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Vilaz Munin

Vilaz Munin

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In Topic: Operation Hammerfall | Invasion of Mandalore and Concord Dawn [TSE/UCM]

26 August 2019 - 01:47 AM

Location: New Keldabe, Mandalore
Allies: Sith
Enemies: Not my Mandos
Tag: Gilamar Skirata
Objective: Victory

He sometimes view the battle with a religious eye. The transportation of troops from the stars to the earth was one scenario where he saw if those were righteous enough to break through the atmosphere. All was based by judgement of the gods, or so Vilaz thought. If they deemed a warrior worthy enough to fight on terrain, they would give them safe passage until they had reached the battlefield. Otherwise they would not grant them their blessings and have them blown into the cold void of space. The Warlord personally thought that maybe he wasn’t worthy enough to survive the bombs in space considering what he was about to do and not wanting to undo that decision. Surely this heretical behavior was enough for a turbolaser to strike him and atomize his body into pieces; however, no harm would come near him during his trek to Mandalore. Ironic that the gods deemed him worthy for combat despite the war he had brought to their homeland.

Or perhaps they were drunk, paying little attention to the current events.

Many either shared the blessing he received or the demise of the patrons of war and luck. Such were the ways of modern warfare as usual.

Parjai and her rider reached Mandalore’s atmosphere and then broke through. Vilaz was unscathed from entering the atmosphere and so did his war droid as it was designed for situations such as these when reentering. The Mandalorian continued to dive at great velocity for New Keldabe with his army following him. His scanners began to pick up any hostile tags to be eliminated, and one in particular caught his attention.

The Architect.

”That fething old man,” he muttered to himself with temper in his voice.

”Continue for the city and conquer it, do not worry for me. I want nothing but efficient coordination from y’all without my presence.” And with or without Vilaz the other commanders of his Clan knew how to work eloquently without the matter of pride ruining their organization. That sin was something kept in check amongst his clansmen, although it could be used as tool at times.

Vilaz moved like a frenzy to find him. A man that he had respect for, but lost after the man showed how regressive his choices were; symbolizing how out of touch he was with evolution of the Galaxy, fighting against those changes. Like a salmon fighting the current only to be preyed on by a bear for their lack of vision.

”GIL!” with a mighty roar escaping from his lungs and Parjai intending to ram into Gilamar’s own bes’uliik, but not engage with it in close quarters. There was a Sith entangled in this engagement, and frankly Vilaz did not care for his life. Yes, he had come to conquer Mandalore, but he was free to operate at his own will. Another Sith would replace him if he were to die.

”A shame to see that bounty hunter didn’t kill you, but at least he gave you something to remember me by.”

In Topic: Operation Hammerfall | Invasion of Mandalore and Concord Dawn [TSE/UCM]

22 August 2019 - 11:21 AM

Location: Mandalore’s Orbit
Allies: Sith
Enemies: Not my Mandos
Tags: Gilamar Skirata
Objective: Victory

The corridors of the Kote, Vilaz’s Mythosaur dreadnought given to him in the times of Ra’s rise to power, were decorated by warriors clad in crimson armor. The color red in his culture when applied to armor symbolized honoring a parent, and while many of them had parents to honor that symbol held no value amongst them. It only meant war and the blood to be spilled; the clanging of metal; and the bones to be crushed. He once was Akaan for the Mandalorians, and his clan was honorably named as the Vanguard of the Clans. They were always the first ones to enter battle and the last ones to retreat from it. Always they’d paint in red, seeing themselves as the heralds of war to their enemies with Vilaz leading his disciples.

Though it was rather unfortunate that they’d bring the war to Mandalore with the Sith at their side.

Forgive us...or rather forgive them

He had not known if his actions would spit insult on the great forerunners of his culture and other great warriors that have stepped foot into the Galaxy. Never in his life would he imagine participating in an event like this. But what else could he have done? The Empire of the Infernal had tossed away tradition ever since the Red Coronation. Her subjects praised her as a god whole forgetting the codes of their people that had been established for millennials. A stone would understand more than those subjects of her.

The young warriors in his ranks were excited and very enthused about today. They’d see Mandalore liberated from Yasha’s grip; however, Vilaz knew the consequences of the battle today and perhaps others that have breathed as much as he did.

”Alor, I’ve just been in contact with the Sith. Everyone and their mothers are heading towards Sundari, will we join them?”

The great desert of Sundari, not only was it host to the disastrous government of the New Mandalorians during the Clone Wars, but also was the spark of Ra’s crusades. Where he was gifted the axe he carried in his hand.

”No, they can maintain themselves without us. If so, they wouldn’t claim their armies to be grand soldiers of the ‘verse. We will head to Keldabe, have the men ready before planetfall.”

The order was acknowledged and the officer proceeded in giving orders to unit commanders. Warriors would ready their equipment before boarding up dropships and other shuttles of transportation. Vilaz would not join them in those vessels. He had his own method.


Seconds later a besalisk war droid came before him in the hangar bay, heeding the call of its master. She had served him for many years dating back even before Ra.

”We’re coming home.”

And proceeded to mount himself on the behemoth droid. Reports came to him that the Sith fleet had broken through Mandalore’s shield gate with Imperial Legionnaires now rushing for the surface. That was their signal to also rush for Mandalore’s earth. And so shuttles and dropships would fly out being escorted by fighters. Vilaz leading them on his war droid while evading battery fire from capital ships and the armament of hostile fighters.

Only moments before the cries of war would reach Mandalore.

In Topic: Operation Hammerfall | Invasion of Mandalore and Concord Dawn [TSE/UCM]

21 August 2019 - 12:48 AM

Location: Mandalore’s Orbit
Allies: Sith
Enemies: UCM
Objective: Victory

Life worked in mysterious ways.

A king, reigning from many great monarchs before him, would think of himself untouchable in a castle all protected from the sworn soldiers at his disposal; only to be usurped and beheaded by the very subjects he thought he held unyielding power over. What about a man, born from dirty and shown no mercy by the world, fighting for survival with only to come and have the world at the palm of his hand. Another fine example would be a warrior that rose through the ranks of his people, earning the respect and acknowledgement of his comrades. Trusted with leading battalions and help to build the great nation they shared so that their future generations would be secured and continue to build the legacy of their ancestors. Patriotic was that man, zealously prideful; however, it would only turn into bitterness when he had realized what he fought for would turn into something despicable. A deformed beast that was worshipped. Never had that warrior thought he’d raise his own sword against his culture and home. Painful, yet necessary in order for salvation.

A small story that reflected on Vilaz.

He say quiet, not paying attention to his surroundings as he stared at an object before him. An axe carved out from the bone of a Mythosaur, decorated with the most finest rubies that were mined from the caverns of Mandalore. A gift to him by another warrior he proudly served as one his most trusted warlords. The rubies casted a vibrant red at the Concordian, almost to the color of blood. So many emotions and thoughts dwelled upon his mind in the matter of minutes. He tried casting them away, only wanting to remember the past the axe brought to him and his people. Prosperous times with crusades, Mandalore and her children finally returning to their roots that caused them to exist and known in the first place. Though as the saying goes...nothing gold ever lasts.

The axe was well tuned and maintained, not a scratch tainted the beautiful craftsmanship of the weapon. That was because it has never seen combat...until today that is.

”Alor, you seem disturbed,” a Munin warrior of Besalisk heritage came, one that stood high in the ranks of the clan.

A moment passed

”Is it worth it, Krile? All this?” he replied back, coming back to reality after gazing into the axe.

”I’m confused, Vilaz. This is what you have wanted...what we have wanted. A hammer into the pillars of the Infernal’s Empire and create something outta the fire.”

”At what cost though? A deal with the devil in order to accomplish our goals and start what we have dreamed of?”

”It’s like you’ve said it yourself. A price to pay for salvation.”

Salvation...salvation for his culture that had been dragged through the mud, humiliated by other nations across the Galaxy. Instead of conquerors they were known as benevolent diplomats, sharing the wealth to others. Yet when have others shown Mandalore benevolence? Never.

”We will survive; we always have. This isn’t the end for us, we’re tougher than beskar.”

A few seconds passed until the Warlord stood up from his seat and walked towards the hangar bay of the flagship of his own personal fleet.


And he was out set to bring war to Mandalore with his crimson armor and axe. They would remember him as Akaan.

In Topic: Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

14 July 2019 - 02:28 PM

Location: Obroa Kai
Allies: CIC | Ves Fett | Keira Priest
Enemies: UCM | Kaine Australis
Objective: Simple destruction

He remained a steady rhythm in his breathing, thinking in the battle nearing him. His heart and stomach raged for blood, demanded for his hands to be further dirtied in sealing the fates of others; however, this was unlike killing random aruetiise on raids he conducted. No...this was in the sense of wanting justice, justice, and redemption. He once championed Cadera when she was little, offering his aid and wisdom yet she spat at it on the day of the Red Coronation. He had some fault in encouraging the pup in taking the mantle, though he didn’t imagine it she would alter her body in the developed shape of a woman in order to claim it. She was simply a pawn of the sloth god and the trickster god that his people knew of, and dreaded of their influence in their daily lives. Everyday she hacked the honor and pride of his culture, even though he wasn’t affiliated with the tainted Mandalorian Empire; however, some people no longer respected and feared the symbol of that T shape that was the visor of his and every other Mandalorians’ helmet to their armor. All that helmet was associated with was licking the boots of the Jedi and other foreigners.

There would be no prisoners today, all would have their heads detached from their shoulders. Those who pledged their loyalty to the Empire and the Mand’alor were tainted souls, all belonging to hell. Vilaz would pray that none of these Imperial Mandalorians would ever see the paradise of the Manda. They had allowed themselves to sell their souls and lives to a girl that only made mother Mandalore look like a fool, and Mandalore and her colonies would be cleansed from the sins and damnation of these heretics...with the blood of Cadera’s soldiers.

”Very ignorant of you to call these...warriors fierce, Fett. I did not expect a Fett to acknowledge false qualities of these pups before us,” the Warlord said to Ves in a calm tone of voice. If in his youth, there would have been some fire in his retort. Now he had aged and while he was Morellian in his blood, thus allowing him live more years than the average human and still retain his strength and reflexes, his mind was that of an old adult seeing much bloodshed. He cared little for jokes nowadays, finding it needless to retort back with dialogue. Much rather bite before talk.

He wishes to not entertain the Fett with anymore words, or with Keira. He cared little of rivalries or passive doubts at the very moment. He was here to make a statement and right the wrongs of his culture.

”We will go wherever a fight there is. There are no objectives except slaughtering the livestock before us. I don’t care if we end up leveling a city or scorch the earth. We’ll win with convenient, efficient tactics.”

Cold and dead was his tone of voice showing his indifference to the people inhabiting this world of knowledge. If he killed a child that belonged to the Mandalorian Empire, he would not show a hint of remorse. He promised to wipe them all out, and so he would strike down with great vengeance and furious anger.

In Topic: Hear Me Roar; Imperial Confederation Invasion of Bogden

01 July 2019 - 10:57 AM

Sign me up as an ally, i'll be glad to wrist rocket some Mandalorians a second time around.