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Vilaz Munin

Vilaz Munin

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In Topic: Exodus Crash: A New Dawn | [ CIS, Allies & Natives ]

04 March 2019 - 03:25 AM

Location: Remnants of a major city




It felt amazing breathing through his nostrils. Victory was in their hands, and it was something they could metaphorically smell and feel. It tasted better to be able to defeat Mandalorians they once called vod. Today's victory was not like any other victory against whatever enemy they faced. They had plunged their blades in the hearts of these false Mandalorians, their crushgaunts and armor covered in coats of blood from Mandalorians and Echani. Not only did they force the Imperial Mandalorians to retreat from Eshan, but the earth they walked on was more scarred than the Mandalorians' offensive that was prior from the Confederacy invading to free Eshan. 


Two birds with one stone. It satisfied him. A score against the Empire, and wounds afflicted on Eshan and its odious natives. Although Vilaz was far from seeing Mandalore be liberated from the Infernal and her disciples, he would be content with the victory achieved here on Eshan. 


Walking through the streets of the major city he, his clansmen, and Thyrsian allies won over, the Warlord was assuring everyone doing their part in the post-battle. Recovering their dead, attending the wounded and delivering them to shuttles so they could be taken back to their fleet, food being shared amongst them, and other protocols and orders that were to be followed. One of these orders were to recover the dead of the Imperial Mandalorians. Why? So their armor could be recycled for the his clan. It was also meant to be an insult too. They would receive no proper burial or be delivered back to their clans. The same applied to the Echani they killed. As for what prisoners they found? Some would be sold as slaves, the others would work the rest of their miserable lives as labor workers for Clan Munin. An occupation they would dread doing.


"Ah, Mandalorian," a Thysian male said to greet Vilaz. The same man he had encountered and liberated, "the Sun has blessed us with this victory and allowed us to live another day."


"So it has, so it has," with an exhale coming out from his nostrils before inhaling, "were you able to find the rest of your people?"


"Yes, fortunately I did. Though some of my people that fought with me were killed, but Thyrsus and her Sun will remember their valor."


"So long their sacrifice wasn't in vain, then their deaths meant something. I have contacted warriors of the Sun Guard that are here on Eshan, a task force of them marched for the capital. They told me they will soon come and take you home. Wherever that is."


"I see, my thanks to you and your warriors. I will never forget what you have done for us, you will be regarded will within our ranks."


The Thyrsian was about to turn and walk off to see how his people were doing before turning back around, "I forgot, your sword. You must want it back, no doubt."


He had forgotten about that beskad, and it was something he no longer wished to have at his side. It was an object that reminded him from the Empire as a smith that served its ranks forged it for him. It was time to let go of that.


"Keep it, I don't want it. I gave it to you when I freed you, let it be a token of today's fortune. I'm sure it'll serve you well."


The dark toned man inspected the blade, admiring the craft before sheathing it.


"May the Sun shine a path of fortune for you, Mandalorian," and offered a nod of his head.


"And may Kad Ha'rangir help you find victory in battle," returning a nod of his head that was covered by his helmet before parting off to attend any business that needed his presence. 

In Topic: Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

24 February 2019 - 03:24 AM


Location: Eshan

Allies: CIS 

Enemies: Mandalorians

Tag: Khonsu Amon

Objective: Purge

Gear: Here, the loss of a beskad




There were all kinds of looks shot out from the Thyrsians. Some glared with anger, others with a glint of fear, and the rest with an observation of curiosity. The group had a variety of ages amongst the men and women. Vilaz could see some of them, of both genders, with an urge to fight and ready to defend themselves. The Echani were not the only ones to bleed when the Empire lashed out its whip on Eshan. The Munin heard reports of Thyrsian being enslaved to some collar by the Mandalorians, using them as chaff for their own goals. Their looks of fear and anger were justified, but those that thought with curiosity were perhaps shocked to see a Mandalorian firing upon their own. Little did they knew that these Imperial Mandalorians were not his people, and were considered as a disgrace to the Mandalorian Culture from his eyes.


"Thyrsians captivated by our aru'e, Alor. What shall we do with them?" A warrior of Togorian heritage asked Vilaz, Munin clansmen not aiming their weapons at the slaves yet alert on their environment. They were still in battle and every second counted needed to have value in it. They could not waste more time. The Warlord had nothing against these people, yet could not watch over them while commanding his warriors throughout the city. 


But they didn't need to be watched. He saw them as Warriors of the Sun, and expected them to be able to fight.


"Hurry up and free them," he made sure to be heard by both his clansmen and the Thyrsians. Munin Mandalorians went out to do what they were told with the Thyrsians being understanding and allowed their binds to be unchained from them.


"Which one of you is the leader," he addressed to the group of Thyrsians and his answer was an adult Thyrsian, maybe younger than Vilaz, raising his hand and stepping up. 


"Can you fight?"


"I am a warrior of Thyrsus' Sun, I'd be damned if I didn't know combat."


"Good that helps. Are there more of you?"


"There are other groups of my people taken by the scum, my wish is that they are safe and brought together."


Something to know so Vilaz could relay orders to his other units spread out in this desolated city. 


"Take whatever warriors you have, and take whatever weapons and defense from these sacks of chit. I do not have any armor to spare, but the dead Echani and Mandalorian should have some personal shielding on them. I cannot distract my men from combat, but if they can help you, they will. Find the rest of your people, the rest from your group will be escorted to my command centre. They'll be safe." 


The two men came to an agreement, the Warlord noting some tension and hesitation from the man. It was understandable. One wouldn't exactly give faith in a person from a culture that used them as cannon fodder. No one would whatever they are. 


"Before I go, why kill your own? I do not understand why betray your own and help us."


Good questions, but there was no time to answer them with a thorough explanation. 


"They are not my people, they are a stain on my culture. Here," and unsheathed his beskad, turning the hilt towards the Thyrsian. "So you know I'm not like these pathetic Mandos, 'lek?" It was odd for those to see Vilaz offering his beskad to the man, a sword made from priceless beskar. It was made by some warrior from the Empire, but those were the times the Munin was a soldier for it. He no longer was and the blade meant nothing for him. It was an object from his past and remembered him a time where the Empire could really become something, but that potential was thrown away on that fateful day of the Red Coronation. 


"We must move...now," the Concordian said, his newfound ally (somewhat) nodded and accepted the beskad. Feet were moving on the floor, and plans were being shared. Both parties agreed on one proposition. Several warriors of Vilaz's unit would accompany the non-combatant Thyrsians back to the command centre while the combatant ones would follow Vilaz until they would part to find the other captivated Thyrsians. Hopefully it would ease the dark toned man's mission while those of Vilaz's clan would draw their attention with their advancement. That was the plan.


"Contact Amon and his forces, tell them we have some of his people with us and send them our coordinates," he said to the Togorian who acknowledged the order and went through their comms to contact the Golden Company with a brief message of the current situation. "Ready yourselves, and fight smartly," before rushing out, the familiar sights and sounds of war greeting him as they exited out of the infrastructure they were in.


Back into the fray.

In Topic: Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

19 February 2019 - 01:10 PM


Location: Eshan, Some Major City

Allies: CIS

Enemies: Mandalorians 

Objective: Purge

Gear: Here




The familiar sound of enemy fire coming at his way greeted Vilaz as he and his warriors closed in on the city. Everything was second nature to him when trekking through the plains of battle. Orders were shouted at his officers throughout the now tenses situation, warriors departing from the main party as they filed in formation of their own unit. Those of Munin returned fire back to their hostiles from their speeders, landspeeders, and repulsorlift tanks. Enemy fire was focusing more on the tanks and landspeeders than those on speeders, something that the latter riders took advantage of as they hurried their velocity in order to harass the front lines of defense and give relieve the rest of their forces as they continued to march for the city. 


As the seconds passed by there were already casualties coming from both parties as Vilaz predicted. Those of his clan when dead would find peace in the afterlife, knowing their deeds for their clan and culture would be suffice to have an honorable seat to live in the Manda. Yet the Concordian would make sure their lives would not be in vain for volunteering in this battle. A promise he always made to himself as he hated the idea of playing with souls of people and using them as cannon fodder. No, they were not chaff and would never be considered inferior as that. Others deserved that title such as the Imperial Mandalorians and the Echani.


Now they had come through the outskirts of this nameless major city. A command centre would be necessary for Vilaz and his warriors in order to be efficient in battle. While any general or commanding officer would take the luxury of leaving the load to their soldiers and rest in the centre, the Warlord would opt to dirty his hands on the front lines and give morale to his kin with his presence in battle. Communications were left in charge of someone else, yet they did not face shame in taking this task. Everyone's role was important and interdependent. 


The Mandalorian continued plowing a path for his clansmen to follow. Slowly, yet surely.


"Akaan, there are reports of a Star Destroyer entering the planet's atmosphere and about to crash."


Said one at the command centre, communicating this to everyone of their clan yet only calling out Vilaz. Soldiers looked at each other in confusion and awaited instructions from their Alor.


"Is it aiming for us?"


"No, it's trajectory is heading for the capital. We might experience a dust bowl though."


That was a relief to hear for all of them. Nothing of importance for them to be concerned. They would have to use thermal vision to navigate around if their vision was to be impaired by dust.


"We continue our fight then, oya!"


Their hunger for blood and victory continued to drive them, their feet could feel the earth shake and rumble from the impact of the crashed Star Destroyer. A wall of dust pushed out in a circumference indiscriminately and some infrastructure collapsed, signs their their structure was weakening throughout the years and thanks to the recent events on Eshan. Vilaz and his clansmen also found some pockets of Echani with armament and gear from the Mandalorian Empire. Their information was correct of some radical Echani aiding the Empire, grins on their faces as their blades and armor would also be coated with Echani blood.


"In here," the Warlord called out to his warriors, noticing they were taking heavy and suppressing fire from their foes. An obstacle, but one that be conquered. They detoured into a complex that was filled with Imperial Mandalorians and a few Echani radicals. As they progressed in their firefight within the building, they had come across another party of people that too were affected by the actions of the Empire.




"Hold your fire!"


Their vicinity was cleared from hostiles, leaving only the Munin Warriors and Thyrsians alone. 

In Topic: Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

14 February 2019 - 08:20 PM


Location: Eshan

Allies: CIS | Whatever Fits the Boot

Enemies: Mandalorians | Whatever Fits the Boot

Objective: Purge

Gear: Here




Rather than joining the main forces that seem to have concentrated their focus on the capital of Eshan, Vilaz and his warriors had their eyes settled for a settlement that was miles away from Eshan City. Not exactly on the outskirts of the capital, and it was big enough to house residents in the near hundred thousands. Maybe a hundred thousand or more than that. They were simply near estimates from the scanners and sensors from his capital ships in which the flight officers would inform their Alor. There was also some activity there from Mandalorians and possibly Echani. What were they doing there? Only one could imagine. Other information reached Vilaz's ears, knowledge that the Mandalorian Empire spilled slanders and lies of their actions here. That they did not lay a single finger on the Echani. 


"Pathetic," the Warlord said with disgust, his face painted with disappointment. "I would have gloated about decapitating the heads of these lab mutts and leave the filth of Eshan desolated with their blood and corpses."


His warriors sneered in agreement with him. They were not ones to shy from their actions unlike the Mandalorian Empire. No, those of Munin would make monuments of their marauds. They would take trophies from their prey, sing lyrics of their raid, relish the moment with liquor and recreational drugs, and pit each other in fights. Had they been in the stead of the Mandalorian Empire, they would've thrown a huge festival to celebrate their affliction against the Echani. That was how one of the Mandalorians should act, not like the joke of the Mandalorian Empire.


"Akaan," one of the Warlord's officers said to Vilaz, using that alias as the Concordian had once been an important general and executioner of Mand'alor the Undying, "there have been reports of small enclaves of Echani aiding the false Empire."


That was interesting and surprising. That was something he didn't expect from the fallen Echani. Something his mind tried to figure out why they would go to the extremes. Maybe agents of the Empire? Or people that were against the previous Queen? The question was as confusing when the Mandalorians attempted to block Eshan's sun, dimming whatever light it could do. Another useless tactic that would do nothing but confuse those on the offensive.


"Then we will take no chances of any Echani that are alone and not with the Confederacy."


He cared for the lives of his warriors and was not one to have a mood for surprises when in combat. One single surprise could cost one many troops for not being vigilant. 


The Alor and his soldiers were nearing the mentioned settlement from their land vehicles. They did not bring as much armor and vehicles as the Confederacy, but they had brought a decent number of landspeeders, speeders, and repulsorlift tanks for this mission. 


"Honor resides with one's family and clan, not to the enemy. Slaughter your foes like agol."


War cries followed with his statement. All is fair in love and war, and Vilaz was not unfamiliar with going to extreme measures in ridding his enemies. Sometimes the extreme was the most efficient method in battle.

In Topic: Exodus Crash | CIS Invasion of UCM's Eshan Hex

12 February 2019 - 03:17 PM


Location: Eshan

Allies: CIS | Anyone that Fits the Boot

Enemies: Mandalorians | Anyone that Fits the Boot

Objective: Purge





For once the Mandalorian was impressed by the Imperial Mandalorians with their actions on Eshan. In fact, he even applauded with their offensive on the Echani. He felt no sympathy for those moon worshippers and was pleased to see their homeworld scourged with the blood and corpses of Echani littered about. It was a shame, however, he was not there and had his beskad claim the lives of those pale sentients. There was always next time though, right?


Hopefully there was a next time in his lifetime, but now he was contacted by members of the Confederacy in the Outer Rim. Vilaz had no interest of them and was indifferent about them, yet why the reached out for him certainly caught his attention. They knew of his history with the Mandalorian Empire. They knew he was in exile, refusing to bend the knee to a false Sole Ruler that claimed the mantle without following the tradition of the Mandalorians. They had invited him to come to Eshan in order to remove the Imperial Mandalorians from the planet. He didn't care the credits or whatever currency they offered for his services. Vengeance and blood would be enough to sate his hunger. 


He rallied a battalion worth of three-hundred warriors; a diverse unit of his most hardened, elite warriors and initiates that sought for glory and blood from this battle. All of them wanted exactly what their Alor wanted. Glory, blood, but most importantly vengeance.


The Confederacy would most likely be the main distraction for the Mandalorian Empire. They would bring armor, artillery, and other assets that would number in legions. Vilaz and his warriors would take advantage of this and be the knife that would stab the Empire's organs.


The Warlord and his battalion had arrived at Eshan's earth using their own vessels and space transports. They refused to be transported in Confederate vessels that would have soldiers of that said government. That being said, the capital ships of Clan Munin were in space but maintained a distance from the space combat between the Confederacy and the Empire. Of course, they would be vigilant and ready to defend themselves if needed from any threat.


"We are here on our own terms, ner verda," the Warlord announced to his bannermen in the private, encrypted comms that they shared. "We will accept no order or instructions from the Confederacy; we will operate on our own freewill to terminate any Imperial Mandalorianin our sight. I am sure the Echani numbers that remain on this fething planet are scattered and few, though I am not against if any of you wishes to kill any on sight. Just don't focus on hunting that vermin is all I will say to you. Main focus is killing and ridding Mandalorians from the Empire. Am I understood?"


Orders were clear and simple, and they all agreed. Everyone was assigned to their respective officers while the Concordian was in command of all of them. 


"One last thing: if the Confederates do fire upon us because of confusion, they will be considered a hostile from that moment. That being said, may you find glory in battle."


And they marched on to find their enemy, where a beskad awaited to plunge into the hearts of the Mandalorian Empire.