of Headmaster Shree, Alisse agreed to stay on at the Temple to instruct.

  • Head of Security Magnus Magnusson: Magnus Magnusson is a large, imposing Corellian male who served on the front lines of many battles from the time of the Galactic Republic, through the early wars of the Galactic Alliance, and until coming to the Republic Remnant. Wherever a major engagement was, Magnus Magnusson would not be far behind. He is a Jedi Master whose focus was on lightsaber combat, mastering several of the famous lightsaber forms. He is also noted for his grasp of strategy and tactics. Magnus was adamantly opposed to taking on the role of Head of Security for the Jedi Temple on Ciomia, but pressure from the Jedi Masters of the Order and the insight that the younger generation of Jedi would learn a great deal from his wisdom and protection changed his mind.

  • Jedi Archivist Verona Marst: Jedi Archivist Verona Marst was a padawan under the tutelage of Jedi Researcher Pra'ct. Jedi Pra'ct, as a friend of Jedi Master Kian Karr, suggested Marst for the role of archivist at the Jedi Temple on Ciomia shortly after the Temple was constucted. Marst is renown among scholars for her insights and knowledge of the various force organizations of different cultures (e.g., Baran Do).

The Jedi Temple of Ciomia, located on the capital of the Republic Remnant, was established to be the main home and academy of the Jedi of the Republic Remnant. In order to ensure the younger generations of Jedi are ensured a proper education in the ways of the Jedi, the Jedi of the Republic Remnant established a core of instructors and personnel who would not leave Ciomia, but would dedicate themselves to instruction and protection of the younglings and padawans on the planet. While traditional Master/Apprentice learning is still ongoing at the Jedi Temple on Ciomia, the Jedi of the Republic Remnant are often pulled away to various conflicts and missions. As such, there is not always sufficient Jedi around to ensure that students are trained properly. By establishing an instructor force at the Temple on Ciomia, the Jedi hope to counter this deficit. Under the guidance of Headmaster Shree O'Ball, the Jedi Temple of Ciomia has become a bastion of learning and Jedi values and the Jedi Knights and Masters who make up the personnel of the Temple are all dedicated to this goal.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep...

09 March 2018 - 09:51 AM

Location: The Gnost Dural
Objective: Rebuilding operations
The Gnost Dural floated above the brilliant green and blue hued planet that took up the entire viewport before him. Kian marveled at it. This was the third such trip he had made to the capital of the Republic Remnant, Ciomia. Kian still had not gotten over the beauty of the place. But he was also aware that that beauty hid a dangerous world. 
And into that danger they would go today.
"It should be right about.....here." Jedi Researcher Pra'ctsaid walking alongside Kian and indicating a spot on the looming planet before them and then bringing it up on the holo. "That is where the storm patterns indicate it should be."
"And your sure about this?" Kian asked, though he only did so out of reflex. He had learned long ago that Pra'ct calculations were virtually always right. 
"Within an acceptable degree of error, yes." Pra'ct said and Kian smiled beneath his mask. 
"Very well." Kian said turning toward Gnost Karr who was busily typing away at a console in front of him. 
"We've gotten permission to land on landing pad 13A." Gnost said without Kian having to ask. The two had begun to really develop the telepathic link that was common among force sensitive Kel Dor and often Gnost knew what Kian was about to ask before he asked it. "It is outside the city wall, they made it clear that we should be careful."
"They are really worried about us out in these woods." Gnost added turning to face Kian. 
"For good reason." Kian said grimacing beneath the mask. "This planet is full of things that are capable of killing."
"Have the others been given the coordinates and codes to access the Gnost Dural?" Kian asked and Gnost nodded at him. "Excellent. They should arrive soon and we can have the meeting right here." Kian said walking over to the conference table and taking a seat.
"Prep the report on the fauna and flora of the planet. I'll want to go over the perils of the mission before setting out." Kian said and sat back to close his eyes and await the arrival of the other Jedi. 

JT-1 Security Droid

06 March 2018 - 10:41 AM





  • Intent: To Develop Security Droids for use at the Jedi Temples of the Republic Remnant.
  • Image Source: From this artist.
  • Canon Link:  n/a
  • Restricted Missions: n/a
  • Primary Source: Based loosely on the YVH-2 Design


  • Manufacturer: The Republic Remnant Industries.
  • Model: JT-1 Security Droids
  • Production:  Minor (Open to Jedi of the Republic Remnant)
  • Affiliation: Faction Name - The Republic Remnant (The Jedi Order).
  • Modularity: Other than color this droid is not designed to be modified. 
  • Material: Armorplast, Titanium, misc. droid parts. 


  • Classification: Fourth Degree
  • Weight: 180KG
  • Height: 1.6 Meters
  • Movement: Bipedal
  • Armaments: 
  1. Particle Beam Blasters mounted on their right arm.
  2. Stun Blaster mounted inside left hand.
  3. Retractable vibroblade on right arm. 
  • Misc. Equipment: 
  1. Personal Energy Shield - mounted on the left arm. Generates a circular energy shield that is 2.5 feet in diameter.
  2. Strong Servomotor providing exceptional strength relative to the size of the droid. 


  • Advanced Friend-and-Foe detection specialized for security.


  • Good armament
  • Well guarded - good armor and personal shield provide decent defense
  • Strong - relative to their size, this droid is physically strong.


  • Vulnerable to tampering - as a droid this can be hacked by skilled slicers
  • Non-versatile - this droid is meant for one purpose and one purpose only
  • Weakness to ion/droid based force attacks

With the growth of the Jedi of the Republic Remnant, the decision to establish a Jedi Temple on the planet of Ciomia was decided. Ciomia, a wild planet with dangerous fauna and flora, is a lively planet rich in the force. For this reason, and its importance to the Republic Remnant, the Jedi choose it for their Temple. Working with the Ciomian Government, who agreed to fund the Temples construction for the aid of the Jedi in planetary defenses and disputes, the Jedi engineering team developed these droids with securing the Jedi Temple in mind. 

We are what they grow beyond...

06 March 2018 - 09:13 AM



There is no emotion, there is peace.
There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
There is no passion, there is serenity.
There is no chaos, there is harmony.
There is no death, there is the Force.
Kian took a slow steady breath in, his eyes closed. Unlike his typical meditations, Kian's mind was not stretched outward attempting to tune into the living force, but rather turned inward to his own emotional state and concerns. Kian was uncharacteristically nervous. Put him into a situation where he had to go into danger alone and in secret with no hope of rescue should he fail, and Kian was typically cool as could be....but this was a whole different situation entirely. 
Today, Kian would adjourn the first Jedi Council meeting. At present the Order had no Jedi Council and so all Jedi of Knight rank and higher would be called in to speak on behalf of the Jedi. From this conversation, Kian hoped to walk away with a structure to the Jedi Order that would satisfy all or at least most of the Jedi of the Order. Many ideas had been put forward at the first informal meeting of the Jedi and todays meeting would be to mold those ideas into an actual governing body for the Jedi Order. 
"Kark it!" Gnost Karr said and Kian opened his eyes to view the scene before him. His young padawan and nephew stood before him, his green bladed lightsaber held in his hands and the training droid floating around before him. Gnost was starting to really get comfortable with the lightsaber training, and Kian would soon begin to hone his use away from Form I and toward the form that Gnost wished to learn, Form III, Soresu. 
"You stopped listening to your instincts." Kian said reproachfully and he sensed a slight twinge of irritation in the young Kel Dor's force aura, though it was quickly dispelled. 
"Yes, master." Gnost said, raising his blade defensively and beginning to batter away training bolts once more. 
"Continue with your training," Kian said rising to his feet. "When you feel you've trained enough, join us in the council chamber." Kian said nodding his head to his youngest apprentice and turned to leave the room. Kian was certain his other apprentice, Lokthra Dawning, was around here somewhere and he would hopefully see her at the council meeting as well. This was not a closed Council session and the Jedi would be meeting in the meeting chamber on the first floor of the Nadiem Jedi Enclave. Padawans and Jedi visiting from other Orders would be welcome to sit in the audience seating to hear the discussions of the Council. 
The elevator took Kian quickly to the first floor of the Jedi Enclave and he nodded his head to a group of passing younglings who were giggling at something. Kian smiled warmly beneath his mask. It had been years since he had heard younglings giggling in the halls of a Jedi Enclave and it was a good sound. It reminded Kian of the Gnost Dural and the Jedi Temple on Ossus. As Kian walked through another doorway, he found himself standing in the Counsel chamber. 
The room was round and at its center was a large table surrounded by chairs. Along the edges of the room were more chairs tucked into the alcoves from which non-Council members could sit or stand to watch the proceedings. Kian had sent out the general call earlier and enough time had hopefully now elapsed for a decent number of his fellow Jedi to arrive. 
Taking a seat left of center, Kian purposefully choose not to take the seat at the head of the table. The Order had no Grandmaster and Kian did not want to give the impression that he was leading this Council. He had called it but it would be a meeting of equals. Kian wanted no opinion to appear superior to another. That was not the Jedi Council he had envisioned when he had come to the Jedi as a young man. 
Unhooking his lightsaber from his belt, Kian turned the darkened hilt over in his hands. The weapon had belonged to Jedi Master Plo Koon before his death in the skies of Cato Neimoidia. Kian, Corvus Raaf, and Kana Truden had unearthed the coordinates to the crash site and Kian had sent an excavation team there to retrieve as much as they could from the site. Kian had hid the saber away when he'd vanished on a mission several years back and had retrieved it once more. Looking around at the empty chamber around him, a smile formed under his mask. Kian had spent much of his life wanting to live up to the example set by the Kel Dor whose weapon he held.....and he hoped he had. 
Sitting back in his chair, Kian once more closed his eyes and awaiting the arrival of the others. 


Republic Remnant Dominion of Nar Haaska

16 February 2018 - 06:53 PM

The Republic Remnant is bringing LAW AND ORDER


to the Hutt Controlled Planet of Nar Haaska.


Will you do your part to bring the order, freedom, and stability


to this abused and mistreated world!


 Join our Dominion of Nar Haaska 


and do your duty as a citizen of the Republic!


Objective 1:

Travel to the trade world of Nar Haaska and deal with the Hutt cartels. They control everything here, including the known spice trade. Their gangs have infiltrated every corner of the planet. There are very few good people here, and most of them are slaves, used by the Hutts for entertainment and soldiers. A tiny fleet protects the planet, but mostly serves to stave off anyone thinking they can hone in on the Hutts territory.

Your task, if you accept it, is to infiltrate the planet and neutralize Hutt forces, capture the Hutts in charge so they can be brought to trial, and destroy any and all contraband that can be located.
Objective 2:
The world of Ziugen is a hot bed of trafficking. Not drugs or weapons, but people. Citizens of the galaxy are brought here, processed, and shipped to the highest bidder. People from the world itself are often sold into slavery by family members who cannot afford to feed them thanks to the tight control the Hutts exercise over the world. Ships come in and out with regularity, so it should be easy to slip in and deal with the issue.
Your task, if you accept it, is to infiltrate the planet and free the slaves from captivity. Their combined numbers should allow you and them to overthrow the Hutt's minions and claim the world as a free world, and a member of the Republic.
Objective 3:
Tisht is a secretive world. Not much is known about it save for the fact that nobody ever really gets there unless the Hutt's allow it. The major hyperspace lanes are tightly controlled by interdiction fields and two small Hutt fleets. Whatever they're hiding on Tisht is worth discovering, according to Republic Intelligence.
For this reason, Spectre Squadron and allied stealth fighter squadrons are being sent in to scout the world out and inflict losses on the Hutt forces. If successful, Tisht should swiftly be freed of Hutt Control, weakening their presence in the area.